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Chapter One

"There you go. All set." An eighteen year old Harry Potter smiled to the young boy he was kneeled in front of.

The boy smiled shyly back from beneath his blonde locks and large brown eyes met Harry's momentarily before he lunged forward, wrapping small arms around Harry's neck. His smile grew bigger as Harry happily returned the affectionate embrace.

"Thanks again, Healer Potter, for coming on such short notice" The mother smiled brightly at their display. She then ran her hands tiredly through similar long blonde hair and sighed deeply as her hands then met her eyes in one long rub. She looked exhausted.

Harry released the boy; standing up and turning to face the tired mother. "Catherine, you know that it is no problem at all. Call me at any time, any day and I'll be here to help. That goes for everyone in the pack. Even if you just have a question, you have my number and most of the time I'm around here anyway." The young man smiled reassuringly at the older woman. "And I have a few things for you before I go…"

Harry bent back down to the floor and picked up a tattered brown messenger bag. He pulled out a small paper back book and handed it to the older woman.

"It's all about naturally born werewolf children and their early development. Like I said before, sometimes after the full moon, especially around this age, they tend to develop a slight fever and get a little restless at night. Just make sure he gets plenty of fluids and lots of protein." Harry turned and reached in the bag once more, pulling out a small orange bottle filled with white pills. He handed these to the mother also. "These are calcium supplements. I suggest one once a week. He'll be gaining quite a bit of height and weight in the next few years. They will help make sure that his bones are up to the challenge."

Harry grinned at the child who was now clutching at his mothers dress and staring at him in admiration. "As for you big guy," The boy blushed cutely and tried to hide his face in the printed material. "Make sure you are eating on your plate, including the green stuff, and staying near to you mother during the full moons. And remember to listen to your alpha."

Harry gave a quick glance to the corner of the room where a large man leaned against the wall with his heavily muscled arms crossed. His hair was a dirty blonde; one could almost say tawny in color and his eyes were a beautiful shade of light blue ringed with shining amber. His square jaw was lightly dusted with bristles and laugh lines sprung from the corners of his eyes and mouth. He was watching the scene with a calm reserve and thoughtful eyes.

Harry looked one last time to the mother and son as he picked up his bag and slug it over one shoulder. "Remember Catherine, anything and I'm here." She smiled at him as tears filled her eyes, stroking her sons face.

"Thank you, Healer Potter. You are truly an angel." The little boy waved from the protection of his mothers grasp and Harry returned it.

"Please, Catherine, call me Harry."

Harry threw her one last smile then walked toward the door next to where the alpha was leaning. The man stepped forward and opened it for Harry as he reached to the young man and gently pulled the bag onto his own shoulder. Harry laughed quietly at this and shook his head as the older man lightly placed his large callused hand on the small of his back and guided him outside of the small home.

"Honestly Lore, I can carry it by myself." Harry laughed again at the man. Lore just gave him a "look" as he glanced down at Harry 5'11" lightly muscled frame then to his own 6'7" towering mass.

"OK! OK! You're useful!" Harry threw his hands up in exasperation. Lore put one of his large arms around Harry's shoulders and drew him closer to the man with a calming smile.

"Come, Harry. I'll walk you to the wards." Lore's deep American voice flowed smoothly into the summer air. "I wish you and Remus would move in with my pack. We are the biggest and most powerful in North America. And that way you can still finish your schooling in Buffalo. We are not that far and one of the boys here got into that Medical school as well. He is starting in the fall…"

"…and I'm graduating in the spring. Lore, I know you wish us to be closer to our kind but Remus wants to take some time to raise Teddy. He still hasn't gotten over his wife's death from the war in the UK. Give it some time. Maybe in another year or two we'll head up to Canada." Harry looked sad suddenly and Lore tightened his grip for a moment of comfort.

Lore came to a stop right before the edge of a heavily wooded forest. He turned to face Harry and looked him deep in the eyes, grasping both his hands in his much larger ones. "Harry, please consider it. You… You are, have such an effect on this pack. On me. Just your presence makes me feel at ease and everyone else here feels it too. You belong with us. Look, I'm turning twenty four on Friday and I want you to be there with me. I know we are not mates but it's getting harder and harder to wait. I just-, I just need you there with me." He stuttered.

Harry blushed lightly but continued to gaze into Lore's beautiful piercing eyes. "Of course." He breathed with an encouraging smile.

Lore threw him a beam that looked as though it could out shine the sun. He slowly released Harry's hands and moved his own to hold the dark haired man's face. When Harry didn't protest, he slowly inched his face closer, losing himself in sparkling emerald eyes that reflected his own uncertainty. Harry wrapped his smaller arms around Lore's thick neck, and lifted himself onto his toes to meet the alpha's light and fleeting kiss.

They continued to stand with their mouths barely a centimeter apart, their hearts fluttering wildly and their breaths shaky, until Harry closed his eyes once again and closed the distance into another sweet kiss. When he went to pull away, Lore's dominate side, which barely shows in Harry's presence, suddenly pushed through. He held Harry's face against his as he massaged Harry's lips with his own.

