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Coming of Age

Part Two: Saturday


Ichigo woke, slowly, his mind fuzzy and throbbing a bit from the sake he'd drunk last night. Everything that had happened was a bit blurry, but he remembered most of what had happened. Images of Kenpachi against him, touching and biting made him groan and he turned back over and pulled the sheets over his head. He could feel Orihime next to him, her breathing soft and slow, Rangiku, snoring raucously on his other side, and Rukia, cuddled between him and Rangiku, breathing quiet and faster than the other two women. She must have been awake because a second later, she poked his cheek beneath the sheets.

"Ichigo," she whispered,"come have breakfast with me."

"I'm not getting up," he hissed back, conscious of Orihime shifting next to him and yawning as she woke.

"You can't avoid him forever," Rukia shot back, joining Ichigo under the covers and glaring at him. Ichigo gazed back at her, apprehension on his face at the thought of seeing Kenpachi again, only hours after the man had all but raped him. Rukia saw the thoughts in his eyes and flicked his nose. "You know he didn't really mean it that way, Ichigo. He lost control and you were drunk. Just let him apologize."

"I'm not going anywhere near that bastard," he promised, his eyes narrow and brow furrowed in his usual scowl as he turned away from her and wriggled closer to Orihime.

"Good morning, Kurosaki- kun," she mumbled, and he felt her stretch against him, yawning hugely before she sat up. He grumbled and rolled onto his back, glaring at the sheets above him before they were yanked away. Rangiku sat on top of him, her weight barely noticeable as she regarded him with raised eyebrows.



"Get. Up."

"Fuck. You."

"I'll show Renji that picture with you and Byakuya," she said, leaning closer and grinning at him.

"Rukia!" He turned so he could glare at the violet-eyed, innocent looking girl beside him.


"You swore you wouldn't show anyone!"

"What can I say, Ichigo? She's good at persuading people," she grinned at Matsumoto and leaned over, kissing the large breasted woman before standing up and walking away. Orihime joined her and offered a hand to Rangiku.

All three women stood and glared at him for a minute as he laid on his back, returning their glares with crossed arms and stubborn faces.

They looked at one another before shrugging their shoulders. "Well, we warned him," Rukia said, before all three of them darted forward, Rukia and Orihime grabbing his ankles and Rangiku grabbing him under the arms. They lugged his flailing, shrieking body out into the hallway, marching swiftly down the hall and tossing him in the pool he'd sat in last night, laughing at his soaked expression when he surfaced, choking and spluttering and flailing like a badly decapitated farm animal.

Rangiku and Orihime turned, still smiling as they walked away and Rukia knelt next to the pool, waiting until they left before brushing away Ichigo's hair from his eyes and regarding his silence patiently. "Why'd you bring me here, Rukia," he muttered eventually, fists clenching beneath the water as he avoided her eyes, his skin quivering visibly, whether from the cold or the memories she didn't know.

"So you could talk." She responded, helping him out of the pool, voice flat and without pity.

"I don't need to talk to anyone," he snapped, letting her pull off his kosode and hand him a towel. It didn't really occur to him to be embarrassed at being naked in front of Rukia. She was just.. Rukia. She took the towel from him and helped him into a summer yukata, tying the sash for him before stepping back to stare at him with vivid purple eyes.

"Well someone else needs to talk to you, Ichigo." She turned and walked toward the door, opening it and stepping to the side as someone he desperately didn't want to see ducked to enter the room. "I'm coming back in five minutes, Zaraki. You better have begged for forgiveness by the time I get back or it's your ass in that pool with all of us against you," she warned, glaring at him. He looked down at her with a scowling expression, but nodded as she left, shutting the door behind herself, leaving Ichigo alone with Kenpachi.


"Is it really a good idea to leave that bastard alone with Ichigo, Rukia?" Rangiku was very upset at Rukia's plan, but her lover's pleas to let it proceed as she had agreed with Kenpachi had sated her, if only to know that the arrogant man was being forced to admit his faults for once.

"He won't hurt him, Rangiku. They're both sober now, and Kenpachi feels like shit, even if he won't say so out loud. Ichigo just needs to punch him for a bit."

"I hope you're right," Rangiku replied as she drank her hangover tea, the sense of unease written on her face that was not easily soothed by Orihime's fingers twined around her own, or Rukia's reassurances of Ichigo's safety. Kenpachi was a loose cannon. Ichigo didn't need anymore shit happening to make him really panic or shut down. She knew he could take a lot of shit and pressure, and he probably was just shaken up over last night, but she, for one, was not exactly thrilled at the prospect of having to deal with a mentally and emotionally distrubed teenager should things go less than as her lover planned.


Ichigo's breathing was nervous, his eyes downcast, unable to meet Kenpachi's gaze. His shoulders were tight and hunched, a submissive position the fiery substitute had never displayed before. It made a sickening twist of anger and guilt swim inside of him and he cursed the confusing array of emotions that were all at once deciding to plague him. He felt like growling and attacking the teen again to make him snap out of it, but Rukia's promise and helpful words stopped him. He wanted Ichigo to like him. So he was playing by her damn rules.

"Ichigo." He looked to the side and watched out of the corners of his eyes as the younger male flinched and glanced at him quickly. Another twist of guilt and barely suppressed irritation. Why was he being so damn womanly? The part of him that he knew was a heartless conquerer was showing through and he turned away to hide his expression. "Come on." Don't corner him, let him come to you.

Kenpachi walked towards the exit of the room, gesturing for Ichigo to follow, feeling the younger male's tentative approach behind him and allowing Ichigo his space, no matter how it irked him to do so. He stopped at the door, turning his shoulders and meeting Ichigo's eyes for a moment before those golden-brown eyes turned away, face pale and fists tight beneath his shihakusho. "We need to talk."

"What's there to talk about?" Ichigo snapped after a moment, his anger outweighing his fear as he stalked forward, closer to the door and shaking inwardly as his steps brought him equally closer to Kenpachi.

"Just come with me," the captain said, his tone leaving no doubt of his dominant nature.

Ichigo fought the urge to step away, shunpo back to Rukia's room and hide in blankets like the coward he felt he was, and muttered back,"I don't trust you."

"I ain't asking you to trust me, Kurosaki. I'm asking you to come and talk with me somewhere where you can look me in the eyes without flinching." Don't insult or belittle him. Damn it, he forgot.

"I'm not afraid of you!" Ichigo screamed at him, fury and humiliation at the memory of Kenpachi's suggestion burning in him like the painful surges of reiatsu that came whenever his hollow attempted to take control. Ichigo snarled, his insides quivering even as he turned, and, before Kenpachi could react, punching him in the face. He stood scowling, fidgeting with the sleeves of his yukata, his bravado wearing away and leaving his nerves stretched thin as he waited for the captain's response.

"Well, that's more like it," Kenpachi grinned, before Ichigo glared at him and pointed, jabbing his finger against his chest and stepping closer. Don't act like a battle-crazy, insensitive asshole. He forgot again.

"That doesn't get you off for any of the shit you pulled last night. I- I'm not a goddamn prostitute, you asshole! If I'd wanted you to fuck me, I would have asked. I asked you to stop. What the fuck is so hard to understand about that? Bastard." Even though his face had turned bright red at the insinuation of the possibility of wanting Kenpachi as a partner, his purposeful anger smoothed the edges of his fear of retaliation from the much larger male and gave him confidence.

Ichigo moved to leave the room but Kenpachi's palm slammed into the frame of the door before Ichigo. His heart jumped and squeezed painfully as Kenpachi leaned forward and glared down at Ichigo. Kenpachi stared at the orangette, ready to snarl an answer back at him before he grimaced and clenched his fist, pulling back and straightening again, controlling the vicious urge he had to retort spitefully and gain the upper hand.

Apologize. Profusely.

"I'm sorry for not stopping, Ichigo," he ground out, attempting to make his teeth stop grinding and focusing on Ichigo as the teen froze, his face going from afraid to momentarily blank before growing suspicious.

"You're a really bad liar, Zaraki." Don't shout at him, or try to prove your point physically. Talk to him like you want him to listen, to care about what you have to say.

"I'm not lying. I want you, but I want you willing. Last night was... a mistake," Kenpachi breathed out, ignoring the sense of weakness, of forced humility that came from admitting a wrong. It was worth it for Ichigo, he reminded himself as he watched the shadows of the vizard's face twitch and deepen as he looked down, jaw clenching. "I hurt you," he continued, trailing his fingers over Ichigo's neck where he'd marked him the night before. Ichigo flinched instinctively at the contact but stayed his ground, gazing apprehensively at Kenpachi as the man remained too close to him, still and towering before Ichigo.

