Chapter 7

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As the four of them sat in the truck on their way to the old abandoned building, Gregory turned to Emma.

"You think I'm nice?" he asked indicating from their conversation back in the library and Emma lightly smiled at him.

"Sure" she replied, "I mean… you were the first one who convinced me that everything was going to be alright when we first met so, yeah I think you're nice"


Emma lightly smiled at him and he smiled back as they finally neared the building and the truck came to a stop. They all piled out as Hellboy and Liz waited nearby by the truck and Emma followed Gregory inside the half demolished building and he turned to her as they walked inside.

"You should wait with the others out by the truck" Gregory said, "its safer there"

"I'm not afraid of meeting your parents, Gregory" Emma replied.

"It's not that I'm worried about, it's them seeing you and they may overreact"

"Why would they do that?"

"Because you are human. Does that need any further explanation?"

"I thought you and your family didn't drink human blood?"

"We don't, but they aren't used to having humans around as we are normally hunted by humans who are vampire hunters. If my parents see you they may think you might be a vampire hunter and react rationally"

This made Emma stop for a moment as she thought about what Gregory had said but she soon shook her head.

"If you explain it to them then nothing will happen" Emma said.

Gregory silently groaned, "Ugh, I suppose there's no getting rid of you soon enough then"

"Nope, now let's go find your parents and get this over with"

Gregory gave in as he and Emma made their way deeper into the half demolished building. They soon stopped somewhere near the middle as Gregory looked up at the sky and began waiting for his parents to show while Emma soon sat herself down on the floor as she leaned against the wall. She watched Gregory gaze up at the night sky barely even moving at all as if something incredible was supposed to happen and he didn't want to miss it.

"So, when do you think they'll get here?" Emma asked out of boredom as she leaned forward a little.

"They should arrive fairly soon" Gregory replied, not taking his eyes off of the night sky.

"How do we know when they arrive?"

"They will make their presence known"


"I'll know"

"… Okay then"

Emma leaned back against the wall as she sighed and Gregory remained where he was unmoving. Within a few long minutes, Gregory and Emma soon heard a few small screeching sounds and Gregory instantly turned to Emma.

"Hide, my parents are coming!" Gregory instructed.

"But I-" Emma tried to reply but Gregory cut her off as the small screeching came closer.

"Go, now!"

Emma did as she was told as she turned and found a corner to run behind giving her a good spot to sneak an undetected peek from around the corner. Emma watched as two large bats appeared from the sky with Gregory standing there with a grin on his face. There was a small flash as both of the bats transformed into two adults, a man and a woman. The woman had huge and poofy red hair and was dressed in an elegant dress that flowed around her. The man had black hair that looked almost gelled back as he wore entirely black with a flowing cape to complete it all. The two adults landed gracefully on the floor and Gregory stepped towards them.

"Mother! Father!" he said as the woman stepped forward and embraced Gregory.

"Gregory darling! Your father and I were terribly worried" the woman said as she released her hold on Gregory.

"I am perfectly alright, mother"

"My son, what unfortunate events occurred here in our absence?" the man asked, "and where are Rudolph and Anna? You were supposed to watch them"

"Rudolph and Anna are safe" Gregory explained, "we found a place to stay away from here as it was to dangerous for us to reside here much longer-"

"And you left them alone?"

"No, I didn't leave them alone they-"

"Well then who are they with?"

"If you would just let me explain-"

"A moment, Gregory. I smell a human nearby"

Emma instantly stiffened and as the man's head whipped around in her direction, Emma quickly tried to conceal herself behind the corner but she wasn't fast enough. The man instantly rushed with vampire speed around the corner and was about to pounce on Emma if not for Gregory as he leaped in between Emma and his father.

"Father, no!" Gregory cried as he placed himself in front of Emma almost protectively, his arms spread out to his sides with his back to her and his father seemed slightly confused as the mother soon came around the corner as well.

"Gregory dear, who is this?" the woman asked.

"She is… a friend" Gregory replied.

"A friend?" the man questioned, "You are friends with this mortal?"


The woman stepped towards her husband as she placed a hand on his shoulder to calm him. "Fredrick darling, the girl seems to posses no threat" she said and she turned to Emma who was still behind Gregory, "and what is your name, my dear?"

"E-Emma" Emma shakily replied, "Please, this isn't Gregory's fault he-"

"Silence, mortal!" the man, now named Fredrick, demanded.

"Don't talk to her like that!" Gregory shouted and he instantly regretted it as his father was quiet for a few moments as he stared at his son and Gregory hung his head slightly as Fredrick looked from Emma to Gregory.

"Gregory" Fredrick began, "am I to believe that you, a vampire, have fallen for this weak mortal?"

"I… I don't… I mean…" Gregory tried to say but the words weren't coming. Emma was also surprised as she attempted to look at Gregory and Gregory turned his head slightly to look at her as he stared at her for a few moments.

"I… y-yes…" Gregory finally replied. Fredrick seemed to be slightly angered at Gregory's reply but the woman stopped him.

