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Love and War


A lot can happen in a year.

It was just one year ago I met the love of my life, Isabella Cullen. Since that day we were inseparable. Bella meant more to me than anything and her family meant just as much. Esme became like my mother and Carlisle was my second father. It meant a lot to me that Carlisle and Charlie got along so well. Emmett and Jasper were like big brothers that I never had and Alice and Rosalie were just like my sisters. Rosalie still wasn't big on me, but Alice and I had become extremely close. Carlisle believed it was because of our extra abilities. I could read anyone's mind (except Bella) and Alice could see the future based on people's decisions. No one was safe from the two of us. Alice was just happy she had someone to play games with. No one else would play as they accused her of cheating. She didn't deny that.

Our relationship, Bella and I, grew to more than just trivial boyfriend and girlfriend. We were so much more to each other. We only had one major argument and that involved my mortality:

"Bella, I love you and despite your mind block, I know you love me. We have to talk about this sometime."

"I am not about to take your life from you. This," she said pointing to her body, "is not something I could do to someone I love. I want you forever but I will not give into my own selfishness."

"It is not being selfish if I am asking you to do it. I am not asking for it right now but soon."

"Why do you want this?" Bella eyed me suspiciously as if she doubted my many declarations of love. "Are you asking me for this because you find my life . . . fascinating?"

"What? No! I am asking because I can't imagine my existence without you and sooner, rather than later, something is going to separate us. Something that is going to be out of both of our control, like age or death."

"That is how life is supposed to go. Edward please, I will always love you, but I will not take your soul from you."

"Isabella, you claimed my soul and my heart the day you came into my life."

It wasn't a very productive conversation but a necessary one. Carlisle and Esme warned me of its difficulty. Bella just didn't understand that my decision to become a vampire had nothing to do with fascination or some sick desire to end my life. Love was my only motivation. It was the love of a beautiful, intelligent, strong (and not just because she was a 103 year old vampire), and very opinionated woman. Bella would joke that I must have been seeing another vampire on the side, but she never saw herself clearly. Doing what was necessary to spend my entire existence with Bella was my priority and I had no intentions on letting the conversation go. Bella knew that.

As we prepared for our graduation from Forks High school, I was preparing to ask Bella a different question. I hoped she wasn't as quick to dismiss this one.

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