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"Aww, it's not that bad" Willow chuckled.

"Well it seems pretty damn bad" Faith frowned.

"Yeah" Sophie pouted, crossing her arms.

"Look, both of you just listen to this next part" Willow grinned. "Just as Willow and Glory were about to strike their first blows.."

"Stop!" yelled Buffy and Faith in unison, leaping between their Mothers in the Nick of time and stopping the battle.

"Buffy?" cried Willow, surprised.

"Faith?" Glory growled, annoyed.

"Stand aside" said Willow, glaring at her daughter.

"No, Mom! This has to stop!" Buffy cried.

"You're even weaker than I thought!" Glory spat at Faith. "You couldn't even accept your banishment like an adult! Had to come running back to Mommy, didn't you? Well, I'm done with you Faith, you useless excuse for a daughter! Now get out of my way so I can cleran up the mess you've made!"

"No" Faith growled at her Mother. "As long as I'm alive and breathin' I will never let you hurt Buffy.." the Dark Slayer hesitated for a moment, glancing over at the still stony-faced Queen of the Sunnylands, then back to Glory, more determined than ever, adding "Or Willow." Willow was stunned for a moment, but quickly regained her composure.

"Stay out of this, both of you" she said, frowning at both of the girls.

"Mom" said Buffy, locking her eyes with Willow's, "When I was little, a wise Queen once told me that 'we are one'. I didn't understand what she meant then... Now I do."

"But.. they.." Willow stammered.

"They.. us" said Buffy. "They are us. Look at them Mom, really look at them. What differences do you see?" Willow looked around at the Outsiders, all drenched from the rain, and scratched up from fighting. Though slihtly less dishevelled, Willow realised that the Sunnylanders looked very much the same. Buffy was right, they really were one. The Queen turned back to her daughter giving a small smile to show she understood, before moving forward to hug her as the clouds parted and the rain ceased to fall. Glory grinned, ready to seize her chance.

"Cordelia, now!" the Hell-God ordered. Cordy hesitated. "What are you waiting for?" Glory snapped. "Attack!"

"No, Mom" said Cordelia finally, moving to stand beside Faith, who gave her sister a warm smile which she returned. "Buffy's right. Enough."

"Fine then!" Glory snarled. "If you won't fight, then you'll die with them!" The other Outsiders gasped, disgusted at the lows to which their leader was apparently willing to stoop, and began to leave her, moving to stand with Willow and the Sunnylanders. "What are you doing?" Glory yelled. "Come back!"

"Let it go, Glory" said Willow. down the embankment behind her, a growing amount of water was leaking through the partially collapsed dam. "It's time to put the past behind us."

"I'll never let it go!" Glory roared. "This is for you, Wilkins!" The Hell-God lunged at Willow, aiming to send her over the embankment, but Buffy got in the way, sending them both tumbling over.

"Buffy!" screamed Willow and Faith in unison. Willow began climbing down the embankment to reach her daughter who, thankfully, had landed safely on a ledge, though Glory dangled precariously below her. Suddenly, the dam broke, causing the river to begin to flood up the embankment.

"Willow, hurry!" cried Tara, pointing. "The river!" Willow nodded, trying to get down faster.

"Glory, grab my hand!" yelled Buffy, reaching an arm out to the Hell-God. Glory swiped at Buffy angrily, slipping further down the rock face. "Come on!" the Princess cried desperately. "I want to help you!"

"Never!" Glory spat. She swiped again, but this time lost her grip on the wall. Buffy made one last grab for her, but it was too late and the God-King fell to her death into the swirling rapids below. Watching from the top of the embankment, Faith and Cordy closed their eyes, sighing sadly. Willow finally reached the ledge.

"I tried, Mom" Buffy sobbed into the Queen's shoulder as she embraced her. "I tried."

"I know" Willow whispered, hugging her tight.

"They won't be able to climb back up, the rocks are too slippery now" Faith frowned.

"We'll have to find some way to help them" Tara agreed, turning to the Dark Slayer. "Do you have any ideas?" Faith started, surprised that Tara was seeling her opinion, but quickly recovered.

"Well, I guess we could make a human chain and pull 'em up" she suggested. Tara nodded, turning back to the Sunnylanders who were looking to her for guidance in Willow's absence. "You heard her, everyone! Human chain, now!"

So, a chain was formed. Faith herself formed the final link in this chain, grabbing both Willow and Buffy by the collar, and with the help of the Sunnylanders pulled them to safety just as the rising water engulfed the ledge they had been standing on.

"Oh, thank God you're both okay!" cried Tara, embracing her wife and daughter. Buffy smiled as she hugged her parents, then spotted Faith waiting patiently nearby and broke away from them, running over and throwing her arms around her.

"We did it" she smiled, resting her head against the othr girl's shoulder.

"Yeah, we did" Faith grinned. Willow watched this scene feeling rather awkward, until Tara nudged her, and she sighed. Yep, it was time for the Queen to eat a big ol' slice of humble pie.

"Faith?" The girl in question looked up nervously as the Queen adressed her, and Buffy tightened her grip, so Willow smiled to put them at ease. "I'm sorry, I was wrong. You do belong here."

"Thank you" Faith smiled, while Buffy beamed.

"Let's go home" Willow smiled, looking around at the Sunnylanders, and former Outsiders. "All of us."

When Willow and her now much larger group of followers returned to Sunny Rock, they found Lorne waiting for them. Buffy and Faith climbed to the top of the rock, and Lorne shook his staff over their heads to bless their union, with all their loved ones looking on.

"I just love happy endings" said Anya, whimpering.

"Not like.." Xander sniffled.

"LOVE!" the pair cried in unison, bursting into tears. Willow and Tara joined Buffy and Faith at the tip of the rock. A beam of sunlight shone down on the four of them, and Willow could have sorn she heard Giles' voice.

"Well done, my dear Willow."

"The end" Willow grinned.

"That was a good ending" Sophie giggled.

"Yeah, I guess so" said Faith, standing up. "I'm uh, gonna go find B."

"What's your hurry?" Willow smirked. Faith rolled her eyes, and left the room, soon finding Buffy in the hall.

"There you are!" the blonde smiled. "Where were yo-mm" She was cut off as Faith suddenly kissed her. "What was that for?" she grinned.

"I love you, B. And thank you."

"For what?" said Buffy, confused.

"For giving me a chance, after.." she sighed, "After everythin' I did."

"I fell in love with you" Buffy shrugged, giving a small smile. "Love's a powerful thing."

"Yeah" Faith grinned, "It is."

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