Some kids, yeah the ones that are the stars of this show...those brats, ran into the room of their favorite teacher, Mrs. Frizzle, for their lesson. The eight kids looked around the room, wondering where she was.

"Hey, where's Mrs. Frizzle at?" Arnold asked as he noticed that she's not in the room. "She's not in the room!"

"No shit, sherlock." Dorothy said as she slapped him upside the head. "Let's hope we don't have some lame sub, I want to go on that freaky bus again. Like an acid trip, man."

Just then, the magic school bus crashed through the wall of the room, horn honking wildly. The doors opened up and the smell of alcohol filled the room. "Get the HELL in here you little brats, and let'" Mrs. Frizzle let out a large belch and honked the horn as they walked in front of the bus.

Tim stared at Mrs. Frizzle for a moment before finally getting on the bus with the others. "Are you drunk, Mrs. F?"

"No, I'm just drunk. Now shut up, sit down, and let's get this sucker going!" She closed the doors and pushed some buttons on the controls. "Bus, do your shit!"

Then...the bus flew backwords and through a time warp, which was usual, though the smell of alcohol and Mrs. Frizzle's vomit were not. Eventually it all stopped and they landed in the middle of what looked like a warzone, with a bunch of men running around with guns.

"What the hell?" Frizzle shouted as she stepped out and fell to the ground. "Well this isn't right, damn bus." She looked back and all the kids were hiding from the gunmen. "Hey, stop hiding and get out here where the nice guys with guns are, they'll help us."

As she looked over she noticed that one man tore a father from his son and put him on his knees. He was about to shoot when Iron Man landed and tossed him aside.

Iron Man looked over and noticed the bus. "The one fuckin' time I'm not doing something..." He walked over and blew up the bus with his repulsor ray. "I am Iron Man, and this is my movie, bitch." He made out with Frizzle and then tossed her aside. "Well, might as well do something else now..." He flew away, leaving the area he was supposed to be protecting.

"Sir, I do believe you were supposed to save that fellow and return him to his family..." Jarvis said.

"Oh yeah? Well I do believe you—mute." Tony replied quickly, not exactly caring.