One of Lore's hands moved from Harry's face to wrap around his slim waist, holding him in place as his teeth then gently nipped Harry's pouted lower lip. Harry gasped and left his mouth vulnerable to another assault by the handsome alpha. As soon as the strong arm shifted the small waist so that it was pressed firmly into hard thighs, Harry knew it was time to stop. He placed his hands on Lore's chest and carefully pushed him away. Lore groaned in protest but knew that the comfort they offered each other stopped there.

The two men regarded each other quietly until Harry stepped forward and grabbed Lore in a strong hug. "They'll come." He whispered hopefully. "I know your father's worried about how it will effect your position in this pack but they are waiting for you. You will find your mate."

Lore returned the hug gratefully. "You will make someone very happy someday. They had better be good to you or they'll have me to answer to." He sent Harry a sad smile. "Now go." He said louder this time. "I'm sure Remus and Teddy are waiting for you and if you ever want to become a fully qualified Healer you have to study for your exams on Thursday! Good luck!" His laugh boomed between the trees.

"I will see you on Friday then?" Harry said as he glanced back from the edge of the wards.

"You had better." Lore retorted with a happy grin.

With a small wave and a loud pop Harry disappeared. Lore sighed dejectedly and walked back into his community. He had to have a talk with his father.

"Woah! Look at that smile, Teddy. I bet Harry was up in Ontario today, kissing up on that Aurelius Alpha. Humm? Yes he was." Remus cooed to Teddy. He was seated at the kitchen table with his two year old son in his lap.

Remus was looking much better as the year after his wife died progressed. Teddy was a huge, but wonderful responsibility that kept his distraught mind elsewhere. His tawny hair was peppered with sliver, reflecting his almost forty years of age. The scars on his face had faded with time and blended in with the small wrinkles and frown lines that danced across his features. His eyes shined with joy and pride as he held his son in one arm and pointed at Harry with the other.

Remus had come to Buffalo to teach Charms at a magical boarding school in upstate New York called Illyria. On the side, he worked with Kingsley, the new democratic Ministry Council and other old Order members to push the magical creature civil rights movement that was racking the magical world with the end of the war. With his son's own lycanthropy and Harry's dedication to become an animagus, Remus now spent the full moons with his family and the local werewolf community, the Aurelius pack, just across the boarder into Ontario. Wolfsbane free.

Teddy smiled happily and let out a sweet, childish laugh at Harry's dazed expression when he walked into the kitchen. With Remus' encouragement Teddy clapped his hands in delight from his father's lap and his hair and eyes changed to match Lore's. He let out a happy squeal. "'Ore!" He shouted.

"That's right!" Stated Remus proudly as he nuzzled Teddy's head and tickled his tummy.

"Oh, shut it you two."

Harry was all too ready to flee the country as his own fame sky rocketed with the defeat of the Dark Lord. He stayed with Remus to help with Teddy as well as fill his own need to be with the only remaining parental figure in his life. He let Remus care for him and coddle him like he was child and secretly basked in the loving attention.

His plans for becoming an auror quickly changed. He was sick of fighting and sick of the constant struggle. Instead he decided to focus his overwhelming amount of power into healing. He enrolled into a branch of the New York University Medical School that adhered to the magical world. In two years he could graduate from school and work anywhere in the Americas. He currently has an internship with the school that has him intermittently traveling across the country to work on his specialization in magical creature health and development.

His family's relationship with the Aurelius pack developed when Teddy transformed for the first time at 8 months of age. With Harry's encouragement and the discovery of the adverse affects of chronic use, Remus had stopped using the Wolfsbane potion. The following full moon Remus and Harry locked themselves in the basement where Harry nuzzled and licked Remus' face through the slightly less painful transformation.

And that's when they heard it…

A quiet yelp then a bark. Next thing they knew, Teddy had chewed through the bars on his crib and was scratching at the door to the basement. In the morning, the pair awoke to find a fluffy tawny wolf pup that looked like a miniature Moony. Harry learned later that because of their age and weakness, natural werewolf children tend to stay in form up to a few hours longer than an adult werewolf and can go up to a year without transforming at all. Remus cried for days.

A few days after Teddy's first transformation Harry was asked to assist in the delivery of triplets to a werewolf pack outside of Saint Catharines, Ontario. The newly instated, twenty two year old alpha was immediately taken with Harry and offered his protection and guidance to him and his family. Harry brought Lore back to talk to Remus about Teddy that same day.

So it goes.

"Seth did it! Seth did it! He phased! He Phased!" Embry's laughs punctuated the ends of each shouted sentence. Quil pushed him to the ground as he ran ahead to Sam's house.

"What the hell!" He yelled back, grabbing at the other boy's ankles as he ran by. Picking himself off the ground with a snarl, he brushed the wet soil from his palms on the only article of clothing he had on; a pair of cut off blue jeans.

He glanced back at the two giant wolves behind him. One was an aggressive grey wolf, nipping at the other's neck dominantly. The other was cream colored, with patches of several different shades of brown covering its back. It growled back, and yipped occasionally when the other bit particularly hard.

