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Chapter 6: What Dreams Are Made Of

"Despite the fact that I can turn into a woman, I'm still not comfortable with this situation."

"As we have learned, it's best we be prepared. Now, the mark has just walked into the room. See him?" Sarah whispered into Chuck's ear.

The two of them were dressed to the nines in a swanky club lounge. Casey was backing them up at the bar, which the two were right now leaning against. All three of them were discreetly watching the mark walk through the room.

"Don't worry, Chuck," Sarah reassured her boy…er, girlfriend. "You just have to get him to notice you and come over here. Let me do the rest."

"There is something very wrong about this," Casey muttered behind them while polishing a glass.

"Okay. I can do this. Just do some sort of come hither look and we've got him."

Chuck stepped forward, made eye contact, and struck a sexy pose. Something a guy would do if he was impersonating a sexy woman, which was more or less exactly what Chuck was doing. Except he had all the correct parts.

However, she might have overdone it a bit, as the mark's eyes were focused so much on her, he didn't notice the chair in front of him. He tripped over it and cracked his head on the table. Silence reigned as the people in the room watched a puddle of blood pool beneath his head.

"She killed him with her looks!" somebody shouted. Murmurs rose in the crowd as everyone gave curious/lustful looks to Chuck.

"No I didn't! I mean, he wasn't looking where he was going. He just tripped. I had nothing to do with it," Chuck tried to defend herself.

"She's too hot!" "That's got to be illegal!" "I'd hit that!" The crowd continued to ogle and fawn over Chuck's unnatural hotness. Sarah stood to the side feeling invisible.

"Well, Walker? Have you ever had that effect on a man before?" Casey asked with a smirk. He was definitely enjoying needling her about her non-existent jealousy. Sarah was not as amused.

Chuck was looking intimidated at the crowd of adoring and amorous men surrounding her. Sarah was trying…and failing…to squelch the feeling of jealousy setting up camp in her gut. Dammit, she was 100% real woman, all the time!

Sarah couldn't hold it in any longer."She wasn't always a woman! She was a man just a couple of hours ago!"

That stopped the crowd…for a moment. "Who cares? She's still hot!" A chorus of enthusiastic agreement followed.

"This can't get any more ridiculous," Sarah fumed.

"Hold it right there!" a cop shouted from the door. He sauntered up to Chuck and pulled out a ticket pad. "Do you have a license for those?"

"License for what?" Chuck squeaked.

"Those," he answered, gesturing to her amazing cleavage.


"Well then, until you have those registered as weapons of mass stupification, you're going to have to cover up." With that, he whipped off a tablecloth and threw it over her.

The effect was nearly instantaneous. All the guys blinked and looked around in confusion, wondering what had just affected them (in more ways than one). Finally, someone noticed Sarah.

"Hey, where'd the blonde come from?"

"Who cares? Where's her friend?"

Sarah stomped her foot and fumed at everyone's disregard for her. It wasn't that she wanted to bag someone else. She was with Chuck and would never cheat or leave him/her. It was just that she was feeling threatened by Chuck's newfound femininity and wanted to reassert her own. She'd had enough of indifference in high school, and she didn't appreciate those resurging feelings now.

All of a sudden, Doug Gatz, who was the Cougars varsity football captain…and the guy all of the girls crushed on…sauntered up to her.

"Hey, Jenny. Long time no see."

"Uh, hi. I don't think we've ever talked before." Sarah was feeling surprised he finally noticed her.

"Yeah, probably. Anyways, can you get me a date with your hot brunette friend?"

Shock colored Sarah's face before she screamed in frustration.

"AAUUGH!" Sarah jolted awake with a shriek. She breathed heavily in and out, trying to calm herself down.

"Ughwazzat?" Chuck grumbled beside her, falling completely back under before he had the chance to become semi-conscious.

