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"Bury all your secrets in my skin…" -Slipknot

Cloud had never had a fit-full night's rest before. His Master had somehow managed to doze atop his immobilized form. The blindfold still in place, Cloud noticed the new sensations that came to his conscious state. The hair cascaded down his Master's back, lightly touching several sensitive spots. His body was slightly trembling; he noticed the sensations that the hair caused were driving him mad.

His Master was sleeping soundly. The blonde could not help but ponder who he had been before the abduction, before the awakening of the willing submissive. Loneliness, it was all an endless cycle of despair and loneliness. Life held no meaning and his mundane existence felt predetermined and ruled by predestination. His life was never his own. He just wanted to feel, live.

The gentle rise and fall of his Master's chest continued to solidify the reality he had willingly chosen. The one where he was not searching for the elusive void of content satisfaction, he loathed just existing. Pain had always been the only comfort from the wallowing self pity he drowned in. He was only alive when he was near the one winged angel.

His only comfort was in knowing that as long as Master was sated and pleased, there would always be a place for him there. Sephiroth was not unlike Cloud in any aspect of tastes, they differed in preference of blade. Speed and skill required reflexive instinct that was hard in learning; strength and precision were not easily learned as well. Though their choices in weapons were differential, their instinctive fighting qualities fit like yin and yang. All that mattered now was how could he, how would he be able to please his Master? Cloud knew that he should never forsake where he felt more at home, thus being the best way to please.

Slight movement from his Master broke his reverie. The ex-general could almost hear the thoughts of his puppet. He could not sense what his puppet was thinking, though from the posture and breathing he could tell that his puppet had devoted himself wholeheartedly. Lifting his head, Sephiroth noticed that the blonde had been awake for a while. When ordered, he knew that his puppet would divulge his thoughts.

The Master had yet to release the puppet. He noticed that his puppet even remained complacent with his reality. Immobilized and completely at his Master's mercy. That is the way that the puppet needed to be, but Sephiroth preferred him this way. He knew what little secrets lurked beneath the skin.

The Master proceeded to trail bites all the way to the navel from the chest that he had been laying upon. His puppet was a fast learner, though his muscles quivered, not one moan escaped those luscious lips. His bites were none too gentle, the ex-general wanted to see just how far his puppet's threshold for pain was. Now that training was over, he wanted to see just what would it take to make his puppet cry out. There had never been any safe word; there was no need for one. It would take his puppet falling into the void of his subconscious before his Master would stop.

Bites were left everywhere that was classified as Cloud's stomach. Not one area was free of the blood that freely flowed from the wounds. He could feel his Master smile with in the mark that was left. This was what he had waited for, the moment that he could truly please his Master. He felt the familiar welcoming sensations from the nipple clamps. His Master had been unable to bring home the jeweled pair that he had wanted.

Each item had been hand crafted from pure silver. Though plain, they showed the simple elegance that the one winged angel preferred. There were chains connecting the clamps to each other and another that would later attach to a matching cock ring. The Master could see the manhood of his puppet straining. With practiced ease, the restraint was in place so that their fun may begin.

Sephiroth tuned to the table that was displayed along the wall behind him. The same toys were displayed, though there was just a little more variety. Candles of every width, lubricants and various oils that made pleasuring the Master's puppet all the more fun were displayed for the one winged angel's pleasure. Those were not what he was after; he wanted the whips, vibrators and riding crop. All were displayed across the room according to size, width and the amount of pain that the Master was willing to test at a particular moment.

His puppet was panting with pleasure. The blonde was anxiously awaiting what his Master had prepared for him. What the puppet did not know was that his Master unfortunately wanted to test his threshold for pain. The blonde knew that whatever was going to happen was necessary in the next phase of their relationship. Trust in his Master was what the puppet was going to have live by. Be it pain or pleasure, both combined was what the puppet preferred; yet, just to be near his Master was all the blonde had wanted from the beginning.

