AUTHORS NOTE: As I wrote this last chapter, there were moments where I was literally laughing at myself because I had someone comment to me; "You seem such a quiet, and calm person but your writing style is of a person who lives and breathes passion and romance." And… a couple things went through my mind, firstly being: "I'm human; I have feelings, why wouldn't I be able to possess such attributes?

LOL! Wait till you see how aggressive Sarah gets with Jareth, you'll love it!

Secondly.. I mean come on, if you had hotness himself David Bowie, king of the underground as your significant other, wouldn't YOU want to be getting hanky panky often… if not all the time? I could go on and on, but instead, just read my madness and enjoy :o)

And with that being said, I now suggest you go on youtube or your mp3 (if you're a true fan) and play Davids' song: "Wild is the wind" while reading the final chapter, it will give the full effect.

"Jareth Responds"

Sarah jerked her head suddenly. It was the 3rd time she caught herself falling asleep.
"Hoggle should've been back by now." She sat there doodling nothing in particular in one of the sheets of paper she had used to write the letter to Jareth.
What if he doesn't feel anything for me anymore except hate or rejection and simply threw the letter away? I don't' know if I could handle it. I guess it would serve me right though, I mean..

Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by grumbling and movement in her mirror.
"Hoggle? Is that you?"

"Of course, who else would it be!" he sighed loudly and took his place where he normally sat to speak with her."

"Well, I did what you've asked and delivered the letter."


"and what?"

"Did he say anything about it?"

"He looked as if he were in shock by it, I think you really took him by surprise but he didn't comment beyond saying he wasn't going to read it in my presence."

Sarah felt her heart sink, what if he really did throw it away, not wanting to be reminded of her?
Hoggle knew what Sarah was thinking by her reaction and chimed in: "I wouldn't think all is lost Sarah, when I say he looked shocked, I mean shocked in a good way, I think he will respond, just wait a few days, he is king after all, and very busy. I'm sure you will get a response eventually."

"Yes, maybe your right Hoggle.. .. Listen, I can't thank you enough for doing this, and I'm sorry, next time you come over, I'll order pizza again, and you can watch any movie you like."

"Even that awesome movie with the green guys and that giant rat?"

"Eww.. ninja turtles?"

"Yeah, that one! I love that movie!"

"Ok Hoggle, we'll watch Ninja turtles, go to sleep, I know you must be tired."

"Hang in there Sarah, I believe you'll find love, just have faith."

And as always, he was gone just as soon as he appeared.
Sarah was contemplating going to bed herself when her thoughts were interrupted by a flash of lightning and the sudden jerk of her window opening. "That's funny; I didn't see that it was raining earlier." She walked over to the window and latched it back in place, sighing deeply.

This is exactly how it was the last time he came into my room, I'm such a fool, he's not going to respond. I still need to know his reaction at least, why is Hoggle taking so long!

She turned around, heading back towards her bed when she realized a tall and very handsome goblin king was blocking the way. A loud gasp escaped her, but that was it. Her mouth was unable to produce any other sound, she couldn't even move, all she could do was stand there and try to let reality sink it, was it even reality? Maybe she had fallen asleep and was now dreaming! Finally finding use of her limbs she pinched herself hard. I'm awake alright!

Jareth just stood there taking in the sight that was Sarah. Finally after all those years of only stealing glances from outside, views from crystals, finally he was standing there before her. Never had he been overcome with so many emotions all at once, wanting to run to her and finally touch her, wanting to yell and let her know how much he's suffered over the course of the years, so many things that needed to be said and done, but he too couldn't find the words.

Starring at Jareth brought back a flood of memories, from the first time she saw him, to the moment he had offered her dreams... Her dreams, if only he knew what her dreams were. Even though she had won, she felt as though she had lost, and now what would happen?

A tear ran down her cheek; she breathed in heavily as if bracing herself for what was about to happen, unsure if anything would happen. I have to try, it's now or never.

She stepped towards him, "Jareth I.. "

Before her mind was able to even register what had happened, Jareth had pulled her into his arms, and starring at her with passionate intensity: "With this kiss, my life finally begins."
He leaned forward and hungrily pressed his lips against hers.

After the initial shock, Sarah wrapped her arms around him, allowing their kiss to deepen. The sensation of being that close to him and sharing such an intimate moment after years of not even feeling the embrace of the opposite sex was overwhelming. She finally understood the expression; "Mind blowing"
Jareth's sweet and passionate kiss was exactly that; mind blowing, she didn't want it to end.

Coming up for breath, he cupped Sarah's face with his gloved hands.
"Precious, I have come in receipt of your letter; I hope you don't mind that I came straight away as opposed to a written response."

Sarah looked into his mismatched eyes as if in a trance, "You have no idea how long I've wanted to see you, how I've dreamed about .." She gently touched the strands of his hair moving her fingertips ever so slow from his cheeks to his lips. He closed his eyes, a moan escaping his lips at the sensation of her fingertips. "About being held in your arms…" He leaned forward suddenly and captured her lips with his in a searing kiss.

"Sarah, you understand that this changes everything don't you? I want you present in my life, to be by my side always."

Sarah gave him a coy smile, "I have no objections to that your highness, as a matter of fact..."
She stole few kisses from him, his eyes closed at the sensation of her lips against his.
"As a matter of fact, I… " She blushed a bit, having never opened herself so fully to anyone before. "I don't want you to leave here tonight, at least not without me."

A moan escaped the goblin kings' lips, there were so many things he wanted to do with Sarah. Suddenly, he felt a glimmer of light coming in from her apartment window and he held her closer to him. "What is left of tonight anyway."
Sarah looked outside to where he was looking and gasped:
"Oh my god, its morning already?"

Looking down at his beautiful Sarah, and gently brushing the stray hairs away from her face, he whispered playfully. "There is a place I'd love to take you, I think you will enjoy it."
"Anywhere, so long as its with you."

Sarah felt the sensation of being whirled away, Jareths' strong arms kept her in balance as they arrived at the edge of a mountain, overlooking a vast valley, filled with trees, flowers, and several breath taking waterfalls; but what really took her breath away was watching the sunrise over the horizon. The warm yellows, orange, and violets that engulfed the sky was phenomenal.

They sat on the edge of the mountain, holding each other, while watching the splendor of colors unravel before them.

"What is this place? It's amazing!"

"This is shantar'ka, a section of the goblin kingdom that is not to be inhabited or disturbed by any creature…" a mischievous grin began to form on his face as he finished the sentence. "soooo we literally have the whole place to ourselves."

It was Sarah who leaned in and kissed him passionately. Never had she wanted anyone as much in her life before, and what's more, she didn't know why, but she felt as if she could totally let herself go with Jareth. Suddenly, Sarah moved over Jareth, pressing herself on top of him, he leaned back against the grassy mountain, his eyes wide with her unexpected reaction. Before he could comment on it however, Sarah's lips were once again pressed against his, her tongue intertwining with his until he was left gasping.
There was a look on Sarah's face Jareth had never seen before but despite that, it was unmistakable and he knew then, all the love that he had felt for her during all those torturous years was in fact returned.

"Sarah, would you like to continue this inside? "

Sarah giggled playfully, "Inside? Where? " She looked up and realized there was a log cabin just a few feet away from where they were. There was smoke coming from the chimney. Then entrance looked warm and inviting, it was perfect.

"Yes and no" she finally answered.

Jareth looked at her with concern, frustration, and longing. Maybe things were moving too fast for her, but she had been the one who started!

"Yes, I would love to continue inside, but… once we're done here…"

A mischievous grin re-appeared on his face while holding her closer to him.
"As you wish my love."