Sarah looked over and glomped onto him. She reveled in the feeling of his flat but toned chest. Her hand brushed lovingly along his Adam's apple. His straight and masculine silhouette. The light dusting of hair on his body and limbs. Down underneath his boxers, she gently grasped his very obviously male genitalia.

She sighed with pleasure and relief as she felt up her boyfriend, despite that he was still insensate to the outside world. Sarah sighed and felt contented after waking up from that nightmare. Idly, she wondered what it meant now that her nightmares now consist of that.


Sarah glared at Chuck. He held his hands up defensively.

"Hey, I didn't mean anything by that. I just poured myself a glass and I wanted to know if you wanted some, too."

She dropped the glare and sighed. "No thanks. I'd rather have some juice."

"Alright, here you go," he said as he handed her a glass. He watched her drink for a moment before he decided to enter a potential minefield. "You know, I can see that the curse is quite a touchy subject for you. But do you have to bite off everybody's head who says something vaguely cow related?"

Sarah sighed. "I know I'm being overly sensitive about it, but I just feel useless as a cow. I can't fight, I can't use any tools or weapons or whatnot. At least for Casey, people won't question a dog being anywhere. A real life cow doesn't fit in where we live and work. And the fact that it can happen almost anytime that I'm near water doesn't help."

Chuck walked around the counter and took Sarah in his arms. "Well, let's think of some good things about cows. I think cows are great because they provide a lot of goods."

"Like milk and meat. Doesn't help much in a fight," Sarah grumbled into his neck.

"With you as a cow," Chuck continued undaunted. "You've got a lot of brute strength. I've seen those hooves in action, and they cause a lot of damage."

Sarah cuddled a little closer at that. "Really?" she asked with a bit of a smile.

"Really," her superhot boyfriend reassured, trailing kisses down her neck. "The element of surprise in encountering a cow in an urban environment is phenomenal. And I'm no hillbilly, but…"

Thankfully (or not, that's up to the reader), before Chuck could continue, Casey barged in. "We've got to head to Castle ASAP. The general says there is an emergency that requires our particular skill set."

"Okay. Anything else?"

Casey held up a cup. "I, um, ran out of coffee. And maple syrup. You have any?"

"Sorry, no coffee," Sarah replied. "We were going to pick some up later today. But we do have the syrup."

"Hurm," he grunted in reply. He turned around and started walking back to his place. At that moment, the curse struck again via a rake that was by the fountain. What a rake was doing there in the first place, nobody knew. The result, of course, was Casey falling into the fountain.

Casey was struggling and yapping as he tried to make his way out of the fountain. What made it difficult was that his clothes did not transform with him, so he had to wriggle out of them to get out of the fountain first.

Chuck and Sarah ran out with some hot water to turn him back. That is, Chuck ran out and Sarah hung around the doorway since she had even more of an aversion to getting wet than Chuck. Chuck dumped the hot water on Casey, turning him back into a human. A naked human.

"Shit!" Casey shouted as he tried to cover himself with his hands. He reached over and was about to grab his clothes out of the fountain but didn't want to risk transforming again. "Bartowski, get my clothes."

"I don't want to get wet either!" Chuck exclaimed.

"Dammit, give me something!"

"Well, this is new," Sarah commented on the new aspect of the curse.

Chuck whipped off his shirt and handed it to Casey. Casey held the shirt in front of his nether regions to protect what was left of his dignity. Sarah decided to get the maple syrup.

Since Casey seemed to have things more or less under control, Chuck went to get some hot water. Unfortunately, he tripped over the same rake and fell into the cold fountain water. She quickly got up and out of the fountain, sporting a brand new sex change. But not sporting a shirt, as it was currently covering Casey's pelvic area.

"Sorry Casey, but we only have chocolate syrup and honey," Sarah said as she came back holding up the aforementioned products.

At that moment, a delivery guy came in with a clipboard and brown wrapped package. He looked up, took in the scene, and let a big grin come over his face.

"I thought stuff like this only happened in pornos!"

