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So yeah, I think Alesha and James are starting to fall in love from what little I've seen! She let him in her office after he was forced to leave! He even shared his umbrella! How manly is that? :D I know, lots of people would do this… I just think it's adorable… 3


Alesha loved him. She loved James Steel. He was gorgeous. His voice was mellow even when he was angry. It turned her on when he was angry. She loved power and dignity. His name screamed "JAMES, MAN OF STEEL," in big bold, capital letters. She sighed because she was all alone in her office… not even George was there. She looked up when she heard the shuffling of the very familiar shoes; it was James. He had come back to check on her.

"J-James!" she stuttered, slightly startled by his sudden appearance. "What are you doing here, so late? It's 00:17."

"I came to check on you. I think you should go home before you faint from exhaustion."

"Yeah… in a minute, James," she batted her eyelids flirtatiously. James flinched slightly, taken aback by her sudden flirting. He blushed slightly and blinked. "Hey James… would you like to come over tonight and have dinner?" This made him blush further. She got up and sashayed towards him, giving him a peck on the cheek before leaving. "Goodnight James."

"G-goodnight," he stuttered slightly. "I haven't like this in a long time…," he mumbled.

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