My fans, my loyal fans, you have asked, and now you shall receive. The second chapter to by far my most popular work (I wonder why =P) has arrived. Truth be told, I wanted to work on other things, but I feel like I've been keeping my iCarly fans waiting too long, you know? It has nothing to do with iDare You being my most popular fanfiction, I swear =P Well, I hope I can fit as much humor here as the last chapter (even if I know the majority of you weren't reading for that.) Without further ado, let's go.

Carly's body twitched and rolled as she slept one morning. She was dreaming about the iDare You webcast, and rather vividly I might add. Dreaming deeply, she started to moan as her body twitched again. Carly's hips moved as she started leaking vaginal fluid. Then, her eyes shot open as she reached the climax of her dream. Groggily, she reached under her blankets and groaned. "Again," Carly sighed, feeling that her panties were damp from yet another wet dream. She had never had any of those until the incident with Sam, but now she had them every night without fail, each dream getting sexier than the last. It had been a week since the iDare you episode and not a day went by where Carly didn't think of it. Not just because she never heard the end of it at school, but because she just couldn't stop thinking about Sam. The thoughts entered her mind so often that sometimes she almost couldn't handle it.

Regardless, Carly got herself out of bed and groggily walked to the shower to prepare for school. Yawning, she turned the water on and undressed as she entered the shower. Carly stretched and grabbed a bar of soap as she let the water hit her. She started by washing her hair and face as she let the warm water rain down all over her flawless young body. Next, she started to clean her supple girlish breasts, feeling slightly aroused as she rubbed them. Delicately, she traced around her nipples with her finger as pleasure bubbled up through her body. After spending a little extra time there, she moved on to her arms and hips. Next, she worked her way down passed her navel and to her thighs, again feeling slight pleasure as she did so. Finally, she moved on to her vagina to clean up the aftermath of her sex dream. Taking the removable showerhead, she started spraying her vagina directly, sending waves and jolts of pleasure through her adolescent body.

The nice warm water was spraying her most sensitive area directly, and she couldn't hold herself back any longer. She put the showerhead almost directly on her pussy and held it in place with her thighs. Now, the jets of hot water were delicately spraying her delicate clitoris sending her into heavenly pleasure. Her legs bent and her body shook as wave after wave of sexual pleasure took hold of her. Letting sex take her over, Carly licked and sucked on her fingers before using them to play with her nipples again.

Carly closed her eyes and pictured Sam, and doing so drove her wild with horniness as the pleasure from the showerhead built up to the point of bursting. She imagined her friend at her side, one hand rubbing her vagina making Carly's legs quiver like jello, and the other around her shoulders in an embrace. Sam was rubbing her own clit at Carly's thigh, and they shared a passionate kiss.

When the kiss was over, Sam let Carly taste the hand that had been rubbing her pussy. Carly licked her own fingers as she pictured this. They laid on the ground and slid in between each other's legs letting their pussies touch. Next, they pushed and rubbed and grinded their pussies together as Carly threw her head back in ecstasy. Their speed increased and Carly moaned the blonde's name quietly and lustfully. Carly put the image of Sam's face in her mind as she was mere moments away from climax. Carly was ready to explode with pleasure as she wanted nothing more than to be with Sam when . . .

"Carly, are you ok in there?" called Spencer. "You've been in the shower a pretty long time." His question was met with an "eep" kind of noise, and the sound of the showerhead hitting the floor. Truth be told, he waiting outside the bathroom door so he could see his sister in a towel when she came out.

"Y-yeah, I'm ok, Spencer. I'm almost done." Carly replied just a bit too quickly, unaware of her brother's intentions. Quickly, she returned the showerhead to its original position, and turned off the water losing her will to finish up.

"Just checking," Spencer reassured with perverted smile, getting a pretty good idea what was taking his sister so long in there. Soon, the door opened and Carly walked out in nothing but a towel, what else, as her dark silky hair stuck to her back. The girl tried to hide a blush as she swiftly made her way to her room, while Spencer stiffened up a bit at the mere sight of her. I dare you to guess what recently downloaded video Spencer's gonna be watching today . . .

