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For the past week I couldn't get a grin off my face. Logan was embarrassed by it. He insisted the guys would figure out what happened or worse, my mom would know. He didn't realize that the guys already knew. Well at least James did. I had no idea if Carlos even thought about my relationship with Logan. As far as I knew, his sights were saved for Swirly. He loved that slide more than anything or anyone in this house. We all knew it. James was the only one who seemed annoyed by it.

As for mom, I had no idea if she knew what Logan and I had done in our room a week ago. Hell I didn't know if she knew what we did last night in our room, which made my grin change into a smirk. It'd been a very good week.

"Kendall," Carlos yelled as he slid down Swirly and looked up at me, his dark eyes wide in fear.

"What is it," I asked, worry chasing away the smirk.

"James and Logan are at the pool and I saw," Carlos began, struggling to get out of the slide before finally falling on his helmet and popping back up. "There's this guy there!"

My eyebrows furrowed. "So?"

"He's hitting on Logan! And James is too busy talking to the guy's assistant to tell Logan he's being flirted with!"

My jaw clenched and without waiting to hear more I turned on my heel and all but ran to the Palm Woods pool.

The sight that met me was worse than I expected. Logan was blushing, fucking blushing, as some brown haired guy wrapped his arm around his shoulders and gestured as if he was asking him to picture something. My hands clenched to fists and as I took a step forward Camille appeared there. Her hands on her hips as she tapped her foot annoyed.

"Camille," Logan said shocked.

"What's going on," she smiled at Logan before turning her gaze to the son of a bitch touching my Logan.

"Oh is this your girlfriend, Logie," he said, finally earning the attention of James. The taller teen spun to face Logan and the guy, his face changing to anger before it changed to horror as his eyes caught sight of me. I wanted to rip his hair out for this. In fact I already had plans in my head to break his stupid comb tonight.

"Yeah," Logan said, his voice high like he was shocked. He slid out from under the guy's arm and wrapped his own arm around Camille. "This is Camille," he grinned. "And that's David." He motioned to him casually and Camille, who is amazing as long as she's not hitting Logan, kept her glare in place.

"Nice to meet you," she growled, hugging herself close to Logan.

"You didn't mention you were taken," David pouted. I wanted to punch him.

"I didn't realize you were flirting," Logan laughed nervously.

"Well I'm all up for an open rela-," David began before he was cut off with the sight of Camille pulling Logan down for a kiss. Unlike all the other times Camille's kissed him, this time he actually kissed back and looked like he was enjoying it. David bought it. He grabbed his assistant's hand and pulled her away to go do whatever it was he came here to do.

"Way to watch out for Logan, James," Carlos called from my side, his arms crossed over his chest. I started to wonder why he did that so often but got distracted at James' reply.

"Logan's a big boy, I figured he could take care of himself," James called, his voice slightly higher from nerves.

My eyes traveled back to Logan and Camille…who were still fucking kissing. I clenched my jaw and looked away, my eyes landing on Jo, who looked just as pissed as I felt. Our eyes met for a brief second before I turned on my heel again and left.

I was lying on the couch, my head against the arm rest with one foot on the couch and the other up over the back of it when my character on the fighting game died. I cursed and silently started a new game. This was how I dealt with my jealousy when I knew deep down that I had nothing to be jealous of. I knew Logan loved me, but that kiss with Camille had looked real. And Camille had a lot of stuff to offer that I couldn't, like his parents accepting her or giving him kids of his own. She could be his wife. I'd never be that. Sure, I could protect him, make him happy, support him no matter what and give him the confidence to do it all…but if he wanted a normal life then Camille would be the way to go. Even if she wasn't anything close to normal.

"And then," Carlos said as he opened the door to the apartment followed by 2 pairs of feet. "I thought, what if I put the kiddy pool at the bottom of Swirly and slid down? It'd turn into a water slide! We could put a hose up there and everything! It'd be so cool!"

"Carlos the water damage to the floors would have Bitters kicking us out," Logan sighed as his voice got closer to me. I kept my eyes glued to the screen.

"Why don't you ever let me have fun?"

"Because your plans are stupid and way too big of a risk," Logan yelled back as he carefully sat in my lap so he wouldn't disturb my game.

"I think it sounds fun," James offered as he moved to sit on the empty part of the couch. He smiled slightly at me. My face stayed even as I killed off the character James usually plays with. He winced and looked back at me apologetically.

"It's stupid," Logan said in a sing-song voice.

"James and I can do it then! And you can just butt out," Carlos yelled, hopping over the back of the couch to lay his head on James' lap, lying on my leg in the process.

I continued to kill of James' character till Logan poked my side. "Why are you slaughtering James' guy?"

"It lets me vent my frustration," I mumbled.

"He's angry I didn't notice you were about to be taken advantage of."