"Fredrick, there is nothing wrong with loving a human" the woman said, "if we are to become human ourselves, isn't it right that our children learn to love like a human?"

Fredrick was quiet for a moment as he knew that his wife made perfect sense and he seemed to calm.

"Alright" Fredrick said, "I suppose I must accept your desires, my son. In the mean time, you still need to tell us where your siblings are located"

Gregory calmed slightly as he slowly lowered his arms and Emma lifted one hand and placed it on Gregory's shoulder.

"Gregory" Emma quietly said and Gregory turned around to face her.

"Emma, I'm so sorry" Gregory said.

"No, I'm proud of you"

And with that, Emma leaned up and briefly kissed Gregory's cheek and she smiled at him as Gregory stared at her.

"So" Emma said, "will you introduce me to your parents now?"

"Um… yeah, sure. Emma, this is my mother and father, Freda and Fredrick Sackville-Bagg"

"Pleased to meet you, darling" the woman, now named Freda, said as she reached out and briefly shook Emma's hand. "Well then" Freda said, "now that we have all made amends, let us go gather the rest of our children, shall we?"

Gregory nodded as he took hold of Emma's hand in his and he began to lead Emma and his parents out to the waiting truck outside. As they finally neared Liz and Hellboy, Fredrick quietly hissed as he and Freda stopped but Gregory and Emma didn't as they walked up to Liz and Hellboy.

"Gregory, what, in the name of Attamon, are you doing?" Fredrick demanded.

"Father, Liz and Hellboy are also our friends" Gregory explained, "They will take us to Rudolph and Anna"

"Gregory Von Sackville-Bagg, I demand an explanation this instant before we go anywhere"

Gregory silently groaned as Liz cautiously stepped forward, "Um… hi, I'm Liz" Liz said introducing herself and she introduced Hellboy as well pointing to him as she named him, "And this is Hellboy, I guess we should explain a few things, shouldn't we?"

"Preferably yes, mortal"

"Well alright then… we first found Rudolph and Anna when a monster was residing in the building and tried to attack them. I guess Gregory must have gotten separated from them at some point as he didn't show up until the next night. We brought Rudolph and Anna back to our place since it was much safer there and Gregory soon showed up and all three of them ended up staying with us until you arrived"

"Well" Freda said, "I suppose that is an understandable explanation"

Freda stepped forward as she smiled and shook Liz's hand, "I appreciate you keeping my children safe"

"It was no problem, they're all very sweet" Liz replied, "I guess we should all head back then, huh?"

"Of course"

"If you don't mind, I would prefer it if we fly" Fredrick said.

"Um… are you sure?" Liz asked, "Because we have lots of room in the truck"

"Still, we will fly and follow you to where you reside"

"Well alright… c'mon Emma"

Emma glanced at Gregory before letting go of his hand and heading into the truck with the others. Gregory watched her go for a moment before moving to stand with his parents as the door to the truck closed and the three vampires lifted off into the night as the truck began to move down the road.

Gregory kept the truck within his sight as him and his parents followed the truck back to the BPRD and when they returned, Gregory and his parents landed gracefully on the ground and Gregory led them inside. Fredrick and Freda were cautious, looking around at all the human agents and the large building not liking the idea of all of these humans around them. Freda walked up to Gregory as she placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Gregory, is this where you and your siblings have been staying?" Freda asked.

"Yes, mother" Gregory answered, "But it was our only choice and it's perfectly safe. Please mother, you must believe me"

"And I do, Gregory darling, but it's more your father who I'm the most concerned about. You know how much he distrusts humans at the moment"

Gregory nodded as they caught up to Liz, Hellboy, and Emma and they all headed in the direction of the library. When they reached the library, Hellboy held the door open for everybody as they all walked in to find Rudolph and Anna sitting in their usual spots reading their books. Fredrick and Freda were the last ones to enter as they briefly looked around the library before spotting Rudolph and Anna and the two vampire children looked up.

"Momma! Poppa!" they both cried as they leaped from their spots and rushed to their parents as Freda embraced them both.

"Rudolph! Anna! Thank the stars you're safe!" Freda said as she released her hold on the two vampire children. No one took any notice as Gregory and Emma stood not too far off to the side by some bookshelves as Gregory once again took Emma's hand in his but they hid their hands behind them so as no one would notice.

"Children, you must not worry us like that again" Fredrick added.

"We are sorry, father" Rudolph replied, "that building was not safe and-"

"Gregory has already explained the situation to us, now I believe it is time that we leave this place immediately"

"But father we can't leave!" Anna protested, "They have been oh so nice to us and Rookery would never even think of finding us here. Please, can't we stay, father?"

Fredrick was about to object but Freda stopped him, "If we are to stay, I would advise that we speak with the others who reside here as well, don't you think?"

Freda turned to Liz and Hellboy who had been standing off to the side by Abe's tank as Abe floated in his tank near them.

"I have no problem with it" Liz said.

"I also agree with Liz" Abe added.

