"Yu-chan! What's the mater?" Lavi asked, hopping over to where Kanda stood by a two-seated Motocycle. The younger male was glaring pensively at the second seat.

"Don't call me Yu-chan, Baka-Usagi." Kanda spoke coldly, turning his glare on Lavi now. Lavi was used to it, it didn't faze him like it used to. The red head gave a pout.

"Aw, but what's the matter?" he whined, knowing he would most likely never get an answer if he kept things up.

"Che, Moyashi thinks he's going with me when we search for Akuma." Kanda said, giving Lavi a disatisfactory look.

"I could always go with you, Yu-chan!" Lavi piped in happily, hoping he wouldn't be stuck on foot for this mission. Kanda looked at him with suspicion beforing giving a small nod that he could.

Their mission was to split up into two groups and scout around the city and an old castle. It was a more modern town, but not busy or cramped. It was large enough to take up most of the day scouting. Komui had given the Motorcycle to Kanda and whoever he took with him to scout the castle. Komui had said that he didn't want them to waste their time getting there.

"Thanks Yu-chan!" Lavi said happily, hopping onto the seat behind Kanda. Lavi wasn't sure if Kanda noticed how awkward it was but he put it off, not wanting Kanda to come after him with Mugen.

"Che, Baka." Kanda said to him after getting the thanks. Turning it on and reving up, he felt Lavi's arms wrap around his waste and he flinched, ready to slice Lavi through with Mugen.

"Sorry, only think I have to hold onto Yu-chan." Lavi said sheepishly, calming Kanda's anger slightly. Kanda gave a small growl before pulling out onto the to road.

Lavi's grip tightened around Kanda's waste as he picked up speed. The wind wipped around his face, making his snuggle it into Kanda's back. Kanda seemed not to care much, giving in to it as long as he was away from Allen.

It wasn't long until they came upon the old, seemingly abandonned castle. Driving up to the front double doors, Kanda killed the engine and propped the motorcycle so it wouldn't fall. Then he noticed Lavi still gripping onto him.

"You can get off now." Kanda said with an air of anger. Lavi slowly unwrapped himself from Kanda and stood on shakey limbs. Kanda glanced at him, seeing the trembling. "Che, you're shaking." Kanda pointed out to Lavi, stepping off the motorcycle next to him.

"I-I know... I don't know why..." Lavi trailed off, shaking his head to clear his thoughts and to rid himself of the shivers. Kanda gave him one more small glance before turning to look at the large castle.

"You go around left, I'll go around right. We'll meet in back." Kanda said, walking to go around the right side of the castle.

-Lavi's POV-

I just nodded, walking to the left, looking around to see if I spotted anything out of the ordinary. My tembling still hadn't stopped, and I wasn't sure why... I couldn't figure it out.

I was not walking on the side of th castle, looking up at overhanging balconies and curtained windows and doors. A small woodland area was on this side, so there wasn't a lot to see, but I kept my ears clear to pick up any sounds.

Freezing as a crash was heard from the back I ran around to see a weaker Akuma. The back area was a garden with paths and a large pool with a fountain. Reaching for my hammer, I was knocked by the Akuma's arm and sent spiraling into the friggid water of the pool. Did I mention it was the middle of fall?

Giving a shout as I hit the water, I tried once more to grab my hammer but the temperature was to much of a shock that my limbs didn't respond very well. Struggling against it I finally pulled myself above the water to see Kanda fighting the Akuma, finishing it off just as I got out of the water. Now my body was trembling tenfold what it was before.

-Normal POV-

"Baka-Usagi!" Kanda shouted out, running over to the sopping wet red head. Taking off his jacket was instinct and he had Lavi take off his wet one and put his on. "What were you thinking?" Kanda shouted at him again, stopping to notice how bad Lavi was shaking. "Che, lets get inside before you freeze to death."

