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Warnings: yaoi (which means guy on guy), yuri (girl on girl), threesomes, kissing, lime-tainted activities, lemonish behaviour, general cursing, non-con, blatant sexual abuse of fruit (bahaha)


Coming of Age

Part 1: Friday


"Ne, Ichigo! Aren't you going to even come up with a good excuse for not coming out with us this time?" Renji was insistent, his face in a pout, which looked very odd on a man with god-knew-how-many tattoos all over his face and body.

"I said I would come, Renji."

"WHA-" Renji managed to sputter before Rukia delivered one of her perfectly aimed punches direct to his beautiful … er… area.

"Don't ask such stupid questions Renji. It's Ichigo's birthday and I already blackmailed him into coming with us for the weekend to the Soul Society. You know- give him a Shinigami-style coming of age party?" Rukia's face was eager and Ichigo found himself more than a little uncomfortable at the unexplainable gleam in her bright purple eyes.

"…gasp..." Renji managed to make out, nodding his spiky head while glaring at Rukia, hands wrapped protectively around his crotch.

Ichigo's lips twitched at the sight of Renji bent over in pain, and once again reminded himself to keep his face neutral. It was evening, but still, they were out in public and both Renji and Rukia were not in their gigais, therefore, the only visible person present was himself. He already had enough unwanted attention without drawing more because he acted like an idiot laughing by himself in the middle of a field.

"How long are we going to wait around here Rukia? I'm starting to have second thoughts about thi-"

"ICHIIIIII!" With that shrill, memorable scream, a bright light, visible only to them as shinigami, filled the surrounding area as a Senkaimon opened, paper screen doors sliding back to bare the path to the Soul Society. Ichigo found himself attempting to pry a little pink leech from the side of his head, screaming all the while about not wanting a party in the first place.

"Yachiru-kun," Rukia said, her voice barely neutral as she addressed the –still glomping Ichigo- small lieutenant. She presented, from within the sleeve of her shihakusho, a large, bright-sprinkle covered cookie, which was also, ridiculously, coloured pink.

Yachiru was detached from Ichigo and clinging monkey-style to Rukia's front as she devoured the cookie - in lightning speed.

Ichigo, meanwhile, was attempting to recover as he saw, through bleary eyes, the arrival of more shinigami. To his surprise, Hitsugaya-taichou was present, a resigned look on his pale, sharp features as he ignored his bouncy lieutenant's cries of joy at seeing the former-Ryoka once more. Behind Rangiku and Toshiro, Ikkaku and Yumichika walked through the doorway, Yumichika gracefully, Ikkaku leaping through it and barrelling into Ichigo full force, plowing them both head first into the ground.

"Damn it Ikkaku! Grow a brain in that bald-head of yours!"

"NOT BALD!" The shiny-headed man yowled, hand darting to the hilt of his zanpakuto.

"Actually, Ichigo," Yumichika began, before Ikkaku silenced him with a whispered, "I'll show them pictures from the Ganju-incident you pretty-boy…"

Yumichika's 'beautiful' face twitched and his eyes narrowed as he glared at Ikkaku. The two subsided and bickered at one another in what was obviously a familiar litany for everyone present. Hitsugaya looked even more bored now and even a little pissed off as Yachiru began to play with his spiky white hair. Just as it looked like his eyebrows were going to twitch off his face, Matsumoto absorbed Yachiru in her bosom, handing the pink haired lunatic another magical cookie.

Ichigo wondered if the female shinigami carried around those god-awful cookies just to keep Yachiru occupied...Probably.

"Well, well, if it isn't our old friend Kisuke," a rough, lazy voice floated before its owner through the Senkaimon, followed by the flower-kimono-wearing Shunsui and the more demure Ukitake, looking slightly paler than normal but healthier than Ichigo had seen him in a long while.

Although, he hadn't recalled seeing Mr. Hat-and-Clogs in the field with them, the other Captain's greeting left him doubtless that Urahara had definitely tagged along.

"Yo, Shunsui, Jushiro. Long time no see." There was a lazy drawl, as always, in Urahara's voice, but Ichigo glanced in surprise at the three men as they embraced one another, faces grinning and Ukitake blushing as Urahara whispered something Ichigo couldn't – and wasn't sure he wanted to – hear to the two captains.

"Just ignore them, Ichigo," Rukia advised, dodging a playful jab from Urahara while delivering another short punch to the scruffy former-captain's jaw which had him bemoaning his existence, whining about his misfortune to have such abusive comrades to his fellow captains, who unsuccessfully hid bemused expressions.

"I'm trying," Ichigo muttered, fighting off another blush as he saw Shunsui brush his lips over Urahara's jaw, the low rasp of his voice reaching Ichigo's ears this time.

"I can't wait to see you again, Kisuke," Shunsui's voice uttered, almost inaudible, but unfortunately for Ichigo, none of the lust-laden comment's meaning was lost on the substitute shinigami.

He knew for certain that Shunsui definitely meant what he was thinking, and was forced to focus on Renji's whining to Rukia about 'wasted time' in order to fend off another face reddening as Urahara's grin grew exponentially wider and licked his lips, eyes locked with Shunsui beneath the brim of his striped hat.

Urahara turned toward Ichigo then, smirking at him knowingly as he pointed with his cane at Ichigo's chest. "Give your body to Tessai so you can actually cross over. Didn't you learn anything?" The man asked mockingly as he fanned himself delicately. "You won't be able to enter the Soul Society in your current form."

Ichigo growled under his breath (he had forgotten) and grabbed his substitute badge from his jean's pocket and pressed it firmly to his chest, staggering away from his body in his shinigami form and catching the limp body left behind. Strong hands came into his view as he struggled with the dead weight and Urahara's helper hoisted the body over his shoulder. "I'll take this to the shop then, Mr. Urahara," Tessai said to the other shinigami, nodding at Ichigo before striding away towards the two kids that always accompanied him, the three disappearing into the fading evening light as Ichigo watched. Ichigo felt a slight niggling sense of unease at entrusting his comatose body to Mr. Hat and Clogs (who he felt was rather… scatterbrained), but put the thought aside. He didn't think anyone would harm his body while Tessai guarded it. From what he remembered of his training with Urahara and the 'shattered shaft' the man was more than adept at kido and could probably hold his own.

