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And the treasure can't get no better.

When Edward broke the kiss, I pouted adorably, and I rested my forehead against his. I saw the determined look in his eyes when he pulled back to look at me.

"I guess you now know how to find out what you want when you want," he chuckled as he pushed me on my back where he was now straddling me.

I grinned happily as I looked over at him. "Uh-huh. It's because of my determination we can finally come up with a name for our son, Edward."

All I remembered was Edward kissing me and thrusting so deep and hard into my wanton body.


I smiled as I looked at the bundle of joy in Edward's arms. He was a natural and that's all that mattered. I watched our son look at his daddy. He was only a few hours old but already he looked like he was a few weeks old from him being a full-fledged vampire with some human in his body. He was just like his sister, but with a few perks.

A few hours earlier…

I knew something was wrong when I felt no movement from my baby for those few moments and then, suddenly, I felt the strongest pressure right in my pelvic area, and a loud groan escaped my lips.


All of a sudden, I felt Edward's presence right beside me in the bed, and his eyes were wide as saucers.

"Edward, I think it's time."

"He's ready?"

My eyes widened when I realized what he said. "We're having a son?"

Before I knew what was going on, everything went black.

I wasn't the only one that had a baby. No. As I looked at the sleeping beauty, her wide awake bear, and their precious little girl between them, I just smiled. Yes, everything was great. This was the life that all of us had hoped for.

"So, what do you want to name him?"

Hearing Edward's voice, I turned to look at him when he took a seat on the bed. "I was thinking Mason Anthony Cullen."

Edward placed our son back in my arms and his eyes were wide in complete shock. "Bella love, are you serious?"

I grinned as I held Mason in one arm, while my other hand cupped his cheek. "Yes. I want him to carry your name, Edward."

If Edward was human, I was pretty sure that I would see tears filling up his eyes, but he only smiled down at me. As he leaned down and kissed me, Mason gurgled, and I laughed as I broke the kiss.

"I guess you have a lot to teach Emmett, Rose, and me about raising a vampire baby, don't you?"


Things were moving fast, but it was a pace that I well understood. Mason was moving so fast, walking and running like a pro at a few weeks old. He could drink liquids like his milk, juice, and water, but there were times when he needed his blood.


Hearing Jake's voice, I turned my head to see both Jake and Landon. Wow, they looked way too good, and I felt like the luckiest girl ever. Jake was wearing a pair of jeans, a black tee that hugged his chest, and a pair of work boots. And then, there was my Landon. He was wearing a pair of jeans as well, but instead of a tee, he was wearing a buttoned down shirt with a belt that held his jeans up. Instead of boots, he was wearing a nice pair of Skechers as well.

"What are you two doing here?"

Before I knew it, I was being pulled in between the two of them. I was now sandwiched between them and there was nothing I could do to run in the other direction.

"So, Jake and me talked to your parents," Landon began into my ear, pressing soft kisses along the curve of my neck.

"Yeah… so what?"

Jake laughed as he looked at her. "We're whisking you away, Nessie."

I raised an eyebrow as I looked at the two of them, mainly Jake since I couldn't really look at Landon. "What are you even talking about? What do you mean when you say you're whisking me away?"

"Well, for a few months to maybe a year, we were thinking we can go away. We haven't really gotten to know each other. I was thinking we can go away."

"Like a couple?" I asked as I looked at the two of them when I slipped out of their arms. "And my parents are really okay with this?"

"At first, they weren't, but with your brother here and Lily in Rose and Emmett's life, they actually thought it was a good idea. They thought it was good because you definitely wouldn't be neglected by either one of us, Nessie. What do you say?"

"Where would we go?" I asked when I looked at Landon after he stopped speaking.

"Well, not too far. We were thinking California or maybe Nevada?" Jake asked with a tiny smile upon his face.

I couldn't believe what was even happening. The two guys that I had recently started dating wanted to go away just so we could get to know each other. Sure, I knew Landon like a book, but there were things about him that I wanted to know that I didn't. Then, there was the handsome Jacob, who I didn't know much about, either.

"And it's not like you'd miss out on your brother's life. Everyday, you get to video chat with the family," Jake said as he pushed my chin up with a grin. "C'mon, Nessie, it'll be lots of fun."

Landon wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me close to his body from behind. "C'mon Nessie, we need a break."

I sighed as I looked at the two of them, my eyes sparkling with mischief. "Okay."

I had literally lost my mind. The idea of spending a few months to a year with them sounded so exciting.

"And we'll even help you pack."

I laughed at Jake's words and turned my head to look at the two of them. I sure was the luckiest girl in the entire world.