Lavi nodded weakly, standing up and following Kanda in through the window the Akuma had broken. The castle was dark, save for the dim lighting from the cloud covered sun filtering in. Kanda searched the different rooms, finding that the rooms were left in a near perfect condition. A small layer of dust coating things.

Opening one door Kanda founded a bathroom and checked for hot, running water. There was. "Take a shower to heat up, I'm going to find you some clothes." Kanda said before leaving Lavi in the bathroom with the shower running on hot.

The shower was small, yet the water was hot and there was a shelf stacked with a few towels on the wall. Stripping down, he hung Kanda's exorsist jacket on a hook on the back of the door and placed all his wet ones on the floor. Keeping his eye patch on he stepped into the heat, sighing as it warmed his limbs.

Lavi's shaking had stopped by the time he stepped out of the shower, towel drying his hair and body he slipped Kanda's jacket back on his now dry body. The jacket was the only thing dry and large enough to keep him warm. He hung his clothes over the beam holding the shower curtain so they would dry.

He had his back turned when Kanda walked back in, holding a stack of clothes. Lavi spun around out of shock, not expecting the intrusion. Kanda had his eyes adverted while he handed Lavi the clothes before he stepped back outside.

Lavi sifted through the clothes and put on a pair of white pants and a black long sleeve shirt, also putting on a pair of socks as his shoes were soaked. Slipping Kanda's jacket back on he stepped out to see Kanda leaning against the wall with his eyes closed.

Kanda's eyes opened when he heard the door close and saw that Lavi was dressed and warm looking. Lavi motioned to the jacket. "You can have it back Yu." Lavi said, seeing as Kanda only wore a black shirt to cover his torso.

"It's fine. But for now we have to see if there are anymore Akuma." Kanda said while pushing himself off the wall and walking down the hall. Lavi followed close behind, not want to get left alone and lost. "I've already searched the upper levels, but barely any of this one." Kanda said while opening door and checking. Lavi did the same, Kanda taking the left doors and Lavi taking the right.

They searched and listened for anything before coming into an older room where there was little to no light shining into it. Lavi stayed near Kanda, both of them slowly walking through the room, trying to see anything. A loud crack was heard and they both gripped their weapons, ready for an attack.

"What was th-" Lavi never got to finish his sentence as the floor caved in beneath them, sending them careening into the basement level.

-Kanda's POV-

I sat up from the mess of splintered wood and carpet. The dust was settling and vision was more poor then when I was up a level. "Lavi!" I called out into the darkness, wanting to know if he was still alive. "Lavi!" I called once more when I recieved silence, this time I was startled to hear a women's laughter. I reached to my hip to grip Mugen to realize it wasn't there.

Candles lit up around the room, bathing it in an orange light. I climbed out of the ruble to see a young girl sitting in a chair wearing an olden times dress.

"Who are you?" I shouted at her, needing to get an answer. She was an Akuma, I just knew it. Being able to disguise herself meant she was a high level. Where is Mugen! I thought.

"Alice is the name, but my name won't matter soon enough when death claims you." she just laughed, her long, curled hair bouncing around her shoulders.

"What have you done with Lavi?" I shouted once more, knowing I shouldn't care about the idiot anyway.

"Oh, you mean him." Alice said while a light flickered on to show Lavi standing next to her, his head hung low. Something wasn't right about him, he wasn't trying to fight back, it was like he was oblivious to anything. While Kanda was distracted she threw a dart at him, hitting his arm. "It won't kill you, don't worry, but it has many effects including some long term ones. I've decided that he'll be the one to finish you off. " Alice said with another sadistic laugh before snapping her fingers and dissapearing.

I turned my back and looked to the ruble and saw Mugen's hilt, knowing I could reach it to go after the Akuma. I made a move for it but before I could do anything I was kicked in the side and knocked to the wall.

Coughing and lacking the breath to speak I looked up to see Lavi standing before me. I knew something was wrong and Alice's words went through my head. "I've decided he'll be the one to finish you off."