Beckman was stone-faced upon hearing about the new curse development. "Will you hold on a minute?" she asked before terminating the feed. About a minute later, she came back on, but the look on her face gave away why she temporarily blocked the feed.

"Glad we could amuse you," Chuck deadpanned. "So what's the sitch?"

"We have reports of a computer hacker possibly accessing government databases. However, we're having trouble on determining if we're actually getting hacked."

"Guy must be good if you can't find his trace. How did you find out about this in the first place?"

Beckman displayed copies of chat records on the monitor as she continued. "A person going by the username Master_Geek, AKA Michael Arlen, has been hinting at hacking government servers."

"Are you serious?" Chuck exclaimed. Everyone looked at him in surprise at his outburst. "He's a total douchebag. Master_Geek is one of those guys that will argue over any little minutiae from any fandom. He's a canon nazi and can extensively back up any of his claims with evidence from the source material and a hell of a lot of interpretation. Just think Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, only a bit more holier-than-thou."

"It sounds like you know him," Sarah replied. She was beginning to feel a little jealous of this guy Chuck was so vehement about until she realized her feelings were unfounded. Her man was 100% straight and into her. Technically. When he was a she, did that make her a lesbian? But that wasn't entirely true since Chuck was still Chuck/male on the inside; his outside just changed. Or something. Sarah suddenly remembered why she didn't spend too much time thinking about it.

Chuck is a straight man who is wildly in love with me. The statement to herself made her smile. Then she realized she was missing out on the conversation.

"Well, sort of. We've gotten into a couple of online battles over a couple of issues. Namely, which Star Trek captain was superior. I mean, he seriously thinks that Kirk…"

"Please," Casey gritted out while massaging his temples. "Do not talk about it. I already have a bad feeling I'm going to get more exposure to your nerd-dom than I want. And I want to hold that off as long as possible."

Beckman decided to take pity on Casey and move things along. "Well then, Chuck, seeing as you already have a prior relationship with Arlen, you will need to determine whether he has actually hacked classified files."

"Uh, I don't think he'll talk with me. We don't get along very well. He wouldn't deign to share something like that with me." Chuck paused to think the situation out. "But, I think he respects me as someone who can put up a good argument."

"Does he know what you look like…or that you're a guy?" Beckman seemed to be having trouble with her poker face lately.

Chuck sighed, as he saw where this was going. "No. My screen name is gender neutral. Why can't Sarah get him to talk?"

"Because she's not a nerd. Now, our analysts have found out Arlen will be a judge at some sort of competition at a convention called AniCon in four days. Your job is to put on a performance at the competition to get the mark's attention and from there figure out if he has knowledge he shouldn't have. Now, look at this list."

A screen on another monitor showed a list that Arlen had posted of his top femme fatales. The team looked at the list.

Chuck looked at Beckman pleadingly. "Can I be Lara Croft? Sensible clothes, sensible boots, guns?"

"No, I'm told you can't make a viable performance piece off of her character. Look again." She was not even trying to hide her smirk. Chuck looked again.

"Oh no."

"Oh yes."

"Dude, I'm really sorry about that," Morgan said as he read Arlen's Facebook profile. "Of all the bombastic, know-it-all, better-than-you, arrogant nerd assholes, you have to seduce Master_Geek?"

A feeling of supreme discomfort and fleeting nausea coiled in Chuck's guts. "Who says I have to seduce the guy? I just have to talk to him and try to find out if he's stealing government information."

Sarah reached over and rubbed the back of his neck comfortingly. "Sweetie, that's what seduction is all about. Using your looks and wiles to get a mark to talk without actually giving him anything. You don't actually have to sleep with him."

"Yeah, but still. Ugh."

Casey chuckled. Chuck glared at him, which increased Casey's mirth.

"You're not helping, Casey," Sarah growled.

Chuck bit out another curse when she fell over for the twelfth time. However, she was happy that Sarah was there to catch her, like always.

"Damnit, this isn't working. I'm already 6'4" and putting me in seven inch heels isn't doing anything to help my balance."