Kenpachi stared at the smooth, unbroken skin, remembering the other places he'd hurt the younger male. He felt guilt sweep through him as Ichigo's mouth wobbled and his brow furrowed, his former intent expression slipping as he let his head dip so his face was hidden from the other's prying gaze.

"You did more than hurt me, Kenpachi," Ichigo said, his voice low and shaking, barely controlled. Ichigo felt his fingers clenching the hem of his sleeves in tight rolls and breathed out before he continued, determined to say what he had been unable to process the night before. "I wanted you. I wanted you so badly you don't even know..." He looked up at the older man and Kenpachi's eyes narrowed at the glassy, swimming look in Ichigo's eyes before controlling his expression. Ichigo's hands, shaking, lifted from his sides and curled around the edges of Kenpachi's haori over his chest. He let his grip on Ichigo's arms drop slowly, giving the teen the chance to run as they stood closer together than they'd been since Kenpachi had pressed him to the wall. Rukia had said this proximity would be another test to see whether Ichigo was truly willing to give him another chance. Let him take the lead. Don't touch him or get in his space, you'll ruin any chance of him getting closer or trusting you.

Ichigo stayed where he was, close to Kenpachi and looking up at him, albeit with tears glossing his eyes and tremors making slow ripples in the folds of his shihakusho; but he wasn't running. "I was drunk last night, and I know you were as well... but I don't think I can forget the fact that you were going to rape me." There. He'd said it. It was hard to say the word, because even though he hadn't wanted it, the feelings of arousal he got from the other man's attention were undeniable. It was hard for his mind to differentiate the two disparate emotions and Ichigo felt the harsh contrast of what he really wanted from the captain.

Kenpachi wanted to deny that rape part, but he didn't want to scare or piss Ichigo off, so he remained silent, staring down at the orange head who, by now, had his gaze focused on the floor again.

"All I want to know is... why didn't you stop? How can I trust you if I think you're just going to force me? How do you expect me to lo..." Ichigo cut himself off as tears escaped him and he grit his teeth, hiding his face from Kenpachi beneath his hair as he bent his head lower. Damn it. Love wasn't supposed to factor into this conversation. Ichigo had only meant to verify Kenpachi's interest in him, not ask the dominant and unforgiving male if he felt tingling butterflies everytime Ichigo walked past. He felt like an idiot now, besides being residually scared and confused.

Kenpachi saw the internal bruising Ichigo was giving himself and struggled with the bred response of a warrior; that love was uneeded and for the weak. Ichigo needed his response, not what his pride told him.

Tell him why you want him; not for sex or lust, but why you want him.

Kenpachi, chancing the fact that Ichigo might run, or punch him, or scream- slowly slid one hand under Ichigo's chin and raised his head, meeting his teary gaze and leaning closer. Giving Ichigo all the time in the world to escape, he stepped closer, his hands resting lightly, not restraining, on Ichigo's shoulders as he lowered his mouth toward Ichigo's, the hand he used to lift Ichigo's chin sliding down and away. He lingered, a breath away from the teen's lips, iron control in his body as he felt Ichigo's quivering beneath him, the soft breaths puffing over his skin, before he moved closer and kissed Ichigo, slow and long and light and gentle. Kenpachi felt Ichigo's chest heave with a conflicted sob and slid his hands over Ichigo's chest and arms, heat pouring from his skin, trying to reassure. Apologize for everything. Make Ichigo relax and give in to him. It was fucking hard seeing the kid who'd cut him into a bloody pulp hundreds of times cry, let alone allow anyone this close to him.

The quiet whimpers faded from Ichigo as his mouth pressed, hesitating, quickly back at Kenpachi's before retreating, only to have the other male follow his movements and keep them connected, fingers caressing him and kneading his tensed muscles. The captain felt the flutter of Ichigo's reiatsu as he battled the small bleeding of arousal into his senses.

Kenpachi pulled away a moment later, rubbing his thumbs over Ichigo's arms as he looked down at redhead. "I can't say I didn't realize what I was doing when you asked me to stop, Ichigo. I knew. You know I can't give you a fucking poem over how shitty I might feel, but- I know that I wanted you so badly, I couldn't control myself any longer. You were vulnerable and exposed and everything about you just told me to take you. I thought I was just ignoring a virgin's usual fear. I know that's not it. I wanted you so badly I couldn't stand the possibility that you might not want me back. So I took advantage of you and tried to take what you weren't ready to give. I'm sorry, Ichigo. If I freaked you out or made you bleed, it wasn't what I wanted." Well. Rukia's schooling of somewhat more classy vocabulary had helped a little. He didn't sound like a red-hut district buyer attempting to persuade a whore. He sounded sincere. Well, to his ears at least.

Ichigo ran Kenpachi's words over in his head... again and again. The apology and sincerity was there, but he couldn't surpass the reluctance he felt, even over the clumsy, truthful attraction Kenpachi presented to him. He lifted his head again, his lips parted, taking in the heat that was restrained in Kenpachi's eyes, and the way he held himself away from Ichigo.

The silence dragged between them and Ichigo slowly, hesitating, raised one hand and pressed it against Kenpachi's chest, feeling the slow thunder of his heart beneath his skin that felt like it was burning beneath Ichigo's palm. Kenpachi reached out, his hand bringing Ichigo closer and he rested his chin on the bright orange hair, wrapping his arms loosely around Ichigo as he pressed a kiss to Ichigo's head. "Ichigo..."

"One more chance," came the muffled reply, a long stretch of silence later. "One. Don't fuck it up, please. I like you," he muttered, and Kenpachi felt his skin twitch as Ichigo's lips pressed against his chest where his head rested against him. If he gives you another chance you are pretty damn lucky. Don't throw a victory dance or try to kiss or touch him. Let him make the moves.

He stood that way with Ichigo a minute longer and lifted his head when Ichigo pulled back, his brown eyes troubled but his body more relaxed. There was a faint blush on his cheeks as he leaned forward, and Kenpachi took the lead, hands twining around Ichigo's back and neck, lips meeting softly. He restrained a growl at the feel of Ichigo's mouth, not soft and pliant like a woman's, but slightly chapped and warm, firm beneath him. A minute later he felt Ichigo's hesitation melt a little and his lips softened against Kenpachi's.

It looked like Rukia wasn't lying. Apology accepted. He felt relief, immense relief that Ichigo hadn't just told him to fuck himself. It had been uncomfortable enough to bite his retorts and be understanding and quiet, but if it got him what he wanted while making Ichigo more comfortable around him, he was willing to sacrifice a little of his pride. If he really wanted to disgust himself he would have continued the thought to "Ichigo is worth any sacrifice." He couldn't wait until Ichigo was better. Then they could go back to tearing the shit out of each other with their zanpakutos. This emotional thing... Rukia's insistence kept him from letting his reiatsu wavering into the usual killing, offensive burn of pressure. But he could still feel that small corner in his mind that hissed about unnatural behavior as he cuddled Ichigo.

Ichigo's closed eyes and the tentative hands around his neck and in his hair were enough to make him ignore that voice and feel smug as he opened his eyes to glare at the trio of women who watched silently from the door. The mere fact that he hadn't torn himself away or yelled at Kenpachi was victory enough. He turned his head, not releasing his redhead and raised an eyebrow as Rukia grinned, Orihime had an uncertain look on her face, and Rangiku glared openly at him, her intention clear as she clenched her fist warningly, although her gaze softened as she watched the way Ichigo pressed himself closer to Zaraki. Women.

Zaraki broke the kiss, running a thumb across his Berry's mouth before kissing him again, lingering and tracing his lips with his tongue, gentle and slow, giving him time to accept or refuse the kiss. Ichigo let his lips open as his eyes slipped shut and Kenpachi watched the alluring flush that blotched his pale face as their tongues met, Ichigo's mouth sweet and clumsy, but willing beneath his own. He looked smugly back at Rangiku before Ichigo pulled away and turned around suddenly, Kenpachi's hands still at his back and neck. He turned bright red and shoved the older man away- he didn't budge and just looked smugly down at Ichigo - and glared at his friends.

"Can we help you?" He growled finally, one hand still pressed against Kenpachi's chest as he fought his hair-matching blush. Kenpachi meanwhile, fought the flush of heat that scoured him at the plural Ichigo had just used to refer to himself and Kenpachi. As a pair. Gods- he was turning into a fucking woman. Stupid Ichigo. He glanced down at the redhead and let a smile play around the corners of his mouth even as he grumbled inwardly at the emotional control Ichigo seemed to mysteriously possess over him.