Just then, an overflowing crush of reiatsu flooded the field and Rukia stepped back a little, her face cringing before Ukitake glanced at her and raised his own reiatsu around his squad member, allowing her to relax. Yachiru leapt from Rukia to land on something ominously tall within the light of the gateway, screaming for her directionally challenged partner, Zaraki Kenpachi.

The ominous looking shinigami stepped through the portal, shit-eating grin in place as always, his sheathed zanpakuto resting on his broad shoulders as his gaze swept through the ranks of shinigami present. His single black eye rested on Ichigo, tightening a little as Ichigo shifted back a step, hand straying unconsciously nearer to Zangetsu. Ichigo gazed warily back at Zaraki, unsure if the battle-crazed man would consider this occasion a truce between their ongoing war or attempt to butcher him like he usually did whenever their paths crossed.

"Don't get your pants in a knot, Kurosaki. I'm not here for that," Kenpachi growled, his bells twinkling slightly as he tilted his head, gaze once more sweeping over the group, Yachiru now cuddled comfortably in a crouch on his shoulders, fingers delicately entwined with his spikes.

Ichigo snarled back at him, thankful that the bright light from the Senkaimon was all but blocked by the 11th squad captain's bulk because his face was flaring bright crimson. It wasn't that he was scared of the large man, but scared of his reaction to him; every time Kenpachi's overflowing reiatsu twined around his own it pierced deeply into his spiritual core, causing a corresponding flush of heat to spread unhindered throughout his body and rest heavily between his legs with distracting tightness.

Kenpachi Zaraki turned him on in ways that the warrior shinigami should not, and would never, find out about. Ichigo let his eyes linger one moment on Kenpachi's broad, exposed chest and the taut lines of his haori as it stretched over his wide shoulders before looking back around at the group. Rukia's caught his glance and he cursed inwardly as she gazed apprehensively at him, a wry grin on her petite face as she glanced demurely at Zaraki, her eyes flashing with hidden knowledge.

Damn it. Now she was in on his dirty little secret. If he was lucky maybe she wouldn't embarrass him and try to hook them up. Or maybe if he was lucky she would hook them up. He blushed and she winked slyly at him and he ignored the slow snap of Urahara's fan behind him as the man gave a muffled chuckle in response to Rukia's reaction.

"Can we go already?" Ichigo snapped, attempting only a little now to keep the suppressed irritation from his voice. He had already wasted half his day trying to escape Rukia's constant attempts to get him to go to his own birthday party, and then wasted even more energy screaming at her as she revealed some pictures of him in somewhat… suggestive poses and threatened to spread them throughout the entire seireitei. He was not in a very good mood, his reiatsu was dangerously high, and he was considering leaving right then and there. As Zaraki's piercing gaze swept over him again however, he felt another wave of barely suppressed heat flush his cheeks and all thoughts of escaping fled his mind. He deftly manoeuvred himself away from Kenpachi as the man finally stepped away from the Senkaimon, unintentionally bringing himself within arm's reach of Ichigo. It was too dangerous a proximity to Ichigo as he felt his stomach tighten at the captain's nearness, and he unconsciously stepped out of the man's almost gravitational lure to fight the onslaught of more impairing reactions. Yachiru giddily leaped from Kenpachi's shoulders as Ichigo passed by the pair, squealing in delight as Ichigo shouted in protest as she sat directly on his shoulders, tugging on a few strands of bright orange hair, gesturing wildly at the glowing Senkaimon before them. "Let's go Whitey!" She screamed happily, Hitsugaya's shoulders twitched as he faced away from her, and Ichigo saw the clenched fists hidden beneath the sleeves of his shihakusho before the captain replied a minute later.

"Follow quickly," Hitsugaya said, his voice maintaining its uninterested drawl as he led the group of shinigami through the portal. One by one they entered the slim doorway and as Kenpachi ducked in behind Ichigo, they all paused as they heard a familiar voice call out to them.

"Hey, Shiro, Kisuke! Don't forget us," a male voice said from behind them, rapidly changing to a more feminine voice as it spoke. Ichigo turned to see who it was and was forced to turn right back around at the sight that greeted him.

Orihime, Chad, Ishida and Yoruichi stood there, Yoruichi quite obviously naked and appearing to care nothing about it. None of the other shinigami seemed to be bothered by her nudity either, as they greeted her normally with the exception of Hitsugaya who glared back at her amused expression. A small, dark haired blur passed between their small party toward the naked woman, and Yoruichi smiled as it collided roughly with her, barely visible hands darting around her frame as she was dressed. Soi Fon finally turned and faced them all with rage written all over her slim face, her arm resting possessively around Yoruichi's waist as the woman tied back her purple hair with a small band of cloth Soi Fon lovingly passed to her. Their fingers twined around each other and Yoruichi let her hand rest, uncaring of the smaller shinigami's blush, directly on Soi Fon's ass.

"It's Captain Hitsugaya to you, Yoruichi Shihoin," the man snapped, his pale face burning for a minute before a slow chill crept over those closest to him as the short captain's barely controlled fury made itself known through Hyorinmaru's icy power.

Ichigo had turned back around to see all this happen because when he'd first looked away from Yoruichi, he'd plowed face first into the bare, taut skin of Kenpachi's chest. Out of surprise he breathed in sharply, and was barely able to stifle the appreciative groan caught in his throat at the heavy, musky scent that wrapped invitingly around him. No one else he knew made him feel like this, and he was damn certain that no one else near him could smell the same appealing fragrance that enveloped him. Ichigo abruptly turned around again without looking up at the man, not wanting to reveal his crimson face and not wanting to see the other shinigami's expression at Ichigo's clumsiness and the way he'd basically lounged within Kenpachi's embrace.

