Okay, so this was really a random idea. It was a good idea to start with, then it kinda seemed stupid by the end, but it's here anyway.

This idea was taken from Lee Unkrich's and Darla Anderson's filmmaker's commentary on TS3. For the garbage truck scene, they had originally planned (on storyboard) to have the truck's trash compacting walls begin to close in on the toys, forcing them to take refuge in a thrown-out dollhouse to save themselves, almost but not getting crushed, and then finally winding up at the dump. They scrapped this idea early because they still planned to do the incinerator scene and believed this dollhouse bit was too much added drama onto that.

So, yes, it's a deleted scene and I decided to write about what "could have happened" if they put it in the movie based upon their descriptions. You can assume that the whole Jessie getting trapped and Spanish Buzz rescuing her then getting crushed in order to change back (*takes a breath*) happened before this.

So...that's it. Hope u enjoy! :)

Rated: K+
Pairing: Buzz/Jessie (so bite me :P)

She couldn't believe it. She couldn't believe that so many horrible things were happening, one right after the other. It just seemed impossible. First their imprisonment at Sunnyside, then their foiled escape, then their falling into the dump-destined garbage truck, and finally Buzz getting crushed under a television. The last had been the worst thus far, but suddenly, their current situation seemed to take the cake.

"The walls were closing in!"

Jessie gasped along with the rest of Andy's toys as they heard the horrific screech of metal sliding against metal. With the top of the truck opened, the light streaming down from a streetlight above allowed them to see their worst fear coming true. Slowly, but surely, the garbage truck walls on either side of them were moving inward.

Trash started to compress together, being forced to fill up a space that was becoming smaller. Flattening, twisting, and ripping, the trash floor beneath the cowgirl's feet was becoming harder and harder to stand on. It proved a problem for everyone else as well. Slinky's back-end moved closer to his front-end, Bullseye lost his balance and fell onto his side, and Hamm rolled off the box he was perched upon.

Jessie eventually fell onto her knees as the vibrations shivering through the truck grew more intense. Buzz rushed to her side as quickly as he could, grabbing a hold on her arm to help her stand again. After giving the ranger a thankful glance, she placed a hand on his shoulder for support as she looked around rapidly, trying to find a way out.

"A dollhouse!" Woody yelled above the deafening noises. "There's a dollhouse over here! We can fit inside!"

The rest of the toys ran toward him without a second thought. Buzz grabbed Jessie's hand on instinct and pulled her forward, stopping only when she helped get Bullseye back onto his hooves.

The enormous dollhouse looked worse for wear. Its light blue paint and sea-green trimming had all but faded, the stickers that decorated it with flowers and windows were all crudely ripped off, and the front door had been torn from its plastic hinges long ago. The former Sunnyside play-item looked like it had enough plastic durability to resist the strength of the closing walls.

Jessie could only hope so.

She and her family squeezed in as much as they could, finding the dining room in the middle of the dollhouse the only area suitable for all of them to fit. Mr. and Mrs. Potato-Head snuggled together near the fireplace, Rex stood over Hamm and the Little Green Men, Woody wrapped an arm around Slinky and Bullseye's necks, and Jessie gathered Buzz into a fierce hug. Tightly pressed together, all the toys could do was wait.

In a matter of seconds, the house around them began to shake violently. The deep, sonorous sounds filling their ears were like a continuous roll of thunder, repeating over and over like a broken record. The tremors were on par with an earthquake's, throwing the house around like it weighed nothing.

Jessie shut her eyes, begging for the dollhouse to hold.

Buzz's embrace around her tightened instantly as a sickening crack sounded off like a gunshot. The cowgirl let out a yell as the plastic surrounding them began to squeal under pressure. The garbage truck's compacting walls were snapping the house's outside walls like twigs and moving in on the huddled family in the dining room.

Panic took a hold of Jessie quickly.

"It's not holding!" She cried, her voice barely audible. "It's…it's not holding!"

But the rest of Andy's toys seemed to have understood that fact well. They could see the walls surrounding them bending and torquing, ready to surrender to the pressure and crush them flat.

They only had a matter of seconds.

Jessie turned her head, her emerald eyes finding Buzz's azure ones. She gazed at him as best as she could despite the shakiness of everything around her. She noticed hints of helplessness, fear, and sadness within them and could only assume hers displayed the same. But there was something else in his eyes as well, something she had seen before but never quite acknowledged, something that had never before flared quite as brightly as it did at that moment.

It only took her a second to realize what it was and she hoped to her creator that she was showing Buzz the same. She couldn't die without telling him.

"Buzz, I–"

But he disrupted her as he pulled her against his shoulder, adjusting his arms to have one crossing her back and the other cradling her head. It was as if he were creating a shield around her, hoping she would survive under the hardness of his plastic. Jessie could not help but feel inclined to do the same, wrapping her arms around his torso and reaching up his jetpack, hoping he would survive underneath the cushioning softness of her stuffing.

As the sounds became deafening and the space closing in to its maximum point, they held onto each other and waited with their family to be flattened with the rest of the garbage…

Until they stopped.

In an instant, within a mere second of the metal walls coming together, they stopped moving. Jessie opened her eyes in shock, noticing the sudden silence had startled the others as well. They looked around anxiously, waiting to see the plastic dollhouse walls bend, to hear the sounds of crushing plastic.

The cowgirl jumped ten feet when she heard the horrid screech of metal sliding against metal again. Dread overtook her, believing that the walls would continue to close in on them again. To her surprise the bending plastic walls began to straighten out, the closeness of the air around them began to flow more easily, and the sounds of the compacting walls began to grow more and more distant.

They stopped. The walls had stopped.

Jessie almost leapt out of Buzz's arms in joy and relief, ready to let loose the loudest yodel she could muster, but the dollhouse suddenly started to move. The leveled ground she stood on inclined quickly and she and the rest of Andy's toys felt the house slide forward and fall out of the garbage truck.

It hit flat ground again in a matter of seconds, flipping twice before it finally landed upside down. After being jostled around a bit, Jessie felt herself land as well, her head lying on something soft. Opening her eyes, she realized her head had found its way outside one of the dollhouse's windows and on top of what looked like trash.

Trash. Trash everywhere.

That's when she realized they were at the dump.

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