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Day passed by, the golden sun reaching its warmth to every living thing, brightening the cool atmosphere that surrounded the two creatures when the warmth avoided them. The demon smiled down at her vampire, fingers entwined, bodies curled together without a single gap, exposed skin brushed each other. Dark swirling lavender eyes gazed into the melting golden eyes of her fiancé, smiles pulled on each pair of lips as there gaze intensified.

The demon smiled down at her own ring, love swirling in her eyes as she glanced at her fiancé, still giddy from proposing to her vampire that very night Alice had rescued her from the prison two nights ago.

The demon walked side by side with her vampire, every step still slashing with pain from the holy water remains that flow in her blood stream, watching as her short little pixie started to seethe with anger. The vampires lips pulled back in a snarl as we walked past the rubble and blood which was spilled over the dungeon, the golden engagement ring burning in the demons fingers as her mind raced with the possibilities of Alice's answer.

Taking a deep breath, she turned to the vampire only to stop by her outraged face, her eyes flashing to a room, where my was blood spilled, holy water doused across my body as the humans laughed. Bella watched as her golden eyes darkened with hatred, her rose-petal lips snarling into a fierce snarl as a rough growl shook her body. Her fingers clenched into tight fists while her eyes flickered to my gaze, the gold completely disappearing into a dark night.

"Your mine, your not theirs, your mine." The demon raised dark eyebrows at her, rather enjoying the vampire's possessiveness towards her. My lack of answer caused a fierce growl to erupt from her lips, her black eyes narrowing at me.

"I am?" The demon watched with amusement as Alice's eyes widened, her snarl becoming more pronounce. The demon knew not to be pushing Alice like this, but sadly, common sense had swept out of her mind as the need to be reassured of the vampire's love started to grow. Alice growled, pouncing on top of Bella, crashing the demon heavily to the ground, watching her vampire's teeth started glistening in the moonlight as a small tremor swept through Bella, making the demon smile softly at her loved one.

The ring burned in anticipation as Bella fumbled nervously with the beautiful ring behind her back. The demons voice became weak as the question started to burn on Bella's tongue. "Would you like to make it official?" Alice's furious face calmed for a split second as confusion swept over her features, the pixie cocked her head to the side as Bella fidgeted under the vampire. Finally, Bella took the shining gold ring out from behind her to be seen by the demon's love.

Alice gasped, her breath hitching and breaking as Bella slid the ring onto Alice's ring finger. Bella watched as Alice's eyes turned to a merry gold as she quickly nodded words unable to be spoken by both creatures. A silence spread between them before very slowly everything was drowned out by Alice's loud purr. The demon taken by surprise as the vampire crushed her lips against Bella's mouth, love swirling in the two pairs of eyes.

Charcoal black hair splayed messily over Bella's shoulders, touching the burnt ashes of clothes and sheets that had come to their fiery end by last nights burning displays of affection, never actually burning either monster. The small vampire smiled softly, closing her eyes, relishing the feeling of her demon's lips pressed against her forehead, then her nose, and then at last her lips. Bella watched as her love snuggled closer to her, nuzzling her head under her chin, a deep purr emanating out of her lover. The demons fingertips grazed the cool hard skin of her vampire, when a sharp painful stab hit Bella in the gut.

The surprised demon let out a roar of pain, ripping herself away from Alice, her angry eyes searching for the intruder. Her shoulders tensed when cool hands touched her skin, immediately making the air around her thicker, smell of smoke filling the once clear air as anger continued to roar inside of the demon. Bella growled at the cool soothing hands on her shoulders, instantly regretting it when she felt the hands stiffen, fingernails digging into the demons skin as she realized her mistake. She mistook Alice's hands as the intruder, the demon gulped, fear trickling through her body as the vampire's angry hiss made its way to her ears.

"Bella!" Hesitantly Bella looked over her shoulder to see her vampire, sitting on her bed with her sparkling diamond arms crossed angrily, her golden eyes narrowed at the demon. Bella's eyes glanced towards their door, her snake-like tongue flickering out, hoping to taste an intruder, but stopped and put her full attention to Alice once she heard a low hiss of frustration come out of her fiancé. Bella smiled at Alice, hoping for forgiveness for her mistake, but only to get a raised eyebrow and a frown.

