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Sirius Black had to get out of the house. He had only been home from school for three days and he already felt like he was crawling out of his skin. He hated it here. He hated his parents and to a lesser extent he hated his brother. There were a thousand things he would rather be doing then spending a summer at Grimmauld Place, washing Severus Snape's hair was one of them. He didn't understand why at 16 he even had to come home. He begged his parents to allow him to spend the summer at James' but they insisted he come home. He couldn't figure out why, they weren't welcoming, they could hardly stand to be around him. Maybe they wanted to impose their ways on him unbelieving that he was happy on the path that he had chosen.

He had walked in on his house-elf attempting to take down the Gryffindor flags from his room. Sirius commanded that Kreacher stop but Kreacher insisted that his mistress wanted them gone, so gone they would be.

"Mum, get him to stop."

"I shan't have such filth in my house." She responded with an upturned nose,

"Flith? This entire house is filled with filth! Have you noticed the house-elf heads on the wall? It's disgusting, mum. Really. I think you need your eyes checked."

"You are the most ungrateful little..."

"And you're the most horrid woman alive!"

So, Sirius left knowing very well that he had to come back later that night and deal with the consequences. Mainly, that his gryffindor items would probably be burned or Kreacher would be using them to clean out his grimy ears. Perhaps, mummy dearest needed some toilet paper. Sirius thought of these things but he couldn't care just then. He just needed to get out of the house. And he needed to shift.

Ever since he became an animagus he had to fight off the urge to be a dog at all times. During the full moon, it practically became instinctual. With a pang, Sirius thought of his friends who were so far away from him. He wondered if Moony was having an awful time, if Prong felt the need to change too, and if Wormtail has finally figured out how to do it. Peter had been so close to mastering it but then summer came along and ripped them all apart. Maybe Peter will learn over on his own over the summer. In September, Peter would be a confident changed boy who could change into an animal. What if they all changed? Not into animals but instead personality wise? Could that happen over the course of a summer?

Sirius was tired of thinking. Tired of human emotions. Tired of being angry with his mother and tired of missing his friends.

And so, he became his dog form and left his human concerns and problems behind as he bounded off towards the nearest park.

Evelyn Morris had to get out of the house. The summer holidays meant that her mother was driving her more crazy then normal. At least during the school year, she was gone most of the day and didn't have to hear her mother nitpicking everything about her.

"Must you always play those records so loud? Why do you listen to them anyway...If only you didn't cut your hair like that, you might find a boyfriend. No one wants to date someone who looks like a boy...Shouldn't you be at riding lessons?"

Evelyn allowed herself a cynical smile. She did get out of the house and away from her mother for a few hours but she was going exactly where her mother wanted her to go. Being an equestrian wasn't all bad. In fact, Evelyn quite liked horses. She had a knack for animals in which they instantly took a liking to her and often were calmed by her presence. Although Evelyn liked the horses well enough, she still had to deal with the people. And the people were dreadful. Evelyn hated the girls in her equestrian classes, they were everything she was not and often made her life hell because of the fact.

If Evelyn had her way, her summer would have been filled with guitar lessons not horse-riding lessons. The music which Evelyn's mother just couldn't understand her listening to had given her inspiration. She just felt it more then her mother could and she wanted to feel it even more through playing.

But mummy dearest had different plans.

"Why do you want to play music? Girls don't make music, Evelyn. I really wonder about you sometimes..."

Evelyn wondered about her mother too. Mostly, she wondered why her mother was so obsessed with the proper activities of a young lady. If Evelyn had to guess, she would say it was because her mother was a boring housewife and Evelyn didn't have to be one. She had choices, limited due to her mother's interruptions but choices just the same. Evelyn didn't care if girls were supposed to ride horses and not play guitar. She didn't care about the fact that she cut her hair short.

What Evelyn needed was to show the world just how much she didn't care. What she needed was to be a musician. What she needed was a guitar. What she needed was to get away from her mother to get a part-time job to pay for said guitar. What she needed...was a cigarette.

Sneaking out at night was bad but sneaking out to smoke was worse, which is why Evelyn made her way towards the park, careful to not be seen.