-Normal POV-

Kanda dove to the side to evade a kick to the ribs. Grabbing Mugen from the rumble he stood up to unsheath it before it was knocked out of his hands. "What's the meaning of this?" he shouted at Lavi, angry that he had turned against him. Lavi looked up to face Kanda, and that's when the younger noticed it.

Under Lavi's left eye was a purple flower marking, spreading up to his temple. His one green eye was unreadable, blank. He made a move to step forward before his face contorted into pain and his hands shot up to hold his head.

"R-run..." he choked out. "S-she's controling me... I-I can't stop..." Lavi continued to struggle with himself, while Kanda took his chance to retrieve Mugen a second time and draw his blade. "Y-you have to strike me d-down..." Lavi managed before he was pushed back into his own body.

"Che." Kanda said, holding position and waiting for an attack. A voice that was not entirely Lavi's came from the redhead. A dark chuckle that made the hair on the back of his neck rise. Lavi was right, he couldn't stop it.

"Now, now, no need to look so afraid." the voice spoke from Lavi, a smirk placed on Lavi's features. Kanda tightened his grip on Mugen. "And here I was hoping for no fighting... we'll just have to fix that." Lavi lunged at him, hammer in hand. It happened so fast, Kanda had barely enough time to block it.

They fought in the candle lit room, exchanging blows and taking few hits. Kanda saw an opening to strike Lavi, like he said he should, but he froze before he could plunged Mugen into Lavi's stomach.

"I can't do it..." Kanda thought oddly to himself before he was pinned to the wall, Mugen slipping from his grasp. Lavi's hand held his throat and left him dangling a few inches off of the ground. Lavi was inches away from his own face, to close as Kanda struggled to be let go.

"Couldn't do as he said, such a shame. This is going to be fun." 'Lavi' spoke with another dark chuckle. Kanda was just about to ask what would be fun when prying lips were pressed to his own.

"Shit!" Kanda thought as he stuggled to free himself, but it was no use. Lavi, or the Akuma controling him, didn't let got, nor did they let up.

"I see you finally realized it." the voice chuckled, trailing down to Kanda's neck where he nipped and sucked at the exposed skin. Kanda made a noise between a distressed whimper and a growl, trying to shove away.

"Stop it!" Kanda growled turning his head to force the lips from his neck.A particularly hard bite sent a shout from his mouth and echoing through the room.

"Vocal, I like it." the voice said with an ominous chuckle. Before Kanda could prevent it from happening, his shirt was torn off, exposing his chest. It was one of the few times where he didn't wear the bandages. The lips were covered his own again, a tongue forcing it's way into his mouth. Kanda did the one thing he could, he bit down until he tasted blood.

Lavi's body jumped away with a howl, leaving him to fall to the floor in a heap, gasping for breath. Lavi moved in on him again but Kanda started evading him. He jumped and dove to get away, not having Mugen to help him.

"Baka-Usagi! Fight back, what are you doing!" Kanda shouted, trying to get through to the red head. Normally he would have struck him down, no questions asked, but something stopped him from doing so.

"You're mine." the voice whispered from behind him. He turned his head to see the sadist smile before being shoved face first into the wall. Kanda tried to escape but felt his strength leaving him, it had to have been one of the darts effects. "You're power escapes you now, I'm not taking anymore chances."

Kanda tried to fight, to land a hit, to do something to stop it. He knew what was going to happen, and he let his distress show on the outside for once. There was nothing else he could do.

His pants were ripped from his body, leaving him bare and shivering in the cold. He looked for something to grip onto but found none. "Damn it... reduced to this..." he thought as tears pricked his vision and spilled over when hands griped his ass tightly. He did the last thing he could do, his pride escaping him. "LAVI!" he screamed out, his voice panicked.