"You're right," Morgan said contemplatively. "He'll ding you for the wrong shoes. Do we have the nine inchers?"

"Right here," Sarah replied as she brandished the aforementioned torture devices.

"What? No, come on. It's hard enough walking in these shoes without falling over," Chuck whined. "And my feet and back hurt from practicing in them."

"Take it like woman, Chuck" Sarah encouraged while trying not to smirk. Men never realized how bad women had it. "You have to work hard and suffer for beauty."

"We need to nail this routine perfectly to get Master_Geek interested," Morgan replied as if he was addressing the band. "And that includes costume. Now, once more from the top."

Chuck fantasized about nailing Morgan's feet into some stilettos himself. Or with them. Either or was acceptable to Chuck at this point.

Despite his vast knowledge of physics, Chuck was having a hard time figuring out how the dress was supposed to stay on her body.

"Stop trying to figure it out. Just get naked and put it on," Sarah urged.

Chuck sighed as she did what Sarah said. She took the dress and tried her best to contort herself into the small strip of fabric that would actually go around her.

"Sarah, how is this top part supposed to stay on? I'm kind of nervous that in the middle of my performance, this whole section is going to flop down and I'll kill a whole lot of fellow nerds with a wardrobe malfunction."

"Relax. That's what fashion industry strength double stick tape is for," Sarah replied as she brandished the adhesive device. She seemed to be having a lot more fun playing dress-up with Chuck than Chuck was. "Now, this top portion is supposed to leave nothing to the imagination, so I have to follow this diagram to drape and tape it correctly to give the right effect."

"The dress comes with instructions?" Chuck groaned. She still was not getting how women could find this stuff fun.

"Chuck, you're still not nailing it. You have to do it just like she does in the scene. Right now, you look all awkward and wobbly," Morgan criticized as he looked back at the computer screen to compare the two performances.

"I am awkward and wobbly. If you're such a damn expert, why don't you come up here and do it? I'm still learning to walk normally in nine-inch heels, let alone slinking along a runway like a supermodel."

Sarah came up and helped Chuck back into place. "It's alright, Chuck. Remember, you just have to lean back a lot and maintain good posture for this to go off."

"But it feels so unnatural, like I'm going to fall backwards. And my feet are killing me. Can't I sit down for a few minutes?"

"Quit whining and woman up, Bartowski," Casey jeered from the sidelines. "I know you have it in you. You probably don't even have to dig that deep to bring out your full lady powers to pull this off."

"Considering how the curse works, I'm wondering what would happen if I called your attention to the open bottle of water right next to you."

Casey did a double take and jumped out of his seat directly into an agent walking behind him holding a glass of refreshingly cold water. Furious yapping could be heard from somewhere behind the table.

Chuck watched the scene with fascination. "You know, I don't think the regular rules of physics apply when the curse is involved."

"C'mon, Chuck, let's take it from the top again," Sarah soothed. "Remember, you are a classic femme fatale incarnate. You know you are unattainable by anyone else, and most of the poor guys in the audience aren't worth your time. Now, do it again, maintain your balance, and sex it up."

"So you interact with these audience plants, and Arlen should be seated here," Casey said as he pointed out the correct spots on the diagram. "The plant at this table should help you down, you do your thing and then move onto Arlen at the next table."

"Wait, who's at this table?"

"I don't know, yet. Just do your thing at that table. Are we clear?"

"Yeah. I hope this goes better than I expect."

Sarah sighed as she leaned back against Chuck in the bathtub. The next day was the performance, and the whole team was feeling nervous. They had been working hard for the last couple of days and were taking the time now to relax and unwind. However, Chuck was still very nervous.

"I'm going to mess up. Despite the beauty boot camp, I just know I'm going to flub this up," Chuck muttered into her hair.

"You're going to be fine, Chuck. Just relax, focus on your character, and act out the scene. You have gotten a lot better in the small amount of time we've had to prepare, so keep those gains in mind." Sarah nuzzled Chuck's neck, and he smiled. "Trust me, I think you're ready."

