Ok, so I decided to do a collection of one-shots based upon parts of the movie that are generally unscripted or up-for-interpretation. There might be "what-ifs" and more than one perspective on one scene, but I want to focus on a few things that probably had to be "cut-out," sped up, or left unsaid for time's sake. I always tend to wonder, what happened during that part or what were they thinking, etc. It's just a little thing I wanna try, so let me know what you think. Ratings will vary for each story as well as genres. I will name the pairing for romance stories.

This shot is based off the scene where Bullseye has Woody's discarded hat and Jessie tries to comfort him. I altered Jessie's mind-set a little bit at the end to fit with the theme of the story.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Toy Story, Pixar, Disney, or any affiliated characters.

WARNING: This story contains spoilers for Toys Story 3.

The Last Wish
Genre: General/Friendship

She was so close. She pressed her face uncomfortably against the metal bars of her prison, stretching every inch she could out of her stitching. She blindly patted the tiled floor, searching with her sense of touch. Even though she grew increasingly irritated, Jessie remained resolute. The cowgirl continued to reach persistently for Woody's hat, her neck strained and her cheek sore. Once, her fingers barely brushed the brim of the brown, hand-stitched, poly-vinyl hat sitting idly a foot from her.

She owed it to Woody to keep his hat safe. After angrily ignoring his warnings of daycare and leaving Andy, it was the least she could do for him. She paid the price, though, for not heeding such cautions, they all did. Imprisoned in a wire-caged basket and separated from her friends, she faced a long night of prison service to a strawberry-scented, cuddly-disguised devil of a teddy bear. The same bear who had discarded her friend's hat onto the floor like it was trash.

The cowgirl bit her lip, but did not falter in her efforts. Pursing her lips together and closing her eyes tightly, she pressed herself hard against the metal bars keeping her in her cell. The others remained silent, watching solemnly as she continued with her task. Bullseye, on the other hand, whinnied in the cell beside her, attempting to give her some sort of encouragement.

For a moment, Jessie looked up, observing the area outside the prison cells. Luckily, their "prison guard" did not notice the sound. Buzz Lightyear continued to march, his face unyielding and stern, as he watched the cells with a harsh gaze. Before, he noticed Jessie's attempts to get Woody's hat, but he merely called the efforts "meaningless."

"Your friend tried to escape." Buzz had knowingly addressed her. "He knew that any criminal who defies the law of Star Command faces severe punishment. He got what he deserved."

"But he was your friend, too." Jessie hissed quietly through gritted teeth, an unusual anger erupting inside her at the memory. "And we should've listened to him!"

With her cowboy boots propped against the metal bars on the floor of her cell, the cowgirl practically threw herself forward, causing the basket to shift slightly in the same direction. Jessie barely noticed her hat had fallen off her head as a result, for most of her attention was focused on the hat she suddenly held in her hand. She had finally managed to snatch her sheriff's prized possession.

She quickly and carefully pulled the hat through the bars. For a moment, all Jessie could do was stare at it. She sat down against the side of the cell, nimbly holding the hat's brim in her hands, running her fingers along the weave at its edge. That was all she had left of Woody. It was all any of them had left of their beloved leader.

Optimistic, bold, and daring, the cowboy doll had gotten them past ten agonizing years of sitting anxiously in Andy's toy box, waiting, hoping to be played with again. Deep down, Jessie knew he suffered with them despite his constant enthusiasm about being around for Andy, silently mourning his own losses while burdening himself with everyone else's.

Jessie's chest tightened, swallowing a sob that dared to escape her throat. A lone tear slipped down her plastic features, dripping into the hat's head bowel. She thought she was saving them all by going to Sunnyside, a paradise where a never-ending cycle of playtime with children existed. She thought she would never have to face the same pain she experienced when Emily moved on without her. Old wounds opened up and bled much more quickly than she anticipated. She wanted to stop the bleeding, run away from her fear and the lonely darkness that loomed just beyond. Consequently, that fear condemned them all to a hellish prison where deeper horrors existed.

Woody was right. She was wrong. Woody was gone. She was alone once again. Her home, her love, and her brother were gone because of her fatal decision.

Jessie shut her stinging eyes tightly as she clutched the hat to her chest. She wanted to cry her little toy heart out, but the flow of her tears ebbed as exhaustion began to envelop her. Deep down, she knew beating herself up would get her nowhere, but nothing seemed to matter anymore. What else did she have left?

A small noise suddenly directed her attention to the crack between hers and Bullseye's cells. Part of his nose poked through and he sniffed the air heavily. Jessie bit her lip. Her sobs apparently did not go unnoticed.

The cowgirl crawled over to the tiny crack, smiling instinctively at the horse's concern for her. She could only see a part of his face, an eye and half of his nose, but it was enough for her. She reached across from her cell to Bullseye's and softly patted his muzzle.

"Reckon I'm not entirely alone, huh boy?" She whispered more to herself than to her steed.

Bullseye huffed in response, his eye filling with his natural innocence. That eye, though, soon drifted downward to her hands, where she still grasped the brim of Woody's hat. The horse cried slightly, the same cry he gave to Woody before he left Sunnyside to return to Andy. Jessie glanced down at the precious head accessory before returning her gaze to Bullseye's.

Without another thought, Jessie carefully passed the hat through the bars of her cell and held it in Bullseye's reach. The horse gazed at it for a moment before turning back to her, uncertain about taking it.

"It's alright, boy." She assured him. "Go ahead."

Woody's noble steed did not need to be told twice. Gently, he clamped his teeth down on the brim and slipped the rest of the hat into his cell. He rested it against him and slightly curled his legs around it to give it some form of protection. He cried once more as he settled his head down near his late master's hat.

Jessie turned around and left the horse to his mourning. Remembering her own fallen hat, she picked it up and placed it on her head. Yet, she still felt empty at the loss of Woody's presence in her hands, but she knew Bullseye needed the comfort as much as she did. She needed to watch out for him as he had for her.

He was what she had left. Yet, as Hamm began to toot on a harmonica, she realized there were many more. The Potato-heads, Barbie, Slinky, Rex, and the aliens were all still there. Her emptiness began to fade as a strong sense of purpose filled its place. Jessie knew she needed to get them out of that prison, to taste the air of freedom and belonging once again, if not for all of their sakes, then at least for Woody's.

She picked up her foot and glanced at the bottom of her boot. The aged permanent marker spelling "ANDY" stared back at her just as it always had whenever she looked. She scrunched her face in determination.

"I'll get them back to him, Woody." She promised. "Just like you wanted."