"Breakfast is ready," Rukia trilled, glee on her face as Ichigo reddened further, Orihime and Rangiku walking away towards the hall from the night before. Ichigo followed them and Kenpachi reluctantly let his beautiful orange head go, watching the way he glanced back at him and smiled a little, before running after the other two women. Rukia leaned against the door frame and gazed smugly up at him.

"You owe me a Chappy the Bunny hollow pager, Zaraki. Better get on that," she smiled, revealing her white teeth as Zaraki scoffed, brushing past her, his face still smirking at the memory of Ichigo's tongue against his.


Rukia was from hell.

Kenpachi decided this as he watched the violet eyed shinigami woman feed his Ichigo a long piece of fruit, her lips not even attempting to conceal her smug grin as Ichigo's eyes closed, practically fucking blissful as he accepted the morsel she offered.

Ichigo sat down at the table, feeling his entire body flush with embarrassment as Urahara, Ukitake, and Shunsui all gave him knowing looks before involving themselves in their breakfasts. It didn't help his sense of unease and the feeling that everyone at the table - Hitsugaya, Momo, Yoruichi, Soi Fon, Ukitake, Urahara, Shunsui, Shuuhei, Ishida, Chad, Orihime, Rangiku, Rukia, Kenpachi- was staring at him with obvious... obvious knowledge of the more intimate behaviours he'd been involved in. His face turned an even deeper red and he snatched Rangiku's sake cup and downed it in one gulp, glaring at his plate and ignoring her amused snort. He'd left it empty, not really hungry, and not wanting to have to partake in an activity that was halfway normal. He felt anything but normal.

When he'd first sat, he hadn't really noticed anything out of the ordinary, apart from the way Rangiku, Orihime and Rukia all clung to him like his soaked kosode had last night... The image of himself, naked, writhing over Kenpachi's muscled thigh as the man buried his extraordinarily sharp teeth in his throat, growling and thrusting his long, calloused fingers inside Ichigo's body... his head bowed completely and he felt a twinge of arousal as Kenpachi's feet brushed over his own beneath the table. Rukia cleared her throat next to him and the feet disappeared, much to Ichigo's disappointment. Rangiku, however, grinned sadistically and gazed at Rukia, before the dark haired female pressed a peeled banana into Ichigo's mouth, smiling at his irritated huff.

Was it possible that he'd suddenly become attracted to the idea of having Kenpachi's fingers inside him, his legs spread forcefully around the larger male's body, forced to submit? The shiver that flooded his veins and circled the hollow of his pelvis gave him a clear answer as he looked up, meeting Kenpachi's single eyed gaze and mouth falling open slightly as the larger man daintily ate- a croissant. What. The. Hell. A croissant? Really? The captain had not bothered to spike his hair and it was hanging in long, jagged layers past his shoulders, occasionally falling into his eyes. Every now and then, he flicked his head and his hair returned to its neat arrangement atop his head, and his tongue darted out to gather stray crumbs from his breakfast.

A croissant had never looked so appetizing at that moment. Ichigo realized he was drooling when Rukia pressed the banana against his mouth and grunted at her, slightly annoyed as she forced the fruit past his teeth. It seemed like Rukia had gone all out in her research of different types of human foods. But a croissant? He was still a little weirded out. He'd only ever had one at the local French bakery, and it had not been like anything he'd ever tasted before.

"Go on," she whispered, eyes sparking mischievously. Ichigo suddenly felt a seed of arousal and excitement swell inside of him and he let his tongue dart out around the fruit, pulling it in, deep into his mouth and finally, languidly, taking a bite so large he spent the next minute chewing it slowly, gaze lowered demurely- while his mouth smirked, self-satisfied.

He couldn't believe his Strawberry was really... fitting that much fruit into his mouth. It was kind of a turn on, but Kenpachi only wanted to see one thing like that resting on Ichigo's mouth and that was his own cock. Maybe... If he was really good. It would all depend on Ichigo's continued attraction to him, however... he needed Ichigo to want to suck him off of his own will, not because Kenpachi held him down and forcefully spent himself inside the teen's mouth. Still, the distraction Ichigo was providing from the rather uninteresting- and generally hung-over - breakfast was welcome, and he had to think several times of reasons why it was vital to his future with Ichigo to refrain from tackling the orangette over the table, clearing the dishes with one sweep of his arm, pressing Ichigo down onto the table, legs spread around him as he tore Ichigo's clothes from him and ...

Ichigo saw Kenpachi's mouth open and his gaze grow from attracted and engaged to dazed and heated and he sent a direct, sharp kick into Kenpachi's knee joint and smiled as the man jumped slightly, a scowl on his face as he considered the -apparently - innocent Ichigo, who continued to press that elongated fruit to the depths of his throat and let it rest there for a moment before beginning to bite off a more maneagable piece. Ichigo's eyes snapped open, deep, golden chocolate orbs staring into his own black eyes and Kenpachi's fingers dug long gouges into the underside of the table as Ichigo's leg drew a long, hot line from his ankle underneath his shihakusho until his toes caressed the apex of his thighs.

Ichigo struggled to maintain his neutral face as well as his balance as Kenpachi's hand curled around his leg and yanked him closer, running sharp nailed fingers over Ichigo's leg, which was left bare due to the long slits in his yukata. Kenpachi yanked his hand away when Rangiku delicately shoved her fork into his hand, hissing slightly as he let Ichigo's leg free and nursed his hand under the table, glaring at Rangiku across the table.

She grinned at him and slung an arm over Ichigo's shoulders and leaned into the smirking orangette, whispering something into his ear. Ichigo laughed out loud, eyes turning toward Kenpachi, white teeth bared in a smug grin as he licked his lips, reaching once more for his banana.

Ichigo was so going to get it for teasing him like this. And mocking him with that... bitch.

His fork bent beneath his grip as he glared into his cup of tea, lovingly brewed by Jushiro who was now suspiciously missing from the table, as well as Kyoraku and Kisuke. Figures. They were probably going at it for the hundredth time after they'd finished setting out breakfast and eating. Kenpachi knew from experience and heresay among the Gotei 13 that Kyoraku and Jushiro were shameless - or at least Kyoraku was and Jushiro was simply his unwitting tagalong in the other captain's sexual appetite. And with Urahara added to the mix... he would be surprised if any of them even made it to the hot springs.

Mmm... hot springs... bathing... naked... naked Ichigo, to be more precise. He felt his grin widen to its usual sadistic measure and looked up at Ichigo as he raised his cup, staring with one gold laced eye at Ichigo over the rim before he drank.

He could not wait to get Ichigo alone in a bath. Slowly, he remembered. Yes.

He was going to take Ichigo for a bath. A long slow bath, filled with warm water, naked skin and touching. Kenpachi felt himself harden and his reiatsu swirl inside him before he took a breath and quelled it.

Twenty minutes later breakfast was finished and Ichigo was standing, finishing his water as Rukia whispered something to him and Rangiku and Orihime linked arms, walking leisurely out of the room. Kenpachi lingered for a minute before Rukia subtly waved at him over Ichigo's head as he took another drink. Wait in the hall.

He walked out, casting another look at his Berry before stalking into the hallway, shutting the door behind him with a slight bang and grumble under his breath as he leaned against the wall, arms crossed as he waited to feel Ichigo approaching.

A few minutes later he was rewarded for his patience as the doors slid open. Rukia walked out first, casting a glance at his place within the shadows and then grinning and tossing him something then turning and flouncing away, black hair bouncing against her neck as she practically skipped away. Ichigo walked out just as he snuck a look at what Rukia had passed him and grinned, tucking it into the pocket of his shihakusho and then taking one step forward and winding his arm around Ichigo and pulling him down the hallway. It would help later, he knew. And Ichigo would probably be thankful for a way to ease the transition...

"Ah... Kenpachi..." Ichigo let out a surprised gasp before he frowned and batted away Kenpachi's hand with was curling a little too low on his hip for comfort. He took a step away, making the distance between their two bodies double as they continued to walk away from the dining hall.

"What? Just saying good morning," Kenpachi said, grinning as he looked sideways at Ichigo. The orangette blushed and veered to the side, sliding open a door and darting inside.

"I have to use the washroom..." He sputtered as he slid the door back into place in Kenpachi's face, obviously flustered and attempting an escape.

The captain's grin grew by several molars and he opened the door silently a minute later, stepping in and closing the door behind him. Kenpachi walked further into the room, eyeing Ichigo as the teen turned around, tying his hakama. Ichigo jumped and backed into the wall as he saw Kenpachi stalking towards him, grin feral and heat emanating from him.