Lavi was snapped back into his body, the Akuma's possesion leaving him. The marking under his eyes dissapeared and he blinked to get his vision back. The candles went out, placing them back in the dark. Kanda slipped to the floor in front of him and curled up, shivering and trying to shield himself. "Yu..." Lavi whispered before realizing everything. He immediately picked up Kanda's jacket that he had been wearing before he was possesed and placed it around Kanda.

Kanda barely noticed, his eyes glued to the floor, mind racing about what would have happened. Lavi also knew what he would have done, no, what the Akuma possesing him would have.

"Yu... Yu-chan..." Lavi didn't get an answer, nor any response. He bent down next to Kanda and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Kanda." he said, knowing his would work.

Kanda snapped his gaze up to Lavi, fearing it wasn't him. His raven hair had fallen from the tie and his bangs were scattered over his forhead. Eyes wide and brimming with tears he realized that it was Lavi, and not the Akuma. "L-Lavi..." he whispered.

"Yu-chan!" Lavi said quickly, pulling the younger into a hug. "I'm sorry... I thought I told you to strike me down." Lavi said, putting aside that Kanda was hugging him back.

"I couldn't do it.. I just... Lavi I don't know..." Kanda still had no energy, and everything had already caused a lot of stress and he soon passed out.

"Shit... looks like things aren't going to be the same anytime soon." Lavi spoke to himself as he picked Kanda up, keeping him covered.

Out from the broken floor above flew Timcanpy. Allen's voice sounded through it. "Lavi, Kanda, are you all right? I just defeated a higher leveled Akuma who called herself Alice."

"Kanda's unconcious but we're fine. She did a number on us, especially Kanda, before escaping." Lavi answered, walking over and retrieving Mugen.

"I'll see you back at the hotel then." Allen said before Timcanpy flew off. Lavi carried Kanda on his back up to the ground level after fumbling around trying to find stairs in the dark.

He remembered where his clothes were in the bathroom and set Kanda down on the floor. Checking to see if they were dry, he pulled them down and swapped clothes and placed Kanda in the ones he wore before. They were warming from having his body heat on them.

Kanda stirred slightly when Lavi picked him up once more, this time bridal style to carry him out of the mansion.

"Sh, just rest Yu-chan." Lavi said, knowing Kanda was probably still unconcious. Setting him on the motorcycle, he sat behind, reaching uncomfortably around to the handles. It was the only way Kanda wouldn't fall, so Lavi dealt with it and turned on the engine, driving away from the castle and all the dark things that had happened there.

It took a half hour to get back to the hotel, the sun aleady set the hoizon by that time. Shutting off the motor Lavi carried Kanda up to there room where Allen waited. Once he opened the door and stepped in, Allen was already talking.

"What happened? I couldn't reach you guys at all and then the Akuma showed up. What's going on?" Allen quickly asked, worried when he saw Kanda and the emotions shown on Lavi's face. Lavi placed Kanda down on one of the two beds in the room before walking to Allen and sitting on the other bed next to him.

Making sure to keep the volume down, as not to disturb Kanda, Lavi explained everything that had happened to Allen. Including all that he feared from it and what was going to happen. "Yu-chan is different now, but I won't know for sure until he wakes." Lavi concluded. Allen staed at him in shock after hearing the explanation.

Sure, he knew Kanda was always tough, but to be reduced to the state Lavi had last seen him in. Allen could barely believe it. Sweeping his eyes over the small hotel room Allen shook his head.

"We should be getting to bed now, it's late and we still have until tomorrow afternoon till we leave." Allen said quietly, standing up and going to the side of the bed before slipping in to sleep.

Lavi sighed and stood, taking off his jacket and shoes before taking a spare blanket and pillow and laying them between Kanda's and Allen's beds. He lay wide awake for a while before drifting off.


Lavi was jolted awake by a rough shaking on his shoulder. Opening his eye he looked up to see Allen, worried expression and all. Blinking, Lavi sat up.