"Come on Paul! Leave him be for a second!" Embry rolled his eyes as the grey wolf purposely turned his back to him and tackled the cream coated wolf so it was lying on its back.

When Embry turned back around, he was not surprised to see most of the boys from the tribe coming toward them. Sam was leading the way with Quil excitedly bouncing behind him. Sam waved his hand at Jared and Jacob, who seated themselves on a porch not to far away, but continued watching with inquisitive looks. All of them were in similar states of dress with just a pair of shorts.

Suddenly the giant grey wolf turned into a handsome man with soft black hair and naturally tanned skin. His dark eyes were wild and proud, currently lighted up with delight. "I can't believe it!" His low voice rolled through the humid evening. "He can't phase back!" He shouted with an amused laugh.

Sam scowled at him. There had been tension between the alpha and the temperamental man recently. Just in the past year, Paul had grown 6 inches to towering 6'7" and his muscles had mysteriously compounded themselves until he was larger than any other man in the pack. Most teenagers stop growing when they are seventeen; Paul was now twenty. He liked to remind the others of this new change by systematically antagonizing Sam and Jacob until they would fight him. Just recently he had begun winning.

The tribe was pointing fingers at the red headed vampire stalking around on their land for Paul's new change. He did have the most negative feelings toward the other magical creatures. 'I think its sexual frustration. When was the last time you got laid Paul?' Jared smirked at him across the bon fire one night. Before Paul could throw a tantrum Emily stepped in with a nice compliment. 'Oh Jared, leave him alone. If Paul has an intended, than that is one very lucky person. Just look at how handsome he is!' She smiled at him kindly which he hesitantly returned. 'But not as handsome as you.' She had whispered in Sam's ear after lightly planting a kiss on his neck.

Regardless of the reasons, no one was bothered more by the change than Paul's own alpha, Sam.

"What?" asked Sam wearily.

"He can't change back. He's stuck. Do you want me to spell it out for you?" Paul sneered at him superiorly. Sam met the look with his own powerful glare.

Without saying another word he phased into his own wolf form. He walked over to the cream colored wolf that was dejectedly lying on the ground. 'What's wrong?' Sam asked Seth as he approached.

Seth whimpered and in a distressed voice answered 'How do you go back?'

Sam bent down to nuzzle the neck of the other wolf. 'Well, first you need to calm yourself down. Relax; getting upset is not going to help anything. Just take a deep breath and try to forget anything the other boys told you.' The wolf on the ground let out a sigh and closed its eyes momentarily.

'What? How do you know what I told him is wrong! I jus-' A black wolf appear from behind Sam.

'Phase back now Quil.' Sam ordered quietly, his eyes never leaving Seth.

Where the black wolf was just moments ago now sat Quil. "God damn it" He whispered to himself.

'Now just calm down and imagine yourself as a human and then "want" to go back into that form' Sam carefully informed Seth. Seth closed his eyes and breathed deeply a few times and then let out a frightened whimper.

'It's not working!' He cried out in a terrified voice. Sam bent down and nuzzled him again.

'It's okay, it's okay. Don't panic. Breathe.' He instructed as the wolf on the ground started to pant and whimper. 'Now how long have you been like this?'

Seth looked up, his breathing settling into a much more even pace. 'Less then an hour.' He said steadily.

'OK. Let's try this. Why don't you come with me, Jacob, and Jared to run the territory for the rest of the night? That should give you some time to get used to everything. Hopefully after that, changing back will just come naturally.' Seth looked excited. He had been waiting to join them for forever! Sam saw the look. 'But, if we run into any trouble, Jared is going to run you back here where it is safe.'

'But-!' Seth started but Sam threw him an expectant look. Seth immediately thought better then to continue. 'Okay.'

It was late in the night at the reservation. Two men were talking quietly on the porch of an old two story home. Moths fluttered around the single glowing light that illuminated across them, reveling one to be pacing back in forth in front of the other, who was shifting uneasily in a wheelchair. Just on the edge of the shadows laid an oversized wolf with exotic cream and brown coloring. It was lying unmoving on its side and breathing evenly. If it weren't for its wide open, unfocused eyes, one would believe it to be asleep.

"I think we should contact Carlisle Cullen. He's some kind of doctor, right? May be he'll come up with something. I'm assuming he's been in that profession for a long time." Sam emphasized the 'long'. He stopped pacing and glanced at Billy Black.

Billy looked over to the wolf resting halfway into the shadows. "I agree. It's been three days. I wouldn't be as worried but he's stopped eating and he only sleeps for an hour at a time. He's beginning to shake randomly." He shook his head sadly. "I thought maybe that that was him beginning to change back…"

"But he's getting cold." Sam finished.

Their eyes met. "I'll send in a call to the hospital tomorrow and try and get hold of him." Billy said with a sigh. "Take Seth back to his house. Make sure he stays inside. I don't want him wandering around alone at night. Not when we're still having… 'problems' with that other cold one"