"Uh... you... I..." Ichigo stuttered as Kenpachi's hands caught his and twined their fingers together, pressing Ichigo backwards into the wall and leaning in even as Ichigo closed his eyes, a whimper escaping him as Kenpachi moved so his body was melded to Ichigo's.

Kenpachi ran his nose over Ichigo's throat, then his jaw, and then let his cheek rest against Ichigo's for a moment, letting out a low sigh as he breathed in Ichigo's irresistable scent of spice, cinnamon and musk that reminded him of strawberries. He grinned as he felt Ichigo's body relax against his, legs loosening from their tight, crossed knot and letting Kenpachi press closer. He let go of Ichigo's hands, grasping the teen's jaw and meeting his eyes before darting forward, lips met halfway by Ichigo's. Ichigo groaned and buried his hands in Kenpachi's hair, one hand tangling on his head and the other grasping onto his shoulder, nails digging in. Kenpachi pressed closer, letting out a growl of delight as Ichigo hooked one of his legs on his hip, and transferred one hand away from Ichigo's face to lift the other as well before pressing Ichigo firmly into the wall to support them both.

Ichigo felt one surge of fear as Kenpachi pressed him back against the wall but it faded as Kenpachi pulled back from kissing him. "Tell me to stop, Ichigo. Say it. But say it now. I won't do what you don't want, but I need to touch you right now... so tell me to stop now if you don't want to go farther." His voice was a growl and he continued kissing Ichigo's jaw, occasionally licking his throat and clenching Ichigo's hips in his hands as he waited for Ichigo's response.

When Kenpachi's grip loosened further Ichigo flexed his legs, bringing Kenpachi closer and grabbing his hair in both hands and kissing him firmly before letting his tongue dip into the captain's mouth. Not to be outdone, Kenpachi reached between them and slid his hand inside Ichigo's kosode and pulling it open, nails scraping across Ichigo's nipples and then latching on with his mouth, tongue flicking and sucking while his teeth gently pulled. Ichigo cried out, hands pressing Kenpachi's head closer as he let his head fall back against the wall, groans escaping him almost continually.

Kenpachi pulled away for a moment, drawing in a ragged breath. "Lift your arms," he snarled, hands pushing inside the shoulders of Ichigo's kosode and lifting it up as Ichigo raised his arms, helping Kenpachi by throwing the garment away and returning his mouth to its previous task and letting his own hands wander inside of Kenpachi's shihakusho. Kenpachi growled and pushed Ichigo's hakama off his hips, forcing the substitute to drop his vice-like grip on Kenpachi's hips and stand as the other man drew his clothes off his legs and kissed his way back up until he reached Ichigo's hips. Ichigo grabbed Kenpachi's hands, eyes wide as Kenpachi looked up at him, tongue out and reaching to twine around the base of his cock.

"I won't stop," Kenpachi hissed, eyes locked with Ichigo as he bent his head back towards his Berry's now fully erect member.

"Don't..." Ichigo groaned out as Kenpachi tensed, worried that Ichigo might have changed his mind until the vizard dug his nails so hard in his scalp he flinched as he felt wet heat trickle through his hair. Apparently that was a good 'don't'.

He let his tongue wander for several moments, one hand gripping the base of Ichigo's cock to keep him from coming as he felt the younger male jerk and thrash against him, legs shaking against Kenpachi's shoulders as he took Ichigo fully into his mouth, sliding his tongue down the entire shaft before pressing in with his teeth at the base, just enough to hear Ichigo scream and convulse and to feel the cock in his mouth twitch in a denied orgasm.

"Let... me ... come... Ken!" He screamed, groaning as Kenpachi pulled off and kissed his tip before sinking his teeth into Ichigo's hip, sucking and biting until he grinned at the vivid, bloody-purplish mark that marred Ichigo's beautiful, pale skin.

"Oh, I will. But I want to see more of you before I let you do that," he grinned as he kissed up Ichigo's torso, letting his hands pull Ichigo's legs up and around him once more as he stood, bracing himself against the wall and grinding into Ichigo again. The vizard screamed again, his voice growing hoarse and Kenpachi felt a grim satisfaction at the knowledge that by the time Ichigo headed home to his innocent, blissfully unknowing family, Ichigo would have no voice at all.

He held Ichigo's face in one hand, trailing his fingers near Ichigo's mouth until the other male caught the hint and sucked on two of his fingers, eyes closing and tongue twining deliberately around and between his fingers. Kenpachi let out a groan as Ichigo let one of his hands grasp his wrist and take in another finger, his other hand palming his straining erection. Unable to contain the pleasure and desperation he felt, Kenpachi pulled away from Ichigo's mouth, letting Ichigo balance on his leg once more as he trailed his wet fingers down Ichigo's straining back. A moment later, he reached lower, finding Ichigo's entrance and before the orangette could pull away or protest, sliding one long finger fully inside the tight, velvet warmth that was all Ichigo.

"Kenpachi," Ichigo groaned, his vision blurring with tears as he fought a twinge of pain as Kenpachi twisted his finger slowly inside of him. Kenpachi grinned as Ichigo writhed, legs twitching further apart and his hands pressing firmly down on Kenpachi's shoulders. He slid in a second finger just as Ichigo twitched as he unintentionally nudged Ichigo's prostate, causing the teen to scream and grind his body closer to Kenpachi's.

Wanting nothing more than to just fuck Ichigo senseless, Kenpachi still knew that Ichigo's desire wasn't so great he'd forget the rather tentative nature of their relationship just then. He slowly withdrew his fingers from Ichigo's clenching hole, drawing them to his mouth and running his tongue over the wet digits, enjoying the flush of embarrassment that crossed Ichigo's face as he realized the implications of that action. "That's..."

"Hot? I think so. You taste fucking amazing," Kenpachi said, voice almost unintelligable at the husky growl that resided from his pent up lust. He spun Ichigo, slamming his cheek against the wall as he pushed the vizard's head toward the wall, his hands reaching lower and pulling Ichigo's hips out, kicking his ankles apart and kneeling behind him, tongue tracing the curve of his ass before delving between Ichigo's cheeks. The smaller male cried out at the sensation of Kenpachi's tongue dipping into his entrance, hands reaching back and attempting to push Kenpachi away even as he panted and groaned from the treatment, begging instinctually for the torture to continue.

"Kenpachi, stop," he cried, his voice broken between sobs and moans as Kenpachi slid one hand between Ichigo's thighs and wrapped around his neglected cock, sliding his hand around it, tightening and smoothing his skin in time to the thrusting of his tongue inside Ichigo's spasming hole. It was too much, it was hot and wet and tight and stretching him and oh god don't stop..

Kenpachi was beginning to hope that Ichigo's legs would give out sometime soon; he wanted Ichigo beneath him, pressed into the floor beneath his weight as Kenpachi explored every inch of his body to his desire. However, he doubted his Berry would react nicely to being slung on the floor and dry humped due to his previous sexual advances, so he simply worked Ichigo's prostate with his tongue and stroked him faster until he could hear an almost constant stream of moans and cries pouring from Ichigo.

Ichigo felt his knees wobbling and braced himself further against the wall, pressing his forehead into the cool wood before him. He was almost ready to come, just a little more and he would reach his peak... Ichigo screamed as Kenpachi thrust in two fingers next to his tongue, the stretch too much for his body as his knees gave out and he slumped forward, still supported by Kenpachi's arms. The action pushed him deeper on Kenpachi's invading fingers and he screamed again as the combined pressure ground into his prostate with mind numbing pleasure.

Kenpachi gripped Ichigo with his free hand as the teen screamed, his body twitching and convulsing as he came for the first time. Ichigo's passage was constricting around his tongue and fingers and he pressed in deeper before withdrawing. Letting Ichigo's weight do the work for him as he turned Ichigo onto his back and let the teen's body slip beneath his own, shifting so he lay between Ichigo's legs and he was pressed tightly against the substitute's wet body.

Ichigo was on fire, every nerve twitching and spasming as Kenpachi continued his merciless torment. He was already completely hard again and was shamelessly wrapping every inch of his body he possibly could around his lover, moaning his name and lifting his hips into Kenpachi's mouth as the man deep throated him again. Ichigo felt Kenpachi's fingers dig into him once more, three this time, as he continued to suck on his cock, dragging his teeth carefully over and over Ichigo's skin, tighting his lips around Ichigo's base until the vizard screamed again, back arching completely off the floor and nails digging into Kenpachi's shoulders as he wrapped his arms around the captain's shoulders, bringing him close. Tears ran from his eyes as Kenpachi pulled his fingers out and pulled Ichigo down so their faces hovered together, the sudden sting of removal and the oversensitivity remaining from his orgasm close at hand. Kenpachi's fingers, wet and covered in fluids Ichigo didn't really want or care to categorize, ran over his body and lifted his shoulders, pulling him into a fierce kiss that had blood running from Ichigo's lips as Kenpachi's sharp teeth slit his skin. The pain didn't matter, only the feeling and memory of Kenpachi inside and above him, arms around him and dragging him further into the curve of his massive body.