"It's Kanda." Allen said, pointing to the bathroom door where painful retching sounds could be heard. Lavi winced, almost wanting to cover his ears. Kanda never got sick, it just wasn't him. He glanced up to Allen, wanting to know more but the teen just shook his head.

"Shit... I want to go see but I'm afraid I'll get run through to the hilt with Mugen." Lavi said with a laugh that was a bit shakey. Allen gave him the look that said 'You know more, go check'. "Fine..." Lavi mumbled, standing up and stretching as he walked over to the door.

Allen watched with worry, ready to jump up in case anything happened. Lavi softly knocked on the door, not wanting to startle and a muffled voice was heard, but not understood.

"It's Lavi... are you okay?" Lavi asked, prepared for the worst. He heard the flushing of the toliet and then a weakened voice that wasn't much like the usual Kanda.

"N-no... come in." It was almost like Kanda was pleading with him, like he was afraid.

"This Akuma had to have done something to him." Lavi thought to himself as he gave Allen a 'wish me luck' glance before stepping into the bathroom.

Kanda lay on the floor, shiveing and looking pale and feverish. His eyes were red rimmed like he had been crying, but Lavi saw no tear streaks. "Yu-chan...?" Lavi asked, shocked at seeing him in such a condition. "What happened that I don't remember?" Lavi asked, needing to know.

"H-hit... by... dart... many things... to happen." Kanda said between small waves of pain. Lavi knew with the Akuma's sick sense of humor that this wouldn't be the end of everything. Lavi was right, something about Kanda had changed, and not for the better.

"You were always quick to heal... can you make it till we get back to the Order?" Lavi asked, bending down to stroke some of Kanda's hair out of his face. Kanda nodded weakly, closing his eyes and relaxing. "I'll be right back." Lavi said before leaving the bathroom.

"You're alive?" Allen asked, slightly shocked at seeing no harm done to Lavi.

"He was hit with a dart that had something on it, it's causing him to be weak and sick and more is to come." Lavi said, walking over to Kanda's bag and pulling out new clothes for him. Allen nodded, thinking of things that might happen. "Allen, you can leave on the motorcycle and get back before us. Yu-chan and I will take the train." Lavi said, watching Allen's face light up.

They had to leave in an hour, Allen being able to go now. Lavi stepped back into the bathroom and handed Kanda the clothes which he changed into, Lavi hiding his face to not see anything. Once Kanda was done Lavi had him sit on the covered toliet lid. He was still to weak to argue back.

"What are you doing Baka-Usagi?" Kanda asked, giving him a small glare as he walked over to him. Kanda was about to say more yet when hands ran themselves through his hair he shut his mouth and leaned into it.

"Suddenly like your hair being played with?" Lavi snickered, pulling it up into it's usual ponytail and tying it.

"Che." Kanda answered.

"At least he's pretty normal." Lavi thought with a laugh, helping to get things packed up before they had to leave.


On the train ride Kanda had fallen asleep next to Lavi on the seat, his hood covering his head while he leaned against the older male. Lavi just pet his head gently, happy that Kanda was something other than angry. His thoughts trailed back to what he had told Kanda.

"I told him to strike me down... why didn't he do it?" Lavi wondered out loud, still stoking Kanda's head through the hood. "I guess I never really wanted him to anyway..." Lavi said, averting his eyes to the floor and feeling sadness and something else go through him. "Wit, what am I saying? Does this feeling mean... I like Yu-chan." Lavi realized, stopping his petting.

A blush rose on his cheek as he thought back to all the times he and Kanda had been so close, even if Kanda had always been cold to him. Through their childhood, since they were 6 and 7 they had known each other. That was 12 years ago, and now they were 18 and 19, Lavi being older.

He looked down at the form snuggling into him and couldn't help but lean down and place a small kiss on the part of Kanda's head was exposed. "I like you..." he whispered, a small smile forming on his lips.

