Chapter 1

I thought I would have some fun and put my two favorite things to write about together, Hellboy and Little Vampire. I do not own 'Little vampire' or 'Hellboy'.

"Anna! Rudolph! Stop it!" Gregory growled as his two younger siblings ran circles around him playing some sort of tag game, "Can't you two sit still for five minutes?"

Anna and Rudolph stopped playing their annoying tag game around Gregory as Anna sat down tiredly on the floor, her red dress falling elegantly around her and Rudolph turned to Gregory.

"But we're bored!" Rudolph whined, "Why can't we go outside and play for awhile? Mother and father won't be back for such a long time"

"Three days to be exact" Anna added and Gregory silently groaned.

"Because they put me in charge and I say sit down and shut up for once in your immortal life! And besides, this place isn't like back home in Scotland you can't just go running off and get spotted by some unknown vampire hunter or something"

Rudolph gave in as he rolled his eyes and sat down on the floor beside his sister, Anna. Their father, Fredrick Sackville-Bagg, had wanted to move the family away from their home in the cemetery crypt in Scotland so that Rookery, the vampire hunter, couldn't find them again. The younger children had been ecstatic for the move as it was a new place to play and explore to them, Rudolph being nine and Anna eight. The only problem was finding a suitable place to live, being vampires the family needed darkness 24/7 and a place to feed whenever they needed. The place they were in now was just a rest stop for the family in an abandoned building in America just outside the city. Gregory, the eldest at sixteen, wasn't very fond of the move as the city was loud and irritating. He preferred the quiet of the cemetery in Scotland where no one dared to sound off an annoying siren to bother him. Mother and father had gone off to search for a suitable home while the three siblings stayed behind. The parents had thought that the two younger children would get tired and not be able to keep up and Gregory would have just gotten bored hanging around with his parents. So instead, they arranged for Gregory to 'babysit' the two younger siblings. Gregory once again wasn't fond of the idea but reluctantly agreed as he was the oldest and had to take the responsibility whenever he was told.

I should be getting paid for this torture Gregory thought as Anna stood and began jumping up and down in excitement.

"I bet there's a library in here filled with many books with romance and passion!" Anna said as she liked the whole romance idea and loved reading about them, "Can we explore the building? Please? We promise we'll stay together"

"Yes, can't we explore our temporary home?" Rudolph asked as he stood and the two younger siblings looked at Gregory with puppy-look eyes.

"Ugh, okay fine!" Gregory said, "Just don't do that face ever again, it creeps me out"

Rudolph and Anna cheered as they turned and headed for the hallway but Gregory stopped them for a brief moment.

"Don't you dare exit this building, you hear? The sun will rise in a few hours and I don't want mother and father to return and find you both burned to a crisp. Literally. And don't go into any rooms you aren't sure about without checking with me first"

The two children nodded and then took off once again down the hallway.

"And stay together!" Gregory called after them as they disappeared down the hallway. Gregory took the opportunity to relax as he found a large inviting comfy chair and he plopped down on it sideways and sighed.

Finally, some peace! Gregory thought as he closed his eyes for a short nap.

A large truck pulled up in front of the building and as it stopped, the back door opened and out stepped a big red man, Hellboy. Behind him came a blue fish-like man, Abe, and a woman with black hair, Liz. The group had gotten the call about a large and dangerous entity that had raided at least two parts of the city and was now residing in the building and they needed to get rid of it before it caused anymore trouble.

"Well let's get this done and over with" Hellboy said as he made sure his gun was loaded and ready, "I want to get back in time to watch my program"

"I'm sure you won't miss anything important" Abe said as he looked through a few books on his portable book case for any information on the creature they were about to face.

"'America's Funniest Home Videos' isn't that great of a show anyways" Liz said as she followed Hellboy into the building with her own gun in hand and Abe stifled a laugh.

Meanwhile, Rudolph and Anna had just finished exploring the downstairs of the building as they headed for the basement to explore next.

"Do you think we should really go in?" Anna asked as they neared the basement door, "Gregory did say to check with him if we weren't sure about something"

"You're the one who isn't sure" Rudolph said, "It's just a basement, we've been in them many a times"

"I know but I just feel like something is wrong and we shouldn't go in. Please, Rudolph? I have a bad feeling about this"

"If you're scared, you can stay up here and I'll go check it out on my own, alright? Believe me this building is abandoned, there's going to be nothing here but us"

With that said, Rudolph turned and opened the door as he stepped inside. Anna waited for a few moments before looking around nervously not wanting to be alone and running after her brother.

