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Drip, drip

Those faint noises were all that resonated through clammy, dark dungeon. The only light shining was from the small window, which was barred tightly. Not even hands could slip out to loosen a bar. The faint light was shining down on a sleeping figure displayed spread eagle on a bed in the center of the room. Not a single hair was out of place on the head. Though, there is not enough light to see who the figure could be.

Though the figure was sound asleep, it seemed to drug induced considering the compromising position that they were in. The hands were bound above and outward from the head with leather cuffs, followed by chains binding themselves to the headboard. The feet were also bound with leather cuffs that were bound by chains to the footboard. Not a scratch could be seen on the figure as they were still deep within the safety of slumbering peace stark naked.

Slowly, lights began flickering on from a very controlled fire spell, its caster experienced. As the lights began to burn in the dreary atmosphere, an array of objects began to come into view. Whips of every kind, for pain, torture, but mainly the whips were for the pleasure of the lone occupant. Also on display were feathers, blindfolds, gags, dildos, anal plugs, lubricants and body oils. All of these were neatly displayed across the room along the left wall from the center of the bed.

Then footsteps could finally be heard as they entered the spacious dungeon. The door creaked shut, but the faint creaking continued. Steadily the figure made his way to where his captive lay, swaying long hair following.

As the figure reached the middle of the room, his face came into view. Facing the slumbering captive, long hair silver hair flows outward before resting on his back. Clad in pure leather the figure can only be none other than the one winged angel himself. His face holds no trace of the malicious intentions he has for his captive. Reaching into his coat, he pulls out smelling salts needed to revive the passed out figure.

Bending slightly as he holds the vile close to his captive's nose, he breaths in his victim's scent as he continues to awaken the slumbering youth. Musk, with a mixture of the ocean, Sephiroth moves a gloved hand to the pale face to caress the nearest cheek.

Slowly, feeling the effects of the chloroform, deep cerulean eyes focus on who could be caressing their face. As clarity began to return, recognition slowly shone in their depths.

"I thought you were gone," the captive slowly spoke.

"I told you, Cloud. I will never be a memory," Sephiroth cooed in his captive's ear.

His eyes widened as he slowly began to realize that he was completely immobilized. The figment of all his desires loomed over him as if that man were the key and held the key to his salvation.

"Where am I?" Cloud hazarded.

"You are where no one will be able to find you unless I allow it," the smooth reply flowed from the perfect lips. Trailing a riding crop over his bare skin, Sephiroth began to search for sweet spots. Anything that would elicit the responses that he wanted to hear from his newly acquired toy was what this little game was about. "I will let this conversation slide, seeing as how you are unaware of what has and will transpire."

"What do you mean?" Cloud gasped as Sephiroth hit a particularly sweet spot around his navel.

"Well, I simply abducted you. Your fight and spark have piqued my curiosity about you," Sephiroth purred in Cloud's ear. All the while, the riding crop inched its way toward the growing bulge.

"I don't…nnh…," the blonde was unable to finish as he moaned in pleasure.

"Enough of this foreplay, time for the games to begin," Sephiroth commented as he turned to the table. However, he did not touch his toys that were on display. On the other side of the table, beneath a sheet, lay his toys for pain to elicit pleasure. He found a simple candle, begging to be lit. It was the box that the one winged angel picked up, the box that was simple in design. Though, what could be inside?

Cloud had been following his movements the entire time. He lightly tugged on a chain to see what kind of slack could be had. It was as he originally deduced, complete immobilization. No slack was offered and it simply stretched his muscle furthering his discomfort within the comfort of the bed. There was going to be no way out of this. Oddly enough, he felt he should see this through to the end.

Sephiroth turned around to find his puppet looking at him. Completely at his mercy and ready to be tamed into his perfect puppet for however long the puppet master deemed it necessary. What the ex-general found to be interesting, there was not a trace of fear hidden or creeping into those deep cerulean depths. That meant that this was going to be all the more rewarding.

"What is in this box is your prize if you chose to accept what is offered when I am finished," Sephiroth began with calm authority, leaving no room for interruption. "I will be testing you to see if you are indeed worthy."

"What are you talking about? This entire set up is fishy to me," Cloud retorted trying to keep his calm demeanor.

As soon as Cloud finished his statement, Sephiroth brought the crop down with force across the blonde's stomach. Leaving a whelp that would soon bruise; he then brought it down again in a different spot. He then repeated his task to prove his point. There was absolutely no escape. Cloud was indeed in pain, but he was not going to give in to what he knew the sadist wanted to hear.