Far from Ichigo's awkward perceptions, however, Kenpachi had severely enjoyed Ichigo's contact with his chest, and suppressed a vivid growl of dissatisfaction as Ichigo pressed his palms against his chest in order to gain his balance as he turned away. Ichigo's ears had turned an alluring shade of red and Kenpachi's normal grin extended even farther as the tightness in Ichigo's shoulders betrayed his true emotions.

However tempted he may have been to step closer to the substitute shinigami and grind his formidable erection into the orange-head's tight, shapely rear, he controlled his reaction with a tiny fluctuation in his reiatsu, ignoring the pointed, smug look Urahara gave him. He had all weekend to do much more than that to his scowling Strawberry.

"If you're finished," Hitsugaya's voice sharply floated over the group and they started once more through the gateway. Minutes later, they arrived within the seireitei, stepping out onto a large courtyard located outside of the squad six barracks. Renji and Rukia took the lead at that point, guiding everyone over to a communal hall that had purposely been set aside for Ichigo's birthday at Rukia's request. Several more people awaited them there; Shuhei, who went directly over to Ishida and smiled as the Quincy blushed, long hands twining together as Shuhei pressed a slow kiss to the reddening Quincy's mouth. Momo was also waiting at the door; she greeted Hitsugaya with a pat on his white-haired head that made him snap at her out of reflex but blush quietly, the pair lingering close to one another even after they walked through the doorway. Captain Kuchiki, who didn't look at any of them as they walked past, stood patiently by the door, his tekkou-clad hands hidden in his sleeves, slate-gray eyes fixed on one person. Renji separated from the rest of the group to greet his captain, the pleasure in his face evident. Apparently their relationship extended deeper than that, Ichigo noted, as Renji leaned close to Byakuya even as the sixth squad captain's arm around wound around his lieutenant's waist and his hand came to rest on Renji's hip with a possessive curl of his slender fingers. Only Byakuya Kuchiki could do something so openly gay with a fellow shinigami without even the slightest hint of embarrassment or insecurity, his face remaining as pale and unperturbed as always. Renji looked red enough for both of them however as Rukia glanced knowingly at them and Urahara's threesome gave low, husky remarks as they passed by into the hall. Ichigo also noted that Orihime and Rangiku seemed to revolve around Rukia, with surprising tenderness on Orihime's part and enthusiastic passion on Rangiku's part. All these threesomes were making him blush at the unwanted flow of thoughts of the antics they all probably got up to…

"Ichigo, go inside before I'm tempted to drag your ass out to fight even if it is your party," Kenpachi growled, next to his ear, which caused Ichigo to practically lunge forward at the ghosting of the man's breath over the back of his sensitive neck, and the consequent flushing press of his electrifying reiatsu around Ichigo's body. The way his name sounded in the older male's husky growl made him shiver and he forced himself not to look back at Kenpachi as he walked forward.

Ichigo entered the large hall feeling giddy and uneasy as he felt the eleventh squad captain's gaze on him. All thoughts of Zaraki swept from his mind however as he stared in awe at his surroundings. Despite his trepidation at the thought of things he might be forced to go through in this 'coming of age' party, what he was currently seeing made him feel slightly foolish at having doubted Rukia's determination.

The hall was entirely covered in one section in pillows; everywhere laid comfortable looking futons, body pillows, and rugs that looked all too inviting after the long day of school he'd had. Another section was devoted entirely to the consuming of sake, as was evidenced by Shunsui's low humming as he poured cups for everyone already inside the room. Ichigo swallowed a little at the thought of getting drunk and perhaps, if he was lucky, being able to see … other people lose their inhibitions around him. Another part of the room had an elaborate buffet of food which Ishida was primly helping himself to as Shuhei tagged dutifully after him (the two dark haired males exchanging low words which caused both of their faces to flush), a few others (Yoruichi and Soi Fon, and Rukia's threesome) were helping themselves to the large chocolate fondue fountain Rukia had no doubt commandeered from the Living World for the party.

He felt a large blush coming on at the idea that Rukia had planned this party with so much dedication, simply because it was his birthday. He smiled at her for the first time that night as she glanced over at him and waved, grinning widely as Rangiku pressed against her accidentally as she reached across the smaller soul reaper's chest to grab another banana to dip into the chocolate fountain.

Ichigo didn't really know where to go first but, as Rukia's group called out in eager voices to him he made up his mind and walked over, fighting a sharp intake of breath as Kenpachi walked behind him toward the sake group, the edge of his white captain's haori brushing against his side as he walked a little too close. Even through his own shihakusho the subtle, inconsiderable touch made his hands tighten as he forced himself to continue walking toward Rukia.

Rukia's gaze held the usual amount of mischief as she held up a chocolate covered strawberry to him, speared on a little wooden sword. He looked suspiciously at her for a moment before Orihime and Rangiku interrupted. "Try it," Orihime suggested, smiling as Rangiku pressed a chocolate kiss into her mouth as they shared a strawberry between them. "They're very good for you," Rangiku added as Orihime offered her another strawberry, the older shinigami licking the remaining chocolate from his friend's fingers. Ichigo blushed and turned back to Rukia, hiding his surprise as she slipped the red fruit between his lips and letting out a satisfied groan at the euphoric taste. Rukia smiled and told him, "I knew you would like it. Here, try this!" Rangiku deftly passed Rukia a banana without interrupting her kiss with Orihime, which by now involved no chocolate or fruit and was simply tongues and messy, half drunk kisses (Rangiku apparently was an expert at getting drunk fast). Rukia dipped the banana into the constant stream of chocolate and held it up for Ichigo, the slim tapered end resting against his lip for a minute before his tongue slid out and tasted the morsel presented to him.

Rukia grinned to herself as she watched Ichigo's eyes close and he savoured the human treat she'd commandeered from Urahara's shop, subtly gauging the reactions of the other males around the room as the oblivious orange-head sucked on the all-too-phallic object with obvious enjoyment. Her amused gaze fell on Kenpachi and she felt a small tingle of excitement even in her own stomach at the intense gaze the eleventh squad captain was directing at Ichigo. The man's sake cup was clenched in his white knuckled grip, the slow press of his reiatsu reached inexorably out towards them tinged with something that gave Rukia no doubt about her suspicions; Zaraki wanted Ichigo. Bad.