Lavi froze though when Kanda stirred and looked up at him with slightly shocked eyes. There blue color pierced though Lavi as he watched Kanda lean up and place a kiss on his cheek. Lavi was dumbfounded.

"I don't know... but I might like you to... could just be the effects... though." Kanda muttered before drifting back off to sleep. Lavi sat rigid in shock of what he just experienced before watching out the window until their stop.

It wasn't long till they made it back to the Order, Kanda sleeping away, hidden under his hood. Lavi was informed to take him to the Medical unit as Allen had already arrived and given the mission report and that no Innocence was detected or found.

Lavi did as told and Kanda was taken to a private room, asleep as he was, to get tests run on him. Lavi was still pondering what had happened on the train ride, thinking to was Kanda had did and said, he placed a hand up to his cheek where Kanda's lips had touched. Deep in thought he hadn't known Lenalee was standing before him.

"What, now freak out that I'm near you? What girl this time?" Lenalee asked with a smile, knowing how Lavi got sometimes.

"No girl...' Lavi answered, still thinking.

"Really?" Lenalee asked, shocked, snapping Lavi back to the real world. "You have some explaining to do." Lenalee said, taking a seat in front on him on the floor, pulling her knees up to her chest. She wore shorts instead of her skirt, getting sick of everyone trying to look up it.

"You hear about what happened to Kanda?" Lavi asked, having to clear that up first. Lenalee nodded, waiting to hear more. "On the train ride... I realized that I like him, and not like a friends... but..." Lavi stopped.

"Romantically?" Lenalee asked, seeing Lavi nodded his head.

"So I leaned down, thinking he was still asleep, and placed a kiss on top of his head but it turns out he was up and... He said he might like me and kissed me on the cheek... but I don't know cause it might be caused from the dart." Lavi rambled on to Lenalee who sat listening carefully to all Lavi had to say. She waited until he was finished before giving a small giggle of amusement.

"You never know Lavi, he might be speaking the truth." Lenelee said, not considering how it was going to affect Lavi at all.

He looked at her and his eyes widened before closing as he slumped to the side in a dead faint. Lenelee freaked out and called for help and Lavi was placed on a small cot-like bed to rest until he woke up. Lenelee went to check on Kanda and then went to wake up Lavi.

"Lavi, get up!" she shouted in his ear loudly, startling him awake.

"What!" he shouted to her. She looked like she had just ran, panting for breath. She gave a sweet smile.

"Kanda's awake, and he wants you. You've got so see him." She said before walking away. Lavi jumped out of bed and ran to Kanda's room, slowing as he arrived.

Opening the door slowly he looked into the room to see a lump hiding under the covers of the bed and things thrown around the room. "Yu-chan...?" Lavi asked cautiously, not knowing what to expect. The blankets moved and shifted before being flung off. Lavi didn't expect it but he was tackled to the floot and being... licked?

Opening his eyes he saw Kanda, straddling him, licking his cheek. What shocked him the most was Kanda's new appendeges. Atop his head were two ears, swiveling towards any sound they could pick up. The next was a tail protruding from his lower back, just above the low riding pants waist.

Kanda seemed to have returned to his senses and he sat back, still straddling Lavi, a blush covering his cheeks. Lavi was speechless. "I... I can't help it." Kanda said, his ears folding down, a frown on his lips.

"Can't help what?" Lavi asked, oblivious.

"This!" Kanda shouted. "I can't help not being near you, being attracted to you!" Kanda said in frustration, gripping onto the front on Lavi's shirt. Lavi was about to say something more when lips crashed over his own, moving against them slowly and sensually. Lavi couldn't help but push back, nipping at Kanda's lower lip. They pulled away, Kanda flushed and panting softly. "They told me the liquid on the dart caused these changes on my body. They also said it heightened my need for the things I liked or wanted." Kanda spoke softly, adverting his eyes shyly. "That happens to be you... Lavi."