Kenpachi felt Ichigo's breathing slow and deepen against his chest and rolled to prevent himself from crushing Ichigo with his weight. Ichigo's hands were still threaded in his hair and his leg was hooked around Kenpachi's waist, his eyes closed and mouth pressing slowly, tiredly against his lover's jaw until his eyes drifted shut from weariness and a profound lethargy that encompassed him. Kenpachi lazily rolled onto his back, relaxing and letting his own erection slowly fade as Ichigo snuggled deeper into his chest, his cheek pressed against Kenpachi's collarbone and sighing as the captain grabbed Ichigo's yukata and draped it over him. The heavy musk remained around them as Ichigo's body cooled, his sweat sticking to him and making him uncomfortable as he shifted against Kenpachi. The other man was massaging the base of his spine before the curve of his ass, deep circles that made him shiver and heat pool in him once more.

"Hey, not again, I'm tired..." Ichigo grumbled, voice muffled by Kenpachi's shihakusho and the fact that his face was burrowed in the captain's chest like a pillow.

"Don't worry. I'll let you rest," Kenpachi said, grinning to himself as he ran his hands over Ichigo's ass again before dipping his fingers back and lower until they slid into the tight ring of muscle, searching for the place inside of Ichigo that made him forget to be embarrassed or quiet. "Eventually."

Ichigo cried out and arched against Kenpachi, torso and now full-on erection pressing insistingly against the larger man as he fingered Ichigo, stretching and plying his sore entrance. "I can't take anymore!" Ichigo yelled, furious and extremely turned on despite himself, struggling to push away from Kenpachi and wiggling his ass to dislodge the captain's incredibly long fingers. He pulled back, glaring and digging his nails into Kenpachi's chest.

"Get. Off."

"I like being with you like this." Another rub deep within him, tingling pressure making him stutter as he responded, attempting to ignore the urge to curl himself closer to Kenpachi.

"Yeah well.. I ... don't... will you stop that?"

Kenpachi made as if to pout, attempting to push out his lip and failing miserably. His usual scary grin had made his facial muscles rather lacking in the pouting department. He did feel slightly bad when Ichigo winced and plucked at his wrist, gritting his teeth. It was apparent Ichigo was already sore and wanted nothing more than to rest and probably wash the sweat and ... other things from his body. "Come on." He withdrew his fingers and stood up, pulling Ichigo with him and snaring his wayward yukata on the way, draping it over Ichigo's naked back as he switched his hold on him to a bridal style.

"Hey. I can walk, Zaraki."

"I like carryin' you. So shut up and let me," he growled, shifting so he gripped Ichigo's thighs nearer his hips as he kicked open the door to the hall.

"Bastard." Ichigo grumbled, watching the doors pass slowly by them on either side.

"Don't be a bitch."

"I'll tell Rukia." Ichigo countered, hiding a smirk at the slight twitch Kenpachi's face gave that in most normal people would have been recognizable as a shiver.

Kenpachi grumbled something that could conceivably, in a much kinder and Ichigo-friendly world, have been an apology.

"Good. Now put me down, we're ... where are we?" Ichigo glared at Kenpachi as the man put him down, staring at the innocent looking door beside him and glancing up at Kenpachi's suspicious silence.

"My room, Ichigo."

God, did his name sound good in Kenpachi's low voice. Or was it just... him being an incredibly horny teenager? Possibly the latter. But the former seemed to be quite true as well. Kenpachi had a sexy voice. It just sounded like he was growling his name, like a wolf. A possessive wolf.

Ichigo shivered and looked again at the door, blushing. "I'm not going to jump you Ichigo. I want to sleep. And I'm sure you want to as well. Plus, I think your female trio is... occupied."

Ichigo smiled at the thought before yelping as Kenpachi slid the door open and nudged him inside, planting one hand on Ichigo's back and shoving him lightly into the room and closing the door behind him. Ichigo turned, a little panicked at the smug look on the captain's face as he shed his haori and pulled off his shihakusho, walking toward Ichigo with only his hakama on. Ichigo wrapped his rather flimsy feeling yukata around him and closed his eyes as Kenpachi stepped up to him, feeling the other man's heat and immense reiatsu pressing down and wrapping around him. About to open his eyes or say something, because he felt the silence was quickly becoming awkward, Ichigo was startled when Kenpachi picked him up and turned, letting him bounce on the futon set out on the floor before lying back next to him. Ichigo stifled a very unmanly squeak as Kenpachi slid one hand under his yukata up his back and around to his waist to pull him closer.

"Hey. No molesting," Ichigo protested weakly as Kenpachi trailed his fingers on his shoulder, smirking in front of him.

"Sleep now. Molest later," Kenpachi promised.

Ichigo punched him, a little too lightly to matter or follow through with his abuse as he let his head drop near Kenpachi's shoulder and closed his eyes. A moment later he shifted closer, relaxing as he breathed in the heavy, comforting scent that was uniquely Kenpachi and wonderfully masculine.

Kenpachi growled to himself, pulling Ichigo tighter to him and willing away his erection. Later. Maybe. For now, sleeping with his Strawberry in his arms and knowing Ichigo was in his bed would have to be enough.


Rukia stood smugly outside the bathroom, listening to the screams Ichigo was giving out and blushing even as she celebrated her plan's victory. She always knew the way to get under Ichigo's skin. This was pretty close to under... well... in. She supposed.

She flinched as Kenpachi gave a drawn out, satisfied moan and decided it was best to move to another, less... sexual environment. She was almost out of range when a long scream and lusty sob came from the room, along with a dull thud and crash.

Maybe she should just move to another entire house. Then she might not have to listen to Ichigo screaming in vain about how he couldn't take whatever the hell Kenpachi was doing to him.

She shuddered and walked a little faster back to her room and the two lovers waiting for her. Men. She was glad she was female.


Ichigo woke up what he presumed to be several hours later. He stretched languidly and rolled out of Kenpachi's arms, ignoring the low hiss the man uttered as Ichigo left his embrace. "Come back," Kenpachi muttered, pulling at Ichigo's yukata, attemting to drag him back into place. Ichigo yelped and scrambled away. He rose to his knees and glared at Kenpachi, who'd also sat up and was smirking at him, dangling his discarded yukata on one finger in front of Ichigo before he threw it behind him, across the room.

They stared at one another, an unbroken contest that lasted more than a minute until Ichigo, still locking eyes with Kenpachi, crawled back into the bed and grudgingly lay back down, letting Kenpachi pull the sheet back over them. Kenpachi shifted closer to Ichigo, facing the orangette and grinning at his blush and remaining glare. "I like having you in my bed, Ichi."

"Don't call me that," Ichigo hissed back at him, flicking the captain's nose and writhing in the bed until he faced away from Kenpachi, put out that he was being named as a pet.

Kenpachi turned to spoon Ichigo as the teen squirmed away, pushing one leg between Ichigo's and wrapping his arms around his waist. He leaned forward, nipping the top of Ichigo's spine where it met with the base of his neck, soothing the sting with languid kisses as Ichigo shivered and attempted to remain silent.

A knock at the door made them both jump and Ichigo attempted to sit up before Kenpachi held him down and growled at the door. "What?"

"Get the hell up you lazy bastards! We have two hours until we're meeting at the Courtyard Senkaimon to go to the springs!" Rukia. Of course.

Several low giggles and a few sounds of kissing and bumping echoed from the hall and Ichigo sat up, breaking Kenpachi's hold and grabbing his shoes from beside the futon - how the hell had they gotten there.. damn Rukia again - and throwing them at the door, sitting back against Kenpachi's chest and grinning as they bounced off of Orihime and Rukia kissing in the hall. They turned and stared at him through the ripped paper of the sliding doors before casually sliding out of view. Ichigo folded his arms and twitched as Kenpachi adjusted behind him so Ichigo sat within the circle of his legs, his back to Kenpachi's chest. He remembered he was naked and blushed once more, grabbing for the sheet before the captain slid his hands over Ichigo's and halted his movements.

"Let's take a bath, Ichi. I want to wash my hair."

"God, you are so masculine."

"You would know," Kenpachi growled, hands lifting Ichigo's hips and grinding into his ass, already sporting a half erection and eager to prove to Ichigo that he was, in fact, quite male.

