iDare You

Ok. Literally got the faintest spark of inspiration, but I was busy so I just opened word to make some plot notes so as not to forget anything. 2 hours later I was still writing. I got really enthralled with this baby, so I hope you enjoy. Oh, and I don't own iCarly, and would greatly appreciate not being sued.

It was the day of iCarly's 150th webcast and Carly, Freddie and Sam decided to celebrate with a new special called iDare You. The basic premise would be that any viewer with a webcam could do a call in of sorts and dare the iCarly gang to do just about anything. This is a bad idea on the internet, of course, where people about as sick as the author of this fanfic might be watching, but the iCarly team has never been the brightest with internet safety. Like when Sam invited random iCarly viewers to take Carly to the girl's choice dance for example. Do you know how many rapists and other freaks they probably attracted? But I digress. Freddie started the show, and at first, things went off without a hitch. Their ratings were the highest they've ever been, and Carly and Sam were having a great time.

About halfway in, however, Carly introduced a caller that would change the whole atmosphere of the webcast. "Okay, now let's here the next dare from someone named John Heller. Can you here us, John?"

A man looking to be in his late teens or early twenties came onscreen. "Loud and clear, Carly. Hey guys, I'm a big fan, and I know this is weird, but I dare Carly and Sam to kiss."

"Excuse me?" Carly managed after an awkward silence. "You want us to kiss? I'm sorry, John, but Sam and I won't—"

"Oh, come on, Carly." Sam protested. "You can't say we'll take any dare and then refuse someone just because it feels a little weird."

"A little weird?" Carly wanted to scream. "It's more than a little odd! He's asking me to kiss another girl!"

Still, for whatever reason, Carly didn't voice her opposition, and Sam took notice. As if to snatch a prize, Sam leaned in and started frenching with her 15 year old co-host, a scene fat nerds across the country were sure to put all over the internet. "Hey, thanks Sam. And you too Carly. Great show, guys!" John Heller said before disconnecting his webcam. And at that, Carly broke the kiss, though a bit disappointed to do so.

Carly didn't want to admit she enjoyed kissing Sam, but she felt hotter from that kiss than any one she had ever had with a male. "Well, you're welcome, John." Carly said, regaining composure. "Now let's hear our next dare from—"

"Hold on, Carly." Sam cut her co-host off again. "I think the viewers want to see us go a little farther, isn't that right, viewers!" Sam pressed a button on her sound effects machine to make an applause sound.

Carly gave Sam an astonished look, but before she could ask what she meant, Sam made a move. Passionately moving her hand under Carly's skirt and into her panties, Sam started fingering Carly with her index and middle fingers. Carly bent and squatted with pleasure making no effort to resist. In fact, Carly, almost without thinking reached into Sam's jeans and began rubbing the girl's pussy.

Freddie was shocked but had no intention of stopping the two. After all, what teenage boy would? When Sam reached down under Carly's skirt and into her panties, it was a dream come true for the hormonally driven young boy. He would have simply enjoyed the show, but interestingly, he all but took on a new persona and filmed like a professional porn camera man. As he did, the two young teens moaned and stripped and continued to kiss while locking legs and rubbing their pussies together.

Soon, they separated, only for Sam to suck on Carly's breasts, and rub at her vagina. It felt like Sam had done this every day of her life, for she had nearly brought Carly to climax in mere moments. "We can't do this." Carly thought. "Children watch this show, and it's popular and school, and . . . and, what if Spencer's watching? He always watches this show." Carly realized internally. She didn't want her brother to see her this way, though she was enjoying Sam's treatment too much to even object, much less put a stop to it. Luckily for her, however, Spencer didn't mind one bit.

You see, Spencer always liked his sister more than a brother should, to the point where it bordered on sexual obsession. In fact, he liked to watch porn while listening to iCarly in another tab. His sister made him so horny, in fact, that often he didn't even need the porn, and just fapped to the webcast. On a side note, he would tend to ejaculate into Carly's spaghetti tacos, which she always ate without catching on, but that's neither here nor there. The point is, this was Spencer's fantasy made real. He couldn't help himself. Spencer dropped his pants, and before gravity could carry them to the ground, he grabbed his dick and jerked himself off like nothing else mattered.

As he did, Sam began licking at Carly's pussy. As a result, Carly's body was overcome with pleasure, and she could do nothing but play with her nipples as Sam brought her closer and closer to climax. Sam's tongue lovingly caressed every inch of her co-host's vagina. Inside, outside and all around, Sam let no inch go untasted. Then, Carly's hips shook outside of her control. More of a series of twitches, really, but Carly knew what was coming. She stopped playing with her breasts and grabbed the back of Sam's head with legs and arms, pulling her close and burying her face between her legs. "Sam, please, I'm close. Don't stop now! Oh, please don't stop, Sam." Carly moaned in a girlish voice.