"We told you to watch out for Logan when you went to the pool but you were too busy flirting with some chick to notice," Carlos cut in, his arms crossed over his chest again.

"I was not flirting! She was telling me about the new Cuda products coming out in the fall!"

"I'm not a girl I can take care of myself Kendall," Logan mumbled glaring at me slightly.

"I realize you're not a girl," I growled, sending the character to his death again.

"And you realize I can take care of myself. I caught on that he was flirting and if Camille hadn't stepped in I would've taken care of it myself."

My grip on the controller tightened so much my knuckles turned white and before James' character had even fully regenerated, I began attacking with more force than before.

"Oh my God you have got to be kidding me," Logan began tossing his arms in the air and standing to glare down at me. "You cannot seriously be jealous that Camille kissed me!"

James' eyes widened and he looked at Carlos. "Let's get the kiddy pool?"

Carlos had been watching us intently before nodding and running to leave the apartment, followed closely by James.

"I'm not jealous that she kissed you," I mumbled, killing the character again.

"Then what is it," he glared.

"You kissed her back," I said, tossing the controller on the floor and turning my gaze to the ceiling.

"I had to! If I didn't that guy wouldn't have believed us! You saw he was still trying even after she hugged me!"

"You kept kissing when he left."

"I didn't keep kissing," Logan sighed. "That was Camille. You know she likes messing with you. I knew he had left so I went to pull away but Camille is stronger than she looks and she held me there. And since I'm supposed to be dating her it'd look weird if I pushed her away and ran to you. So, I just stood there and waited."

My gaze shifted to him. "Really," I whispered.

Logan sighed softly and shook his head as he moved to climb back onto my lap and rest his head on my chest. My arms automatically reached up to hold him close against me. "You know I love you, idiot. Why would you think I'd ever want to kiss her?"

I could feel the tension leave my shoulders as a grin formed onto my lips again.

Suddenly the doors burst open to reveal the grinning duo known as James and Carlos. "We have to get to the studio NOW! Gustavo has our CDs," They screamed in unison. My eyes shot open in shock and Logan's mouth dropped. We scrambled to stand up and all ran out of the apartment and to the studio.


The dog cones...were dangerous. Seriously, not being able to see where we were going was going to result in injuries. It was amazing James and I didn't collide more often. I bumped into Logan and my arms shot out, steadying him before he fell over. Carlos must've bumped into him at some point because I felt him falling over, his hand taking the opportunity to molest my butt. I couldn't help the grin that formed on my lips. He was adorable. We were also holding hands at one point, which apparently was ok since Gustavo didn't yell. Of course, we all failed the spot light test. I had no idea I could bend myself in half like that till I fell off the stage with Carlos gripping my leg. I also had no idea how he had gotten over next to me when he was on the other side of Logan before but I had more important things to think about. Like the pain in my head and the bruises that would be forming.

"Great," Gustavo grinned at whatever Mr. X had said. "Now, let's move on to the hard part of your training."

We all stared at him in shock before putting on a fake show about how great that sounded. Then Logan screamed this blood curdling scream I had never heard him make and we all took it as a cue to run. "Supply closet," I instructed them seeing them all take the cones off and run into there. My eyes were wide in shock and a bit of fear at what the hard part of this training would be. I pressed my back against the door to make sure it stayed closed then looked at the guys, my eyes drifting to Logan. "Hiding's not gonna solve anything."

"No, but it will temporarily keep us alive and," James began laughing nervously and looking to Carlos. "I don't know about you but I LIKE LIVING," he screamed in his 'I'm scared and you will not pry me from this thing I am clinging to no matter how hard you try' voice. And, as expected, he clung to the metal stand housing the paper towels.

"I thought training was kinda fun," Carlos grinned looking from me to Logan.

Logan leaned his chin up, and leaned closer to the shorter boy. "That's your concussion talking."

I looked at Carlos worried. If he really did have a concussion then shouldn't we get him to the hospital? Carlos lifted up his finger to say something then quickly passed out. We all stared at him. James gestured to him and turned to face me again.

"Look, guys," I said, turning my gaze to Logan as I came off the wall. "Gustavo might be loud, mean, abnoxious, self-abosorbed," I began, my gaze turning to the ceiling for a moment. "unattractive," I added.

"Get to the point," James and Logan said in unison. I glared slightly at James for a second before Carlos' hand shot up.

"Put it in hockey terms!"

I did my own impersonation of Logan's half frown half smile and moved to help him up. James watched as the shorter boy sprang up like a toy.

"In two weeks we have the biggest game of our lives, we have to train our butts off for it," I said looking between Carlos and Logan. "Or we could lose," I finished, my gaze turning to James. "No matter how rough the first period was, we have to get back on the ice." They smiled and nodded in agreement, James clapping his hands and rubbing them, the same way he always did right before going back out on the rink.