"I told you that the first time was allowed because you were unaware. There will be no speaking unless spoken to. I am now your master," Sephiroth spoke firmly but with no embedded venom. "I will not repeat myself. There is no escape; your friends will never know where you are. This 'play room' is your new home."

"No, this is not my home nor are you going to be my master," Cloud retorted defiantly. Trying with all his sanity not to believe the silver haired demon, as his eyes narrowed in annoyance and pleasure as the game was on.

Again, the riding crop was brought down with bruising force across the blonde's stomach. This time he did not stop until he heard a whimper escape from those luscious lips that were begging to be kissed. Minutes passed, but there was still no whimper from his prize. Sephiroth could no longer resist the urge to claim his prize.

He bent down, silver hair shielding his movements from the room. He moved his lips to cover the blonde's. It was a forceful, enticing movement. Before Cloud could move his head, his chin was grasped and his lips were claimed. Sephiroth nipped at the bottom lip and moved his tongue inside to explore what would be his momentarily. As quickly as it had started, it was over before Cloud could enjoy himself.

As Sephiroth turned away, he had decided to try something else. His new toy of choice was his whip. It was not a normal whip. This had been custom made to induce pain without tearing the flesh. He turned toward the blonde to see his eyes widen, but they were still defiant.

He then proceeded to lay the first strike. Immediately the skin turned red, then he laid another strike another across the nipples of the blonde. This time he got what he was after. The blonde moaned from both pain and pleasure.

"Now, we can continue this little game; however, if you yield and submit, we can continue with my original plan," Sephiroth spoke firmly, with full control of his volume. He had done this many a time with puppets that he had acquired in the past. None beheld the beauty the blonde had.

"Sorry, master," Cloud groaned as he was recovering from the beating, fighting the strain of his erection.

"There is a good puppet," the master spoke to the puppet. He then opened the box, revealing a lavishly decorated collar. Silver leather with embedded diamond spikes, the name tag was engraved silver. The love word was what Cloud was tired of hearing his entire life, 'puppet.' The master had not deemed the puppet worthy to wear it just yet.

"Your prize," Sephiroth gestured to the collar as he set down on a table next to the bed. "Now, we will test your tolerance and endurance of both pain and pleasure."

Cloud watched with trepidation creeping into his eyes. What had happened for him to end up like this? He really had no recollection. He had been trying to see if he remembered what he had been doing before he awakened to this torment. The answer soon came as Sephiroth nonchalantly commented to what Cloud was searching for.

"You had been sleeping in your bed. I had been admiring your love of Fenrir when I decided to claim what I knew had always been mine," Sephiroth had exceeded human expectations and had read the thoughts of his puppet. What had surprised the puppet master was that the blonde's phallus had erected during the punishment. This gave the master the answer to the perfect test.

As the silver warrior turned around, he was rewarded with surprise. In his hands he held a cock ring. The blonde knew that he was no longer in control. That was the going to be the hardest thing to do, relinquish control. As the cock ring was fastened, Cloud shivered with excitement. Deep down he felt something release within himself that he had tried to control.

The shiver did not go unnoticed. Reaching in his arsenal prepared before hand, the ex-general produced the awaiting candle. Casting a controlled fire spell, he then lit the candle to produce wax. Cloud noticed this, wondering what was going to happen.

Sephiroth bent over his captive and trailed wax from one nipple to the other. He took his time so the wax could dry causing discomfort and stimulation. He then trailed the wax down the taught stomach, outlining the muscles there. Once he reached the navel he then let the drips pool. He knew that the wax would have created burns along the path that he had created. Cloud's breathing remained controlled, though he was slowly losing what he was fighting to retain.

The master then pulled it off with his teeth, starting at the nipples. He started at the right moving left. He pulled the wax off with his teeth biting the nipple hard enough to draw blood. Slowly he made his trail to the next nipple. He repeated his actions from the previous nipple, biting to draw blood. As Sephiroth moved to the down the chest he bit the pectorals once more.

The actions were driving Cloud mad. Nothing like this had ever happened to him before. Without thinking, he let slip a moan that he hoped would not have been heard. To his dismay, the ministrations were stop so that punishment could be delivered.


Sephiroth had been none too gentle when delivering the blows to his puppet's face. He was determined to make this work. So far he had good instincts, though there was still some defiance in place. That was not unheard of considering his old life was still fresh in his mind. It had not been the best of ways to attain a puppet, but Cloud was special. He knew that lurking within the blonde was the sadomasochist screaming to be released.