Lavi stared and blinked, then stared some more. "What?" he asked, mouth gaping open. Kanda growled and leaned down before speaking into Lavi's ear.

"It heightened my need for things I want, which just so happens to be you." Kanda said, knowing Lavi got the picture. Lavi sat up quickly, making Kanda yelp and wrap his arms and legs tightly around Lavi's body so he was sitting in his lap and flush against him.

"But you're... I'm... eh?" Lavi sputtered confused. Kanda gave a glare at his stupidity.

"Che, Baka-Usagi." Kanda said before placing a softer kiss on Lavi's lips. "It makes me show what I truly want against my will... makes me show emotions I wouldn't normally show. Understand now?" Kanda said. Lavi nodded, his boy numbed at what he had just heard. "I was so afraid when I thought you were going to... you know... But now it's different, Lavi, I need this." Kanda said, voice taking a begging tone when he said Lavi's name.

"Are you sure?" Lavi asked, not wanting to do something he would regret later. Kanda nodded, flashing a small smile.


Lavi crashed his lips over Kanda's, hearing his mewls of pleasure as he nipped at his bottom lip. Kanda opened his mouth slightly, his tongue meeting Lavi's as they wrestled, Kanda pressing ever so closer to Lavi. Lavi tugged Kanda's hair down, letting it cascade around them. Kanda's arms wrapped around his neck, hands tangled in the soft red locks of hair.

Lavi's arms were wrapped around Kanda's waist, pressing them flush together. Lavi's hand wandered down to stroke Kanda's black tail. Kanda tore away from the kiss throwing his head back with a moan of pure bliss. Someone had to have heard that.

"Ah! Lavi..." Kanda gasped out, feeling his arousal course through his veins.

"Sensitive are we, how about these?" Lavi teased, reaching his hand up to stroke Kanda's furry black ears.

"Nya!" Kanda moaned out, rocking against Lavi. His hardened member digging into Lavi's stomach. Kanda ass grazed over Lavi's own aching arousal every time he moved, causing Lavi to groan in pleasure.

Lavi kept his one hand up stroking Kanda's ear while the other went back to his tail. The pleasure from over stimulation to his ears and tail was begining to become to much for Kanda to handle. The friction not helping the cause.

"Lavi... I'm g-going to-Ah!" Kanda shouted out, back arching into Lavi as his body tensed an he released. He was laid on the floor, his hair pooling around him and hands up by his face. A flush covered his cheeks and his eyes were half lidded, his breath coming in gasps.

"So soon, I've barely touched you. There's more where that came from, Yu." Lavi said with a chuckle, peeling Kanda's shirt off along with his own before leaning down to suckle on the youngers neck.

Kanda moaned and mewled as Lavi left numerous markings on his neck and chest. He was in heaven, pure bliss, nothing was better. His arousal came back, harder than ever, aching to be touched.

Lavi trailed down Kanda's chest, hit tongue buning a flaming path to one of his nipples. Kanda couldn't contain the moans at the feeling. Everything was overly sensitive.

Lavi trailed lower after abusing both nipples fully. Reaching the top of the low riding pants he tugged slightly. Kanda wiggled his hips, wanting Lavi to take off the offensive clothing.

"Now, we don't want to finish this to quickly do we?" Lavi asked, leaning back up to capture Kanda's lips. He lifted him up and carried him to the bed, tearing the covers away and placing him down onto them. Kanda was a mess, a very horny mess.

"Lavi... please..." Kanda mewled out loudly, tugging at Lavi's pants so he would take them off. Lavi did so, leaning over top of Kanda who had a different idea in mind.

Flipping their positions Kanda kneeled in front of Lavi, a smirk on his lips as his tail swayed. Kanda's face climbed lower and lower until Lavi realized what he was about to do.

"No matter how hot and ungodly sexy that is... you really don't have to." Lavi gasped after speaking at the puff of air on the head of his penis.