"H-hey! Bath! Stop humping me!" Ichigo struggled to escape, fighting down occasional shivers as Kenpachi's hot breath washed over the back of his neck, his large hands slipping lower and spreading him again before the captain stopped, fingers inches from Ichigo's entrance, tapping on his perineum in a torturous, absentminded fashion. Ichigo shook slightly as his head fell back in the crook of Kenpachi's neck, letting out a small groan before turning his face to press against Kenpachi's throat and deciding to tease right back, his pride be damned. He traced Kenpachi's pulse with his tongue before sealing his lips around the man's throat and sucking, biting and pulling on the skin. He pulled back a while later, smiling at the vicious looking mark that flowered his lover's neck, complete with several cuts from his teeth and deep bruises from his tongue and lips.

"My turn, Ichi," Kenpachi said, voice husky and teasing, even as his eyes laced through with gold and he flipped their bodies so he held Ichigo's upper body against him as their torsos and legs meshed together.

"Wha- Hey!" Ichigo hissed, face bright red and pissed off at being the 'bottom' again. Not that he thought he would ever be able to top.. but still. He wanted control sometimes too...

Ichigo had gone rather still beneath him and the only movement he made was with his legs as they twitched beneath Kenpachi. His expression had gone very dream-like and dazed, signifying that he was way gone in some daydream or just plain zoned out. The captain sighed, knowing a lost cause when he saw one and pulled away, rolling off Ichigo and adjusting his now uncomfortably tight hakama as he stood. He held out a hand for Ichigo, who took it with that same, lost expression.

Not bothering to pick up his haori or kosode, he opened the door -careful to avoid Ichigo's shoes with a smirk - and led the redhead down the hall. Rukia had told him where he should take Ichigo if he was planning on 'bathing'. She better have set everything up. He didn't want to walk into a bare white bathroom with no soap or anything.

Despite common belief, he took very stringent care of his hair and was irritated when he didn't get his daily shower in. Especially towards the nighttime; it was how he cooled off and cleaned up, while making sure his hair was stiff enough to style the next day. Since it had been down and silky around his shoulders all day, he was starting to feel a little more than pissed off that he hadn't been able to bathe yet. However... Ichigo really seemed to like holding onto his hair when it was down, having something soft and comforting to anchor himself to while Kenpachi made a mess of his body. Maybe he'd just wash his hair out totally and leave the soap out so it wouldn't stiffen... It would piss him off... but if it got Ichigo looking at him...

He grimaced to himself, put out that he was thinking for five minute straight about his hair, like any good little gay man. Like Yumichika. He shuddered. Kenpachi didn't want to remember the 'amazing miracle products' Yumichika had given him. Yachiru had bugged him for a week straight and Yumichika told him he should wear his hear down more often because he looked so attractive and approachable. After beating Yumichika into the ground, he gone and washed his hair with just soap twice, and still no effect. His hair was sleek, silky and soft. Damn pretty boy. Walking around his division for a week was hell. He beat at least half of the peons just for soemthing to do. But the captain's meeting... that was horrible. The only person who hadn't gone boggle eyed was that Kuchiki tight ass. He was the only one who commented either.

"It's too bad the rest of you isn't as beautiful, Captain Zaraki." The kenseikan wearing noble looked almost smug as he stood amidst his gawking fellow captains, arms crossed and eyes half shut in apparent boredom.

Bright red and fuming, he'd stormed from the meeting, reiatsu wavering out of control and smashing every weaker shinigami to their knees from the force. Damn Kuchiki. Damn nobles. Good thing Abarai had jumped on that bandwagon before the noble decided to pursue him with whatever sick fascination he possessed for Kenpachi.

He stopped at a door with an eloquently painted sign declaring it as the sixth squad guest baths, and slid the doors open, pulling Ichigo into the room and shutting the door behind him. A pool of hot water lay behind them, deep and steaming. A row of different bottles declaring themselves as soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners lined the edge of one side of the bath. A set of white, fluffy towels lay outside of the bath. A small shower area with stools and shower heads that could be removed and used as hoses were opposite the pool to the left, tiled floors leading to a drain in the center of the room.

Kenpachi suffered no amount of amusement when, while he was stripped of his yukata, Ichigo came out of his daze and franticly tried to pull his clothes together. Before Ichigo could do any lasting damage, Kenpachi simply tore the yukata away from the redhead, rendering it useless and shrugging off the deadly glare the orangette directed at him.

"You bastard," Ichigo hissed, stalking past Kenpachi and fighting the surge of nerves that filled him when he heard the other man's clothing hit the tiles next to his own. Ichigo managed to walk all the way to the showers and turn one of the myriad taps, bringing down a soothing barrage of wonderfully hot water before he felt Kenpachi's body, hot and tight against his back and hips. He bit his lip to stifle a groan as Kenpachi leaned him forward, one hand coming to rest over Ichigo's head in between his own palms which braced him against the onslaught of sensations. Kenpachi's other hand slid down Ichigo's torso, circling his nipples before moving to pull Ichigo's hips back flush against his own.

Kenpachi pressed deep kisses along Ichigo's spine as he shook his hair out of his eyes under the shower, pushing Ichigo closer to the wall and sliding one leg between Ichigo's, relieving the teen of his standing position. He balanced the smaller shinigami over his leg, letting his knee brace against the wall and leaving his hands free to satisfy his hunger for contact with Ichigo's devourable body. Instead of moving back and spreading Ichigo wide like he wanted to, Kenpachi sucked lightly on Ichigo's throat as he let his hands massage first over the teen's chest. He moved slowly, inexorably downward until his fingers slid into a small patch of wet orange curls that met smoothly with Ichig's rapidly forming erection. He grinned as he nipped the bare shoulder below him, watching the small beads of red that formed and welled before washing away beneath the water with sick hunger and fascination. Ichigo groaned and pressed his ass back into Kenpachi's stomach, his hands coming off the wall to twine around Kenpachi's neck and the other reaching lower to dig his blunt nails into the thigh supporting him.

Ichigo groaned as Kenpachi began to jerk him off, his large hands delicate and knowing exactly where to touch and squeeze in a way that just drove him crazy.

Kenpachi fought back another surge of crushing, dominant reiatsu that seemed desperate to force Ichigo to submit to him as he reveled in the redhead's drunken moans. Ichigo's head lolled against his chest and hot breath mixed with the shower that had turned cool mixed on his skin, sending tingles through his entire body as he stroked his Strawberry into incoherence.

Ichigo struggled to control his body but the overpowering lust Kenpachi poured into him sent him over the edge and he screamed hoarsely as he came, the wall before him stained and running with his seed as the water continued its path. Kenpachi slowly let Ichigo's body fall back on his feet, kissing and maintaining contact while he turned off the shower with one hand, the other running through Ichigo's hair and wrapping around his chest to tighten around his lover.

Kenpachi felt Ichigo become near boneless in his grasp and took pity, crouching a bit to slide his other hand beneath Ichigo's knees to lift him. He walked back through the small shower room and out into the open air of the baths, stepping carefully into the thigh deep water- on his superior height. Ichigo stirred and his chest heaved as he drew in a ragged breath, eyes still closed and body lax against Kenpachi's.

Kenpachi moved Ichigo so he was draped over the edge of the tub, his upper body resting on the tiles outside the rim and lower body swaying gently in the water. He moved so his hips rubbed against Ichigo's backside, his hands running over Ichigo's ass before he turned his attention to his still painfully hard member.

Ichigo jumped a little into consciousness as he felt his lover's erection slide between his cheeks, rubbing and grinding over his entrance slowly. Ichigo reached back, frantic for a moment until Kenpachi twined his fingers between Ichigo's, his lips sealing over Ichigo's shoulder before he pulled back. Ichigo forced himself to relax as he let Kenpachi push against his hole, just barely pressing the tip of his cock inside before sliding away and resuming the slow thrusting motion of his hips against Ichigo's.

"I won't fuck you unless you know you want it, Ichigo," Kenpachi's voice rumbled through the slowly gathering haze of pleasure behind his eyes.

"Okay," Ichigo responded, completely dazed and incoherent as Kenpachi sped up his sliding against Ichigo, his breath catching and the formidable captain's reiatsu rising as he cursed. Ichigo felt Kenpachi's hands spread him open as he jumped, pushing himself up on his elbows and looking back anxiously. Kenpachi's face was beautiful with orgasmic bliss as he came, erection positioned just inside of Ichigo, enough that Ichigo felt the unexpected pulse of wetness within him and heat and knew that Kenpachi was coming inside him.

Ichigo's breath hitched as Kenpachi slid further in, almost halfway before the depth of Ichigo's passage that was stretched enough to accomodate him ran out and Ichigo whimpered, pushing and clenching against the intrusion. "Pull out, Ken- please," Ichigo managed, tears beginning to blur his vision and he felt, with relief, the sudden emptiness within him that told him Kenpachi had listened.