"An additional three points off on her hair being magenta instead of pink, and five more points for the wrong drums. And a final five points for the fact that I hate Jem and The Holograms." Arlen finished ravaging the performance on his scoring sheet and put it into the stack of acts already performed.

He leaned back, took a swig of Dr. Pepper, and grabbed the scorecard for the next performance. The name of who was performing caused him to raise his eyebrow.

"So, we finally meet, Chief Tron." Arlen crushed the can in his hand and dramatically flourished his pen. "I'm ready to crush you." In the back of his mind, he was kind of disappointed nobody noticed the masterful, super-villainous mini speech he just gave.

A spotlight appeared on the blue curtain and long and slender leg stepped out. With the appearance of the leg, a pair of breasts in profile peeked out as well.

You had plenty money in 1922

The curtains then parted, and a tall redhead in a sparkling red dress, gloves the perfect shade of purple, and killer heels slinked out with her hands on her hips. A jazz band was on the stage playing backup.

You let other women make a fool of you

She turned and strutted to the side of the stage.

Why don't you do right

She shimmied down the wall, giving a come hither look with one eye. The other one was behind a veil of luxuriant red hair. Arlen's mind had gone blank and his eyes were wide with the perfect embodiment of femme fatale made flesh on stage.

Like some other men do?

She slinked over to the other side of the stage and shoved back a guy who was getting too close with one foot.

Get out of here

Get me some money too.

Chief Tron? Arlen couldn't believe it as the fiery chanteuse started to catwalk down the runway in the middle of the room. Her hands were on her hips and she was exuding this confidence that told everyone in the room she knew she was too hot for them.

Now if you had prepared 20 years ago

You wouldn't be wandering now from door to door

One of the guys in the audience stood up and tried to get closer to the beauty on the stage. She put her hand on his head and gently forced him back into his seat.

Why don't you do right,

Like some other men do?

The end of the runway didn't stop her. Instead, she took a step onto a table in front of her. The guy who was sitting there flashed Arlen a brief but excited look before offering his hand to help her down. She trailed a gloved finger along the guy's shoulder as she stepped behind him. Chief Tron then pinched his cheeks and jiggled them.

Get out of here

The redheaded beauty whipped a napkin off the table and used it to rub his hair. She dropped it in his lap and moved on.

Get me some money too.

Get out of here

She walked over to Arlen and sat in his lap. Arlen was too transfixed by the red goddess snaking one hand under his lapel to be worried about any physical reactions she might notice. Chief Tron removed his hat and leaned her face closer to his. He felt himself drawn to kiss her but was thwarted when she shoved his hat back in his face.

Get me some money too.

Arlen was fumbling with his hat when she got out of his lap and walked around behind him, letting one delicate finger trail across his shoulders. He felt a shudder go through him at the concept of a woman as gorgeous as her willingly touching him.

Why don't you do right

Chief Tron sat on the stage in front of Arlen, crossing legs that went for miles. She was perfectly silhouetted by the light, which Arlen only vaguely noticed aside from the fact she had a nearly impossible body. A thrill of excitement coursed through him when she rolled over on all fours in front of him and grabbed his tie.

Like some other men do?

She pulled him roughly towards her, holding out the last syllable of the song as she let his tie slide between her fingers before she got up and strutted away. When she reached the main stage area, the blue curtains fell closed to shield the divine redhead from the unworthy mortals in the audience.

Through Arlen's unmoving shock, he realized he was giving her a standing ovation. As the dazzle faded away, looked down and saw she had left something in his pocket. Specifically, a room number and key. He smiled in giddiness at the realization she obviously wanted to sleep with him. That was quickly followed by extreme nervousness and anxiety because she wanted to sleep with him.

"Well, either way, you get perfect 10's, Mrs. Rabbit."