"Me too" Hellboy said, "… just so long as you stick to cows' blood"

"Well then" Freda said as she turned back to her husband, "it seems as though we have come to an agreement. What do you think, Fredrick darling?"

Fredrick quietly sighed as he began to pace and thought about the situation. Freda sighed as Liz walked over to her and offered for her to sit and Freda accepted as Liz led her over to the couch and the two sat down as Fredrick continued to pace. Rudolph and Anna stood watching their father pace and after a few minute, Fredrick stopped.

"Alright" Fredrick said, "we may stay, but I can assure you that it won't be for long as we do not want to overstay our welcome"

Rudolph and Anna cheered as they embraced their father and rushed over to Gregory and Emma.

"Gregory, did you hear?" Anna said, "We can stay!"

"Yes, Anna, I heard" Gregory replied with slight annoyance in his voice at his little sister. But on the inside Gregory was overjoyed, staying here meant that he could stay with Emma. Emma glanced at Gregory as she smiled and Gregory smiled back. Anna glanced from Gregory to Emma a few times before her face lit up and she clapped her hands as she jumped up and down in excitement.

"Oh Gregory, I knew you liked her and her you" Anna said.

"Anna!" Gregory growled.

"I told you" Rudolph teased and Gregory growled at him as Emma giggled.

"They're just teasing, Gregory" Emma said and Gregory calmed slightly but Anna quickly reached out and revealed Gregory's and Emma's hands linked together.

"Oh look!" Anna said, "They're holding hands! Isn't that sweet?"

"Alright, that's it!" Gregory growled as he released Emma's hand and Rudolph and Anna raced away as Gregory took off after them. Emma just shook her head as she made her way over to Liz and Freda as they talked amongst themselves.

"Children, please be careful! This is not a cemetery" Freda warned but she too soon shook her head. "Emma dear, I am curious as to how you met dear Gregory" Freda said as Emma sat down on a nearby chair by the couch.

"Are you sure you want to know?" Emma asked, "It's not all that good"

"Not everything is perfect"

"Well alright, we met in another one of those abandoned buildings and I was sleeping there for the night, I was living on the streets at the time. I guess one of those monsters got in and destroyed most of it and Gregory was the first person I saw. Liz and Hellboy were there too trying to kill the monster and Gregory had to hide me to keep me safe and he returned to the fight while I stayed and hid. When it was all over, Gregory came back for me and they all brought me back here and I've been here ever since"

"Goodness! What kind of trouble was Gregory getting into anyways?"

"Well… It's a little complicated" Liz said and so she proceeded to tell Freda all of what they do at the BPRD and what kind of missions they go on including the one where Gregory had gone with them. When Liz was finally done explaining, Freda took a moment to take it all in.

"Well" Freda said, "I suppose we could live with that. So long as the children don't endanger themselves"

"Um, I'm not too sure about that right now" Emma said as Gregory, Rudolph, and Anna appeared as Anna screamed and Gregory ran after her. Rudolph suddenly flew through the air as he flew towards Gregory and latched onto Gregory's back, tossing them both to the floor. Emma, Liz, and Freda began to laugh as Gregory wrestled with Rudolph and Anna cheered Rudolph on. Fredrick had been talking to Hellboy and Abe and it was now that he turned and spotted the chaos his children were getting themselves into.

"Children!" Fredrick growled, "Need I remind you of where you are?"

The three vampire children didn't seem to hear Fredrick as Gregory and Rudolph continued to wrestle and Hellboy snickered.

"I got this" Hellboy said as he headed towards the vampire children. Anna took the hint as she stepped back out of the way and Hellboy watched Gregory and Rudolph for a short moment before reaching out and grabbing the two boys with each hand, Gregory with his stone hand and Rudolph with his normal hand.

"I've heard of sibling rivalry, but this is insane" Hellboy said as he held each boy in a head lock holding them in their place and they struggled against his hold.

"He started it" Rudolph said.

"Did not!" Gregory argued.

"Did too!"

"Did not!"

"Enough!" Fredrick demanded, "The two of you must remember your status and behave like it, not act like some improper commoners"

Rudolph and Gregory silently groaned to themselves as Hellboy finally let them go and Fredrick turned to address Liz, Hellboy, and Abe.

"Now then" Fredrick said, "If we are to stay, are there any suitable living quarters for us to sleep?"

"Well, the kids have a room close to ours" Liz said, "but it might be a little small for your whole family in there. Maybe Emma can have their room and you can use the library? There's much more space in here and it's big enough that we can find an area for you all to sleep. What do you think Abe?"

"It is perfectly alright with me" Abe replied, "I certainly wouldn't mind a few 'roommates' I suppose"

"Okay, Emma can have their old room and the family can share a place in the library"

Everyone agreed with the new arrangements as Gregory moved to stand behind Emma and he placed his hands on her shoulders. Emma looked up and smiled at him and Gregory smiled back as the rest of the adults talked amongst themselves and Rudolph and Anna returned to their books.