There was a loud cracking sound and my eyes popped open. I did NOT scream or run. I was just...stepping out of the way, trying to get behind James because...he was taller. But of course he blocked me and kept me in front of him. Jerk.

"Hey uh Gustavo wants," Freight train began.

We held our hands up. "We're coming we're coming," we said.

"Really," He seemed surprised. We nodded. "Oh well uh," he began looking around. "You guys want a ride back to the stage?"

Carlos' hand shot up and he grinned. "I'll take one." James looked down at him amused and we all watched as the shorter boy ran up to Freight Train and jumped up into his arms bridal style, grinning the whole way. Freight train couldn't even keep the grin off his lips as he patted his back and moved with him to the stage.

After a few more hours of training with the cone of shame, Gustavo let us break for lunch. I slouched into the couch, my head on Logan's shoulder and ate my peanut butter and jelly quietly. Kelly was going to get us actual food till Mr. X told her it wasn't good to eat with heavy food in our system. So, my dreams of an amazing double cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake were down the drain.

"You know," Logan began before taking a sip of the milk Kelly had been kind enough to give us. "A tablespoon of peanut butter has the same amount of protein as the proper serving of meat."

"You're so smart," I whispered, taking another bite of my food. I silently wondered if Kelly would bring us Doritos. I wanted some.

"But we really shouldn't be having milk," James said before taking a swig of his own glass. "It's not good for singing."

"Kelly," Carlos called suddenly.

She hurried in smiling at him. "Yes?"

"Can we have some Doritos?"

"Oh my God yes," I yelled, sitting up and grinning. I didn't know when Carlos and I got on the same wavelength but it was fine with me. Kelly laughed and shook her head and ran off to find some. I had to remember to get her an amazing Christmas present. She dealt with too much crap not to make out like a bandit at that time.

"Why do you want Doritos," James and Logan asked in unison.

"I don't know I just really want them," I answered shrugging as I took another bite of my sandwich.

"Me too," Carlos grinned drinking the rest of his milk.

Our friendship was an odd one, made mostly over the same taste in food. That's how I had first met the Latin boy. He came to school with this delicious smelling lunch in his bag and I invaded his table and told him if he gave me a bite of his food I'd be his friend. From that moment forward we were best friends and I even got a lunch made just for me that Carlos would give me every Thursday.


No one missed the way Carlos ran after James to try and save him from the mosh pit. And I didn't miss the way the blonde chick in the crowd managed to get James' underwear. My eyebrows rose as I watched her technique. I slightly wondered if she gave lessons. I could use it on Logie. My focus went back to Dak and I moved with everyone else to slap the mosh pit's hands.

James was thrown back on stage and wiggled his legs slightly, his face furrowing. "My underwear's gone," he said in shock.

I smirked and looked back at Dak. I'd definitely have to learn that trick so I could see that confused face on Logan.

I was picturing Logan going commando when a weight was suddenly on my back. I screamed and staggered as the girl clung to me screaming about how she loved me. I walked around the stage stumbling at the unfamiliar weight. I tried to bounce her off me like a horse, even pretend to fall over but nothing seemed to work. Finally Dak blew his whistle and the girl jumped off me like a trained dog. I stared at her with wide eyes and realized it was the underwear stealer. I needed to learn from her.

I quickly glanced around to make sure the others couldn't hear and smiled at her. "You stole James' underwear?"

She grinned and nodded. "I used it on Dak once before. Best. Day. EVER!"

I nodded and smiled. "Could you teach me?"

The girl grinned and proceeded to show me her technique as the others learned more from Dak about the proper distance to put between your feet and the stage's edge.

The run back home was horrible. Somehow in my request for underwear stealing lessons the girl had grown a huge crush on me. I ended up in a sling with a few cuts and bruises. The others all had their own battle scars to bear. It took us a few hours to make it home. We had to keep stopping for breathers.

I shared a grin with Logan when James got up to do his whole 'yes we're so going to make it now' speech. And when the underwear thief pounced on James, I couldn't help but feel it was karma for letting Logan get hit on.

It took us a week before we were finally ready for our dress rehearsal. It involved rigorous training that left Logan and I too exhausted to do anything worth mentioning. The nights were usually spent cuddled together on one of our beds as we complained about our sore limbs. Well, Logan complained. I was usually trying to muster up the strength to make a move on him. I was a teenage boy and I needed a release at least once a day. I'd settle for every other day but right now I was getting nothing which, of course, made me unnecessarily grouchy. And who would I take this frustration out on? James.

"Well maybe you shouldn't leave your lucky comb just lying around all the time! You wouldn't have lost it," I glared. So maybe I was too good of a guy to break the damn thing but I wasn't too good to hide it. James deserved it.

"Kendall I know you took it! Just give it back already! I said I was sorry about the pool thing what more do you want?"

