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From last time:

Suddenly, Cal pulled away to survey Gillian. He saw all the desire in the world in her eyes, coupled with some confusion.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing," he said with a smile and a shake of his head.

He pulled her back toward him and began kissing her again after smiling against her lips.


After having taken a good look at her face to be certain of the situation, Cal went directly back to the task at hand: focusing completely on Gillian Foster.

With one hand still tangled in her hair, he ran his other hand across her lower back. Noticing he could feel the hem of her shirt on his fingers, he slid his hand up and found the soft skin of her waist. This earned a light moan from Gillian which Cal found very encouraging. He slid his hand up further and laid it flat on the middle of her back, his fingers sneaking under the band of her bra.

Is that lace? Bloody hell… This woman is out to kill me!

Cal immediately found himself wondering what color Gillian's bra was, and if her panties matched. One slip of a finger in the back of her skirt confirmed it was also lace, and Cal found himself needing to get Gillian out of her clothes. Now. He dropped both hands to Gillian's thighs, hiked her skirt up just a touch, grabbed her by the waist, and placed her on his lap so she was straddling him.

Gillian was shocked at the quickness of his movements. In one moment she's leaned on him, and a second later she's straddling him with her chest dangerously close to his face.

Cal placed both hands on Gillian's thighs and gripped them firmly, while reaching up to kiss her neck. Gillian placed her hands on Cal's shoulders and slid them back to his neck, tilting her head back to give him better access to his target.

It hadn't gone unnoticed by Cal earlier in the day that Gillian's pink blouse had a deep-v neckline. Not only was it pleasant to look at all day, but he found it useful now as he inched his kisses further and further down her chest. At the same time, he slid his hands up over her skirt to her hips, grabbing them possessively.

Gillian moaned once again and involuntarily ground her hips into Cal, causing him to pull his head back and his eyes to roll back slightly with the pleasure. Gillian slid her hands down Cal's arms and let them rest on the outside of his legs. She bit her bottom lip while looking at him. As he looked back, he pulled his hands from her waist and started on the bottom button of her blouse.

One, two buttons later, he glanced down to see her belly button revealed.

Three, four buttons later, the creamy skin of her stomach was revealed.

There was only one button left. Gillian's chest was rising and falling at a rapid pace as she watched with anticipation as Cal reached for the last button. He grabbed it, looked up into her eyes, and he popped it open. Gillian's eyes remained locked on his, but she sat a little taller. She waited what felt like years for him to do something.

With his eyes still locked on hers, he slipped his hands inside her now open blouse and around her waist. Agonizingly slow, he slid his hands up to her ribcage, up the front of her arms to her shoulders, and he pushed her blouse down off her arms.

Gillian was getting rid of her blouse and throwing it on the floor when she heard Cal mumble one word: "Black."

Thinking it wasn't possible, Gillian saw Cal's eyes darken even further. She gave him an innocent smile, licked her lips, and kissed him so deeply his head sunk back in the cushions.

Feeling his desire spiraling out of control, Cal wrapped an arm around her back, grabbed one thigh, and flipped Gillian on her back on the couch while he climbed up to hover over her.

It's was Gillian's eye's turn to darken now, and Cal was never one to miss that detail. He gave her a sly smile and kissed his way from her neck to between her breasts while sliding a hand so far up her leg it almost came out the top of her skirt.

Cal was beginning to get annoyed at this skirt. It looked very nice on, but it was also currently very much in his way. Cal once again aimed his kisses at Gillian's mouth and began groping and feeling around for the zipper that would allow him to see if the panties matched. Feeling Gillian tip her hips up, Cal slid his hands around her and unzipped her from the back and pulled down her skirt in one motion.

Cal felt a wide smile on his face when he saw that the panties did indeed match her black lacy bra.

"Oiy - do you wear this sort of thing regularly? Or did you plan on getting lucky today?"

Gillian simply starred at Cal which caused him to say, "Right. Latter of the two then." He added a cocky smile for good measure which Gillian returned with a swat on the arm.

After soaking in the view for a few more moments, Cal once again grabbed Gillian. This time, he stood up with her wrapped around him – legs around his waist, arms around his neck.

"What are you doing?" Gillian asked as Cal walked toward the stairs.

While walking up them he answered, "We're gonna need more room, luv."

"More room?" They were half way up the stairs.

"Yeah. There'll be plenty of time for shaggin' on the couch later if you like. But this time around, we're going to the bedroom." Now they were at the top of the stairs.

Just as it registered that she was completely wrapped around his body and he had one hand seriously close to her rear, he laid her on his bed with her knees bent and her legs hanging off. And it was in that moment that Gillian realized things were very unbalanced.

Why am I the only one in my underwear?

