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The talk

NOOOO! NOOOO! How the hell could I let this happen to me? I'm fucking ruined. Damn you Dr. Ikeda, have you ever heard of ignorance is bliss? Fuck you guards! Don't think I heard your snickering during the talk. You bastards should sleep with one I open for the rest of your lives I tell you!

You! So you're back huh? I don't have time for you. I need to plot. Plot my escape. Plot my revenge. Why are you just standing there? Get out of here!

What? You're not moving. Are you just that retarded? You say you want to know what happened to me? Why I'm cursing the guards and Dr. Ikeda? I guess I can tell you. You're the only one I can trust now it seems.

So earlier this morning I was called down to Dr. Ikeda's office. Those stupid guards outside my door led me there. They kept on prodding me with the nightstick. I swear that tall ugly one tried to trip me. Anyways they practically threw me into the office and stood outside the door…


Dr. Ikeda was sitting on one side of the long metal table in a composed, professional manner. Haruka also known as DP-1123 stood on the opposite end of the table with an intense gaze. The two guards stayed just outside the room, ready for any situation that could come up.

"DP- I mean Haruka. Haruka dear, please sit down." Dr. Ikeda said while motioning to the chair in front of the young girl. The young girl gave the chair a wary look before awkwardly sitting herself down in it. Thanks to the straightjacket she was still in, she could hardly get comfortable.

"I'm so glad you are willing to chat with me Haruka" Dr. Ikeda started with a small smile. He carefully watched every reaction the girl took, evaluating her current state of mind.

"Yea, yea. What did you want to talk to me about?" Haruka asked nonchalantly.

"This Akaya-sama person you keep on talking about. I hear about him 24/7 almost. Whether you're awake or asleep. Even in most of your outbursts I hear his name." Dr. Ikeda replied. He noted the instant change in mood when mentioning this person Haruka constantly babbled on about. Her green eyes brightened, and a smile broke onto her lips. Her shoulders relaxed even though they were bound in a tight straightjacket.

"Akaya-sama is the best! NO one in this world can compare to him. He is a king among kings. Lord among lords. He is the Alpha of the Alphas. And Akaya-sama is all mine!" Haruka shouted gleefully. A loud sigh escaped her lips. The guards outside began to chuckle in pure mirth.

"So I assume you and this Akaya person have a long history"

"No, not really. I only met him just over a year ago. But it feels like forever. It feels as if my life didn't have a meaning until I met him."

"So when did you fall in love with him?" asked Dr. Ikeda in a slightly unsure voice.

"The moment I met him of course. And I know the same thing happened to him when he first saw me!" Haruka chirped.

"Love at first sight? Dear, that's not possible." Dr. Ikeda replied in a professional manner. Haruka's chipper atmosphere dropped as she looked him dead in the face and asked…


"It's not possible to fall in love at first sight. You have to know a person before you say you love them. At most you probably had an intense feeling of lust. It's normal don't worry about that. But don't confuse lust with love." he explained as if he were reading from a textbook. Dr. Ikeda looked into the face of a wide-eyed Haruka. He could see the emotions playing like a movie on her face. Shock, Denial, Anger, Worry, more Denial.

"You're wrong, Dr. Ikeda. Akaya-sama and I fell in love at first sight. You can't tell me I didn't fall in love. If I could point my finger at you I would." Haruka accused.

"I'm telling you sweetie, that was lust you felt. It's quite common in kids your age with all those crazy hormones"

"It was love at first sight I tell you!" Haruka yelled in defiance.

"It's not."

"How do you know?"

"I'm a doctor."


"So that means I'm the expert."

"I think you need to be laid. You have too many sticks up your ass" Haruka retorted with a smug expression on her face. She felt proud when she saw the usually composed doctor look absolutely dumbfounded. It took him awhile to pick his jaw up off the floor. Meanwhile the guards were literally rolling around on the floor in laughter. It wasn't everyday they saw Dr. Ikeda get served and by a mere middle schooler no less.

"Ahem" Dr. Ikeda said while trying to regain his composure and the remaining dignity he had last. "Haruka when is the last time you've spoken to Akaya?"

"Just yesterday" she replied with a smirk. All laughter in the hallway ceased and it was now Dr. Ikeda's turn to say "What?".