With her nose and mouth pressed so tightly, Sam could no longer breathe, but she didn't care. She just kept on licking, wanting nothing more than to bring Carly to orgasm. That didn't take long, as mere, seconds later, Carly's pleasure peaked as she came, and released Sam from her grasp. Sam gasped for breath and licked her lips clean of Carly's wonderful essence. Again, the two embraced and kissed in plain sight of the camera.

Carly layed flat on the ground and spread her legs for Freddie to film. Freddie got a near perfect shot of Carly's slit which was wet and shiny from a combination of sweat, vaginal fluid, and Sam's saliva. Spencer was amazed that he didn't cum yet, but the webcast was far from over, for a still naked Sam stood above Carly's body. "Alright, Carly." Sam said with a slightly commanding tone. "That feel good? Because I want you to do the same to me." Sam squatted down to sit on Carly's face, the darker haired girl opening her mouth in anticipation.

And like that, Carly's breathing was cut off, just like Sam's before her. Not that she minded, for Carly was in love with every smell and every taste that she could sense. She licked, at Sam's opening while thrusting her face up to stroke Sam's clitoris with her nose. Carly's sucking sounds filled the studio, drowned out by Sam's passionate moaning. When Sam got closer to orgasm, she started shaking her hips, giving Carly quick opportunities to breathe when Sam rocked away from her nose.

It was at about that time that iCarly's viewers numbered double what they had achieved in any previous webcast, though Carly had long forgotten she was doing a web show. Sam bent over, her pussy still blocking Carly's nose, and her clit now in Carly's lips, to put her asshole higher up. Using her left arm to support her shifted weight, Sam used her free arm to grab Carly's wrist and bring it to her ass. "Carly. Your fingers . . ." Sam trailed off as a wave of pleasure took hold of her, but Carly knew what to do. Finding Sam's perfect asshole, Carly stuck one . . . two . . . three fingers in, not forgetting to keep sucking and licking at Sam's clit. Sam yelped a quick high pitched sound that was uncharacteristic of her normal demeanor. "More fingers, Carly! And faster!" Sam demanded, knowing she was going to orgasm soon.

Carly seemed to enjoy the submissive role as opposed to Sam's dominating one, and did as she was told, making a muffled noise that sounded like "Yes, mistress." Carly took her two remaining fingers and plunged them into Sam's ass. Freddie filmed as Carly's fingers seemed to be swallowed whole by Sam's ass, and circled around to see Carly was now masturbating herself. Carly's face was starting to change color for lack of air, but she didn't mind. The only thing on Carly's mind was letting Sam orgasm. It didn't take long for that to happen either, for Carly's treatment of Sam's ass and pussy sent her into the most intense pleasure she had ever felt. Sam let out a moan, deeper than Carly's, but still sounding girlish in a way, and leaned over and wrapped her arms around Carly's waist as she came. As Sam rolled off her co-host's body, Carly took in a deep breath, and regained her color.

"Oh, YEAH! That's my little sister!" Spencer yelled at his laptop screen as if he were right there cheering her on in person. As he said this, though, he ejaculated, which disappointed him, for he wanted to watch the whole webcast.

Sam eyeballed her still winded co-host and saw that she was masturbating. "So, I didn't please you enough back there, did I, slut?" Sam said with more anger than sincerity. Carly was still catching her breath and didn't reply, but her gaze told Sam she was right. "Fine then, bitch. Open your fucking legs!" Sam said with growing authority. Carly didn't know what was coming, but she did as she was told, still enjoying being talked down to. Soon, Sam was standing between Carly's legs and started pressing on Carly's clit with her heel.

"Unh." Carly grunted, the as the pressure pained her some.

Sam slid her foot from Carly's pussy and felt a dampness. "You're wet already? What a slut." Sam then forced for foot into Carly's pussy starting with the big toe, and pushing all the way to the heel. As she did, Sam's toenails scratched at Carly's vaginal walls, but Carly was enjoying the pain. It was Sam's foot that was doing this to her. That alone was enough to make her fall in love with the sensation.

Sam removed her foot slightly from Carly's vagina, but when she did, blood came out with it. Carly's hymen was broken by Sam's foot, and she didn't care. Sam had made her happier than she had ever felt before. Carly's legs contracted. "Sam, I'm about to—"

"Don't you dare, slut!" Sam yelled. "You're not allowed to cum anymore unless I say so. You have to beg!" Sam removed her foot, and clenched her fist. "And I want you to cum from this!" Carly smiled at the idea, and got on her hands and knees. Sam rubbed her fist at Carly's vaginal opening, and soon after, forced it in.

At first, it only went in slightly, but Sam thrust her arm in farther each time, plunging her fist into deeper parts of Carly's womb with each thrust. Carly felt like she was about to rip apart from the inside, but for some reason, she was loving every second of it. "Sam, can I cum, please? I don't think I can hold back anymore." Carly begged.