In the moment she was about to do something regarding the lack of clothing balance in the room, Cal laid his hands on her knees and slid them in one fluid motion up her thighs, across her hips, over her flat stomach; and when he reached her breasts he stopped there with one hand while proceeding up to her neck with the other. He cupped her breast with his hand while watching her face to see how she reacted to his touch, learning what she liked.

As he cupped and gently squeezed her breast she started squirming under his touch. He moved his free hand back down to her hips where most of the movement was taking place. He slid his hand between her legs to find her underwear soaked. The moisture on his fingers caused him to harden to the point of discomfort in his pants.

Once again feeling the extreme unbalance in the clothing situation, Gillian sat up and helped Cal with his belt and pants while he rid himself of his shirt and tossed them to the floor.

It was finally Gillian's turn to soak in his body. She ran her hands across his toned stomach and up to his chest, rolling her hands over his shoulders and back down his arms, admiring his tattoos as she came across them. There was no ignoring the erection in his underwear, which was very near her face. She looked up at him and placed her hands on his thighs, squeezing them. She ran her hands up his legs and inside his underwear while he stood there looking at her.

Cal put his hands on her shoulders, pushing her straps off. Gillian reached around and unclasped her bra, still holding it in place. He took one of her shoulders and guided her down on the bed. She scooted up so she was fully on the bed and he crawled up to her. She was still holding her black lace bra in place until Cal took a hold of its edge. She let go and Cal dragged it off her body, leaving her topless and exposed to him. He then hooked his fingers in her underwear and dragged it down her legs and threw it on the floor with her bra. Loving the view but feeling his erection throbbing, Cal sat up on his knees and rid himself of his underwear.

Though he knew she was ready, Cal didn't want to take a chance at hurting her. Kneeling between her legs, he laid a hand inside her thigh and inched his way up to her folds. He tentatively touched her, and heard Gillian let out a breath at the contact. He ran a finger up and down her folds and then little by little inched a finger inside her, earning a quiet whimper from Gillian.

Knowing without a doubt that she was ready, he withdrew his finger, took his cock in his hand and placed the head at her opening. He looked up to find her looking expectantly at him, and with an excruciatingly slow pace his slid himself in her. The feeling almost took his breath away and caused Gillian to throw her head back in the bed.

After being certain she had adjusted to his size, Cal gently thrust in and out of her a few times. He then pulled out of her completely earning an exasperated huff from Gillian. Moments later he dove into her again and began thrusting with a greater pace which left her moaning in pleasure and mumbling his name. Cal found that when he thrust at a certain angle, she said his name more. He made a mental note of that and came back to it whenever he wanted to hear her voice utter his name saturated in pleasure.

He also noted that when he thrust at a certain pace, she arched her back in such a way that made her clench down around him. While it felt extraordinarily good, he needed this to last so he stayed away from that angle. He figured he could save that one for quickies down the road…

Gillian was fairly sure she hadn't had a man this good ever. It was like she had no control over her body. It was just reacting to his every touch and movement – and he knew exactly how to touch her and move. She was arching her back and saying his name, running her hands on him and breathing heavily. It was almost too much and she was getting close.

Cal began feeling himself tire from his exertion, and being so tired caused what little control he had over himself to vanish. He leaned toward her and seeing her eyes were closed he whispered on labored breathing, "Gillian."

She opened her eyes to see a look telling her he couldn't hold off anymore. He shouldn't have worried. Hearing him say her name like that would have brought her to orgasm a long time ago. As she flew over the edge she pulled him into her, and with one more thrust he joined her in flying over the edge.

After a few moments, he pulled out of her and laid on his back next to her, surveying her ceiling and trying to slow his breathing. Gillian loved this view: Cal naked and out of breath from….

What do I call what just happened? Just sex? It didn't feel like just sex. Would he call it a shag? He said something about shagging on the couch later…I guess I'll just say we're sleeping together…

And with that, Gillian remembered something. She rolled on her side to face him and propped her head up in her hand. When he looked at her she couldn't help but smile.

With a deep breath she asked, "Why did you stop kissing me earlier?"

Cal smiled and said, "Just wanted to make sure."

Puzzled and with furrowed-brow she inquired, "Wanted to make sure about what?"

With the smile fading from his face and seriousness creeping in he said, "I didn't want to do anything that was based in lust, that's all."

"Oh? And what was that based in?" Gillian asked, raising her chin slightly.

Maintaining the serious look on his face Cal responded, "From what I saw? Not lust. Definitely not lust."

He began scanning her face to see what she thought of his response. What she gave him was a small smile and a slight nod. She took her free hand and brushed it across his cheek as if to rid him of an imaginary object that was there before trailing her finger along his jaw, and then she repeated his words very softly.

"Definitely not lust."

I'm toying around with the idea of having one more chapter after this. It could be a good stopping point, but it sort of feels unfinished to me. Thoughts?