Arlen managed to walk suavely a couple of steps before he giddily raced down the hall to the room that was on the paper that Chief Tron slipped him. He suddenly stopped a couple of feet away and composed himself before sauntering the last few steps to appear calm, collected, and in control.

Before he knocked, he checked his supplies. A bouquet of flowers he found in a flower shop downstairs. The room key. And a box of condoms he was raring to use. Wiping the dumb grin on his face and trying to look debonair…and failing at it, he almost knocked.

Wait a minute, she handed me a room key. Does that mean she just wants me to go in? Should I make my presence known? Or would it be more manly and exciting if I just went in like I owned the place?

Deciding to just barge in, he threw the door open. His breath was taken away by the sight of Jessica Rabbit standing in the middle of the room holding a mirror in front of her. She turned it so she saw him behind her in the reflection.

"Why, Master_Geek I presume? I hope I didn't give the wrong impression the other day." She turned partway toward him, showcasing the outline of her body.

"Oh, just call me Michael. Master_Geek is for online only. And I don't know what impression you are talking about, but all is forgiven." He swallowed and felt his nervousness rising. Arlen just hoped he could keep it together long enough to score.

"When we were discussing whether more people would buy Apple laptops if they were in the same price range as most Windows computers. I believe you called me a simple-minded plebeian and I called you a stuck-up yuppie. Those were the nicest insults, anyway."

"What? Oh, er, water under the bridge." Arlen wasn't exactly paying attention to what she was saying; just the way the dress was hugging her body. He doubted she was wearing any underwear since the slit in her skirt went all the way to her hip.

He took it as a signal she wanted to have sex immediately when she threw herself on the bed. In reality, Chuck had stumbled when she tried to move, but she was able to save the sexy image when she ended up lounging seductively on the bed. She decided to mimic a pose Sarah had done the night before. Given the expression on Arlen's face, it seemed to work.

"I'm so glad, Michael. I don't want there to be any animosity between us. It's so hard to find a guy so willing to speak with me like a fellow nerd instead of some dumb, shallow bimbo. I know that I can talk to you like an equal on such heady topics." Suddenly, Chuck flipped over onto her back and gracefully pointed her leg up in the air.

"Sure, talk," Arlen drooled as his higher cognitive processes began shutting down.

Uh oh, I think I'm overdoing it. I should scale back the sexy. Chuck was broken out of her thoughts when Arlen threw himself onto the bed beside her.

"You know what? We've talked too much," he sleazily said as he plopped a hand on her leg.

Chuck eeped and jumped out of bed. "No, seriously. I wanted to talk about a rumor that your hacking skills can be counted as the best. The other night I was chatting with…"

"Sure, they're fine. I get it! You're playing hard-to-get, right? Well, come here!" He lunged again at Chuck, who leapt to the side and ended up on the floor.

Holy crap! He's really trying to get into my pants. Not like I'm wearing pants or underwear right now. I've got to refocus him.

"Hey, seriously. I want to know if…" Chuck was cut off when Arlen made another lunge at her, giggling in the process.

"Oh, I get it. You're Catwoman and I'm Batman trying to apprehend you. Let's see if my role playing skills translate from the computer to the bedroom."

"Seriously, what happened? Whenever we happen upon each other online, you're all too eager to get into a debate or brag about your knowledge or anything else."

"That's before I knew you were Jessica Rabbit come to life! Now I'm horny, so let's see if we can get this going on. Are you as excited about sleeping together as I am?"

Chuck suddenly had a newfound sympathy for Sarah having to go through situations like this for many years. I've got to take control of the situation. He has a one track mind about everything, so I just have to do something major to switch tracks.

"Not really. Damn it, you are so difficult to talk to. First when we were strangers on line, and now when we are face to face. Now listen. I have a proposition for you."

"I have a proposition for you, too. Actually I have a couple of positions for you."

Being overt in her desire to change the subject wasn't working since Arlen seemed intent on only one thing. Chuck decided to divert him with blunt force trauma.