I smiled as I looked at my dazzling beauty, Amethyst. She was the most perfect thing that happened to me ever since I unwillingly got turned into a vampire by the evil Victoria. I never knew that my life could turn out this good and I certainly wasn't complaining, either.


I turned my head to my girl and flashed a huge smile in her direction. "Yes, my love?"

A giggle left her lips as she looked at me. "Are we really a couple? I mean, really? You aren't going to run away from me, especially after I told you how different I am?"

I grabbed her, wrapping my arms around her delicate figure, and smirked down at her. I knew she was very self conscious when it came to boys. I was in her life for good and no one could stop us from dating. Fuck, her own mother had tried to stop us from dating by moving her to a completely different city and state nevertheless, but look at how well that worked out.

"Baby, you're my world. I think you being half vampire and half witch is a huge turn on," I told her with a grin, and stroked her cheek softly. "I never thought you would ever want to be with me, especially when you saw blood dripping from my mouth a few months ago."

Amethyst blushed as she looked at me. "To be honest, I like seeing you the way that you are. You looked really hot."

I chuckled when I saw that sexy blush cascade over her cheeks. Oh hell, she was the most perfect woman in the entire world. "Did you hear that Nessie is going away for a while with Jake and Landon?"

Amethyst's face dropped into a sad pout and I immediately wanted to punch myself and rewind time (if that was even possible). "What?" she squeaked as she looked at me with wide eyes.

I took hold of her hands in mine. "Yeah, I was talking to Jake, and he told me that the three of them are heading to California pretty soon."

Amethyst sniffed adorably. "But she's my friend – my only friend. It's not fair."

Oh fuck, this wasn't going the way I had hoped. "Baby…"

"No, why is she leaving me?" Amethyst asked as all of a sudden, tears began to stream down her face. "Why does everyone that I care about leave me?"

I pressed my forehead against hers, pulling her right against my body. "Honey, she's not leaving you."

Amethyst pulled back, confusion written across her face. "I'm confused. You just said that she's moving to a different state, though."

"Well, that's the thing – she is," I began as I leaned against a tree nearby, looking over at her. "Jake and Landon told me that Renesmee's not leaving unless we come along."

Amethyst's eyes popped open as she looked at me. "R-Really? She wants us to come on her vacation?"

"It's more than a vacation, honey," I told her as I moved into her personal space. "Well, I think it is. I think it's a move for the five of us to really start a new life with Nessie's family intruding when they want."

"Oh, wow. I don't know what to say."

"So, what do you say?"

The last thing I remember was feeling her soft lips brushing against mine. It felt so natural and I sighed to how good she could even make me feel by a single, soft kiss. Being with her in this moment felt so well and I hoped that she understood as well. We were so good and together and I couldn't wait to see what our life in California would even lead to.


The last few months had definitely changed our lives, especially when Lily and Mason had been born. It had been a messy birth for each one. It made me realize that I didn't want to try to get pregnant because Rose had almost died. As a vampire, it had been the scariest point, especially in Emmett's life. What Jasper and myself found was something much better.

"Alice, where are you?"

I grinned as I sprinted in my agile footing, my eyes sparkling as I could hear Jasper's voice getting closer and closer. I knew that if I moved just an inch, he would find m-

"Found you!"

When his arms wrapped around me after nearly scaring me, I smiled when I looked up into those golden eyes of his that I was so in love with. Jasper was my soul mate and nothing would ever change it as well. I was about to kiss him when I heard something.

"Did you hear that?"

Jasper looked around where we were where I heard a rusting nearby. I frowned as I slipped out of his arms and I inhaled a deep breath. That's when I saw a leg sticking out and I raised an eyebrow. I followed Jasper, who was now kneeling down, and I was now more than ever, confused.


All of a sudden, a little girl was being pulled into his arms and she had the brightest reddest eyes, along with a scar against her jugular where a vampire had bit her. Oh my. Someone tried to kill her.

"What's your name, sweetheart?"

Hearing the tenderness in her voice, tears shining in her eyes where blood soaked her once pretty yellow and pink dress, I knew exactly what happened.

"Maggie. My name is Maggie."

"Well, Maggie, it's so nice to meet you. How about my wife and I take you home to get you cleaned up?"

"Where will I go, then?" she pouted adorably, her blond hair spilling around her face.

"Home, Maggie… with us."

Then, Maggie's eyes widened in absolute surprise at Jasper's words. "With you?"

"Yes. We'll keep you safe, Maggie. No one and nothing will ever hurt you ever again, okay?"

God, this is why I loved this man. He was so good with kids. Ever since his attack to Bella where he almost hurt her, he had become so strong.

"Will she mind?"

