Okay guys this is a one shot of Kyo and Tohru's relationship after the curse is broken.

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At this moment Kyo truly believed that all was right with the world. He had everything he wanted and even though he was moving away from Shishou and all of his friends he knew that he would never be alone.

He smiled as he looked down at a sleeping Tohru, nestled into his chest. Shishou had invited them over, and they had been watching T.V. waiting for Shishou to get back, when Tohru fell asleep.

Kyo brushed some of Tohru's hair out of her face just as Shishou walked in; he felt his face turn pink at the sight of him actually displaying an emotion other than anger.

But Shishou only smiled as he sat down in the chair opposite of Kyo.

Without bothering to say hello Shishou immediately asked, "My son, are you sure you want to do this? Move away from everything you know?"

Kyo smiled. He had been expecting this question. After all, Shishou was being concerned just as a father should be. He didn't even pause to think for he already knew the answer to the question, "Yes, I will not be alone. She is finally mine and I am truly happy with this."

Just then, Tohru stirred and looked up at Kyo. "Kyo you are mistaken." She must have noticed the disturbed look on Kyo's face because she added, "This is a two way street, if I am yours that you are also mine." She planted a quick kiss on his lips and went back to her nap.

Kyo turned red, but his face wore a pleased expression. As if he had finally gotten the one thing he had always wanted.

Shishou got up to leave, content that his only son was finally happy.

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