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Gustavo had just agreed to take my friends and me to California to make us into the next boy band. Did I particularly want to be in a boy band? Hell no. I wanted to play hockey go to college on scholarship and then get drafted into the NHL. That was the plan. But of course, like always, my soft spot for my friends got the best of me.

I had refused. I told Gustavo he could take his music contract and shove it. James looked crushed, Logan shocked and Carlos…well Carlos was hard to figure out I usually just let James deal with him. Katie was quick to point out my singing habits, but it didn't matter. So what if I liked to sing? Everyone sings, even if they suck. It's just natural. I still love hockey more and nothing would change that. Not even Logan's disappointed gaze on me.

That's what really got me to give in. Got me to actually try and figure out a way to get James to Hollywood, and keep me slightly happy by keeping Logan and Carlos close. I did feel bad leaving the hockey team four players short, but I knew this couldn't last long. I mean, sure I wanted James to go off with his own solo CD and rule the charts for years to come, but not me. I wanted the ice. I wanted the rush of skating against someone else trying to get the puck in the goal.

"Kendall, are you ready," my mother asked, standing in my doorway.

I smiled and nodded. "As ready as I'll ever be." I looked out the window one last time, smiling at the snow that filled our backyard. I would miss this.


"We're boarding," James squealed as he bounced up from his seat. Carlos grinned and joined him, bouncing in place sharing his excitement.

"Let's go already," Carlos grinned, following the brunette to the line that was forming. I watched silently. They had all said goodbye to their mothers and fathers. All three sets of parents made my mom their son's guardian in this little journey.

Carlos' parents had talked to him in Spanish, his mother reduced to a weeping mess as she clung to her baby boy, his father knocked their helmets together before letting him run off into the security line. James' parents had cried but they seemed happy. They told him to stay out of trouble, keep up with his school work, and to have fun. They seemed the most proud.

Logan's parents were a whole different story. They glared at me in disapproval. I could tell it had taken him all night to convince them to let him go. His mother continued to try and reason with him, told him this would hinder his dream of being Dr. Logan Mitchell. He just chuckled and told her this wouldn't get in the way of his school work. He had his priorities set and he wanted to be a doctor. His father demanded he get A's just like he had been getting all his life since the first day I met him. They finally let him go with reluctance when my mom told them if they didn't go through security soon, they'd miss their flight. She swore to keep watch of Logan's grades.

"If you keep zoning off like that," Logan began smiling as he nudged my shoulder with his own, "James and Carlos are going to leave us behind."

I chuckled and shook my head, moving to stand with him. "Come on Logie, you know they'd never leave us."

"KENDALL! LOGAN! FLIGHT. BOARDING. NOW," James screamed deeply at us, causing at least fifty heads to turn in our direction. He stood with my mom, sister and Carlos, tapping his foot impatiently. He was very excited to start his dream career.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed Logan's wrist, leading the way to them.

As soon as the rest of the passengers were seated, we were ready to take off. I was sitting on the aisle seat, Logan was in the middle, and Katie got the window. A few rows in front of us sat James at the window, Carlos in the middle, and my mom on the end.

I had never known Logan was afraid of flying until the minute we began to take off. He was clutching the arm rest so hard his knuckles were turning white. Katie didn't notice, her eyes focusing on the sights outside the window. I moved my hand to pull his right hand into mine. "Logie," I whispered, earning his wide gaze on me. "It's ok, nothing is going to happen I swear. Remember what you said? The chances of getting into a plane crash are very unlikely."

His grip on my hand tightened. He was still scared, but he was slightly calmer. I didn't know if it was the tone of my voice or the logical part of him sinking in, but I was thankful to have helped a bit.

The plane soared up into the sky. Turbulence jumbled us a bit, making Logan's grip on my hand painful. He was pale with eyes clenched shut and I was starting to get worried he'd be sick. I eyed the designated bag the flight attendants had pointed out beforehand. Looking at Logan one more time I quickly grabbed it and held it open in front of him. His eyes shot open, wider than before and threw up into the bag.

I held the bag, ignoring the grimaces we got from the row next to us. Katie kept her face away from Logan, but the tension of her shoulders said she was worried. She didn't do well with seeing people be sick, usually made her do the same thing. I looked back to Logan, letting him take the bag and moved to rub his back softly. "You okay buddy?"

Logan shivered and shook his head wiping his mouth on the back of his hand. "I knew I shouldn't have had breakfast," he mumbled miserably.

I chuckled and shook my head, looking around to see how big our audience was. Luckily, Logan was relatively quiet. Only the rows immediately next to us had noticed anything. When the seat belt sign turned off I leaned over Logan, unbuckling him and taking the bag from him, freeing myself as well. "Come on, let's clean you up," I whispered softly, helping him to his feet and guiding him to the bathroom in the back.

"I'm sorry but only one of you can go in at a time," the flight attendant smiled. She had her hair in a high ponytail, making her face seem stretched.

"He got sick and is still a bit shaken up," I said, using my best charming smile to make her go my way.

She looked between us, seeing the bag in my hand and Logan's pale face. "Just leave the door open," she tried to smile as she took the bag from me to dispose of it.

I mumbled my thanks and pulled Logan into the bathroom, making him lean against the wall as I wet a paper towel.

"I hate flying," Logan whispered, leaning his head against the wall as he closed his eyes. "Why couldn't we have driven?"

I smiled as I pat his face gently with the cold wet towel. "Because it would've cost way more, and Gustavo wants us there today." I moved the towel to his neck, resting it there and watching Logan shiver.

"It just doesn't feel natural, we weren't meant to fly," he groaned as another wave of turbulence hit. "This isn't safe. I really need new friends."

I smirked. "You always say that, it's lost its affect." I moved the towel to the back of his neck, seeing some color starting to come back to him.

He smiled weakly and whispered, "you know I would never want to replace you guys."

"I know," I whispered, moving the towel to his cheek and then forehead. "Do you feel any better?"

He nodded carefully and opened his eyes to meet mine. "Thanks," he moved to lean his forehead against my shoulder. "Did James and Carlos see?"

We had always been able to do this. To just, invade each other's personal space like we had every right to be there. But, something about this time was different. The absolute need rolling off of Logan was intoxicating. I could feel how much he depended on me. The way his arms wrapped around me, keeping me in place, just felt like a silent plea for me to make him mine. I blinked quickly, pushing the thoughts away as I returned his hug. "No, the only ones who noticed were Katie and I, and a few people next to us. Don't worry," I smiled running my hand through his hair to calm him.

He nodded against my shoulder. I could feel him shivering. He was still scared of this trip. I moved my hand down his back, my hold on him tightening slightly. I had always felt a need to protect Logan, but it felt stronger now. Like every fiber of my being needed to keep Logan safe to stay alive.

This wasn't normal. This amount of possessiveness, this desire to shield my best friend from anything that scared him or tried to hurt him was not normal. I didn't feel this for James or Carlos. It wasn't the same as the feeling I had with Katie. Sure I knew I had to protect her, but I wasn't possessive. Logan was different…Logan was always different.