I smiled as I looked at her when I knelt down in front of her right next to Jasper. "No, baby, and guess what?"

"What?" she asked quietly, looking at the two of us with quite wonderment.

"I've always wanted a little girl."

"Oh," she breathed as she fell into my arms.

"Isn't she perfect?" I asked as I sat down in between Rosalie and Bella, who was feeding Mason his bottle, who was so content right now.

Bella smiled as she watched Maggie twirling in her new dress, showing it off to the men – Jasper, Edward, Emmett, who was holding Lily in his arms, and Carlisle.

"Isn't it pretty? My mama got it for me."

"Yes, honey, it's so you," Jasper said with a small smile down at her.

"She's really turned around," Rosalie said with a smile in my direction. "It's all because of Jasper and you, Alice. You're such a good mother."

"Awe, Rose, thank you," I told her with a small smile in her direction. "I honestly wasn't going to have kids, but when Jasper found her, we just couldn't turn our backs on us. Besides, it's obviously had no compassion when they turned her."

"Well, she's got you two and the rest of us, Alice," Bella told me with a warm smile in my direction.

I smiled softly. "Yes, yes, she does."


I looked at Emmett from the doorway of our bedroom as he set our daughter in Edward's arms. Our children were already talking like it was nothing. Emmett had been avoiding me ever since my almost death and I didn't know what to do, anymore. I was starting to think that maybe he didn't love me. What if the baby is the only thing that he had ever wanted from me?

I rolled on my side, thankfully the human part of me left once Carlisle saved my life. I just didn't know what to do and it was driving me a little loco.


I frowned when I saw it was Edward. He probably just heard every word that ran through my head and he innocently flashed me a small smile.

"Yeah, sorry, Rose. I am glad that I did, though. He didn't use you just for you to have Lily, and we both know that."

I took a deep breath as I looked away from him. "How am I suppose to know that? He rarely talks to me and I miss my big bear. He wants nothing to do with me. Just let me be, Edward. Go take care of your son or something…"

Watching him walk out, I rolled onto my side, and I clutched my pillow against my chest. For the first time ever, I really wished that I was human, so the pain I was feeling would turn into tears.

"Rosie." I felt the bed dip the slightest bit, our legs intertwining together where he pulled me against his chest. "I'm so sorry. I'm such an asshole."

"It's okay," I muttered under my breath.

"No, it's not," He said as he rolled me to my back where he was now straddling me without putting any weight on me. "I got scared, okay?! The thought of you leaving both Lily and me terrified me. I… I didn't know what to do or what to say, Rose."

Realizing that my almost death really terrified him more than it should have, I sighed as I pushed his hair back, and I frowned. "I'm sorry but you know you should have come to me about this. Lily can sense when things are wrong. She may not have the powers like Edward and Bella but she's also very, very smart as well, Emmett."

Emmett smiled down at me and gripped my hips gently, his eyes sparkling very gently. "I love you, Rosalie Cullen. Without you, I'm nothing."

I grinned at him and then leaned up, kissing his lips softly. I had the best husband in the entire world and nothing could ever change how I felt right now.


After I pretty much gave Emmett the third degree, I watched him walk to his bedroom he shared with Rosalie where he shut the door. I heard a click, knowing that those two wouldn't be out for quite a bit. I smiled at Bella as I watched her with Mason and Lily, who were grinning from ear to ear. My life definitely changed in the matter of the year I got my girl back. I just had to do one more thing.

Reaching into my pocket where I played with my mother's ring, my eyes sparkled, and I moved close to Bella. I got down on both my knees in front of Bella where I could feel Mason staring at me and Lily trying to get his attention.

"Hey baby," Bella smiled as she looked at me, raising an eyebrow. "Everything okay with you, Edward?"

"It will be, my Bella."

"What are you even talking about?" she asked me as I then pulled out the ring from my pocket where a gasp left her soft lips. "Oh Edward…"

"Will you, Bella? Will you be my wife?" I began as I grabbed her hand, sliding the ring that once belonged to my own mother halfway onto her ring finger. "These last couple of years have been hell without you in it, and now that I have you back in my life, I don't intend on letting you go, baby. Will you be my wife, honey?"

"Say yes, mama."

Hearing Mason's words, I grinned as I looked down at her. "Say yes, baby. Make me the happiest man out there and become my bride."

"Oh, Edward," she breathed as she simply nodded her head. I slid the ring all the way up her ring finger, a grin spreading across her face.

Now that my life was complete, there was no turning back. I had one treasure in my life and nothing could take her from me. Bella was the one that could take the breath out of me. After all, she's the one treasure I never expected to find, but look at me now.