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Why are you so obsessed with him?

My name is Haruka. Just Haruka. You don't need to know my surname because it's not accurate. It should be Kirihara. Kirihara Haruka, yea that's so much better than the shitty surname I have now.

You want to know about me don't you? Why I'm in a straight-jacket in a padded room. Why the people in white lab coats have to keep on drugging me with sedatives. It's because of my soul mate, Kirihara Akaya.

I love that second-year. He is MY life. Without him I would waste away into nothing. The wall in my bedroom is plastered with candid pictures I took with my trusty buddy Rho. Rho- she's my camera and my only friend. The other girls stayed away from me at Rikkaidai. I don't know why, they were stalkers just like me. Well they didn't steal underwear from their favorite regulars or constantly stalk their Facebooks, and Twitters. They didn't record their voice every time they spoke in class. They didn't even try to spike their water bottles so they could carry them off behind the bushes! They weren't dedicated enough about knowing each and every detail of their precious regulars' lives. But I was. Unfortunately I have no access to the internet in this room. So who knows what dangers have befallen my precious Akaya-sama. What if some little slut tried to have her way with him? I need to protect him!

I met the second-year in the crowded hallways of Rikkaidai. We only saw each other for a mere second but that was all it took. It was love at first sight for me. Since he is my soul mate I just know he fell in love with me at first sight as well! Since that fateful day in the halls I devoted my every waking second to Akaya-sama. Nothing will stop us from being together, nothing I tell you. Why? True love conquers all that's why. No straight-jacket in a padded room in an insane asylum will stop me from being with my Akaya-sama. I just know he is out there trying to find me. When he does find me, he'll break me out of this hellhole and we will run off together and have cute little babies. It will happen I assure you of that.

So do you want to see some pictures of him. I've managed to hide Rho from those stupid men in white lab coats. It's kind of hard to make her work in a straight jacket but I can do it using my teeth. See, now she's on. Now look at this picture right here. That's his hair. Look at that picture. Oh my god, he's sweating. Oh that is just so sexy! And look! Look right here it's him in devil mode.

OOOOOOHHHHHH! That is just so divine! It shouldn't be called devil mode but Sexy-mode! Oh yea oh that is just so hot! No one on this earth is as hot as Akaya-sama. So you can suck on that you moronic Atobe fan girls.

Akaya-sama is the real deal! Not Atobe Keigo, he's ugly with that mole. Akaya-sama is flawless like a god. You guys are so psychotic for going after Atobe. You hear me bitches? ATOBE IS UGLY AND YOU GUYS ARE PSYCHO FOR FAWNING OVER HIM! YOU GUYS ARE THE PSYCHOTIC ONES NOT ME!


It looks like my yelling caught the attention of the guards. They are calling for the sedatives again. I'm used to the long needle jabbing me and making me slip into unconsciousness. You want to know more? Come back next time ok?

The guards of the asylum were used to hearing patient Haruka also known as DP-1123 calling out for her "Akaya-sama". She had been in there for over 3 months now. Ever since that incident at the Kantou Finals for Boy's Junior High Tennis. She had been getting worse as the days went by. Now she was talking to herself as if there was someone in the room with her. And it wasn't Rho this time who ever that was.

"You hear me bitches? ATOBE IS UGLY AND YOU GUYS ARE PSYCHO FOR FAWNING OVER HIM!" DP-1123 screamed in her usual deranged manner. It's time for the sedatives, thought Guard 1. He looked at Guard 2 and they both nodded simultaneously. Guard 2 turned to the face that wall and pressed a small blue button. An alarm rung loudly through the corridors. DP-1123 stopped her screaming and began talking in a whisper.

Within one minute of sounding the alarm a tall guy with black hair named Dr. Ikeda walked briskly down the hallway. His white lab coat flew behind him as he reached in his pocket to obtain a bottle of clear liquid and a syringe with a long needle.

"Was she screaming again?" Dr. Ikeda asked the two guards.

"Yes, this time about some Atobe dude who she thinks is ugly" Guard 1 said while nodding. Dr. Ikeda sighed as he stuck the needle into the top of the bottle. He began to draw up 10 cc worth of sedative when he stopped. I think DP-1123 needs 15 cc now, he sighed mentally as he added another 5 cc to the liquid. Guard 2 opened the door to DP-1123's padded room. Dr. Ikeda walked in with Guard 1 following him in for his safety.

"DP- I mean Haruka, we're here to calm you down" Dr. Ikeda said in as nice as a tone as he possibly could. Haruka looked up at him with with crazed green eyes and disarrayed black hair that was beginning to lose the black color of the dye. He could see the true color of her hair, a light brown at the roots of her hair.

"But sir, I've been just as calm as ever!" Haruka said in a sweet voice. Dr. Ikeda could hear the guards huff in annoyance.

"If you were so calm then why did the guards sound the alarm?" he asked.

"Because they hate me. They are trying to bring me down. To keep me away from my Akaya-sama!" Haruka protested.

"What did you just say you-" Guard 1 started to shout back but Ikeda rose his hand up to silence him.

"Now now, Haruka they don't hate you" Dr. Ikeda said as he slowly inched his way forward to the wild eyed girl. Haruka stood her ground as he cautiously made his way to her. Before long, he was only a few inches away from her. He laid his free hand on her shoulder and peered once more into her wild green eyes. He remembered when she first came in how her eyes were red. They were from contacts, he recalled. Apparently she had worn colored contacts to imitate the look of this Akaya person she is so obsessed with.

"Haruka this will help you calm down" Dr. Ikeda said softly with a smile as he pierced her skin with the needle. He pushed on button on the syringe that allowed all 15 cc of sedative go through the needle and into her veins. He kept on giving Haruka soothing words until the sedative took effect and she slipped into unconsciousness. He carefully picked the stick-thin girl up and placed her onto the cot in her padded room.

"DP-1123 should be calm now" Dr. Ikeda said as he faced the two guards. He began to walk out the room until Guard 1 stopped him. Guard 1 didn't speak but instead pointed to a small silver square lying out in the opening.

Guard 1 bent down to pick it up. He examined it before giving a hearty chuckle.

"Ah so this is Rho! It's her camera. Must have pictures of this Akaya dude. I can't believe we didn't find this sooner!" Guard 1 said amused at his finding. Dr. Ikeda tooked the camera from the guard and examined it. He saw that there was the word "Rho" etched into the side of the photo-capturing device. He sighed as he stuffed it into his pocket and walked out with the guards following behind him. He couldn't allow DP-1123 to have anything in her room in her current state. It was too dangerous. The guards shut the heavy door and relocked it.

"Let me know if she starts yelling again" Dr. Ikeda said before walking off down the hallway. The guards nodded and continued to resume their surveillance of the asylum.

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