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A/N: This is basically a crossover between Chuck and Ranma 1/2. However, it is not necessary to know anything about Ranma 1/2. I'm just using the basic concept, and putting Chuck and company into it. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Time to Believe

One of the upsides that Chuck liked about being an agent was traveling the world on the U.S. government'sdollar. Even if he did have a mission to accomplish, it was incredible seeing the exotic locales on the side.

Currently, Chuck wasn't taking the time to take in the scenery of the Chinese forest that he, Sarah, and Casey were in. Actually, they had come to China to track down a Ring agent who was after some sort dangerous material that the Ring was interested in. As such, after a firefight in an abandoned warehouse at the edge of the forest, Team B had taken up hot pursuit of the agent and his remaining team into the tangle of trees.

"Chuck, do you know where we are?" Sarah asked as they now picked their way through the foliage. They were using some of their tracking skills to trace the path that their opponents had taken.

Consulting his compass and the map, Chuck took a couple of seconds to figure out their location. "As far as I can tell, there is a lot more forest ahead. However, about a mile or two northwest, there seems to be some sort of body of water. Or, actually, a whole bunch of small bodies of water." Chuck flashed on the appropriate Chinese writing so that he could decipher the text on the map. Useful thing, that Intersect. "Ah, it's called Jusenkyo Springs."

Casey grabbed the map from him and took a look himself. "Hm, the terrain suggests a lot of cover and supplies. They might head there to rendezvous with their helicopter or make a stand. There's nothing else around, and the trees would make it difficult for extraction."

"We know that they need to get out of here with their package as quick as possible," Sarah chimed in, "so they might take the risk and go there. I think we know where they're headed."

"Please stay careful. Springs have powerful curse. Not good if fall in. Forgive my English." Despite the gun in his face and his hands in the air, the Jusenkyo Guide still felt it was his duty to educate and warn the bad people about the springs. He received a pistol whip for his help.

"Shut-up. I don't believe in curses. Ralph, what's the situation? Are they coming yet or not?"

"The chopper will be here in twenty minutes, Jim. And if those spooks find us here, we'll just kill them off." Ralph looked around at the terrain. Various small springs, rock outcroppings, rickety walkways, uneven terrain, and bamboo poles jutting everywhere made the place seem like some sort of commando jungle gym. The thought was pretty exciting to him.

"Jusenkyo Springs for many centuries martial arts training ground. Many come from far away to practice and fight. However, there is great curse as well." The Guide, despite the circumstances, was still trying to be helpful as he could.

"I thought I told you to shut up?" Jim ground out.

Before anything else could be said, one of the thugs called out a warning. "Hey boss! I think we've got trouble. Those guys who have been chasing us are having it out with Duke and the boys over in the east end of the area."

"What are you waiting for? It's just three of them versus seven of us. Let's just finish this." Ralph and Jim followed the henchguy out to the battle. The Guide followed.

Chuck grunted as he took a fist to the stomach. Sarah and Casey were shooting at some other guys and a couple were already down, but there were still enough enemies left to put up quite a fight. Chuck had circled around and tried to get a drop on one of the guys. Fisticuffs ensued. And right now, Chuck was struggling to get back to his feet. However, he saw someone else coming up behind Sarah.

"Sarah, behind you!" She turned around and leaned out of the way of a knife. She unsheathed one of her own and began to duel with him in earnest.

However, Chuck's distraction worked to his opponent's advantage. He was still on all fours and did not see his enemies foot connect with his side. With a grunt of surprise and pain, he found himself kicked over. And even more unfortunately for Chuck, he was kicked into one of the springs.

"Chuck!" Sarah yelled. With a final punch, she dropped the guy she was fighting with and ran over to where Chuck had fallen. Chuck's opponent was about to stop her when she stopped short and saw him get out of the pool. "Oh my god, are you alright? Did you-what the hell?" The flabbergasted expression on Sarah's face caused the bad guy to turn around to his fallen opponent.

"I'm alright, I'm alright. Just a bit winded. And wet." Chuck got out of the spring dripping wet. But his voice sounded a bit different. He wiped the water and long locks of his hair out of his face to get a better view. Hold on, long locks of hair? Sarah and the opponent were looking at him at shock. Even Casey and his opponent were looking at him with their own expressions of incomprehension. "What?"