Kenpachi fought against the urge to just thrust completely inside his beautiful redhead and remembered what his true goal with Ichigo was. He wanted Ichigo to love him and to accept sex with him because he wanted it, not because Kenpachi forced it on him. So with great regret and frequent pauses he pulled out, hesitating just as he slipped free from Ichigo's hole, attempting to savour the feeling of being squeezed from all sides by heat that felt like melting.

Slowly, he knelt behind Ichigo, eyes locked on Ichigo's as the teen stared at him, confused and slightly afraid, over his body. He let Ichigo's legs fall over his shoulders as he nipped the substitute's thighs before moving further up and in and circling Ichigo's entrance with his tongue.

"Oh my god, Kenpachi... I don't even want to know what the hell you're doing. Just don't stop," Ichigo groaned, startling Kenpachi so much he pulled away, tongue out and hands in between Ichigo's legs. "I said don't stop, bastard," Ichigo growled, even as he blushed at Kenpachi's smirk and the look in his eyes as he licked a searing path up his thigh back into his hole.

"You asked for this," Kenpachi hissed against Ichigo's skin as he reached up, tearing away his eyepatch and pinning Ichigo's twitching legs beneath his arms as he surged upwards, one hand moving to plunge inside Ichigo and the other wrapping around to abuse his reawakened erection.

Ichigo screamed as Kenpachi's reiatsu tore through his own spiritual pressure and wrapped around just as intimately as the man's hands were around his cock. He realized, too late, that he was grinding and rocking back against Kenpachi's hands as he came, embarrassingly fast and too sensitive to withstand anymore torment. Kenpachi's hand lifted, covered in his white fluid and licked his fingers, gold-laced eyes glinted at Ichigo's tired blush.

"You are beautiful, Ichigo," the captain growled, sliding Ichigo carefully into the bath and moving him so his head rested against his shoulder. Ichigo was all but unconscious now as Kenpachi slowly washed his sore body, only twitching slightly when Kenpachi's hands ran between his legs and dipped back inside him to thoroughly clean him.

Ichigo blushed again, half conscious, as he realized that Kenpachi -the formidable, dominating male- was washing his hair and massaging soap over his body. He couldn't bring himself to resist and simply enjoyed the tender caress his lover was giving him.

Kenpachi shifted Ichigo in his lap, away from his erection and continued to wash his tired Berry. He felt incredibly aroused, seeing Ichigo's open and beautifully used expression laid bare and submissive beneath him. Part of him longed to simply take Ichigo now, when he was relaxed enough to just let him slide deep inside and not tense in pain like he would when conscious. However, the small nuzzle Ichigo gave when his head slipped further down Kenpachi's arm stopped him, and the small hands wound around his neck and lips pressing slowly against his collarbone before letting out a sigh of content made his heart soar with triumph and what he would deny was a flutter of genuine excitement.

He was a captain. Not some giddy brat. He didn't get 'excited'.

Ichigo twitched again, letting out a small groan as he drew his knees up closer to his body and laced his hands together behind Kenpachi's head, body resting flush against Kenpachi's heated skin.

Well... maybe he did. A little.


Rukia didn't say anything as she saw Kenpachi carrying a rather disheveled, torn-yukata clad Ichigo on his back, both of their hair wet and still dripping, faces slightly flushed. Ichigo's arms draped loosely over Kenpachi's shoulders and one hand lazily curled in the dark mass of the captain's wet hair, his legs hooked over Kenpachi's arms and feet swaying slightly in the rhythm of Kenpachi's gait.

She smirked as the captain glared at her obvious stare, pulling Ichigo closer and higher on his back as he half turned towards her. "We're leaving in half an hour. I left some tea in your room. Get him dressed in some clean clothes and at least try to look presentable. Not everyone needs to know you were how-close to fucking Ichigo senseless for the past few hours."

"I don't know, Kuchiki. He was pretty conscious for most of it. He screamed enough to make it seem like he was enjoying it," he growled, enjoying her flush of embarrassment and feeling a dark swirl of jealousy as her gaze swept over Ichigo's body and his peaceful, if tired, face.

"Just be there," she snapped, voice creaking as she hid her half arousal and half sick fascination and walked a little faster down the hall of the sixth division, as far as she could possibly get from Ichigo's new, sadistic, perverted lover.

Ichigo had better really love this guy. Rukia felt her face grow hot again at the sudden image of Ichigo clinging to Kenpachi as the captain held him still to meet his powerful thrusts and screaming while Kenpachi whispered perverted things into his ear... She shook herself and decided she would stop off at the showers to cool off.

If only she knew what she would find left over in the bath... (A/N ... SHUDDERINFEARANDSLIGHTDISGUST/FASCINATION)


Renji cocked his head slightly at Ichigo as their party group stood ready and waiting at the Senkaimon Byakuya had opened to the springs. They were just waiting on Urahara's three and then they would be ready to head off.

However, Renji took the time to thoroughly examine his friend and note with a sort of embarrassed fascination that the redhead appeared to be leaning against Kenpachi as if he were extremely tired or dizzy, and the huge captain could, conceivably, have been seen to have one hand resting on Ichigo's hip and bracing the substitute against his larger body.

Renji shuddered at the image the two made; formidable, yes, attractive, still yes, possible? He cringed a little as he let his gaze trail down the eleventh division captain's body, wondering if that proportional sense of largeness translated to... other parts of his body.

He was guessing yes, and the image his slightly perverted mind put together at the estimate he came to made him turn bright red and had his lover looking at him rather disapprovingly.

"I'll deal with you later, Abarai," his captain breathed, quietly, lips barely moving as he leaned almost unnoticeably closer to Renji. The lieutenant felt shivers course down his spine and wondered whether that was a bad thing...

"We're here," Urahara called out, just as the two captains and former captain made their presence known. A palpable sense of concern went through the group as their gaze focused on Ukitake, who was supported in what looked to be a rather grudging way by Shunsui. The flowery-kimono wearing captain hid his expression well, but his worry made itself known in the unusual tightness of his usually lax shoulders. Urahara looked unperturbed, but Renji could tell that the shopkeeper was faring no better over his lover's condition.

"Are you well enough to travel, Captain?" Rukia asked, moving closer to her superior and looking at Orihime in an almost desperate way.

"Well enough, Rukia-chan, don't worry about me," Ukitake responded, a smile on his face that didn't quite make it to his eyes. Shunsui gave him a disapproving look and while Ukitake's pale cheeks colored slightly from the imperceptable squeeze his lover gave him, Orihime moved closer, one hand moving to her hair pins.

"Ukitake-sama, I can help with the more inflamed pain, to ease the crossing. I can't get to the deeper parts of your sickness, but I can erase enough to make your illness dormant for a while." She said this quietly and Renji just barely heard her as everyone else suddenly became engrossed in their smaller group's discussions, attempting to give the captain his privacy.

"That would be appreciated, Orihime-chan," the white-haired man said quietly, his eyes downcast and mouth downturned. Shunsui held him closer, reassuringly, as Orihime chanted her mantra and stepped forward, emboldened by her power, to lay both hands directly onto the captain's pale, thin chest. She nudged aside his haori and kosode and pushed past the deeply set sickness she could sense beneath her fingertips. She knew that the illness was too far gone to heal completely, only to postpone. A moment later, she felt and saw the tension pour from the captain's frame as she loosened up the tight, blood-laced liquid within his lungs and vaporized it with her power, searing out the most recent attack's effects on his body.

Renji was always in awe of how much the seemingly clueless looking girl was able to perceive and heal. This was no exception and once again he was reminded of Orihime's value and the knowledge that underestimating her would be a bad idea.

Urahara and Shunsui relaxed when they saw the renewed vigor in their partner and gave Orihime thankful looks before joining the others in the tight knit circle preparing to go through the Senkaimon.

Byakuya waited patiently as Rukia stepped up beside him to address the group. "Well, hopefully we all got enough sleep last night to remember to bring some bathing wear, because let's face it, I don't really want to see naked old men. We will arrive directly on the hot springs grounds and you will all be shown to your rooms. Dinner is served in your rooms and tomorrow afternoon we'll be meeting in the main hall to have Ichigo's birthday dinner and give gifts. We also have a surprise after so don't go to sleep or wherever you might go to celebrate after we eat. Have fun, everyone. And happy birthday, Ichigo," Rukia finished, giving her tired looking friend a grin that made him blush and glare furiously at her before marching away from Kenpachi and stepping through the Senkaimon after Renji, Byakuya and Rukia.