"Oh, for Christ's sake! It's just a stupid comb! I didn't take it!"

"Guys," Carlos called from behind James.

"Yes you fucking did!"

When James curses it means he's pissed. I counted it as a win. "No I didn't," I yelled, reverting back to my five year old self when James and I argued over our toy cars.

"Yes you did! Now just give it back before I have to fucking strip search you!"

I raised my eyebrow and smirked. "You just want to see me naked. Are you getting jealous over what Logan has? Maybe that's why you didn't watch out for him at the pool."

"Not everyone wants to have sex with you Kendall. Now get your head out of your ass and give me back my comb!"James clenched his hands into fists at his side. Yeah, he was going to punch me if I didn't hand over the comb, too bad I didn't remember where I hid it. It honestly wasn't my fault. See, I hid it after a long day of practicing…and well...I passed out afterwards with Logan curled into me. So of course, the last thing on my mind was to remember where I put the stupid thing.

"GUYS," Carlos yelled his face incredibly annoyed.

"What," James growled lowly, trying his best not to snap at the Latin boy.

"I found this," he began, holding the missing object up in front of James' face, "in the fridge stuck in the meatloaf like a candle."

James stared at it for a few minutes before slowly taking it back from Carlos. My eyes roamed to the fridge. I did remember getting Logan some cookies last night; maybe that was when I lost it.

"I'm sorry I thought it was you," James growled glaring at me.

I couldn't help the wide smirk that came to my face. "I'm sorry I lied about it not being me."

James' face contorted into one of pure rage as he lunged for me. "I knew it was you!"

I laughed as I dodged and ran to my room, locking the door behind me.

"I can't believe you put his comb in the meatloaf," Logan laughed as he pulled his shirt over his head. His hair was damp from the shower he had just taken. I felt a deep heat spring from deep in me. I was across the room before I realized I had moved.


James blamed me for our concert and CD being canceled. He said if I hadn't disgraced the lucky comb none of this would've happened. He then proceeded to lock himself in the public bathroom in the kitchen, which still confused me as to why there was one there to begin with.

Logan and I packed our things in silence. We didn't want to leave. Sure we each had our own dreams that would make us happy, but this was our dream. It was a way to have a career and still be with each other 24/7. I didn't want to go back to Minnesota. I didn't want to have my hockey career if it meant Logan would be a doctor somewhere else. And when the hockey season started I'd never be home.

"Camille and Jo want us to meet them down at the pool to say goodbye," Logan whispered as he slung his bag over his shoulder. I nodded and did the same. I gave him a quick and soft kiss before we headed out to the pool.

"I know this town crushes dreams but not when they're so close to coming true," Camille said sadly as we stood across from her. The girls were standing so close to each other that the back of their hands where brushing together, and with a quick brush of Logan's hand against mine I realized we were doing the same.

I nodded and looked at the palm trees lining the area. "I'm really gonna miss all this." My eyes snapped back to Jo and my eyebrows twitched. I had an idea. I did my best not to smirk but I could still feel the corner of my mouth lift up slightly. "And I'm also gonna miss," I began, watching her raise her eyebrows with a small smile as her eyes snapped past me to Camille's and back. "I mean," I tried again. It seemed like she knew where I was going with this. I shook my head and furrowed my eyebrows, "you know…uhh…I'm not good at goodbyes." I chickened out. I just, couldn't bring myself to try to upset Logan. Sure, a goodbye kiss from Jo would've been the perfect revenge but—

My thoughts blanked as I watched Jo's face break into a sneaky grin. "Well then here's something to remember me by." She reached forward, grabbed my shirt, her eyes went past me to Camille once more and then she pulled me to her. I let my bag drop to the floor and kissed her when our lips met. I could feel Logan and Camille's glares on me.

"Wow," Camille said, her voice sounding tight like she was angry. "She's really good at goodbyes."

We broke apart and Jo grinned pleased with herself.

I did my best to not look disgusted and tried to pass off my grimace as a frown. "I never thought that our first kiss would be our last."

I could tell she was trying not to laugh in my face. And I was trying not to do the same. It was just too cheesy of a line.

There was a plop behind me as Logan dropped his bag and said, "do I get something to remember you by?"

"Of course," Camille said sweetly and then a loud smack echoed through the area. I spun around and stared wide eyed and slack jawed at Camille and Logan, who was on the ground. Camille turned to me smiling and shrugged.

I sighed annoyed but still slightly pleased that no one kissed Logan. I'd take care of him on the plane. "I just can't believe we're going back to Minnesota." I moved to Logan, pulling him up and bringing him close against me when he bounced up. He blushed and his eyes warmed happily. I smiled at him, ignoring the stares we were probably getting and whispered. "I guess going back isn't so bad…I'll still have you."