And if the look she'd caught Ichigo giving the man earlier was any indication, she knew that Ichigo wanted him just as badly.

And she was going to get them together. They just didn't know it yet. Another sadistic grin crossed her face as she decided to push her luck and test Zaraki's patience once more. She grabbed another banana and dipped it into the chocolate, pushing it directly into Ichigo's mouth as the substitute glared at her before closing his chestnut eyes once more, a faint blush of heat banding his cheeks as his tongue twined around the fruit.

Rukia chanced a look at Kenpachi and was slightly disappointed to find the man had turned away, but her hopes were renewed as she saw the formidable captain kicking the shards of his sake cup under the table in a subtle attempt to hide that he'd shattered it in his grip. Yachiru giggled and yelled loudly about how Kenny was clumsy before the man reached up and tossed Yachiru into a sake bowl with a disgruntled look at the other shinigami. They eyed him suspiciously before Shunsui obligingly passed the other captain another cup of sake, a barely-visible smirk curling his lips.

Oh yes. Dear Kenny wanted Ichigo. He had it bad for the orange haired vizard; even at her level of strength she could feel the seductive and luring quality of Kenpachi's reiatsu. She could tell that he was focusing all of his spiritual pressure directly on Ichigo, who, unfortunately for Kenpachi and much to Rukia's secret-yaoi-fan-girl dismay, appeared utterly ignorant to the captain's invisible advances.


After a while of everyone helping themselves to food and sake, Rukia called everyone's attention to her. "We've arranged for everyone to go tomorrow to a hot spring, so if you need anything I suggest you write it down because I doubt any of you will remember in the morning." Most everyone grinned back at her, with the exception of Byakuya and Hitsugaya, who gave her and the rest of the shinigami disapproving looks.

Ichigo meanwhile felt a rush of fear and elation fill him at the thought of bathing… communally, with everyone. His gaze snuck over to Kenpachi underneath his orange bangs and he looked away just as quickly as he found the captain watching him with a calculating look on his face. What was his problem? Maybe the eleventh division captain wouldn't come to the springs, Ichigo thought a little hopefully, at the same time wanting very much for the older man to prove him wrong.

Everyone disbanded once more to eat and drink, and eventually they were all lounging on the mass of pillows and futons spread everywhere, gazing appreciatively out at the sixth squad's view of the brilliant night sky through open, paper-screen doors. Ichigo relaxed on a small ridge of pillows he'd nudged into place behind his head and shoulders and sipped slowly from the cup of sake Shunsui had forced on him. Yoruichi and Soi Fon had disappeared out into the garden, and Ichigo could just see, if he sat up a little, Yoruichi's violet hair spread out over Soi Fon's lap as the younger woman plaited intricate designs with delicate, caressing hands. Even as Soi Fon finished another braid, Yoruichi surprised her by flipping her over and wrapping her arms around her former guard, lips meeting as Soi Fon wrapped her legs around Yoruich and Ichigo decided it would be best not to watch any longer.

His gaze wandered around the room to where Urahara was discussing something with Kenpachi, surprised at the intelligence that Kenpachi obviously possessed but that he had apparently never witnessed during their fights. Something about specially adapted gigais... His mind drifted and the next thing he knew, his eyes were opening and mostly everyone was passed out and the only light came from softly glowing lamps next to the fondue fountain and near the door. Actually, there was barely anyone in the room... Shuhei and Ishida lay talking quietly in a corner, a small cocoon of pillows sheltering them from prying eyes, Chad was listening quietly as Yachiru sleepily mumbled something to him (the pink haired lieutenant was nearing collapse within his spanish friend's arms, something that made him smile a little to see at the tenderness Chad displayed without shame. Other than that... everyone else was gone. Obviously not anywhere far as Shunsui suddenly walked in, clad only in a thin night yukata that was only lazily tied at the waist with his bare skin gleaming with moisture, his face lightly flushed. He grabbed three sake cups and a pitcher of liquor before he smiled at Ichigo (again with that eery, knowing look in his eyes) and then vanished once more, the doors sliding shut behind him. Renji and Byakuya were gone and he couldn't sense either of their spiritual pressure, and he had the inkling suspicion that the 6th squad captain had commandeered Renji shortly after Rukia had wished them all 'happy drinking' and taken him back to his home (it was strange to think of Byakuya -the stoic and cold faced noble- coaxing Renji - a loud-mouthed, headstrong peasant- into his bed). He could still feel Yoruichi's spirit pressure close by, however, and looked out on the lawn again through the open doors before blushing and turning away. Soi Fon was cradled within the arch of Yoruichi's body, both women naked and wrapped carelessly in blankets as they slept peacefully; Yoruichi's arms wrapped around her smaller counterpart's chest and fingers caressing her belly as Soi Fon's body perfectly matched Yoruichi's dips and hollows, melded to her like a second skin. He could also feel Rukia, Orihime, and Rangiku's reiatsus a little further away and could hear muffled groans from their direction and guessed that they too were engaging in questionable activities out of sight.

Was everyone getting laid or was it just him who was sitting here unfulfilled?

Speaking of which... He casually looked over to where he'd previously seen Kenpachi sitting with Ukitake and smiled a little as he watched the way the large captain lay on his side, propped up by one arm, closed eyes and relaxed expression displayed instead of the usual insane smirk. Chad and Yachiru had also gone to sleep now, Kenpachi's lieutenant lying haphazardly over Chad's stomach and snoring loudly, Chad breathing slow and deep, dark hair tousled in his face. His gaze wandered back to Kenpachi and he sucked in a shallow breath as the man shifted in his sleep, the hand braced against his jaw flexing as he grinned maniacally. Apparently even in his dreams he wore psychotic expressions. It was endearing, however, and Ichigo watched him for a minute longer before his bladder gave a definitive complaint. Ichigo decided to go for a walk and stood up. For the hell of it, he grabbed another cup of sake that sat close to the pillow section on a stray table before walking carefully out of the room, making sure his steps were silent.