The hot springs were beautiful. And every room (which was specially outfitted according to its inhabitants various needs) had its own spring just outside out intricately carved bamboo sliding doors. The futons and clothing provided (for Ichigo and Orihime, at least, who didn't have those sorts of things) were traditional and hand woven. It took Ichigo only a few minutes to realize just whose house they were staying in.

"We're staying in your family's vacation home?" Ichigo hissed to Rukia, as she led him and the others to their rooms, smiling as she glanced up at him.

"Of course. Nii-sama suggested it. He said it was his gift to you, to give you free reign of the luxuries of the noble houses and to enjoy your stay while you were able. Being morbid, as usual. But he meant well, Ichigo. Why? Don't you like it here?"

"Of course I like it here, it's gorgeous. It's just... this place is huge... and I'm going to be all alone with... well.." He blushed and refrained from looking down the line of people following Rukia to sight the dark point of spiritual pressure that was his apparent lover.

"Ah. So you're nervous about being isolated with your wistful lover? Don't be afraid, Ichigo. He's on his best behaviour." She cursed herself for that one. She really did.

"Did you talk to him?" Ichigo breathed out, feeling anger and more than a little bit of embarrassment course through him at the implications of her 'assistance'.

'Yes. I did. But whatever perverted things you're thinking, I can tell you that I gave him no ideas and no suggestions. I only told him to take it slow or I would bring the wrath of your friends down on his head." She crossed her fingers beneath her yukata. Thank god she'd gotten good at her deadpan expressions, or else Ichigo would be spitting mad. She really had given Kenpachi a little more than.. suggestions.

"Well... fine," Ichigo sputtered, his pale skin blotched red with embarrassment as he looked straight ahead and avoided Rukia's gaze. "Just... Rukia... please tell me there's at least... lube.. here?"

True to her noble upbringing, his friend's ivory visage didn't flame with the crudeness of the question and she only responded very quietly, "yes. And condoms. Though I highly doubt you'll be able to find one that fits him, let alone convince him to wear one."

Ichigo cringed at the obvious fault in the condom plan and sighed inaudibly, frustrated. "Rukia, you did not hear this from me.. but the man is a monster. Exactly what you all have probably imagined. Big. Like... oh my god, seriously? I cannot stretch that much!" He sounded like a freaked out sixteen year old virgin. And he hated it.

Rukia did turn red this time and she cast him a quick, withering look that told him to shut the hell up as she slid open a grand pair of doors and led Ukitake, Urahara and Shunsui inside. She left them in the hall for a moment while they heard her give the three captains a quick tour of the room and then quietly shut the doors behind her as she came back into the hall.

Ichigo felt the nervous swirl of reiatsu in the pit of his being growing more and more agitated and knew the others could feel it pouring out. He was furious that he was losing his self control like this, but the idea of being alone with Kenpachi again where no one could stop them, or more precisely, stop Kenpachi, scared him. Not that he didn't trust the man, the way Kenpachi had been half inside him and still pulled out at his request showed the sincerity of his promises. But still, he couldn't quell the remaining fear that threatened to have him chicken out of sharing a room with the captain, which was what he knew would happen.

His suspicions were made real when Rukia finally stopped and gestured to him as she pulled open another pair of doors. Her gaze went past him and above his head, and he knew that she had indeed paired his room with the other male. He silently cursed er, while another part of him congratulated himself on having such understanding friends (he berated himself for that part of being happy that she was trying to get him fucked, quite literally).

She led him inside and he tried to ignore the swell of dark, masculine reiatsu behind him that marked Kenpachi's entrance as she took them through the room that really could have been called a mid sized apartment. The rooms were simply huge, well furnished, and completely high class. He felt dirty and unremarkable just standing next to the large bed, which was spread in a cover so richly blue and deep that it appeared almost black, with light pink cherry petals lining the base of the fabric. A veritable mountain of well embroidered and silk covered pillows adorned the top of the bed, and a richly carved headboard traveled at least three feet up the wall behind the bed. A small canopy (a somewhat dazed expression on his part that Rukia considered this monstrous hanging 'small') hung over the bed and was pinned back with two intricately golden carved half circles that acted as holders for the heavy drape. The canopy itself was also richly decorated with blossoms and silks and dragons. Everything about this small detailed piece of fabric screamed money and he felt the urge to put on some sort of hazard suit just to sit down on the bed, it was that pristine.

By the time he realized Rukia had left, Kenpachi was behind him, tipping him forward and turning him on his back on the bed, sliding their bodies so they rested comfortably against the pillows. Ichigo squirmed uncomfortably and growled at Kenpachi's laugh at the small neck pillow he dislodged from behind his back. "Shut up," he hissed, raising one foot and planting it firmly against the larger man's chest to absolutely no discernable effect.

Kenpachi smirked at Ichigo's frail attempt at moving him and slid his hands beneath the yukata that was already riding precariously high from the rather baring position his legs were in. Ichigo stopped moving and stared up at Kenpachi, his brown eyes swirling for a moment with blue reiatsu before Kenpachi leaned down and kissed him, his lips soft and teasing compared to the rough and quick disrobing his hands were in the process of.

Ichigo shrugged off his yukata tiredly, knowing there was absolutely no point in attempting to deny his would-be lover this priviledge. Kenpachi made a point of not tearingg this one, and was almost leisurely in removing his own clothes. Ichigo groaned when Kenpachi lowered himself until their bodies melded into one hard plane of muscles and taut, heated flesh. He reached up and tangled his hands in Kenpachi's hair, yanking the man down into a rather vengeful kiss as he bit and pulled at Kenpachi's mouth, for once taking the more dominant lead in their kiss. He didn't complain or pull away when Kenpachi took control and twined his tongue around Ichigo's, hands pulling Ichigo's legs so they wrapped around his hips, painfully hard organs grinding against one another between their bodies.

Kenpachi rocked forward and down with his hips, testing out Ichigo's boundaries. The teen bit his lip and slid his hands lower, boldly gripping Kenpachi's hips and pulling him closer and tighter against his body as he slowly began to speed up his thrusts.

"Ichigo," Kenpachi panted, dragging his teeth across the slender column of Ichigo's throat before burying his teeth just beyond the surface of his skin, groaning as he tasted blood and Ichigo whimpered beneath him, straining against his hips and pushing desperately closer with every downward motion.

"Harder," Ichigo responded, eyes shut and locking his ankles together behind Kenpachi's back, his hands bringing his lover's head close enough to seal their mouths together once more as Kenpachi's thrusts increased in force with every stroke.

Ichigo felt his climax drawing close, too close, and screamed as Kenpachi hooked his hands under his knees and pushed them up by his shoulders, his cock sliding lower and pushing inside Ichigo just barely before pulling out and sliding once more over his pulsing dick. The redhead screamed at the flash of pain before groaning at the surge of pleasure a moment later and felt tears gathering in his eyes from the overload.

Kenpachi knew Ichigo was close to orgasm and reached down between their bodies, pulling Ichigo up so he straddled his lap, their erections pressed together as he grabbed Ichigo's hand. They finished together, Ichigo screaming out his completion and Kenpachi stifling his cry by burying his teeth in Ichigo's thick shoulder muscle. Their hands slowed their frantic pace between their bodies, Ichigo's hand relaxing around their joint members and breathing raggedly against the larger male, panting desperately for breath.

Ichigo snorted as Kenpachi grabbed a section of the intricately embroidered sheet and wiped their bodies clean before tossing it on the ground. Kenpachi ignored Ichigo's disapproving look and shifted so Ichigo lay next to him under a silk cover, bodies nestled together, cooling rapidly with the sweat still shining on their skin.

Ichigo managed to stay awake long enough to manage to go to the washroom by himself and splash his face with warm water before heading back to bed and Kenpachi's inviting warmth. He ignored the little voice in the back of his head calling him a stupid, naive little twink and slid into the bed, smiling slightly when Kenpachi's arms pulled him close and he felt the low rumble of approval within his lover's broad chest.

Kenpachi desperately wanted to ask Ichigo if he would suck him off, but the look of relaxed amusement on the redhead's face made him reconsider and he just laid on the bed, pretending to be dead to the world as he reveled in the skin resting against his own.

Ichigo's eyes slipped shut from exhaustion as he managed one last look around their beautiful new room and the large, naked man beside him. One thought followed him into sleep and he scoffed inwardly at it.

At least he was still a virgin.


So... basically that ENTIRE chapter was smut. Pure, uncensored (actually that's a lie there was some ah.. more hardcore stuff I took out due to fear of the censoring police of Ffiction ) hot, dirty smex.

Man sex.

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Sex sex.

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