As Sephiroth walked over to his toys displayed on the table, he had not seen his puppet so content and complacent before. He was aroused at the display of control that his puppet was showing. His eyes settled on the toy that he had yet to use, his whip. He made sure that there were no embedded surprises that were meant to rip the flesh from his puppet. Torture was not what he was after, only his slaves, Rufus and Reno, were to be subjected to pain of that magnitude. Satisfied, he proceeded to approach his puppet and see if he could make him elicit a moan.

Cloud was only aware of what was going on. The blindfold was still comfortably in place over his eyes. As he heard his Master approach, his skin began to tingle and his stomach became a gymnast. Slowly the footsteps approached the bound figure that was displayed so beautifully on the bed. When he finally heard them stop, the blonde tilted his head in the direction that he thought his Master was at. Hair tickled his left arm while he struggled to maintain control over his body at what was happening and about to happen.

Sephiroth first trailed his favored riding crop across the skin he so desired. He started from the blonde's left arm to the bloodied front. Without warning, the ex-general cracked the whip across the blonde's nipples. The Master saw the slight tremble coming from the lean arms of his prized possession. The fight was strong even in his submissive consciousness, the puppet wanted to please his Master.

Slowly dragging the whip across the pectorals to the stomach, each tail on the whip tickled the skin. Just as suddenly as the first crack, the second landed across the stomach. The puppet was so precious to his Master that there were only red marks. The blonde felt the one winged angel trail the whip even lower. It brushed against the straining phallus trapped in the cock ring. Once his Master found the spot he desired, he set about marking the thighs he had been neglecting.

The crack that sounded pushed the blonde to the brink of insanity. He had never felt such pleasure arise from torture. There were more lashings placed across his left thigh before the ex-general moved to his right. The first crack across the blonde's right thigh sent chills of pleasure all over the lithe form. The puppet thought that he was going to die. Pleasure and pain were now in the same category as eating pie, delectable to the point of being sinful like lust.

"I believe that you are now ready," the Master purred into the ear of his favorite acquisition. There was nothing more pleasurable to the Master than the eagerness to please.

The blonde could feel the shadow of his Master looming over him. He shivered with delight at the thought of what was about to happen to him. He felt his erection straining within the confines of the ring, pleasing his Master was the only thing that kept him from prematurely ejaculating.

"I am going to fuck my puppet in the ass because you do nothing but please me. Show me your appreciation," Sephiroth purred into the ear of his writhing puppet. The ex-general's gloved hands were caressing the blonde's face. "I would like to see how you will display your appreciation."

Without warning, the hand that had been caressing the blonde's lips was sucked into his mouth. With tender care so as not to slobber on his Master's leather, the blonde ran his tongue very carefully over each digit until he had lapped his tongue over every one. Cloud was fighting butterflies that were fluttering in his stomach. His Master was letting him touch him. Anything that he could have was worth it. His old life was now a distant memory. Lack of control can do different things to any type of person, only the strong willed can persevere through lack of control.

The tender caress of his puppet's tongue sent shivers down the spine of the Master. He had been about to remind his puppet to be careful. He should have known that his eager submissive was going to please him no matter what the command may have been. Fast learners like his puppet were hard to find because it is human instinct to fall into habit for anything concerning how one lives their life. As a show of appreciation, Sephiroth bit down on the blonde's ear almost drawing blood.

The ex-general then began to make his way to his puppet's erect nipples. Reward that was the only thing that was going through the Master's mind at that moment. His inner demon was awakening to see just how much pain his little puppet could handle. Once the last string was in place, the Master could then have no worries about ever parting with what had been rightfully his since they had first met in that past life from long ago.

"You please me more than I thought possible at this point," the one winged angel mused aloud.

"My only purpose for life now is to see to your happiness," the blonde replied, unknowingly breaking one of the silent rules between them. However, his Master was immensely pleased with the response that he let the slip go unpunished.

"If your only purpose is to see to my happiness, then forgo pleasure to I tell you otherwise," Sephiroth replied as a silent test of what kind of response that his little puppet was going to give him. This was the moment of truth: this would prove if he could let his puppet have the freedoms that he wanted him to have.

"Master is more than just master to me. He is my god now, serving him is my pleasure," the quiet reply slipped past those perfect lips that always begged to be bitten and toyed with.