Kenpachi watched Ichigo get up through his narrowed eye, wishing for once that he'd left off his signature eye patch so he could have followed the substitute's path better without making his awakened state known. Deciding to spite his common mandate of leaving on all of his reiatsu repressing accessories, he pulled off his eye patch, blinking as he felt his reiatsu equalize throughout his body and pour into the room. The twitch Yachiru gave and the small noise the large human she was spread out on made him hastily force down the volume of power he was releasing. He worked with his teeth gritted until he had all but hidden his spiritual pressure - rather disgusted at the amount of fighting he was forced to engage in that did not involve blood - and then stood, walking around his lieutenant and the pair in the corner as he followed Ichigo's spiritual signature through the darkened hallways. He was surprised when he passed an open door and saw Ichigo within, back to the hall as he lounged in a pool of gently steaming water. He was sitting at the edge, his hakama lying next to him and his kosode draped loosely around his waist. The fabric bunched around his elbows, exposing the strong lines of his muscled back, revealing a myriad of scars that Kenpachi stared at with something akin to lust and another emotion he knew lay alongside his need to fight and dominate. Ichigo let his head tilt back, revealing the tender side of his throat (he growled under his breath as his erection went from 'it's there' to 'I want to fuck him until he can't walk') and then, without so much as a warning to Kenpachi (not as if Ichigo knew the other man was there in the first place), dropped his kosode -revealing that he was naked underneath- and waded into the pool. As Ichigo moved, his body flexed and he found himself staring at the teen's long legs meeting smoothly with his small backside, something Kenpachi was having a hard time looking at without lunging into the room and throwing Ichigo onto the ground. To make things worse, Ichigo turned to the side so Kenpachi was presented with a nice view of his closed eyes, bare chest, caramel nipples, rippling stomach, the lusciously round curve of his ass and the knowledge that Ichigo was indeed a beautiful, sexy, natural orange head.

Ichigo hadn't really been thinking that he wanted a bath when he'd stopped at the open door, all he'd been thinking was "I have to piss". He'd used the washroom within and instead of retying his hakama, had left it sitting beside him as he warily let his feet drop into the water, then allowed the rest of his legs to rest under the water, bracing himself on the edge of the pool with his elbows and relishing the feel of the cool material of his kosode rubbing gently across his back and the hot water lapping at his thighs. After drinking that second cup of sake his head felt slightly loose and blurry, and the idea of stripping down and plunging into hot water had appealed so much he hadn't been able to outweight the cons over the pros in his inebriated state. Feeling a sudden need to be completely naked, - which once again didn't occur to him was a bad idea - he shed his kosode and left it on the edge of the pool, walking forward into the water and enjoying the way the heated pool caressed his legs and just barely brushed against his ass when he walked. Closing his eyes, he turned slightly to the side and stretched slowly, arching his back and letting his hands trail in the water as a small breeze ghosted over his chest, tightening his nipples with a small twitch of arousal on his part.

An immense, abrupt crush of spiritual pressure caused one of his knees to collapse and he plunged neck deep into the water, spluttering as some of the liquid got in his nose. He stood and turned, crouched in a fighting stance to the door and felt the bottom of his stomach drop as none other than the eleventh squad captain stalked into the room, his eyepatch off and zanpakuto suspiciously missing. Ichigo felt his heart begin to throb in his chest as Kenpachi turned slightly to slide the door shut behind him with a loud bang, then faced Ichigo again, his lips twitching up into a grin that made his toes curl in the water. Ichigo felt another wave of panic crash on him as the older male walked toward him, freezing him within his predatory gaze, evaluating him and looking up and down his body with obvious lust. He realized that the depth of water he was standing in was giving Kenpachi quite the free show and immediately blushed before covering himself with his hands.

Ichigo splashed toward the edge of the pool where he'd left his clothes, nearly falling in the water again as he lunged for his kosode, wrapping it around his shoulders and pressing it down between his legs so the fabric wouldn't float. He pedaled backward, eyes wide as he tried to escape the approaching captain. His feet found the steps of the pool and he backed further away as his now soaking kosode weighted down his steps. Even with his body covered Ichigo felt naked under Kenpachi's gaze, the heat that coursed over him with the increasing pressure of the other man's reiatsu made him feel like he could see straight into his soul.

"I didn't know you were an exhibitionist, Ichigo," Kenpachi said, grin widening even more as his snake like tongue ran over his sharp incisors, his golden, reiatsu-laced eyes fixed on Ichigo's cinnamon hues, noting the slightly dilated, glazed look they held and the way his body shuddered as he panted. Good. His perceptions were off, meaning he wouldn't be able to run from Kenpachi. This made him growl as he let his eyes linger between Ichigo's legs, licking his lips at the thought of Ichigo naked beneath him.

"Um... I'm .. Can... Do you need something?" He blurted out, back hitting the marble wall of the courtyard behind him as his feet slipped precariously on the wet tiles beneath him, still trying to evade Kenpachi's ominous advance. The man didn't respond and he felt his irritation grow as he felt the wall behind him blare the fact that he was trapped. "Can I help you?" He attempted to snarl, but it came out as -even to his own ears- an alluring, husky pant that caused the captain to narrow his eyes and sharply inhale, gaze wandering once more to where Ichigo's hands desperately clutched his kosode together.

"Yes," he purred, watching intently as he drew closer to Ichigo, enjoying the way the younger man's skin shivered at the responding husk in his voice and the tentative glances Ichigo threw him beneath his long, fluttering eyelashes. "You can." He stopped in his advance, looking Ichigo over at about ten feet away from the substitute, and slowly, catching Ichigo's eyes with his own, removed his haori and let it crumple behind him carelessly. His gaze was fixed on Ichigo as he licked his lips again, hands moving back toward his shihakusho and grinning lasciviously at the younger shinigami.

"W-wait..." Ichigo sputtered, his voice nervous as Kenpachi advanced again, large hands making quick work of his kosode, which dropped behind him like his haori; a breadcrumb trail of clothes leading toward one very fucked Ichigo. "Zaraki..."