She struck paydirt. Arlen's face changed from sleazy to shock, to horror, and then to anger. "Excuse me? Just what is this heresy you speak of?"

Casey and Sarah watched the feeds in another room in the hotel. Sarah nervously watched Chuck dodge the advances of her amorous mark. Casey couldn't help but giggle. Strange, but true.

Sarah looked on in confusion as they had quite a heated argument about Star Wars.

Sarah turned to Casey. "Are you getting any of this?"

"No, thank God."

"I'm not saying that they're good, just that I respect his drive to fully achieve his vision!"

"But maybe he should respect his own property enough not to muck it up like that! I hate him for his transgressions against the most revered movies of the Star Wars franchise. But I don't expect you to understand the complexities of the argument." Arlen sighed dramatically and flopped down in a chair.

Chuck narrowed her eyes at the insinuation. "Just what do you mean that you don't expect me to understand the argument."

"The fact that you are a bodacious babe instantly negates any credibility you may have as a geek...No offense."

"Oh yeah? How about this for geek cred: three weeks ago I hacked into the Department of Justice to erase a couple of citations I have." Chuck flashed a daring smirk at Arlen, hoping he would rise to a game of one upmanship. She was not disappointed.

"Really? That's all you got? Well, for the past couple of weeks I've been hacking into the IRS to create a lot of irregularities in George Lucas' bank accounts and tax records. Now it seems like he is quite a fan of a couple of anti-American groups."

Chuck blinked in surprise. "Really? Why?"

"Because he deserves to pay for his crimes against geek-dom! And don't get me started on his treatment of Indiana Jones."

Was that it? Did they get what they needed from Arlen? Chuck knew she had to play it cool. She fixed a wanton gaze on Arlen. "Hold on a sec. I'm going to downstairs and get another box of condoms. Maybe a bottle from the bar. All this debating is really turning me on."

Chuck sprinted out of the door as best as she could, leaving a befuddled but hopeful Arlen behind.

"So is that enough to bust him? I mean, it's not really something we deal with regularly."

Chuck, Casey, and Sarah were talking to Beckman in the hallway outside the ballroom where the convention was taking place.

"We'll arrest him and turn him over to the IRS to deal with. That should about do it for this mission," Beckman replied.

"That 's kind of disappointing," Casey said. "I was hoping for a little more action. Seems like a waste of a mission to end up turning it over to a bunch of pencil pushers."

"General," Chuck started. "Just talking freely here, but there didn't seem to be too much of an operation. I mean, the grounds for investigating Arlen were kind of flimsy. Why was it up to us to do this?"

At that moment, a teenage boy came up to Beckman. "Thanks for bringing me here, Auntie Diane. I really enjoyed the convention. I got a ton of swag from the booths, and the show was great, too. Jessica Rabbit actually came to my table and did her bit with me. I helped her down and she pinched my cheeks and played with my napkin, just like in the movie."

"Well, she is actually an employee of mine and is right behind you," Beckman said while smiling fondly at the teen.

He turned around and his eyes bugged out. Considering Chuck was 6'4" prior to the 9" heels he was wearing, the teen's line-of-sight came to her well endowed chest.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked Chuck with his eyes still glued onto what was right in front of him.

"No," Chuck said. "But I do have a girlfriend." She put her arm around Sarah's shoulders. Sarah snuggled into Chuck and gave the teen a triumphant look.

"Aw," he said in disappointment before the image clicked in. "Hot."

"Permission to speak freely, General?" Casey whispered to Beckman while taking her off to the side. He plowed on. "Is this whole mission just an excuse to fulfill your nephew's wet dream?"

Beckman was offended. "Colonel Casey! I am a general of the NSA and tasked with using our resources for the protection of our country." She glanced around for anybody within earshot before she leaned in closer to Casey. "And as a high-ranking general with a lot of power and clout, I am occasionally allowed to use our resources for personal use."

A/N 2: Want to see what Chuck did? Just go to Youtube and look up Jessica Rabbit.