Anyway, when Carly got back to her room, she opened her dresser to check for an outfit only to see she was almost out of panties . . . again. Not for lack of doing laundry, mind you. Carly was pretty good about that. It was just like they kept disappearing. It almost felt like someone snuck in her room at night just to take her panties, but Carly knew that was crazy. Either way, she still had a few pairs left, so she paid the phenomenon no mind, and got dressed, to leave for school, her mind still on Sam.

Now, then. To be honest, nothing remotely sexual happens for a while. With that said, I'm going to go ahead and assume that my readers won't really mind if I skip ahead with the story. So keeping that in mind, we'll pick up in Carly's English class of all places.

Carly sat in class, and tried to focus, but she just couldn't stop fantasizing about Sam no matter how hard she tried. To be honest, though, she wasn't trying very hard. She was still sexually charged, and sex was the only thing on the adolescent's mind. It made her feel good to think about Sam. That beautiful blonde hair that she kept in that sexy, wavy style, those perfect legs, her girlish breasts . . . it was all Carly could think about.

She couldn't help it. Without realizing what she was doing, Carly obeyed her body's sexual orders. With people on all sides, she unconsciously slid her hand under her pants and slowly, but rhythmically, rubbed her vagina. This didn't go on for very long, however before Carly realized what she was doing, and more importantly, where she was doing it. Quickly, and with a blush on her face, Carly moved her hand to a less compromising position, and looked around to make sure no one had seen her. Luckily, if anyone had seen, they weren't showing it. Visibly flustered, she tried to bring her attention back to the class, but her mind was elsewhere. It was no use. Carly couldn't hope to focus like this. Taking the hall pass, she just about ran to the bathroom to finally finish up.

Meanwhile, back at Bushwell, Spencer decided to start up some spaghetti tacos. Of course, as we all know, this also means jerking off, as he booted up his laptop and sifted through the naked pictures he had taken of Carly as she slept. It was a good thing she slept in just panties and an oversized t-shirt. They were easy to move without waking her . . . with a little practice anyway. Anyway, somewhere in his folder about Carly, he found the video, and started boiling some water as he let it get to the good part.

Back at school, Carly found the bathroom empty. A relief considering what she was planning to do. Grabbing a stall, she locked the door. Moaning lustfully, she pulled her pants down to her ankles and rubbed her clit as she thought of . . . well, take a guess. She started by tracing her clit through her panties with her finger and drooled from the resulting pleasure. Carly's panties started to dampen as she rubbed herself with her index and middle fingers in a perfect rhythm. Each stroke brought climax closer, as Carly's knees bent from pleasure. Shaking with pleasance, Carly rubbed herself faster without any inhibitions.

With a kick, her pants came off, as Carly slid her hand into her panties and rubbed her pussy directly. By now, her panties were soaked with vaginal fluid, and you could see right through them as Carly's fingers rubbed and squeezed and entered her vagina over and over again. Even though she was in the school Carly couldn't help but moan in pleasure. Her panties were so wet and sticky now that they were getting uncomfortable. Getting ever closer to an intense climax, Carly threw off her interfering underwear, and spread her legs as far as she could as she sat down on the toilet lid.

Carly, by now, had had enough simple rubbing, and proceeded to finger herself. Penetrating herself with two fingers, Carly let herself be overcome with carnal pleasure. Carly bent her fingers upward next as she pushed into herself, stroking the top of her vaginal wall. This felt better than anything yet as Carly bent her head back in ecstasy and thrust even faster. Each thrust splashed vaginal fluid onto Carly's thighs, and the walls of the stall as her palm came in contact with her pussy.

Carly was so close to climax when she heard the bathroom door open. The girl just about froze in place, and her moans quieted down just like that. Carly's heart just about stopped beating as she heard footsteps move straight toward her stall. Then the adjacent stall door opened, and the footsteps went inside.