"Do not speak or make any sound whatsoever unless I grant permission," Sephiroth commanded in the same authoritative tone.

"I will not yield," Cloud replied.


Another blow was landed on his face. This time it broke the skin and drew blood right below his left eye. It almost made him whimper, almost.

Sephiroth continued to mark his way down to the navel. Once he reached the point of destination, he reached into his coat and drew out a knife. He then cut out the dried wax making sure to draw blood. The movements were precise in trying to peal the wax from the skin. It had dried fairly evenly and had managed to attach some skin. Sephiroth proceeded to cut away at the lingering flesh, thus pooling the navel again. He lapped at the red liquid swallowing every drop.

At first Cloud thought he was going to go mad from pain, but when Sephiroth started lapping at the pooling blood it was driving him wild. Pain and pleasure had never walked hand in hand for Cloud. He never knew that these desires lurked within his mind or his body. The straining erection trapped from releasing and straining said it all.

"Well, now, we've only just begun. You may have release when you beg for it," Sephiroth cooed in Cloud's ear. "Now, my puppet, I have granted permission to speak. Only if you are going to beg for release that is when you will attain what you desire."

Sephiroth then moved to the table to chose the next method of training his puppet. He really did want to put the collar on the blonde, but he had not relinquished control. Only when control was put into the hands of the one that sought it would he then be ready to collar his puppet. The one winged angel knew how to elicit the responses.

Cloud really thought that he was going to die. He tried to follow his master's movements. He just could not concentrate on keeping his control any longer. He was going to break, he wanted to break. His pride would not let him, his will to fight. This was different from everything that had happened. He looked at the collar, wanting release, but not ready to lose control.

When Sephiroth faced his puppet again, he was holding a vibrating anal plug. He was not going to lubricate or wet the toy. Pain was the greatest ally he had in teaching his puppet to submit at will because it would lead to pleasure that was sure to follow.

Sephiroth approached the whole; at first glance it appeared tighter than it really was. He pushed head of the toy inside, testing the response that he would receive from the blonde.

At first, the pain was bearable but when Sephiroth started pushing the head further inside it grew. A lone tear slid down the puppet's cheek, but he still did not relinquish control. It was worked further inside until it hit the spot. Though he was not prepared, his master was not about to make him bleed. That would push back the taming schedule for weeks. It was still painful.

Sephiroth knew how much pressure to use when he was inserting the vibrator. Once he reached the spot, he then turned on the vibrator. He moved it in and out very slowly at first. Then he sped up just a bit, that broke something within his puppet.

"God, uh," Cloud began to moan, his cock started dripping with precum, straining against the cockring.

Sephiroth knew that he was close to achieving the control that he sought to take. He then sped his movements slowly, the simple in and out motion he had been using. He then started twisting the toy and turned the vibrations up all the way. Each cycle that the puppet master was completing, he kept hitting the spot just to see how much longer his puppet could with hold his pleas.

The master is always supposed to be pleased first always. During training, Sephiroth would forgo pleasure to ensure that his puppets were properly broken. Of course, he only would forgo pleasure just the first night, like right now. Though, Sephiroth wanted to take his time with Cloud because he knew the blonde would be worth the effort. Then, the magical words broke the master from his reverie.

"Oh…please…m-master," Cloud moaned. He could not take anymore pleasurable pain. His pride was still having him hold out. The blonde was struggling internally, torn between having had enough and not enough. As his spot was hit one more time, it snapped completely. "Master, please, I beg release."

"That was not so hard was it, puppet," Sephiroth purred in his pet's ear. He removed the cock ring and continued to assault the whole. Suddenly speeding up violently assaulting his sweet spot, the puppet never stood a chance of resisting. Sephiroth moved to an inner thigh and marked harshly with a perfect bite.

Something had broken inside of Cloud. He all of a sudden felt more alive than he had for a while. The faster his new master went, the closer he came to release. He knew that he needed to ask permission.

"Master, may I please release," Cloud whispered, exhausted.

"Very good, puppet," Sephiroth replied. "You may release now if you like."

Like lightning, the release happened and covered Cloud's stomach. His spasming body could not stop or prevent the tremors wracking his muscles. Never had such a satisfactory release happened to him fulfilling all of his hidden desires. Sleep wanted to claim him; he had never felt so spent before.

Sephiroth then reached for the collar. He knew that he had made the right decision in choosing Cloud as his puppet. He never realized that it would be this fulfilling dominating something as precious as this blonde. He then fit the collar around his neck, thus signifying ownership.

"You, are now mine," Sephiroth purred in his puppet's ear.