After James' mini freak out in the grocery store parking lot, I decided maybe the comb hiding thing was a bad idea. On a plus note though, I got my job back. So I get to push karts around and help old people with their bags. Awesome.

The guys were taking it harder than I expected. They were all in the parking lot, sitting in lawn chairs with Carlos in a kiddy pool. It was…pathetic. Not to mention Katie's little stand of broken dreams was getting on my nerves.

James didn't like my 'let's move on and go back to our previous dreams' speech but two out of three wasn't bad. Besides, I was positive James would come around eventually. He couldn't stay mad forever, not when I had Carlos on my side. And I was honestly way too happy to care enough to run after the diva of the group as he pedaled away on his bike. I had a chance at my dream! I was going to be a hockey player! Did he not understand how amazing that was?

I was sharpening my skates as Logan read off the schedule for the day. I doubted he realized just how big my doctor dress up kink was. I smiled at Carlos when he entered in his spandex super hero outfit. I bet James would like that.

Mrs. Magikowski asked us to mow her lawn in the morning and we would definitely keep our promise this time. I felt bad leaving her stranded last winter. I mean, she was the one who helped launch James' dream.

Logan and Carlos were discussing space themed superhero names when the door bell rang. I sprung up, hockey stick in hand, and went to answer it. I was smiling when I faced the two last people I thought I'd ever see standing at my doorstep.

"Hello," Gustavo sang as he and Kelly wiggled their fingers in greeting. I stood still for a moment, an awkward surprised smile on my face before everything went black. The last thing I remembered was a loud crash.

"Kendall," I could hear Logan calling to me. I groaned and instinctually reached out pulling him on top of me, lifting up to rub my hips against him.

"Kendall," he cried in embarrassment. "Come on you have to wake up!"

"Come on Logie," I mumbled snuggling into his neck. "You can think of a better way to wake me up than that."

"Kendall," mom called from somewhere nearby. I froze and clung to Logan, pressing my back into the floor underneath me. This was a horrible dream. My mom should never be in a dream that Logan is in.

I slowly opened my eyes to find Kelly and Gustavo gawking at me in shock, mom with her arms crossed as she looked at me in annoyance, and Carlos grinning like an idiot because he thought the whole thing was hilarious. "You could've told me we weren't alone," I mumbled into Logan's neck.

"I was trying to then you had to go and," Logan mumbled back letting his words die off. I knew what he was saying. I held him against me a moment longer before letting him go and thanking God I wasn't hard.

Mom led Kelly and Gustavo to the kitchen to get them tea while the guys and I sat on the couch.

Once Gustavo was seated across from us with his tea, that he had finished as he walked over to us, and mom took her seat next to me, he grinned and held his arms out slightly. "I'm putting the band back together."

"And," Kelly cut in. "We're doing the concert!"

"YESSS!" Katie screamed, popping up from behind her merchandise boxes decked out in BTR wear. We all turned to look back at her, then back at Gustavo as he spoke again.

"So, what do you say guys? You wanna come back to L.A. and take one more shot at the big time?" Both Kelly and Gustavo grinned waiting for my reply.

I sighed and looked to Logan, noticing Carlos shrugging behind him. Logan shrugged a shoulder and gave me a half frown, which meant it was up to me to decide. I raised an eyebrow and looked back to the two in front of us grinning hopefully. "No," I said.

Gustavo's smile fell and he crushed the cup in his hands. Kelly grimaced and closed her eyes.

"Gustavo we're tired of being pushed around!" I began looking at him. "We're gonna be a band, we're not gonna be a band, what you want, what Griffin doesn't want. I want a hokey scholarship!"

"I want to be a doctor," Logan said, smiling slightly.

"And I want to make the world a safer place," Carlos said, his hands on his hips in the classic superhero fashion.

Gustavo shook his head in shock as he looked at Carlos.

"You didn't even say goodbye," I said in a soft voice, trying not to let it show just how much that had hurt.

"I'M NOT GOOD AT GOODBYES!" Gustavo yelled, making us all sit back. Kelly pursed her lips and smacked him over the back of the head. "But I believe in you!"

I looked to Logan then mom trying to figure out if this was just the result of my fainting spell. It seemed like they were witnessing it too.

"And you've taught me things," Gustavo continued. "Other things that…I'm not good at like friendship, and loyalty, and family…" He looked at us all and then slowly turned to look at Kelly. "Can I…can I stop now?"

"You're doing great," my mom encouraged in her usual mom voice.

"If we go back," Carlos began. "Our album will be released right?"

Gustavo took a deep breath and stood up. "Once people see your concert everything else will fall into place, I'm almost positive."

"So," I began standing up too. "You want us to pack up everything, again, for a concert that may or may not launch our album?" I looked over and smiled as Logan and Carlos stood too, Logan pressed slightly into me.

