-The Alien Wars-

Hello, one and all! This is my first story that started it all in my Diamond City Chronicles series. Well, it takes place 5 years before the beginning of said series, but still. Anyway, here's the opening chapter! Don't forget to R&R (that means "Read and Review" - I'm sure you already know this by now.

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Prologue: The Alien Wars begin!

The year was 1603 AD...somewhere in North America, a huge alien beast from another planet came to Earth with his demonic brethren in hopes of conquering it. He was known as Red Falcon, and his race consisted of intergalactic warriors bent on domination. Fighting alongside him were four of his loyal generals, each gifted with their own powers of mass destruction. The entire continent was at his mercy, until two certain human warriors, gifted with special powers, came along, and fought off the warring race. The battle was fierce, but the warriors succeeded in destroying all of the aliens that Red Falcon brought along, and used their powers to eradicate the generals' bodies, as well as banish Red Falcon into the netherworld, where he would remain there for all time...or, so they had hoped...

...Until now...

Today's date is August 28, 200X. It was a beautiful day in Diamond City, California, located in the United States. The story begins at Diamond City Park, where many citizens go there to relax from their hard days at work. Just then, two citizens - which consisted of a redheaded teenage girl at age 12, and a little boy at about age 4 - arrived at the park to relax after the girl's day at Diamond City Intermediate. Her name was Mona, and she was hired by the boy's parents to babysit him while they were at work.

"It sure is nice to relax at Diamond City Park," Mona began, "especially with your babysitter, isn't it, 9-Volt?" The child, known as 9-Volt, nodded at his babysitter's compliment. She continued, "It's very clear, with no clouds, and no chance of rain…a perfect time to go to the park."

Unfortunately, for the two kids, there were dark clouds suddenly appearing from out of nowhere. In just minutes, the clouds completely blotted out the sky. "Mona, what's that in the sky?" asked 9-Volt.

The redheaded babysitter of 9-Volt's began to worry about the unusual weather change, even though the forecast displayed sunny skies for today. "I dunno...but we're not waiting to find out!" worried Mona. Everyone saw a laser beam coming from the clouds, and scattered in hopes of getting away. Meanwhile, Mona quickly grabbed 9-Volt, and took him to safety just as the laser beam got bigger, and shot out into the city, killing hundreds of innocent people.

Oh no! Just as I feared...Red Falcon's back!

Mona's train of thought came to a stop as she put her focus on getting 9-Volt and herself away from the blast. Meanwhile, Red Falcon rose from his grave, and sent out his alien army to conquer the city! He began, "Ah, ha ha ha HA! Did you fools really think that I'd remain trapped in this hellhole forever? Your ancient heroes are long gone, and you are once again at my mercy! My vengeance shall go uninterrupted! Go, my loyal soldiers! The Alien Wars have officially begun!" He laughed during his speech, and - upon finishing - hissed as his alien soldiers began storming the city, slaughtering the innocent without mercy.