So im really not the biggest twilight fan in the world, but there are certain characters i like (Jacob) and i feel it would be interesting to try and combine the two worlds. In case you cant remember, Andromeda is Narcissa and Bellatrix's sister. disclaimer for story- J.K Rowling owns everything Harry Potter and Stephanie Meyer owns everything Twilight. All i own is my plot.

Andromeda's POV

Andromeda Tonks sat in her sister, Bellatrix's, room. She had come on behalf of the order to perhaps find something important out. At first she felt very nervous about coming, but now she just stood staring in shock at the piece of parchment in her hands. It was a birth certificate.

Bellatrix had had a child. A little boy by the name the Jacob. Jacob Black. Andromeda felt beyond confusion right now. Her sister had a child that no one in the family knew about. She gasped when underneath the certificate she found a letter with her name addressed on it.

She slowly opened it and began reading it, barely comprehending the words.


This may come as a shock to you, but I have a child. His name is Jacob Black. I have spent the last nine months contemplating whether or not to give the child to you. You know I could never keep him. I'm too faithful to my dark lord. Yes Cissy is able to manage it, but I can't.

So after much contemplation, I have decided to not give him to you. I have decided to just take him away from this world completely. The thing is, he is not Rodulfus's child. I had an affair with someone by the name of Billy…and he is not a wizard. Whenever I think back to this, I feel the disgust fill itself inside of me.

I have decided to give the boy to his filthy father. However, I want him to have him some sort of connection to me. His blood will be filled with the Black family blood. So I have obliviated his father into believing their last name is Black.

This may sound odd, but I needed him to show some sort of superiority in the muggle world. I hope you understand and this letter gets to you.


Andromeda felt the tears streaming down her face. Her sister must have chickened out in sending the letter, or maybe she just worried Voldemort would find out.

Andromeda shoved the birth certificate and the letter into her bag. She apparated to her home and sat down on her couch to take in all this new information.

It was then that she decided she would find Jacob Black, no matter what.