"So," Gustavo said looking at us all. "We got a deal?"

"Yup," we said in unison.

"YES!" Katie grinned throwing her hands in the air in pure bliss. Katie and Gustavo shared their own victory.

"Okay let's get James," we said in unison again. Which really, that should freak me out more than it does.

We stood outside of James' house and explained everything to his dad. He was a cool guy. When I first met James when we were kids I remember he'd take us out to McDonald's and let us play in the play set. He'd also let us eat the food, which James' mom would never allow.

"Yeah sorry guys, James left an hour ago for L.A. with a producer named um," James' dad looked up as he tried to remember then back at us, "Hawk." We grimaced and looked back at Gustavo. Kelly scrunched up her face and covered her ears.

"NOOOOOOO," Gustavo began, and then suddenly coughed. "Water," he said. Kelly quickly handed him the water. "Thank you." He took another deep breath and screamed "NOOOOOOOOOOOO."


Kelly was not lying when she said the Rocque Woods wasn't much. I've slept on more comfortable floors and would've preferred the floor had I been given the choice between it and the cot. Luckily I got to sleep next to Logan…and unluckily there was absolutely no privacy between us and everyone else. So, that meant I would be going through a dry spell yet again. The thought alone made me inwardly groan and if I didn't enjoy the shorter boy's presence so much I would've slept as far from him as I could because he is honestly just too tempting to me. But I got off subject; the Rocque Woods weren't exactly being bombarded with applicants looking to rent.

We knew we could do this. We could make this dream happen and the concert would be so epic that Griffin would come crawling back to us begging us to let him sign us again. It would be perfect. All we had to do was get James.

I do have to say finding out James was living in our old apartment shocked me. I figured the place would remind him too much of Carlitos, especially with Swirly. The three of us ditched the girls and crowd that had formed around us to run up to the apartment. We all took a deep breath, Carlos' face scrunched up, and Logan shrugged and motioned for me to continue. I took that as my cue and lifted my finger to ring the doorbell.

Carlos and I jumped and looked to the ceiling at the sound of a gong going off. And then an old man answered the door and we all gasped and leaned back.

"May I help you," he said in a British accent.

"Yeah," I began looking at the ceiling then back to him. "We're looking for James?"

"Do come in," he said, waving us in with his hand.

"We shall come in," Logan smiled slightly confused.

As soon as we walked in we were assaulted with blue. Everything was blue. The chairs, the cabinets, the…my brain stopped working when my eyes fell on the giant picture of James. Yeah…this isn't good. James probably loved this place now. And Swirly was gone…did that mean he was getting rid of anything that reminded him of us?

"This is our old apartment," I said in shock then jumped and turned to the left to see two sushi chefs offering food.

"Those are sushi chefs," Logan grinned slightly as he pointed to them. I turned to look at him then froze at the look of horror on Carlos' face.

Carlos gasped in shock and hit Logan's shoulder pointing to the new staircase. "And what happened to Swirly!"

Just then James came running down the stairs grinning. "Hey what're you guys doing here?" He was wearing a blue robe and almost reminded me of when he and Carlos dressed as the Hollywood Super Party Kings of Hollywood. "I mean," he ticked and looked at us with narrowed eyes. "What're you guys doing here?"

Carlos and Logan turned to me and I stared at James in shock for a minute before glancing at Logan and grinning. "Big Time Rush is back together!" I snapped my fingers in front of me, punctuating the awesomeness that was that sentence.

"Yeah so," Logan began smiling, "let's get dressed and go."

"And what happened to Swirly," Carlos added, pointing to the staircase in disgust. James smirked slightly and fiddled with his water bottle as he looked at the staircase.

"We gotta get back to Rocque records to get ready for the concert!" I watched him, really hoping James would show the selfless side he tended to hide away.

"Yeah," he grinned. "No," he frowned. I felt my stomach drop. "You see," James continued. "Hawk signed me to a three record deal, modified the crib to suit my new personal style and gave me SEBASTIAN!"

"Hot towel gentleman," the old man said, holding a tray out to us.

"Oooh," Logan smiled. "Why thank you." We all followed his example and took a towel, slowly bringing it up to our faces and putting it on. As soon as it made contact we all screamed and fell to the ground clutching our faces. Who the hell gave you a towel that was so fucking hot that it hurt?

"Oh," James said, not caring that we were in pain. "As I recall, you were the ones who told me to get real and move on." He smiled at us with an angry glint in his eyes. We all stood and as the others focused on getting their sight back I stared at James. "So I did," he said, smiling at me.

"Megaphone for emphasis sir?"

"Ooh, yeah," James said, grabbing it off of Sebastian's platter. I tilted my head slightly as I watched him lift it to his mouth. He cleared his throat and yelled, "I ROCK." We all grimaced and leaned back but my glare started to take place. How could he do this? We got the band back together, we agreed to come back to this town to try and launch his dream and now he was leaving us? All because of what I said in the parking lot? That was bullshit.