Kenpachi stopped again, a little out of arm's reach from Ichigo, his scarred hands lazily catching the knot that held up his hakama, noting again Ichigo's sharp intake of breath and the way his eyes followed his hands as he stood proudly before the orange haired male, letting his hakama slide lower on his hips. Ichigo's breath came in nothing less than short pants as he stared, like a child does at forbidden sweets, at the trail of gleaming dark hair that vanished beneath his hakama and led between his legs.

Ichigo felt waves of heat flooding him at the sight of Kenpachi's body slowly revealed to him, and was unable to pry his gaze away from the man's hands as they dexterously loosened the knot of his hakama. Ichigo shivered and unintentionally let out a little groan as wind ghosted over his flesh again, nipples hardening once more and his stomach tightening as the breeze sent a chill through his wet kosode. The captain looked up from his task, his smirk widening another few molars as he reached up and carelessly swiped the bells from his hair, shaking his head once like an irritated wolf. Ichigo stared in awe as the man's hair swept past his shoulders in black, straight locks, his fiery golden eyes visible beneath stray strands of hair that he didn't bother moving. Kenpachi was beautiful in a wild, untamed way, but not so much beautiful as fucking dangerous as hell, which seemed to turn his body into a submissive, breathless pile of goo. Kenpachi lunged, taking advantage of Ichigo's distraction, and Ichigo cried out as the man made contact with him, forcing him back against the wall, his large hands catching Ichigo's own, directly over his now very interested cock.

Ichigo attempted to shove Kenpachi off but the man easily overpowered him, shifting Ichigo's hands above his head in one palm as he moved one leg between Ichigo's thighs, lifting it so the shinigami was pressed firmly against him, forced to straddle Kenpachi's thigh in order to balance. His other hand reached beneath Ichigo's kosode and wrapped around his cock, large fingers twining completely around his erection and placing tingling pressure against his tip. "Agh.. stop.."

"This," Kenpachi growled as he stroked Ichigo roughly, "doesn't look like you want me to stop. In fact," he shifted his leg higher and pushed further back, spreading Ichigo's legs over his thigh and reveling in the low groan it evoked in response. "You want this. You want me," he whispered, leaning closer and licking a long, slow, torturous path up the delectable Strawberry's neck before closing his teeth around Ichigo's throat, digging his teeth in as he increased the pace of his hand around Ichigo's cock. "You are just begging to be fucked, Ichigo," Kenpachi hissed, forgoing holding his Berry's hands and gripping Ichigo's hips as he moved between the teen's thighs, forcing Ichigo to wrap his legs around Kenpachi's hips in order to remain upright as he grabbed the man's shoulders to steady himself. The taller man pressed forward, letting his clothed erection grind into the dip between Ichigo's legs, pressing up and pushing Ichigo down to meet him, his hands nails digging into his hips.

Ichigo was lost for a minute when Kenpachi moved between his legs, teeth digging into the sensitive skin of his throat and his large hands roughly stroking him; but panic returned when Kenpachi pressed up and forced his hips down, feeling the demanding throb of Kenpachi's hard on firmly rubbing between his cheeks. "Kenpachi! I mean it- agh.. p-please...stop," he panted, lost again as Kenpachi ground their hips together, his lips and tongue twining around one of his nipples and breathing heavily onto the tortured skin he left behind, cooling it and sending shivers over his skin.

Kenpachi was losing it. He wanted Ichigo. He wanted to fuck him, to be buried inside his Strawberry to the hilt, to make Ichigo scream his name until he passed out as Kenpachi plunged into the place he knew no one had ever touched Ichigo before. Taking advantage of Ichigo's pleasured daze, he shifted his grip on the teen, bracing him on one bent leg as he reached behind and beneath Ichigo's kosode, fingers brushing his skin, searching. He knew he'd found what he was looking for when his fingers met a quivering pucker and Ichigo let out a very feminine sounding shriek and clenched his thighs around Kenpachi's hips. "No, don't! Ke-" His voice caught in a choked sob as Kenpachi slid his finger inside Ichigo's hole, the unfamiliar sensation burning through him as he writhed against the older man in discomfort.

"It gets better, Ichigo," Kenpachi growled into his ear, sealing his mouth once more over Ichigo's pulse and pulling and sucking the skin there until he left a bright purple and red mark, biting down and watching as the mark bled and deepened, matching the shape of his mouth. Ichigo screamed hoarsely as he pressed another finger inside along with the first, scissoring them apart and hooking them inside of Ichigo.

"Take them out, please Ken.. agh..!" Another finger. Kenpachi's control almost snapped when Ichigo bucked harshly against him and cried out against his jaw, lips running across his neck as he thrashed, gasping for air and trying to lift his hips away. His hands dug into his back, his thighs clamping tighter still around him as Kenpachi mercilessly thrust three fingers in and out of Ichigo's ass, holding him firmly in place with his body and stroking his flagging erection with single minded intention. Ichigo's nails tore across his back and he hissed as he felt blood trail behind the cuts. He rotated his fingers and thrust them deeper in Ichigo, enjoying the responding scream and raking of nails on his shoulders.

"Ah, please," Ichigo cried out, whether in pain or pleasure he didn't know. Ichigo's movement over Kenpachi's fingers brought them face to face and the captain leaned forward, tongue tracing the plump lines of Ichigo's lips before tilting to the side and forcefully pressing his mouth over Ichigo's, growling into the teen's mouth as his tongue swept inside, tangling with Ichigo's hesitant tongue. He pulled out his fingers then, as he kissed Ichigo, shifting the shinigami up as he yanked his hakama down, baring his erection. His hands parted Ichigo's cheeks and he pressed upward, feeling the resistance and growling as he used his fingers to spread Ichigo open above his straining cock.

