Bubble Letters

Disclaimer: Toy Story © Disney & Pixar.

A/N: Just a random idea that came to me as I was scribbling my own name with someone else's.


Andy had gone to school and left his notepad open to a blank page. Jessie was sitting on top of it, holding a large pencil in her hands. She was alone on the desk; the other toys were either playing computer games, board games, or listening to Woody rambling on about the latest goings-on in the house.

She wrote her name. "Jessie." She wrote her name again, this time she dotted her "i" with a heart. She continued writing her name all over the piece of paper. Cursive, print, block letters, bubble letters, you name it. Soon the page was full of nothing but the word "Jessie".

The cowgirl frowned, unhappy that her page was full. But her face lit up when she realized she may as well use the backside of the page too. Turning the page over, she looked up, making sure no one else was watching her. She caught sight of Buzz, who was clearly losing checkers to Slinky.

Inspired, she looked back to the now blank paper, picked up her pencil, and wrote "Buzz". She couldn't help but smile at it. She wrote his name again, this time writing "& Jessie" after it. She could feel butterflies in her tummy. Their names were together!

This time she wrote her name first, then his. She decided she liked it better when his name was first, and proceeded to doodle their names in that order a few more times.

When the page was about halfway full, she got another idea. "Jessie Lightyear," she wrote. Excitement lit up her face. What a thrill it was to write her name with his last! She wrote it over and over again, big and small, neat and sloppy. "Jessie Lightyear." She finally understood why Emily had written her name with her boyfriend's all over her notebooks! It was such a rush for her to see her name next to her best friend's name.

After a minute, she stood back to admire her work. There was hardly a blank spot on the page, and when she saw one, she filled it with a heart.

Much to her disappointment, she soon realized she had to get rid of the evidence. Certainly Andy would be curious as to who was doodling in his notepad. And what would Woody say if he caught her? Or worse, what would Buzz Lightyear himself say?

She looked around, trying to decide what to do, when she noticed Buzz was done losing to Slinky, and was nowhere in sight. She panicked for a minute, but decided that, really, there was nothing to be ashamed of.

So instead of throwing the paper in the trash, she grabbed hold of it and jumped off the desk.

"HEY BUZZ!" she called.

Needless to say, the paper with bubble letters and hearts all over it resulted in Jessie's first kiss, and a lifetime of happiness with her best friend.