"James I was mad, ok? We shouldn't have broken up the band, but we always promised since we were peewee hockey players that we would stick together."

He smiled through my speech and nodded. "Ooh and you've never broken a promise?" We all glared at him then, at the exact same moment, we all gasped and remembered Mrs. Magikowski. Dammit. Logan and I looked at each other; our mouths wide as Carlos stood behind Logan and covered his mouth in dred.

"We might be horrible people," Logan began as Carlos and I agreed softly.

"We'll fix it," I told Logan, who nodded and looked back to James. "But first," I said turning back to James. "We need to fix the band. James, we're sorry. Now, let's go," I gestured to the door and we all turned to leave.

"He's not going anywhere," Hawk cut in as he glided down the stairs like a snake. I swear I'd get him back for all this. "Because," he continued, "he's got everything he needs here. Right James?" He put his hands on the taller boy's shoulder, smiling at him like a vulture.

"Some toys or money sir," Sebastian asked, holding a platter of it in front of him. I gaped at the money. Did James even realize how much that could cover? I bet I could get everyone actual air mattresses to sleep on. I bet we could rent a hotel for that. Katie wouldn't have to sleep on the uncomfortable cot and mom could have a real bubble bath just like she liked to do after a long day of work. I continued to stare as James picked the Rubik's cube. I knew exactly why he had chosen a toy instead of the money. See, if he wanted to make me suffer for losing him, he would've grabbed the money and used it to buy something stupid, he wanted Carlos to suffer. He wanted to make sure Carlos knew just what he could've had if he had stuck with him instead of us.

"You guys told me to move on so," James grinned drawing out the syllable, "I did."

"And now my assistant Rebecca will show you the door," Hawk smirked.

We chuckled slightly and Carlos grinned. "She's gonna show us the door?" She smiled at us sweetly then broke out some karate move stance. Then she literally kicked my ass and tossed me out the front door. Carlos was close behind and fell on top of me.

"I'm leaving, I'm leaving," Logan yelled running out the door and abandoning us in the hallway. I groaned as I shoved Carlos off me.

"Okay, this whole guy's can't hit girls thing is total bull," I mumbled helping him up.

"It's not right girls are weaker," Carlos defended rubbing his head.

"Well from now on, if a girl is kicking my ass I'm going to defend myself."

Carlos smiled and shook his head, "like you fighting back would've made any difference."

I frowned and nodded. He had a point. That Rebecca girl was very strong. I would've ended up in the same position either way. "Well," I began. "At least I could've gotten a punch in."


Getting a new James was easier said than done. Sure there were a lot of bad people…but there were some good singers we turned down. One of us always found a reason not to like them. There was this one guy, he was great…but he dressed weird. There was another guy who Carlos said looked too much like his little brother. Another that Logan said didn't look like he knew his multiplication tables. Another one that Carlos insisted was too tall to be James. Another one that Carlos said wasn't pretty enough to be James. We finally found one that could possibly be the one…when he decided to tell his victory to his overlord. Yeah, he was out.

We decided then to be a trio. No one would replace James. No one could. Carlos was insistent about that.

Gustavo was screaming at us about the concert being in a few days when he told us to sing a song we'd enjoy. So, of course, we sang the turd song. We all grinned and danced around as we sang when suddenly James cut in.

As soon as his eyes landed on him, Carlos grinned wide and ran to him, picking him up like a sack of potatoes and propping him on his shoulder. I'd swear he was trying to take him to his cot. Logan and I grinned as we ran over and greeted James while gently reminding Carlos that Katie would hear them if they decided to celebrate the reunion. That brought him back and he carefully put the other boy down.

"Big Tim Rush is back together," Carlos grinned as we all celebrated happily.

"Yeah I felt bad knowing how much you all missed me," James said wrapping his arm around Carlos and rubbing his chest slightly. I did my own half smirk half grin at that.

"And you're not gonna miss the cool pad, the hot towels and Sebastian," Logan asked, smiling slightly at Carlos' wide grin.

"Yes, no, and yes," James grinned, letting his arm brush against Carlos'.

"Well don't sweat it because once we nail the concert," I began gesturing to Gustavo, "we're gonna get back to the Palm Woods and get our own Sebastian, right?"

"And what about Hawk," Kelly cut in.

"We'll talk about your Sebastian later," Gustavo said. "And we've got bigger problems than Hawk as in the concert is in two days and we haven't sold a single ticket and all the posters are now WRONG!"

"Don't worry!" Mom grinned pulling one of Katie's posters out of nowhere and unfurling it. "Katie will donate her posters."

"No I won't!"

"KATIE DONATE THEM," mom screamed.

