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After a full minute of awkward silence and open mouthed staring from the tanned boy in front of her, Ginny reached a hand out and said a tentative "Hello?"

Jacob shook his head and reached for her hand and jolted at the zing of electricity that swept through him.

Ginny felt it as well, and blushed as bright as her hair. She swept her locks behind her ears and introduced herself. Jacob thought that 'Ginny' must be the most delightful name he had ever heard.

"I'm Jacob Black," He told her with an impish grin.

Ron cleared his throat behind them, "Erm, I'm thinking that dinner is going to be ready soon," and grabbed Ginny by the arm and dragged her inside the house. Jacob continued to stare longingly at the witch and then shook himself.

He needed to talk to Sam. They had never tested a distance this great before, but it was worth a shot.

He glanced one more time at the house and was thrilled to see the red head staring back out at him. When her brother pulled her attention away again, Jacob ran off into the trees and transformed. He was in such a high right now that he didn't even feel the pain of all of his bones breaking and realigning to form his inner wolf.

He heard nothing but silence in his mind. He wondered what time it was in America right now? What if this distance really was too far from home? His thoughts were quelled when a voice penetrated his mind.

What do you want? Leah snarled.

Jacob wasn't even bothered by her incredibly annoying voice.

Oh no she whined not you too!

Leah found the image of Ginny at the forefront of Jacob's mind and groaned.

Ill get Sam she told him, and edge of bitterness in her voice.

Jacob merely ran circles around the trees as he waited for his leader. A few minutes later Sam's voice became clear in Jacob's mind.

Where are you?


Jacob could hear all the questions floating around his Alpha's mind but he was thankful that he pushed them aside.

What's the matter he asked him in concern.

I imprinted.

Jacob could feel Sam's shock as fierce as his own.

With a girl...In London?


A moment paused before Sam decided now would be as good a time as ever to tell Jacob, Bella's wedding invitation's were sent out today.

At that moment, Jacob realized how strong the power of the imprint was. There was not a single waver of pain at the thought of her marrying Cullen. Yes, he still despised the thought of her friend marrying a vampire, but he wasn't jealous. Sam sighed in relief and knew for a fact that Jacob would finally be able to find happiness.

It was then that Sam gave him the 'Imprint' Speach. Don't overwhelm the girl, don't come on too strong, take time explaining, make good choices..blah blah blah.

As Jacob rounded another lap, he noticed that Tonks was standing behind him in fascination. Jacob told Sam he had to go and quickly ran behind a tree to change and put his clothes back on.

"Is there a specific reason you felt the need to turn into a wolf at this very moment?" She asked him, humor lacing her voice.

"Well," he looked at the ground, wondering if he should tell her. If there was one person he trusted in this new world, it was his cousin, "I kind of imprinted with Ginny."

Tonk's raised an eyebrow. Jacob had a feeling he was going to get very tired of explaining this to people quickly.

"Essentially, I am now bonded to her for life. Something within me switched when I saw her and now my crazy wolf mojo is telling me I need to protect her and do whatever it is she needs me to do for her," he explained.

Rather than freaking out like he expected, Tonks responded "It sounds like all this 'crazy wolf mojo' comes down to one thing; you are eternally whipped." Jacob burst out laughing at his cousin and she joined in and sat on a tree stump.

"But in all seriousness, I have no idea how to explain this to her," Jacob told his cousin.

"I would be more worried about telling her family. She has six older brothers, you know."

Jacob's eyes widened in fear and he looked at the house in terror. Tonk's stifled a laugh and then held her hands out for him to pull her up. When she steadied herself, Jacob looked at her inquisitively.

"How come you're not freaking out about this?"

She knocked shoulders with him and laughed, "Because there will be more than enough freaking out to go around. Someone might as well be positive about this."

Jacob rolled his eyes but looked towards the house eagerly. He could feel the pull to be near Ginny like a burning fire in his bones. He nearly ran to the house in his excitement.

This day was going far differently than he had planned, and he didn't have any issue with it, either.

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