"You heard right, just yesterday. Akaya-sama and I have mental communication with each other. There's no need for face-to-face talks or texting or things like that when you have telepathy" Haruka beamed.

"Haruka, You can't be serious"

"Why do you say that Dr. Ikeda?"

"That's utterly ridiculous"

"Says who"

"You can't have mental communications with anybody""Says who"

"It's just implausible"

"Says who"

A long silence followed that brief exchange of words. Dr. Ikeda and Haruka stared at each other while the two guards tried their best to wrap their minds around the conversation. Had the girl just said she has had telepathic conversations with this Akaya-sama person? Dr. Ikeda kept a dignified air while Haruka seemed to be having an inner conflict. Part of her wanted to yell and scream at the doctor. To tell him that he was wrong. The other part however seemed to believe him. After the tense silence Haruka began to burst out in laughter.

"Is something funny Haruka?"

"Yea, you!"


"Uhuh! Look at you. Trying to tell me about love. I have a soul mate and you don't. Yet you are trying to tell me about love."

"Haruka, this isn't about me. It's about you. My love life has nothing to do with it."

"Love life? What love life! You have none. You're always here! And you are always so uptight. My God Dr. Ikeda you are such a hard ass. If I shoved coal up your ass, it would come out as diamonds when you go take a crapper in the toilet."

A short pause followed. Then laughter erupted from the hallway. Dr. Ikeda was embarrassed and slightly ticked off by the girl's attacks on him. Haruka mentally patted herself on the back for serving the doctor yet again.

"DP-1123. I will not tolerate this kind of behavior. One more outburst like that, and it's back to your room" Dr. Ikeda stated in his cold, professional tone of voice. His face was still tinged red by the previous insult.

"I'm sorry Dr. Ikeda. It won't happen again." Haruka said with fake sincerity. The doctor could tell she was faking but let the matter drop anyways. He took a deep breath before asking the girl another question.

"So you're telling me you haven't had a face-to-face conversation with Akaya?"

"No of course not! I just told you. Mental communication."

"Telepathy can be fabricated by your brain. If you've never ever talked to him it means you've never been in love with him. And that he's never been in love with you."

More silence followed. The guards outside listened intently. They both agreed this was better than any Soap Opera that came on TV.

The words struck Haruka like a bullet train in Rush Hour. Her whole world seemed to be crashing down upon her. Everything the doctor had said seemed to echo painfully in her skull. What if he was right? What if there was no love between her and Akaya-sama? What if this was all just a delusion she cocked up? All these what ifs were making Haruka's head spin. As much as she wanted to block every word Dr. Ikeda had said she couldn't.

Why can't I retort? Why can't I block it out? Haruka thought. Is it true what Dr. Ikeda said? All this time, I've been living a lie?

Dr. Ikeda watched the young patient's reaction to his cold harsh truth. Part of him was filled with regret for uttering those words to her yet the rest knew it had to be done. She had been going on with this delusion for far too long. She had confused lust and maybe even a small crush with full blown love. And it was costing her sanity among other things.

"Haruka" Dr. Ikeda called. No response was given

"Haruka? Answer me." Still no response.


"Shut up," Haruka growled, "JUST SHUT UP I TELL YOU! My world just came crashing down on me can't you see?"

"Haruka we need to talk-"

"Talk, Talk? HA! There's nothing more that needs to be said! Take me back to my little padded room."

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes, I am." Haruka said as she bowed her head to hide the tears spilling from her eye sockets.

Dr. Ikeda was shocked. His words seemed to have gotten through to her. To his surprise she didn't blow up on him too much. He figured everything was still sinking into her head. Dr. Ikeda called for the two guards to escort the girl back to her room.

*end flashback*

Well there, now you know. I can't believe it. I won't believe it. How could Akaya-sama not love me? How could I not love Akaya-sama? I mean we're soul mates right? Right? We're soul mates. Bonded forever by the hands of destiny. Dr. Ikeda was wrong. We love each other.

But what if Dr. Ikeda was right. What if I've been deluding myself all this time? Maybe he's just jealous because I could probably get more action than he ever could. Or maybe he knows more than I do. GAAAAAHHH! I can't think straight anymore. If all this time there was no love between Akaya and I...

I need some time alone. So leave me be OK? Just leave me be.

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