"Chuck, what happened to you. You look really different." Sarah's brain was desperately trying to process what she was seeing.

Chuck's hands went to his hair, which had become quite long. He pulled a lock around to look at. That was when he noticed his chest. "Where did these come from!" He grabbed the two fleshy orbs on his chest, and found that they were female breasts. His hands further explored his body, to discover more distinctly toned, but feminine curves. "Oh no, oh no, oh please no." He grabbed his crotch. "OH MY GOD! WHERE'S MY PACKAGE!"

At this point, Jim, Ralph, their flunky, and the Guide had joined in everyone.

"Oh, yes," began the Guide. "Spring of Drowned Girl. Very unfortunate. Happen many centuries ago." He nodded very sagely at this.

"What the hell is going on? How did I turn into a woman?" Everyone was looking between Chuck and the Guide.

"These are Jusenkyo Cursed Springs. If fall into spring, will get curse. Curse activate when get splash from cold water. Hot water reverse spell. Until another splash of cold water." The Guide looked too happy and helpful.

Chuck's opponent took a very appreciative look at her. "Well I've got to say, that is one interesting curse. Why don't I see how complete it is?" With that, he grabbed Chuck's breasts.

"Hey, you pervert!" Chuck slapped the guy's hands away and punched him. He was taken back and lost his footing, landing him into another spring. After some struggling, a rabbit made its way out of the spring, heaving from the effort. Almost everyone was speechless at this display.

"Spring of Drowned Rabbit. Another unfortunate story."

"You mean there really is a curse on these springs?" Jim exclaimed in complete astonishment.

While everyone was preoccupied with these revelations, one of the thugs snuck up on Sarah and got her into a choke hold. She elbowed him and threw him over her shoulder. When he landed on the ground, he lashed out with his foot and knocked her into another spring.

The short exchange jolted everyone out of their surprised states and got things moving again. Chuck started running over to Sarah to see if she was alright. However, Sarah's opponent recovered quickly and began engaging Chuck in some hand-to-hand. Casey began shooting at the Ring agents at earnest, who were even more wary of the treacherous paths and walkways between the pools.

"Everyone, retreat! I don't want to risk getting cursed. Head back into the forest," Ralph yelled out. He, Jim, and three other flunkies quickly and carefully made their way out. Ring Agent Bunny started hopping after them. Chuck was still fighting her guy.

A brutal punch landed Chuck on her back and she tried to get up. However, the Ring agent pulled out a gun on her. "Hold it right there, miss."

Before he could do anything else, Sarah barreled into him. He made quite a splash in another spring. A fox made its way out, looked at everyone else, and ran off.

However, everyone was paying attention to Sarah. Her tail swished behind her. Mocha-colored fur covered her body. She stood on strong looking hooves that could inflict a lot of pain if kicked into soft and yielding human flesh. Using her big eyes, Sarah looked at her long and lean body. She wasn't very sure what she had turned into. Maybe some sort of horse?

The Guide came up to them. "Very sad story with Spring of Drowned Cow. Happened very long ago."

"Moo?" Sarah mooed. She took another frantic look at her and got very distressed "MOO!" She did not seem very happy.

"Hey, Sarah, it's okay. There's not need to be upset. I happen to think you make a very cute cow." Chuck was really trying to be comforting. She wasn't doing too good of a job it, in Sarah's mind.

Casey had come up to the rest of the group. "So let me get this straight. If splashed with cold water, Bartowski will turn into a woman, and Walker will turn into a cow?"

"That correct," answered the Guide.

"If they get splashed with hot water, they turn back to normal?"


"But the curse gets reactivated with cold water?"

"Very right."

Casey considered his next response for a moment. "BWAHAHAHAHA!" His guffaws noted genuine and unabashed humor at Chuck and Sarah's predicament. "That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. I think I like these springs." As he turned to walk away and get their equipment, he tripped over a twig and did a header into another spring.

Sarah and Chuck carefully made their way over to see if he was alright. Casey pulled himself out of the water, fur dripping wet. Sharp claws clacked on the stone ground as he made his way over to them. His predator eyes assessed his form. He bared his sharp teeth and gave a growl.

"Casey," Chuck started, "you're so-"

"Spring of Drowned Shih Tsu. Another tragic tale."

"-cute!" Chuck squealed.

"Arf!" he barked in rage.