"Okay," Katie said with wide eyes and dropped down to the ground only to pop back up in BTR gear. "But I want concession space for my hats and T-shirts."

"Deal," Gustavo agreed. "Kelly what money do we have left in the budget for street team advertising and local TV spots?"

Kelly dug into her pockets and pulled out what was there. "We got five bucks and a punch card for one free Smentzel Spretzel." Gustavo groaned.

"We'll go back to the Palm Woods and get some street team volunteers," I offered.

"And I think I may know a way we can get some free TV spots," Logan added, because we were just that good a team.

"Well," Gustavo began. "What're you waiting for? I can't sell this band to investors if we don't sell out the concert! Go go go go get out of here!"


We put signs up everywhere. Jo and I were a team and Logan and Camille another, mainly because we all knew if I was left alone with Logan we wouldn't get anything done, same thing with Camille and Jo. I was a bit worried that James and Carlos would spend the time goofing off but I thought I could trust them.

It was the night of the show and we were sold out! I was so amazed. It was really going to happen. Everything we worked so hard to make happen was coming true. We even had our own dressing room! That turned out to be a truck. I couldn't tell you the sound I made when I figured out this was a trap. It was a cross between a groan, and a scream of anger.

Hawk and Rebecca left us in the warehouse tied to chairs. I sighed and continued to wiggle my wrist to try and undo the ropes.

"Don't worry my friends because this looks like a job for," Carlos began jumping in his chair.

"Carlos not now," I sighed as I looked up at the ceiling.

"Yes now! Cause it's time," he continued to hope trying to break free of the restraints.

"CARLOS," James scolded.

"I can do this," Carlos insisted.

"Carlos you don't understand," Logan began worry clear in his voice.

"No you don't understand!" He continued to hop, moving farther from us.

"Carlos we're trying to help you," I called annoyed as I watched the short boy jump to the stairs.

"I'm trying to help you," he called back.

"You're not looking where you're hopping," James screamed, trying to get the other boy to look. His muscles flexed against the rope as he tried to free his arms.

"I can do this." Carlos continued hoping. "It's time for-," he cried as he fell backwards down the stairs. There were the classic sounds from a cartoon character falling down the stairs that I never really thought would happen in real life.

"Well we tried to tell him," Logan sighed.

"Ha!" James grinned looking over at the stairs. "You really are a super hero!"

"No, I'm a pop star who wants to rock that concert, get our album released and get chased by lots of girls."

I smiled and nodded annoyed. "Then untie us!" Carlos ran over to me and quickly untied me as the others continued to complain. Once I was free I untied Logan as Carlos untied James. We ran out into the street and after a mini freak out from both James and Logan, Sebastian pulled up.

I knew I liked that dude. I was pressed against Logan in the car, on my best behavior I might add, as we sped through the streets of L.A. only to come to a traffic jam. I looked at Carlos' watch my eyes wide and looked at Sebastian.

"SEBASTIAN WE'RE LATE," Carlos, Logan and I said in unison.

James put his hands on his head before bringing them down onto his lap. "We have to get there just…please!"

Sebastian pressed his lips together and sighed through his nose. "I'm going to lose my California limousine license for this." With that, he pulled on his sunglasses and sped off. The guys and I screamed in the back seat as we held on for our lives.

Of course we got there in time. Of course it went perfectly. Of course Griffin signed us. You know why? Because I am Kendall fucking Knight and if I say it's going to work out then it's going to work out. Really I don't know how anyone would ever question it.

I grinned at Logan as I held him closer to me on the couch. We were relaxing in our apartment, which had thankfully been put back to normal, after being chased by a crowd of girls. I made sure they didn't lay a hand on Logan because…well, he was mine. And I would not share.

"How did they put the place back together so fast," Logan asked absently as he ran his fingers through my hair, making me relax even more.

"I think Camille and Jo had something to do with it," I mumbled placing lazy kisses against his neck.

"Swirly's back and that's all that matters," Carlos grinned from the other end of the couch, his head in James' lap.

"I really should not be jealous of a plastic slide but," James let his statement drift off as Carlos smashed their lips together.

I chuckled at the sight and looked at Logan. "You know," I began, feeling a smirk spreading over my face. "Mom and Katie are asleep and we have a room to ourselves again." I raised my eyebrows suggestively and grinned at him.

Logan chuckled and kissed my cheek. "If you can get me off this couch and into that room then you can do whatever you want."

My grin widened even more than I thought it could as I picked him up and hurried to our room, ignoring the chuckles from the others. Logan was mine, and I would definitely make sure he knew that. Besides, we deserved a break from launching the album. Who knows how hard it's gonna be to keep the band successful and make a second album. Plus dealing with all the fans. No, right now my mind would only focus on Logan and the way his skin flushed at my touch, because this right here was all that mattered to me.