"Yes, I know. But I want to." Kanda purred huskilly, swooping down to take a agonizingly slow lick from base to head, effectively shutting Lavi up. Lavi's hand tangled themselve's in Kanda's hair, a reassuring gesture.

Kanda lapped at the head before taking the head into his mouth, sucking gently and twirling his tongue around it. From all the sounds he was recieving he knew he was doing well. He look in a little more as Lavi's fingers massaged his ears, causing him to moan.

Lavi groaned at the vibrations, getting harder then he ever had been. Kanda got a spur or courage and swallowed, taking Lavi in entirely before sucking and bobbing his head up and down at a steady beat. Lavi's fingers tightened, causing him to wince from the pain but he put it aside, focusing on the task at hand.

"I w-won't last long w-with you doing that." Lavi groaned out, holding back from bucking into Kanda's mouth, not wanting to hurt him.

Kanda just gave a moan, causing Lavi to stiffen further. The coil in his belly winding tighter and tighter. Kanda gave one more last hard suck before Lavi released. Kanda flinched back and some got onto his cheek and around his mouth.

He pulled back, swallowing and panting from lack of breath. His cheeks were colored a deeper shade of red, some of the fluid dribbling down his chin.

Lavi immediately felt himself jump back to life at the sight, refraining from throwing Kanda down and fucking him dry. They flipped positions, Kanda on his hands and knees in front of Lavi. His pants were removed, a gasp coming from his mouth.

Lavi moved three fingers in front of Kanda. "Suck on them, it'll hurt less in the end." Lavi ordered, Kanda immediately doing as he was told. Lavi refrained from saying 'Good boy', to aroused to dawdle more than needed.

One his fingers were thoughroughly coated he placed one in Kanda's entrence while strokin his tail to distract him from the pain. Kanda mewled, this time from discomfort but it was soon forgotten with the constant stroking of his tail.

By the time all three fingers were in and stretching him he was gripping onto the sheets in discomfort.

"It'll get better, just hold on." Lavi assured him, bending his fingers to a certain angles before pushing on something within him.

"AH!" Kanda keened in raw ecstasy. Lavi removed his fingers and spread pre-cum over his member to lubricate it.

Lavi flipped Kanda's position so he was facing him before pulling Kanda's legs around his waist, member nudging Kanda's entrance. "Ready?" Lavi asked.

"More than ready..." Kanda purred, pulling Lavi down into a searing kiss before Lavi thrust in slowly. Every small push in he waited for Kanda to adjust, then he was finally in. Waiting for Kanda's go ahead, he stayed still.

Kanda leaned up and licked the shell of his ear, sending a shudder through Lavi's body. "Go wild." Kanda said huskily before yelling out as Lavi started a fast pace.

In and out, in and out, Kanda lost count how many times he was trust into. He lost count at 23 when the pleasure fogged him mind.

"Y-Yu..." Lavi groaned out, gripping onto Kanda's member and pumping. At that moment he hit the bundle of nerves within Kanda.

Kanda screamed out, knowing someone had to hear him, but he didn't care. Their pace escalated, their tongues seemingly on fire as they wrestled with each other.

Everything became to much and all at once they fell over the edge. Lavi bit Kanda hard enough to taste blood, Kanda raking his nails up Lavi's back and biting his lip to stop any sounds from leaving him mouth.

As fast as it happened it was over. They both collapsed onto the bed, trying to see and breath again.

Once they had Kanda curled up and snuggled into Lavi as he pulled the kicked aside covers onto them.

"I Love you Lavi..." Kanda whispered, giving him a kiss on the cheek like he had on the train, soft and sweet.

"I Love you to, Kanda." Lavi said, petting his ears gently as they slipped off. Lavi knew as long as Kanda had the remanents of the liquid on the dart in him that this would happen often. He fell in his slumber, a smile across his features.

Kanda the same, a smile bringing up the corners of his lips.


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