"Rudolph, wait for me!" she cried and Rudolph snickered.

The two children made their way carefully down the basement stairs as they looked around in the darkness for anything interesting. When they reached the bottom, Anna thought she heard something move and she grabbed Rudolph's hand.

"What was that?" she asked and Rudolph turned to her.

"What was what? I don't hear anything" Rudolph replied. The two took a few steps forward and stopped when the both of them heard something move again and the vampire children froze. "Okay, I heard it that time"

"See? I told you we shouldn't have come down here! Come on, let's go"


The two children turned to go back up the stairs but were stopped when a large monster leaped out in front of them, crushing the stairs and it growled as the vampire children screamed. The monster had a brown-almost-black scaly body with a thick whiplashing tail and large claws on each foot. Its eyes were a deep, fearful red and its mouth was full of sharp, flesh ripping teeth. The children turned and ran as fast as they could away from the monster and the monster roared as it attempted to go after the children in the darkness of the basement. The monster knocked over everything in its path as it took off after the children and the two attempted to loose the monster to give them a chance to escape. Their plan worked as a few boxes fell on top of the monster, stopping it for a few brief moments as the children ran towards the exit and flew up the now broken stairs.

"Quickly!" Rudolph cried, "Close the door!"

Anna and Rudolph quickly slammed the basement door shut and they frantically tried to find something to block the door.

"What are we going to do?" Anna cried, "That monster is sure to break through the door"

"I don't know!" Rudolph replied, "We need to find Gregory and get out of here"

Anna nodded and the two sped down the hallway to find their older brother. The two began running a little faster as they heard the basement door finally break open by the large monster and they suddenly heard gunshots being fired but they couldn't tell if it was at them or the monster so they continued to run. They could hear the monster as it dodged the bullets being shot and took off after the children. As they ran, the two quickly turned a corner making the monster unable to slow down fast enough as it crashed into the wall making the building begin to collapse, knocking the children to the ground and covering them with debris. Rudolph and Anna quickly linked hands as they protected themselves as best as they could from the debris that fell overtop of them.

Gregory woke suddenly from his nap when he heard the gun shots being fired and he quickly stood.

"What the hell did those two do?" he growled as he quickly made his way towards the door to search for his younger siblings.

As Gregory ran through the halls, he heard a loud roar from some unknown creature as more gunshots were heard. Gregory began to run faster through the halls as he made his way to go downstairs but was stopped when the stairs suddenly seemed to explode as a large monster slammed into them and he jumped back as debris flew at him. He heard more gunshots being fired and it seemed as though it was at the creature and there was a small flash of light as Gregory turned into his bat form and flew away from all of this chaos as the gunshots were fired and the monster soon stopped moving entirely.

What is going on? Gregory thought I need to find them and get the hell out of here!

Hellboy lowered his gun as the creature was finally killed and Liz came to stand beside him.

"Thank god that's over" Liz said, "C'mon lets go home, I'm tired"

"Sounds like a plan, babe" Hellboy replied.

"I don't think we're done just yet" Abe suddenly said as he had his back to them and held his hand out in front of him as he scanned the room with his psychic abilities and Hellboy and Liz turned to him.

"What d'ya mean, Blue?"

"I mean something, or someone, is still here but I don't think it's anything dangerous by any means"

"Any idea where it is?"

Abe was quiet for a moment as he continued to scan the room and he finally stopped at a pile of debris.

"Over here!" Abe said as he made his way towards the pile of debris and Hellboy and Liz followed him. "Someone must be under here, help me move all of this stuff"

Abe and Hellboy began to remove pieces of debris to the side as Liz glanced over their shoulders to see what exactly they were uncovering. Liz's eyes widened when she saw a little girl's long blond hair and red dress and Hellboy and Abe quickly removed the rest of the debris to free her only to find that a boy was with her as their hands were tightly linked together. As soon as they were freed from the debris, the two looked up at them with fear stricken eyes.

"Guys, back off will you! You're scaring them" Liz instructed and Hellboy and Abe stood as the backed away from the two children and Liz moved to kneel down in front of them. "Hey, its okay" Liz said calmly to the two children, "we're not going to hurt you"

The two still remained where they were as they stared at Liz not noticing Abe as he held his hand out in front of him reading the children with his psychic abilities.

"Um… Liz" Abe said, "These children are not human. They are vampires"