Maybe being Kyoya Hibari's home tutor was probably the worst thing that ever happened to me.

He was tough… ruthless, emotionless. It was almost impossible to read him, not only his actions in battle but whatever emotion he kept locked inside that interesting head of his.

He was never sweet. He was never kind. He never showed me anything that made me think I had the slightest chance of becoming close to him.

So why am I so attracted to him?

Instead a smile turning my insides to mush, it was always his glare. That glare, aimed at me. Just the fact that it was for me, of all the people Kyoya wanted to bite to death. But fighting with him was like fighting with my own heart. I wanted to beat him, to make him mine, yet I wanted him to beat me, so I can well… maybe be his. Probably not… as Kyoya didn't seem to think of me that way. Or did he?

Off school grounds, he was somewhat nice, which is why I was always trying to pull him away… for my own entertainment. He wasn't demanding. He wasn't cruel. He was just quiet, kept to himself. He confused me, to the point where just thinking about him gave me a horrible headache. I couldn't figure him out. He was difficult.

My life probably would have turned out so different without him. If I didn't tutor him, if I didn't fight him. I fell in love with him, and that in itself was a battle of it's own. Trying to fight off that numb feeling I got when I thought about him. I was delirious to everything. I couldn't concentrate without him in my head.

I quickly realized my head had been stuck in the clouds all along.

Short, short little fic. Just randomly spurted and didn't feel like editing so here you go. Have some onesided D18 from Dino's pov. I only recently got into Reborn! So I don't know if I can really pull of Dino's thought process well. Thanks for reading. Review plz?