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We sat outside the door for a few minutes, but no one came out. It looked like we were stuck.

"It looks like we're stuck." I told Church, and he nodded.

We sat there for another few minutes. It was boring. Very boring. I wished for my toys. I missed them. Oh, how I had taken them for granted only a few minutes before, thinking of them as nothing more than simple distractions from the wonder that was Church (I was pretty sure I'd been an actor in a past life).

"What are we going to do? We can't stay out here forever, it's past dinner time!" Church said, looking alarmed. More alarmed than usual.

"Calm yourself. This has happened before. Well, not really, but it's kind of happened, sort of before."

Church looked at me. Probably because of my babbling.

"I mean, I've gotten stuck outside before. Granted, the door was actually still open, and it wasn't so much 'stuck outside' as 'running from Tall One's rage', but still. I have a plan."

"What's the plan? And why was Tall One mad at you?"

"It was nothing. His fault - he should not leave things on the floor if he doesn't want me to play with them!" I internally pouted for a few seconds, "Anyway, we just have to find dinner on our own. Come on, I'll show you."

We went down the stairs, me showing Church how to avoid the hole in one of the stairs (you'd think Tall One would've gotten around to fixing that), and slipped out the front door. We were outside.

It was less crowded than the last time I'd been out here alone, which was a good thing, because I really disliked large amounts of humans. By themselves, humans were good, but put a bunch of them together and all petters and cuddlers because kickers who didn't care about adorable little cats. It was horrible. Plus I could see where we were going better when not having my sight blocked by legs.

It was prettier outside now too, like one of Tall One's silky shirts, pinky-orangey-blue. The last time I'd been outside it was bright blue, and hot. I didn't like the heat, it made me sweat. And sweating is not fashionable.

"Where are we going?" Church asked, sticking close to me. Aw. He was scared of the outside.

"When I was stuck outside before, I found out a wonderful secret. There are people who put dinner outside, just waiting for hungry cats to come and eat it."


"Yes! It's not exactly tuna, but it's still very, very good. Come on, let's go!" we dashed down the street, around a corner, around another corner, under a fence, and then I could smell it. Sure enough, we slipped into an alley behind a brightly-colored building, and there it was. Dinner for us, served up in perfect little white boxes.

I ran up and knocked them over, ripping them open to our eyes.

"Look, Church, this one even has little fish!"

"Those are shrimp."

"Alright, it has shrimp! And this one has noodles! NOODLES!" maybe I was playing up my excitement a little bit, but it was only because Church seemed so underwhelmed. Seriously. He was all stoic and... respectable.

Church nibbled on a piece of the little fish-shrimp, as he called them, and seemed to find them acceptable. I joined him in his consumption of the shrimp, finding them... different than most fish, but not in a bad way. Then we ate some white stuff, then something that tasted very, very bad. And finally, the noodles.

I was slurping at the noodles (because, as anyone with any sense knows, slurping is the only way to eat noodles), and Church was as well, when suddenly I found myself pulled up to Church, our mouth's meeting as I realized we were both eating the same noodle. It was romantic. At least to me, Church just seemed a little confused. We pulled back, each eating our half of the noodle. I scooted closer to Church, bumping into him playfully. He glanced over and bumped back.

Before I knew what was happening, we were wrestling with each other, laughing as we rolled around. We stopped after a few minutes, laying beside each other and panting. That was fun. Church was fun to play with. Much better than a toy, or clothes. They didn't move and play and wrestle back, but Church did! And he was quite good at it too.

By now it was getting darker, and colder too. I didn't like it outside anymore. I missed Tall One and Quiet One. The last time I'd been outside it had been bright the entire time, and I'd gotten back before it had gotten cold and dark. It reminded me of before. Before Tall One had found me. I found myself longing for the warm familiarity of my bright home.

"I don't like it out here anymore." I whimpered, burrowing into Church's side.

"What? What's wrong Meow?" Church asked, turning over and nuzzling my head.

"It's dark. And cold. I wanna go home." I let out a pitiful and plaintive meow.

"It's okay, I'll get us home. Come on." Church shepherded me out of the alley, and we made our way down a street, under the fence, around a corner, and soon I was recognizing a few things from having seen them before. However before we could make our way back to my home, I found myself being picked up by a familiar-smelling human.

It was Tall One!

He was squeezing me close to him, saying something over and over again. Then he lifted me up to his face, talking more sternly now.

I assumed he was saying something like "I am so sorry for having private cuddly time in the living room where it is not supposed to happen, therefore causing you to be forced into the terrifying outside place, scarring you for the rest of your life."

He had strange black lines running down his face from his eyes, but I didn't think much of it. Tall One had been known to do strange things in the name of fashion. This would hardly be the strangest.

I could see Church going through the same treatment with Quiet One, although Quiet One seemed less hysteric, and his face was clear of any black lines, although it was strangely shiny.

Tall One was hugging me again, and rubbing my tummy, and-oh no, rubbing me against his cheek. Yep. I now had black stipes. And glitter. That was one lesson I'd learned fairly early - stay away from Tall One's face if you want to stay unmarked.

Tall One and Quiet One took me and Church inside, bringing us straight to the bedroom, placing us in the middle, and curling up around us. This was good. Better than being in that horrible, strange, sometimes fun, outside place.

I loved my Tall One. And I loved my Quiet One. And, of course, I loved my Church.

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