Staying Silent


Why is Hector Zeroni so quiet, and why does Pendanski seem to hate him so much? Zero/Stanley I hope you like the story, please R/R

I obviously don't own these guys, but I think they're so cute together

Chapter 14

Later, at Stanley's apartment, Hector felt a little out of place. He knew that the Yelnats family had accepted him being there, because Stanley had told his parents everything... but apparently not, because when he announced that he wanted to share everything with Hector, Stanley's grandfather looked stunned. "Did you say Zeroni?"

Hector nodded confused. "Sure did." Then the man walked over and kissed him on top of the head, as though he was his long-lost son. Hector turned to look up at Stanley, but Stanley just smiled as he took the stocks from his father.

Hearing Stanley announce that the stocks were worth millions, had put the smile back on his face though. And when the money finally came through, the first thing Hector did, was follow up on his promise to hire private investigators to find his mom.

Three months later, they'd found her. She'd gotten amnesia from being attacked the day she'd left Hector at Laney Park, and had only recently started remembering. Hector wondered if that had been a side-effect of the curse too. But then again, after hearing the story from Stanley, he really didn't think it was a curse, no matter what his great-great-grandmother had said. Instead, he thought that she had forseen this exact future, and planned for him and Stanley to meet. After all, it was destiny.

Exactly one year to the day that they had left Camp Green Lake for good, Stanley and Hector decided to invite the guys from D-Tent over for a party. They had become next-door neighbors, and were getting a lot closer.

The guys agreed, and they had a blast, and had even enjoyed hanging out with Clyde Livingston.

Then he'd gotten cornered. Apparently, Ziggy and Squid had discussed a few things, and Hector was happy to hear that the two were now dating.

But, he thought, later, as he watched them kissing, he still wasn't quite so comfortable.

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around his waist. "They seem good for each other, don't they?" Stanley whispered in his ear, and Hector nodded.

"Yeah, I'm happy for them."

"But...?" Stanley turned Hector to face him, and Hector smiled at the concerned look on his boyfriend's face..

Hector sighed. "I just... I can't keep fighting myself forever."

Stanley frowned. "What do you mean, fighting yourself?"

Hector grabbed his hand, and practically dragged Stanley over to the nearest bench, because he didn't want to have this conversation standing up. Stanley was still almost a foot taller than him, and even though he liked that most of the time, it bothered him when they had to talk for more than a few minutes, because he got a crick in his neck. Plus, it was harder to kiss him.

He proceeded to do that for a minute, to compose his thoughts. He wasn't sure how Stanley was going to react to this conversation. They had been together for almost a year, but every time they'd even gotten close to getting physical, Stanley had backed off.

But not this time. Hector watched Stanley's face as he told him he felt that he was ready. The older boy stared at him. He smiled hesitantly, chewing his bottom lip, and watched the disbelief trying to fade from Stanley's face. "Are you sure?"

He nodded, and leaned up to kiss the older boy again. He heard whistling, and turned to see X-Ray, and Armpit grinning at them from the pool, Magnet was waving from the top of the slide, Twitch had befriended Barf Bag, and they were standing by the grill, Ziggy and Squid had finished their own make-out session and smiled at the two, and... Hector froze. His mom, and Stanley's parents were standing by the sliding glass doors, staring at them.

Then suddenly, their moms held up cameras. and smiled. He and Stanley maneuvered themselves into a more comfortable position, and leaned in for another kiss.

After the cheering had subsided, he heard Stanley's dad groan, "Well, they can always adopt."