Ichigo, much to Kenpachi's lust driven mind's surprise, bolted when he felt Kenpachi beginning to breach him. He moved upwards first, breaking Kenpachi's hold on him, his movements so fast Kenpachi couldn't quite follow them as he felt bare pressure on his shoulder as Ichigo launched himself off of his back, landing on the opposite side of the pool. He turned around, the haze around his vision disappearing as he lunged after Ichigo, clearing the pool in one stride, cursing as his hakama tangled around his thighs, slowing him down as Ichigo crashed through the sliding doors and darted away, free, into the dark house.

"I'm not finished with you yet, Ichigo," He shouted after his Strawberry, feeling the fading pressure of Ichigo's reiatsu as the full implication of his situation hit him. "Damn it." He growled, punching the tiled wall leading to the washroom and ignoring the small clatter of broken tiles that followed. He kicked his hakama off his legs and threw it beside Ichigo's forgotten hakama, running his hands over the shinigami's clothing and inhaling his scent before grumbling to himself and sitting back against the pool wall and grimly taking care of his denied erection.


Rukia didn't quite know what to make of things when, in the middle of quite a pleasant session of sex with Rangiku and Orihime, Ichigo slammed into their room and dove beneath the sheets, sobbing loudly.

They all stared at the lump in the bedclothes for a minute before Rangiku passed Rukia her night clothes, dressing herself and helping Orihime into hers. Rukia gently shifted closer to Ichigo and rested her hand on his back, frowning as he twitched away from her with a broken sob. She gazed up at Rangiku, lost.

The older woman shifted so she was facing Ichigo, then gently slid the sheets back, revealing the substitute shinigami. She kept her face neutral as she took in Ichigo's tear streaked face, and the way he'd drawn his knees up to his chest. He covered his face with white-knuckled hands as the sheets left him, and they all moved a little closer, feeling protective as they watched the normally stoic teen sob unashamedly.

Rangiku gently lay next to Ichigo, slowly introducing her nearness to him so he wouldn't panic. When he didn't bolt, she let her arms pull him close and shifted so his head lay on her chest, running her fingers through his bright hair and crooning in a low voice to him. "Ichigo, what happened?" There was no answer and she merely relaxed, allowing him to find reassurance within her embrace. They all breathed in as a particularly harsh spike in his reiatsu pressed down on them as he sobbed again, fading as he breathed shallowly, coaxed by Rangiku's hands into taking deeper breaths.

Rukia glanced at Rangiku before moving closer, watching as Ichigo drew his knees up again, letting out a hiss and flinching at the movement. Suspicious, and dreading what she knew she would find, she slowly moved his kosode off his legs, noting the absence of his hakama. Her eyes narrowed as she took in the appearance of the ten bruised crescents that marked his hips, then looked lower and suppressed a growl at his reddened entrance, and the blood that tinged his thighs and leaked slowly from his opening. Ichigo shivered and whimpered as she smoothed his kosode back over his hips. Her gaze moved over Ichigo, landing on a vivid purple mark on his throat which bled sluggishly, teeth marks visible against his pale skin. Her lips quivered with the need to shout her fury as she looked up at Rangiku, her anger mirrored in the lieutenant's face. Orihime moved behind Ichigo, resting her hand on his hip and murmuring softly to him. "I'm going to heal you, ok? Kurosaki-kun." She moved her hand lower, keeping the pressure minimal as she chanted the mantra for her power and focused on the glowing field that surrounded his hips. A minute later, his shaking subsided a little and he breathed a bit easier. Orihime pulled the sheets up over his waist and tucked it around him as she healed his neck, gently wiping the blood away with her sleeve.

Rukia gestured to Rangiku and the woman gently turned Ichigo so he transferred to Orihime, face nested in the crook of her neck as Orihime resumed stroking his back. Rangiku stood slowly, crouching for a moment and putting a pillow behind Ichigo's back and tucking the blankets closer around his back before straightening. Orihime watched as the two women walked quietly out of the room, sliding the door open carefully and stepping out into the hall.

Rukia closed the door behind her, letting out the breath she'd been holding in. She rested her forehead against Rangiku's back, twining her arms around the woman's waist. "You know what must have happened, Rangiku."

"I know. I'm going to kill him," the lieutenant hissed, her reiatsu taking on a dangerous edge as they turned and walked down the hallway. "You never force anyone into sex. And you never make your lover bleed." She turned around, and Rukia felt a shiver of fear at the killing look in Matsumoto's eyes. "Ever."

It wasn't hard to follow the oppressive reiatsu to the bathing room where Ichigo had fled. They glanced at the shattered door and looked at one another with determination before stepping delicately into the room.


Ichigo was so ashamed. He was lying curled into Inoue's arms and still shaking, the occasional whimper escaping him as his hands clutched the front of her robes. His ass still hurt, phantom pains ghosting through him as he shuddered. Most of the burning had subsided when Orihime had healed him, but that didn't help remove the sensation of Kenpachi's fingers as they tore into him without pause, and the momentary press of his oversized erection into his torn entrance.

"Ichigo? It's ok... you don't have to tell me what happened. I'm here for you," he felt her chin rest on his head and tried to relax as her comforting hands made slow circles across his tense shoulders. He felt much better now that the spirit pressure around him was decidedly feminine and comforting, not invasive. Kenpachi's reiatsu had been piercing and dominating, fighting his down and forcing him to submit.

He shook again at the memory, and Orihime paused in her ministrations. "Ichigo..."

"Please... Orihime," he whispered. "Don't tell anyone."

"I won't Ichigo. Just tell me.. did.. he.. do this to you?" She already knew the answer but tightened her embrace around Ichigo as he nodded, his face burning as tears slicked down his cheeks.

"I like him, Orihime. I do. But I can't go through... that, again. I can't. You have no idea," he said, his voice angry and hurt as his hands clenched on her robe. "How much it hurt. I couldn't stop him. I asked him to. I begged him to. And he didn't, he just... kept going. He was going to go all the way, but I snapped and ran. I couldn't... couldn't..." He started sobbing again and Orihime hugged him to her, her own eyes pricking with tears. She loved Ichigo in a way she thought was romantic until she'd met Rukia and Rangiku, but now she knew it was a love like he was her brother, and she would do anything to see him happy.