If only mum could see me now, Evelyn thought. Smoking a cigarette at night in a park. Alone. Evelyn lounged on a park-bench and thought of what her mother would say. How unladylike! Evelyn smirked at the thought.

Then she frowned. Hadn't she left the house to escape her mother? Why was she thinking of her now? She sighed and tried to push all motherly thought away and cast a glance at her surroundings. She was surprised to see a dog staring at her. The dog turned it's head away when she noticed it.

Evelyn dropped her cigarette to the ground and ground it into the cement with the the heel of her shoe. She let the smoke of her final drag out of the side of her mouth and sat forward leaning towards the dog.

"Come here, boy" She said softly.

The dog stood up but seemed to hesitate and turned it's head in the opposite direction as if it was pondering making an escape. This was curious behavior for a dog, even to Evelyn's standards who was used to animals treating her differently. She had to laugh at it. When the dog saw this he seemed to make his mind up and slowly walked towards her.

Evelyn slid off the park bench and down on one knee, edging closer to the dog. She raised her hand in front of her and reached slowly towards the dog head. The dog inclined his head towards her hand and she gently patted his soft fur.

"Good boy." Evelyn said, her voice adopting the tone one often uses to address animals. She pet him with more ease and reached towards neck.

"No collar, huh?" She muttered. "You must be a stray. Though you look healthy enough."

Evelyn suddenly became aware of just how healthy the dog was.

"God you're big" She said to the dog while standing up and taking in the massive animal. "You're like a horse. I could ride you."

The dog let out a low growl which made Evelyn uncomfortable. It was like the dog had understood her and was aware of how that comment could be taken in a very different context. But dogs couldn't understand humans, that was crazy.

Evelyn felt she was losing her mind. She thought she should probably get home considering she was tired enough to think that, not only a dog could understand her, but that the dog had his mind in the gutter too. She wasn't sure why she was wasting her time anyway. Although she hated the idea of leaving a stray, it wasn't like she could bring him home. Although hearing her mother's reaction to finding the slobbering beast in Evelyn's bed was almost worth it.

Almost being key. Evelyn patted the dog once more and said:"Now go home boy" before turning on her heel and walking up the pathway that would eventually lead to her house. The dog stayed where he was but let out a single bark as she walked away. She felt guilty because she knew the dog was watching her.

It's just a dog, Evelyn reminded herself and went along the curve. Maybe his owner was just wondering around this park too. As if on cue, She heard footsteps and saw a man walking towards her. The man hardly acknowledged her as he walked past. Probably looking for his horse-like dog, Evelyn thought for only a second before it became extraordinarily clear what the man was actually looking for.

The man had grabbed her shoulder from behind and had spun her around to face him.

"Gimme your money!" The man said gruffly.

Evelyn was shocked for only a moment. She was being robbed. When she was in the park alone at night. How very damsel in distress of her. Her mother would be proud. It was almost amusing...

"Gimme your money!" The man said again shaking her a bit. Evelyn snapped to her senses and realized this wasn't funny at all. This was serious.

"I said," The man said while getting closer to her face. She could see into his mouth and almost smell his rotting teeth. "Gimme your..."

Before he could finish, Evelyn jerked her knee up as hard as she could. It got the job done. The man doubled over in pain clutching his privates and making little noises of pain.

"Why you little..." He said while attempting to get upright again but before he could Evelyn punched him. Hard. Even she could feel the sting in her knuckles and was surprised at how much it hurt her. But the man had fallen over from the force of the blow and Evelyn could make her getaway.

Suddenly, the dog came bounding towards them and pounced on the man's chest. The dog was growling in the man's face. Evelyn, who had started to run away, halted and watched the scene continue. The dog was growling and snapping with his jaw while the man attempted to swat him away. It was like the dog could sense his audience and rounded his head towards Evelyn. With his sharp teeth exposed, the dog barked, not growled, at her. Evelyn was filled with the impression that the dog wanted her to run.

So she did. She turned around to see that the man had escaped from the dog and watched the two round the corner, the dog not far from the man's heels. Evelyn turned forward once they disappeared and continued to run all the way to her mum's house. Which suddenly didn't seem so bad, all things considered.

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