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Author's note: I have been a paramedic for going on 5 years. I assure you that all of the EMS stuff included herein really do happen, and have happened at a less than stellar ambulance service I used to work at. To avoid being sued by them, I will refrain from naming them, but don't think any of it is too far-fetched. It really does go on. Also, while I love writing multi-chapter fics, my heart is in my one-shots. Please check out "Breaking Point" and "Do No Harm", and review. Oh, and review this one too. I love reviews, and they're like oil... they keep the engine moving smoothly...

The bunkroom was deathy quiet at one in the morning, as Danni Miller slept soundly in her bed. The entire ambulance service was silent except for a small giggle outside her door that went unheard by the unsuspecting victim. A few more odd noises that she slept through, and then a shout broke through the night. "Danni! We got a full arrest in the parking lot! Hurry!"

The girl sat straight up in bed, stepped quickly into her boots, threw her cap over her unruly red hair, and burst out the door. Too quickly to be able to stop when she saw her partner standing in her doorway with the defibrillator, holding the paddles up. "Clear!" he shouted as Danni ran right into them.

She fell to the floor at the contact, certain she had been zapped with 360 joules of electricity, and was relieved to note that she was not only still alive but also not in pain from the jolt. She sighed with relief, even as tears filled her eyes. They were just messing with her. "You jerks!" She shouted, pulling herself to her feet.

Her partner, Darrell, and the another employee laughed. "Chill out, kid," Darrell said. "It was just a joke. You gotta learn to lighten up a little. There aren't even any batteries in this thing. Watch." With that, he turned the paddles to his own chest and pushed the buttons that would charge it. "Clear!" he called, grinning, and pushed the discharge buttons.

His joking grin changed to a look of horror in only a fraction of a second then to a grimace of pain as the sound of arching electricity filled the small hallway. The paddles fell from his hands as he collapsed to the floor. Darrell's cohort, Lisa, screamed. Danni looked at him in horror before dropping to her knees. No pulse. Eyes, wide as dinner plates, she looked up to her other co-worker, who's mask of terror and confusion mirrored her own. "Get Scott!" She said quietly. The older medic would know what to do. He was an amazing medic, and her only friend here. And the only one who might be able to make sense of the fact that her partner just accidentally killed himself.

"What happened?" The tall, dark-haired medic demanded, kneeling beside her. When she was unable to answer, he put his hand on her face and turned it to face him. "Danni, stay with me here. What happened to Darrell?"

The tears filling her eyes spilled over, and when she spoke it was more out of confusion and fear than rational thought. "There are no batteries in the monitor, Scott. It had no power…"


"Dude, I am not doing that!" Sam Winchester exclaimed to his big brother Dean.

"Why not?" Dean replied. "It's not like we've never pretended to be something we're not. "I mean, Homeland Security? This isn't anywhere near that cool."

Sam looked at the laptop screen in front of him with trepidation. A series of suspicious deaths surrounding an ambulance service seemed like one of their gigs, but what Dean was suggesting was insane. Not to mention dangerous. "Dean, impersonating Homeland Security wasn't risky to anyone but us. But impersonating EMTs? Actually on an ambulance? We'll actually have to do the job, which we know nothing about!"

Dean shrugged dismissively. "What's to know? We've been patching each other …and Dad… up since we were kids. We could practically run an ER if we wanted to." Sam still didn't look convinced. "Look, we're rookies, fresh out of class. No one is going to expect us to know what we're doing. They'll watch us carefully and probably even teach us a few things we can use later." He flashed the grin women found charming, but Sam recognized as his 'I-know-this-isn't-a-good-idea-but-it's-the-best-we-have' grin. "Come on. We already tried to get a ride-along as reporters. Which, in retrospect we should have known it was a bad idea with all the deaths surrounding the place… Of course they wouldn't trust reporters. On the other hand, with three employees dead, that leaves one door wide open."

Sam made a face. "New EMTs…"

Dean knew he had won, and popped a card out of his pocket. "You are now Sam Roberts, EMT 62682. And I am Dean Harrell, EMT 62680."

Sam looked at his new EMT card. It even had his picture on it. Not a bad forgery, he thought, even though he couldn't recall ever seeing an EMT card, and therefore didn't really know what it was supposed to look like. "Wait, Harrell and Roberts… I'm not putting that one together. You don't pick names at random, so where are those from?"

Dean rolled his eyes. "Are you sure we're even related? Todd Harrell and Matt Roberts?" Sam continued to stare at him blankly. Dean shook his head. "Dude… 3 Doors down? "Kryptonite"? "Love Me When I'm Gone"? "It's Not My Time"? The frickin' Geico song with the caveman?" That seemed to click something in Sam's mind, and he gave Dean a weird look. "What? Not all of my music is older than you!" To prove his point, he reached into his box of cassettes and rummaged around until he found the band's first tape.

Sam grinned. He had to admit, they weren't bad. "Okay, so what are you thinking? Curse on one of the ambulances? I mean, a lot of people die in them, right? Maybe someone isn't happy about it?"

Dean shrugged. "Jury's still out. Could be a pissed of spirit, or it could be demonic. You want to wreak havoc, attack the people you call in an emergency… Or maybe even just a series of freaky coincidence…"

Sam looked at him like he had lost his mind. "Dude! How many times has it ever been some freaky coincidence?"


Sam and Dean sat side by side in the office of LCT Ambulance, Inc. They had been waiting for about ten minutes while the director, a woman who had introduced herself as Stephanie, fielded one phone call after another. She was trying to talk to them, but the phone just wouldn't stop ringing.

"Yes, I understand that this appointment has been scheduled for 3weeks, but there is nothing I can do! I'm down three workers, four 911 calls came in back to back!" She was silent for a moment, then said "Well, I'm sorry. I simply can't pull another crew out of my ass! When I have someone, I'll send them." Another pause, and she made a face. "And a very nice day to you too." She slammed the phone down and muttered "Bitch…"

Then she turned back to Sam and Dean. "Sorry about that. Can I help you boys?"

"Ummm…" Sam began, not at all sure he wanted to even be in this mess.

"Sounds like you've got a little staffing problem going on…" said Dean, giving the woman his most charming smile. "We're here to help."

Stephanie's face lit up. "You're EMTs?"

"Yes, Ma'am," Dean replied. "Dean Harrel, and this is Sam Roberts. Fresh out of class, looking for a job. And it looks like we came to the right place."

Stephanie nodded. "That you did. We need help pretty bad. You two in Marc's last class?"

Sam started to nod, but Dean cut him off verbally. "No. We went through a class up north, just moved down here, right Sam?" Sam nodded, and mentally smacked himself for his mistake. She obviously knew Marc, and could check their story too easily. That he would make such a stupid mistake showed how nervous this made him.

"Okay," She said. "When can you start?"

Dean made a show of looking at Sam for a consensus, then turned back to Stephanie. "Sounds like you need help right now."

She smiled. "I'll get you boys some uniforms."