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Danielle breathed with a sigh of relief as she rode with Henry back to his palace. Just a few moments ago she was almost raped and then Henry proposed to her, saying he can't live without her. She even still had her mother's shoe on which she thought she had lost forever.

"When we get to the palace we need to first talk with my parents." Henry said to her.

"But will they allow you to marry me? Since I'm a commoner and all?" asked Danielle.

"Once they hear your side of the story." Henry replied, "Once they do, they'll realized how bad the Baroness and Marguerite had treated and stolen from you."

Finally they arrived at the palace. Henry got off of the horse before helping her. When she got off, she and Henry went inside to see his parents, King Francis and Queen Marie.

When they got in Danielle was surprised when they were greeted by Jacqueline, Paulette, Maurice, Gustav, Leonardo da Vinci, and Paulette.

"The Baroness and Marguerite all think we're at the market," explained Maurice as Danielle greeted everyone with Henry watching. "She began treating Jacqueline more as a servant then as her own daughter after she sold you to Pierre."

Danielle looked at Jacqueline and noticed that her dress and hair were both dirty and untidy. She also noticed that her hands were rough and red, the same thing that had happened to Danielle whenever she was cleaning the floors.

While deep in thought, she was startled to see Henry standing next to her

"Let's go inside and you two freshen up before seeing my parents for a couple hours." Henry whispered to her.

"Yes. I think you should" Agreed Paulette whom had overheard.

With that, they all entered the castle.

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