The demon dropped down on all fours, crawling towards the pixie, stepping over her body to lick at the vampire's lips. Golden eyes softened as Alice leaned in, the demons lips merely inches from her own. Bella tried to lean in closer, but the pain struck at her gut again, creating a low and pained whimper to escape her lips, her fingernails digging into the bed mattress. The pain twisted inside of Bella, a pain she had almost forgotten, the very pain she thought she had ridden of, but here it is, resurfacing and taking control. The cool hands franticly wiped away the tears that had started to roll down Bella's cheeks, feather like kisses touching every inch of the demons skin.

"Bella? Bella please talk to me." The taller girl tried desperately to answer her love, but the pain had started to spread, boiling her blood and causing her stomach to twist and knot with ropes. "Bella!" A note of hysteria had entered the small vampire's voice as she watched Bella's face contort in pain.

The demon leaned forward, placing her forehead on Alice's chest, knowing where the pain will hit next, the pain that would send his voice into her mind.

Come to me, I have need of you

A pained and helpless whimper escaped Bella's lips, lost in the world of pain. Her father, the devil, the source of all evil wanted her. The devil has need of his daughter, and he always gets what he wants. Bella's head started to compress, white-hot pain shooting through every limb as her vision blurred. A loud, blood-curling scream had filled the air, piercing the panicked vampire in the heart.

Alice pulled the writhing Bella on to her lap, brushing her cold hands against the heating demon body, watching in horror as the mattress slowly started to curl as a small burning flame licked at its white soft flesh. Smoke started to whirl from the growing flames, blocking all vision from the hyperventilating vampire, her body shaking in fear as her love screamed again.

Quickly, Alice jumped with Bella in her arms out of the room, dashing across the small hut they owned, built with mesmerizing marble stones, each cool stone creating a shine that could challenge the vampires diamond skin; out in the open air where they were surrounded by large thick trees. There meeting place only a mile away, the small vampire speed away, sprinting towards the cool lake that would cool the burning demon. Leaves started to burn into ash at the simple touch of Bella's skin, Alice howled in pain as Bella started burning her own diamond hard skin.

Seeing the cool waters of their lake, Alice jumped, her feet launching hard off the ground and sending her flying into the freezing waters. The water started to bubble at Bella's temperature, small hissing came from the warm waters as bubbles started to drift from the bottom of the lake to the surface.

After a moment of silent desperation, Alice tightened her hold on Bella's writhing body, her lips grazing at the burning skin of her loved one.

The demon felt a split moment of relief from the pain as freezing waters surrounded her heated body, cool and hard arms tightening their grip as they continued to sink into darker waters. In that split second of clarity, she noticed the cracks in her vampire's skin, where the burns had started to pull apart her lovers body, biting mercilessly into her diamond skin. Rage and self-loathing washed over the pained demon, immediately drowning out the pain in her head, allowing Bella a few jerky desperate movements to release her vampire.

Bella's arms pulled at the vise like grip, her clawed fingertips ripped at Alice's hold, sharp demon teeth gnashing close to the small pixies face, warning her. To no avail, Bella continued to try to free the stubborn vampire, only for the pain to start burning in her body again.

In those choking seconds of desperation, Bella crashed her lips against Alice's, her tongue dancing in the others mouth, catching the small vampire by surprise, allowing Bella to break free. Bella swam to the surface, leaving a confused and hurt Alice sinking in the water, knowing she doesn't need to breathe, Bella jumped out of the water to prepare for leaving.

Come to me, I have need of you

Bella sighed, her head starting to hurt again, she tried to release some tension in her head by kneading her fingers against her head, but nothing helped the burning pain. She walked away from her house, knowing Alice was still trying to understand what just happened, probably still sinking in the beautiful turquoise water.

The demon closed her eyes, letting the familiar constricting pain enclose around her as a strong pull tugged her under. Darkness surrounded the demon as slowly heat started to lick at her skin, flames dancing around in the air. When she opened her eyes, she sighed with endless sorrow as she came upon her birthplace. The demon winced as the heavy voice entered her mind once more, sending pain through her body.

Welcome home.

Gah, scary right?

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