Sam decided she had made her wait long enough. "Okay, slut. You can cum." Commanded Carly's new mistress. Before Sam could finish her second sentence, Carly relieved herself. With a high pitched moan, vaginal liquid squirted three feet out of Carly's young Pussy. "You really are a fucking slut, Carly." Sam demeaned. "Only a whore like you would cum like this with my whole fist inside you." Carly was panting now, and even on hands and knees, she could hardly support herself. Her remaining strength and energy seemed to vacate her with the spray of ejaculate. Sam pulled her fist from Carly's pussy leaving a gape. "Alright, bitch. Now lick my arm clean." Carly was downright overjoyed to do as she was told and lapped it up like a dog.

". . . and, we're clear." Freddie concluded in his trademark way. The webcast was over, although Carly was still licking Sam clean with a single-minded fervor as if to satiate an addiction. Carly's body seemed to move before her conscious mind told her what to do.

"Hey, Carls . . . you can stop now. Freddie said the webcast was over." Sam reminded pulling her arm away.

Carly's body froze as if she were awoken from a trance. "Oh, uhh . . . sorry, I didn't hear." Carly said, hiding a blush.

"Were you really that into it, Carly? I mean, it was just for the show, right." Sam said with slight concern.

"What are you talking about?" Carly said trying to shift the blame, despite still being dripping wet. "They only asked us to kiss. You're the one who took it too far."

"Heh. Alright, you're right, Carls." Sam conceded as she redressed. "But you gotta admit, it was fun." Sam said with an "I told you so" smirk.

"Well, yeah. I guess you were right about that." Carly agreed with a hint of embarrassment as she put her skirt back on.

"You guys were pretty awesome!" Freddie chimed in, watching Carly drip past her skirt. "I only wish I didn't have to film. Then I'd have joined in."

"Yeah, right, Benson. Your virgin ass wouldn't last two minutes with us and you know it. Or do you practice that much with your mom?" Sam teased, walking over to Freddie, and casually placing a hand at his crotch to caress his rock hard bulge. "Oh, man, you really were hard." Sam said surprised.

"Heh, yeah, but uh . . ." Freddie started.

Sam spoke again, not wanting to let Freddie get out of this, for she was craving dick the whole time. "Here, I'll only do this once, okay? I'll suck you—" Sam stopped mid sentence as Freddie's dick suddenly became softer. Sam could hardly believe it, but he jizzed in his pants. Even such minimal stimulation was too much for Freddie's virgin penis to handle apparently. "Oh, fuck!" Sam exclaimed as she gave Freddie's balls a squeeze causing him to bend over with pain. "Thanks a lot, Benson!" Sam yelled as she stormed out.

"Gah! Fuck you, Sam!" Freddie yelled. The boy was humiliated and in pain, obviously because the love of his life, Carly, was standing there watching.

Strangely enough, though, Carly didn't seem to mind. In fact, she felt some kind of rekindled passion. Still topless and pantiless, Carly walked over and embraced Freddie rubbing her arms against every inch of the boy she could reach, and pressing her waist against his. Freddie began kissing the young webcast star who gladly returned the favor.

When they were out of breath, the wet and sticky sensation returned to Freddie's crotch. "Well, uhh. I guess I should wash these pants before my mom finds—"

Freddie hadn't yet finished speaking before Carly took the initiative. She pulled down the boy's pants and started licking his salty essence anywhere she could find it loving every single drop. His underwear, his pubes, his dick, his balls. She sucked them all dry of jizz with the same fervor she had when she sucked Sam's arm, the flavor for some reason reminding her of spaghetti tacos.

Meanwhile, Spencer just finished cleaning his own ejaculate from the floors and now refreshed iCarly. There it was; his prize, the download link. With no second thoughts at all, Spencer clicked the link to download the webcast, knowing he'd probably get enjoyment out of this for years to come. Luckily for Spencer, iCarly was removed from the internet mere moments later for hosting child pornography. To break the forth wall, I have absolutely no idea what that means for Spencer who funded the website, nor do I have any idea how carefully they'd monitor the downloads of the webcast . . . and I don't care to find out.

The End

Hmm. Well, what to say about this. I still think Riding the Waves is my best erotic fanfiction in terms of humor. But I like this one. I think I may have gotten a tad BDSM-ish toward the middle, though, which disappoints me, because it kind of conflicts with the innocent nature I kind of used in the beginning. Still, I wanted to fit a fair share of fetishes in here and that certainly counts, but I'm not totally satisfied with it. I don't know. I was going to use things like Piss in here, but not only was this getting too long, but I know that grosses people out, so I ditched it. Well, anyway, I'm done rambling. See you next fanfiction! And please review. I want more reviews than I get ^_^