There was no need for more words at that point. The cemented bond was now ingrained inherently deep. There was nothing that could separate puppet from Master. The last string had been set in place unknowingly to them both the moment the blonde realized that he did not want to be touched by another living soul that was not his Master.

Immediately, the Master pulled out what he had always wanted to give his puppet, the jeweled nipple clamps and matching cock ring. The clamps were a little different from the ones that the ex-general had used in the play room. As soon as the first one was in place, a moan of pleasure escaped the lips he wanted to hear anything from. His puppet had been schooled during this entire session, so far.

He played with the clamp that was in place, making sure to draw blood. His puppet tried vainly to suppress the moan that escaped. The on winged angel was beside himself with pleasure and the need to fully mark his puppet. Without hesitating a moment longer, he placed the next clamp. The tremors that he felt coming from the lithe form beneath him drove him to keep going. He then attached the chain that connected one to the other. He pulled lightly testing the connection that they had with the nipples. When he knew that they were not going to budge from the skin, the Master then attached the cock ring and fastened the chain. Sephiroth had purposely made it so that the straining erection would pull on the clamps when the phallus became engorged.

The ex-general then removed the blindfold. He wanted to see what kind of expression his puppet would behold. He knew that his puppet was now free in his submission. He just wanted to see if his puppet was truly happy and meant what he said.

He then picked up the riding crop and began teasing the inner thigh muscles. He wanted his puppet's erection straining within the confines of the ring. Cloud felt what his Master was doing down there and could not withhold another tremor. His Master was toying and torturing him to the point of madness. The blonde could not help but wonder if this was how his Master pleasured himself, watching his puppet thrive on the insanity that was fondling him.

Crack! His Master had marked him yet again in the area surrounding his straining erection on his inner thigh. It was at this moment that the blonde realized that his Master had removed the blindfold. For the first time during their encounters, the blonde was able to see his Master's lustful stare. Deep emerald stared straight back into the focusing cerulean depths.

What Sephiroth saw stating back at him snuffed the flames of doubt that had started to kindle. He saw the utter astonishment and complete surrender he had hoped to see. The blonde felt a tug on the clamps that were driving him crazy making his cock even harder and pulling the clamps in the opposite direction. Even during this battle, Sephiroth still saw the complete surrender, no plea for release escaped hi puppet's mouth.

"Master are you feeling pleasured?" the soft question reached the ears of the practiced dominant.

"My puppet, all of this is for my pleasure," Sephiroth chuckled as he answered his puppet. Sephiroth was not straining nor was he intending on taking his time any longer. There was the need satiate his hunger that only one person could suffice to satisfy. He trailed the riding crop dangerously close to the erection and slowly drew a line to the other thigh. Crack! The weeping erection was forced to play to the Master's wishes.

"I am going to fuck you now," the ex-general purred into his puppet's ear. The look of delight that entered those cerulean depths fueled his desire even more. The blonde was going to be taken without the blindfold for the first time and he could not have been happier. Seeing his master satisfied and pleasured was pleasure for himself.

Sephiroth then entered his puppet's awaiting sphincter. Even after all this time he had had with his puppet, he was still amazed at the tightness he felt. Without ceasing, Sephiroth hammered and pounded relentlessly. Even though the sphincter was tight, no preparation was necessary, his puppet was always prepared for the Master's cock.

As he was ceaselessly pumping, the one winged angel continued to run the riding crop over the front to see what kind of responses he elicited. Every once in a while he would lightly tap on one of his recent bite marks. Anything to see the half lidded stare that was in front of him at that moment. Eventually the blonde would be granted release, but for now it was all about the Master and reaffirming control had been relinquished long ago.

In one quick thrust, Sephiroth\s explosion erupted and planted itself deep within the confines of his puppet's eager ass. The Master then released the cock from the ring. He looked his puppet in the eye to see if he would beg, nothing. Shear bliss at having been fucked in the ass was euphorically written on his puppet's face.

"Come for me puppet," was all that was said as the blonde's cock was released. The warm liquid coated his puppet's entire front. "You please me more than you will ever know my puppet."