Ch. 11

"Where am I?" I wondered as I surveyed the field in front of me.

"Daughter, you are in the Middle Land. It is I, your mother. It has taken me thirteen years to conserve the power to reach you and I fear for not long. Tell your sisters when you awake that I've always loved them. But you sweetie got stuck with the wrong power." My mom was walking towards me in this field talking to me, telling me these things.

I ran towards her and gave her a hug. "I've missed you,"

"Me too, sweetie, me too. Now back to what I was saying, I'm taking your power of illusions from you, you do not know how to use it properly but I AM going to give you the power you were destined to have, electricity can now run through your body and zap people. I have only come across one vampire able to do this, Kate. You will never meet her, I've talked to the Fates," My mom smiled and I gave her my hand. Skin prickling, I watched as a line went from my hand into my mom's, while in her other hand blue lightning was going into my arm, it tickled and I instinctively knew how to use my lightning/electricity power.

I grinned, "Thanks mom, I love you,"

"I love you too sweetie good luck," My mom said as I drifted back to my body.

When I woke up the first thing I saw was the concerned eyes of Jake, Bri, CJ, Ally, Kry, and Kerry.

"I'm fine guys," I whispered as I showed the dream to CJ and Bri.

Jeez what a rough dream, Bri stated.

Sighing I flopped down on the grass in a very ungraceful motion. Putting my head in his lap Jake asked, "So what's you're new power?"

"Electricity," I said offhandedly while every one stared in awe.

"What?" I asked looking up at Jake who was staring at me bemused.

"I've always thought you had an electric personality," he said.

I snorted, "That was cheesy,"

"I know, but sadly I don't have anything else,"

"Bummer," I said walking back into the mundane clearing from yesterday.

I don't mean to be a fatalist but, I think we're all gonna die soon Allyson's pensive voice interrupting my thoughts and imagination.

"Not on my watch," I growled stalking back into the clearing.

"Hello guys," A soft voice came from the porch.

"Bella!" I squealed.

"You're…one…of…of…them…" BriBri cried.

"Yes, but this has always been my dream! Edward! He came back for me!" she cried elated at the fact. Her new body was defiantly spectacular, as was what she was wearing. He long mahogany locks had gotten longer and fuller. Her skin, ever pale seemed luminous. Her eyes, I shuddered at them, they we're horrid red, blood red.

Those are seriously creepy, CJ thought in awe.

Ya! BriBri chimed in. I nodded, saddened by the changes one pompous ass could bring on.

"Bella, I am so sorry. We should've saved you, now you have Stockholm syndrome with a man who left you for dead! He didn't even care that you cut yourself and cried yourself to sleep night after long, painful night. He didn't see you're nightmares! Didn't feel you're screams echo off the walls of you're house, scaring you're father to death! While this was happening he was living it up with the blonde bimbo from Alaska. Bella, if you can seriously forgive him for that I'll be one impressed shifter," I said drawing a trembling breath as my attempt to hold back tears grew pointless.

"You guys don't understand! I did forgive him!" Bell said, still happy.

"WHAT?" BriBri yelled. I growled, losing control of my temper.

"How could you betray us!" CJ yelled!

"I didn't! I'm in LOVE I can't help it. I must be with him, and we have a beautiful daughter. Renesmee come say hello to some of mom's friends!" Bella exclaimed, obviously not realizing how dangerously close we were to killing her.

"That's not a good idea," I managed to choke out. Seeing the constant vibrating among us, Bella paused, and nodded.

"So…if that's all please leave," came Carlisle's calm kind voice among the chaos.

I growled, itching for a fight, but did as he requested, and left.

Why the fucking hell did we leave? Bri exclaimed as we headed into Sam and Emily's house for some food.

Because we're obviously not wanted, dumbass, CJ said, swearing for the first time in seven years.

Guys, stop, this isn't going to help, I said levelly giving Jake a kiss. Phasing we sat in front of Jake's house just staring, I felt so numb and void, like I'd failed.

"We did fail sis," CJ said softly, grasping my hand.

"Well, what do we do now?" I asked softly.

"Maybe we should return home," CJ said dejectedly.

I laughed, was CJ serious? "What home? We're homeless!"