Carly almost dared not move, but she turned her head anyway to see who it was. The walls were literally dripping with vaginal pre-cum, but Carly ignored it and looked under the stall and was mortified at who she saw. I'll give you one guess who it was. Now, it could be a bully that would use this opportunity to blackmail Carly. She would make Carly do her homework, or do embarrassing things in front of people, or other cliché' bully things. She might even demand sex, who knows. Honestly, while that is kinda hot in a domination, sex slave, rapist kind of way, it would also require me to give two shits about this plot. Since we can all tell that's not the case, the actual guest is pretty obvious. Those tight black jeans around those legs that Carly had all but fallen in love with . . . there was no mistaking it. It was Sam. The blonde went about her business as usual, paying the dripping, sex smelling stall next to her no mind at all.

Carly was still frozen with embarrassment, but her body was begging for more of Sam's treatment after what happened last week. She couldn't let Sam leave, but she was too nervous to say anything. Sam only had sex with her for the webshow. What if she wouldn't do it now? Carly heard the toilet next to her flush, as Sam prepared to leave. "W-wait! Wait, Sam!" Carly called, giving in again to her body's sexual cravings.

The footsteps stopped in their tracks. Sam heard her. "Hm? What is it Carls? You out of paper in there or something?" Sam asked as she retreated to her stall to get some.

"No, that's not . . . look, could you come in here, please."

"Uh . . . I guess so, Carly." Sam walked over to Carly's stall, and the door quickly unlocked. Sam opened the door nonchalantly, and walked into one hell of a sight. Carly was sitting on the toilet and panting slightly. Her face was as red as a tomato, and she was totally bottomless. Her legs were spread wide open, and her crotch area was dripping wet, but you could hardly see it on account of her fingers still resting in her vagina. A pair of panties that looked like they were dipped in an ocean was sitting on the floor next to a pair of jeans that looked like they had spent the night in a rain shower. "Ok, Carly . . . what the fudge?" Sam said flabbergasted.

"Sam . . . please. Could you . . . ?" Carly removed her fingers which were still dripping with fluid, and gestured to her vagina.

"Carly?" was all Sam could say. She watched as Carly's vaginal walls clenched and opened in a slow rhythm. Her body was really begging for this. Still, Sam just stood motionless in pure surprise as her mouth fell open. Carly looked ready to cry from humiliation now, but Sam finally came to a decision. Locking the stall door, she said "Well, I guess you just couldn't get enough of me, huh slut?"

Carly's color became less red, as Sam took a few steps closer and took the darker haired girl's hand into her mouth, and licked her essence from her fingers. Carly's face turned to a smile and under her breath, she uttered a sincere "Thank you, Sam."

Soon after that was over, Carly took off her shirt leaving her bra as her only clothing. As she did, Sam leaned in for a deep kiss with Carly. Carly could taste herself on Sam's tongue now, and Sam could feel herself getting horny from the kiss. Carly wrapped her legs around her best friend in an odd sort of embrace, and Sam fed her fingers into Carly's bra to rub her nipples. Carly let out a soft passionate noise into Sam's lips, loving the treatment.

When the kiss was over, Sam knelt down so her head was at Carly's pussy. Carly reopened her legs to allow her friend access, and Sam spread them farther. Pushing up under the thighs, Sam bent Carly's legs like a frog's, and put her face between them. Carly sat there spread eagle and enjoyed, as Sam started licking her clit directly. Carly moaned an "mmm" sound as Sam's tongue rubbed her crotch area, and made her pleasure shoot through the roof.

"Oooh, don't stop, Sam," Carly said in a hushed voice. Sam wasn't about to stop, for she moved her arms and used her one hand to start fingering Carly, while still licking at her soft delicate clitoris. Sam brought her other hand into her pants and started playing with her own pussy at the same time. Without Sam's support, Carly's legs fell back down, and laid atop Sam's shoulders.