"Rangiku and Rukia will set him straight, Ichigo."

"What?" He cried out, sitting up abruptly and staring at the door. They were going to defend him? Oh gods.. They were walking to their own deaths. And then Kenpachi would know where he was...

"Ichigo." Orihime's hand pulled him from his half upright position back down, and also pulled him away from his nightmarish assumptions. "They can hold their own. And they won't let Zaraki get anywhere near you. Just sleep, and try to relax."

It was hard to do so, thinking of Kenpachi prowling through the halls, but Orihime must have used some of her power to relax him as she held him, because his eyes slipped shut, despite his reservations.


Kenpachi did look guilty, Rukia thought, as the man attempted to explain himself with Rangiku standing waist deep in the water before him, digging her nails into his groin and yelling furiously at him. The captain looked like he easily could have overpowered her, but the grip the other shinigami had on his privates was obviously keeping him from throwing her across the room. That, and his face had changed to one of pained remorse as Rangiku ranted, in non stop growls, punctuating each sentence with a vicious squeeze below.

"He is huddled in our room, crying, bleeding, and won't let any of us touch him. I don't care who you are. I'm going to castrate you Zaraki, captain or not! He's not some unbreakable force, he's human, even if he has shinigami powers. Which means he's weaker, more fragile. Which also means you practically raped him and now his self worth has sunk to just about nothing. If you really like him you sure have a damn good way of showing it, you perverted bastard." She finished her rant, lifting her hands off his nether regions and stepping closer, her face inches from his as she hissed something lower that Rukia couldn't hear.

Zaraki mouth tightened and his eyes narrowed as he held up his hands. "Look, Matsumoto-"

"No you look, Captain!" He flinched and opened his mouth again, Rangiku interrupted whatever he was going to say as she slapped him across the face. For once, it seemed like a bare handed strike had actually broken his skin with the force of reiatsu she had behind the hit, his lip bleeding slightly.

His brow furrowed as he gripped her hand before she could strike again and Rukia stepped forward, kido spells flashing through her mind as she watched for Kenpachi's reaction. He forced Rangiku away from him, standing up and straightening before her. "I want Ichigo. I've never hidden that fact. But-"

"But nothing! You made him bleed, Zaraki!"

"I've made him bleed before-"

"Never from the ass!"

Zaraki paused, eyes narrowing. "He's bleeding?"

Rukia strode forward, looking down at the captain as she interrupted. "He was. Orihime healed him, and you're damn lucky she did. You tore him up really good, Zaraki," she hissed, recalling the site she'd witnessed between Ichigo's legs. "He liked you Zaraki. Maybe not now, but he did. And you really returned the favour didn't you?"

"He didn't ask me to stop when I was jerking him off."

"He asked you to stop when you put your fingers in his ass without lube or even having the deceny to ask his permission before you ripped him open," Rukia countered, gazing at his hand. Zaraki looked at where she pointed and frowned at the blood on his fingers. He hadn't even noticed.

Rangiku snarled and jabbed him in the chest. "You make me sick. Don't even think of going near Ichigo, you bastard. You've done enough. He just came of age and this is how you treat him? I no longer respect you as a captain." She turned away and hauled herself out of the pool, marching past Rukia. "I'm going back to the room, Rukia. I don't like the company here." She left, glancing back as Rukia stayed, but gave a firm nod at the look in Rukia's eyes.

Kenpachi seemed to deflate when Matsumoto left, and Rukia saw the remorse in his eyes. He muttered to himself, just loud enough that she could hear. "I didn't mean to hurt him."

She snorted and bending down and grabbing Ichigo's hakama, then sat down across from him, letting her feet dangle in the pool as he looked up at her. "Well, you did. Now get over it and go apologize." She began folding his hakama, laying it aside and staring at the large man before her.

"Like that crazy bitch will let me get anywhere near Ichigo."

Rukia didn't remark on the insult to her lover. She kicked water at Kenpachi and growled at him. "Don't act so miserable. You aren't the hard done by person here. Ichigo will forgive you, Kenpachi. He loves you. I wasn't lying when I said that. The point is, he was drunk, vulnerable, and you took advantage of him. He felt panicked and cornered when you wouldn't stop and did the only thing he thought of in that situation. He's calmed down now with Orihime, but it will take him some time to get over the things you did to him."

"That doesn't change the fact that I still want him, Kuchiki. Do you think I'm a monster? Because I am. I've never pretended to be otherwise, and Ichigo knows what I am."

"Nevertheless. You need to give him the chance to say no."

"Hell. No," Kenpachi snarled, rebellion flashing in his eyes as he glared at Rukia.

"Then you can say goodbye to the chance of ever having sex with Ichigo. He's not the arrogant fighter you suppose, Kenpachi. He's sensitive and breakable and he needs you to love him- slowly. You need to start off gentle. And I'm not saying you can't pound him into your bed once he's ready, I'm saying you need to take it slow and show him you respect his limits before he lets you inside him."

Kenpachi still looked slightly mutinous and Rukia sighed, knowing he was still going to go after Ichigo. "Do you want my help or not, Kenpachi Zaraki?"

"Help?" He growled, suspicious at the smaller shinigami's sudden change of heart.

"I can get you Ichigo, Kenpachi. But you're going to have to play by my rules."

"I'm not going to act like a love sick idiot, Kuchiki."

"You won't need to. I have the perfect solution to your problem. Maybe if you're lucky he might even let you fuck him. Who knows? But I'm only helping if you can swear you won't lose control again." Rukia stared at him, her unnerving purple eyes locked on his own as he considered her offer.

It was true... Ichigo probably wouldn't let him get anywhere near him without Rukia's interference... "Well?"

"It's a deal."


ARRGGHHH. It absolutely killed me to make Kenpachi such a bastard at first. I'm SORRYYYY. But seriously? The canon character would honestly do nothing less than what I've written, if he were ever in that situation.

I still feel bad though. Oh well. Ichigo (and his ass) will recover.


Yay for consensual (or at least partially consensual) LEMONS!

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