Sam was making Carly feel so good that she could hardly bear it. She let out a moan, and used her legs to pull her hips up closer to Sam before she realized she had done so. Unconsciously, her body was moving itself closer to the pleasure source. She had become a slave to the pleasure, and she didn't care.

"More, more, more. Please give me more, Sam!" Carly started out muttering, but soon she was moaning with all her strength and passion as her legs started shaking.

Sam was happy to oblige her dark haired best friend as she buried her face deeper between Carly's legs. She pushed Carly's legs farther apart and licked and sucked all over. Carly closed her eyes in ecstasy, and her entire body started to shake.

"Sam, I'm about to—" Carly didn't have enough time to finish her sentence before she came. Instead, she trailed off into yet another passionate moan as the pleasure of her climax took hold of her. Sam smiled as her friend's face melted into pure euphoria.

With her climax achieved, and her pent up tension relieved, Carly relaxed all her muscles as she basked in the afterglow. Unfortunately, she also relaxed her bladder, and before she could regain control of herself, she peed a little. Just a little, like a water pistol, but she was still embarrassed, especially considering where Sam was.

Despite having already made Carly cum, Sam was still licking her, if only because she loved how Carly tasted. As the golden liquid hit the blonde in the nose, Carly's face turned a deep shade of red, but Sam gave her a reassuring smile. Using some toilet paper, she dried her nose, and shared a deep passionate kiss with her best friend, Carly's humiliation instantly put at ease. When the kiss was over, they were both out of breath, and with more toilet paper, Sam cleaned off Carly's vagina like a mother changing a baby's diaper.

When she caught her breath, Sam said goodbye to Carly, and walked off into the hallway and back to class. Carly just nodded as she sat there a little longer in residual pleasure before getting herself dressed. Her panties were way too soaked to wear again, so she threw them out and just went without them. Once Carly had finally gotten her clothes on, she exited the bathroom, only for the bell to ring. School was out . . . Carly had spent a lot more time in there than she had thought.

It sure was convenient no one else came into that bathroom in all that time, huh?

Well, back at Bushwell, Spencer was jacking off like it was his last day on earth. As he brought his hand up and down over his rod hard cock like a piston, his sexual energy reached its peak. With a spaghetti taco in one hand, and his dick in the other, he moaned his sister's name in a loud, passionate voice and shot a huge load into the taco shell. Hot white semen seeped through the pasta as it dripped from Spencer's cock.

With a sigh of relief, Spencer grabbed a tissue and cleaned himself up. Like a routine, he closed out the video and turned off his laptop and looked at the clock. "3:10," Spencer thought, pulling up his pants, and setting Carly's taco on a plate. "Carly should be back any minute now."

As if on cue, Carly opened the door mere moments later. "I'm home," Carly called in a cheerful tone.

"Just on time, Carly. I just made spaghetti tacos," Spencer said, hiding a devious grin, and gesturing to the taco he left for her on the kitchen table.

Carly smiled as she took the Mexican-Italian food item and dug right in, tasting that distinct yet delicious flavor that his tacos always seemed to have.

Despite having just ejaculated, Spencer suppressed a painful hard on as he watched his sister unknowingly eat his semen right in front of him. "So, how was school, Carly?" Spencer asked, playfully rubbing his hand through her hair.

Carly giggled as she swatted her older brother's hand away. "It was great," Carly said thinking back on her and Sam. She calmed down and took one last bite of sperm taco. "Really great . . ." Carly continued, not yet realizing she had trailed off into a lustful tone. Carly licked her lips and sucked her fingertips clean as she thought back some more.

Carly and Spencer talked for a little while, before Carly returned to her room, and Spencer to his art projects.

So, days passed, and the weekend arrived and stuff. It's like noon-ish now on Saturday. I just figured why bother putting effort in to this part when you all just want lemon? Anyway, as the clock struck noon, Spencer heard a knock at the door.

"Hey, Spencer!" Called Sam with that unmistakably rude tone from out in the hall. "Open the door, wouldja?"

"Yeah, one second!" Spencer called back as he set down his laptop and opened the door for Carly's less than polite best friend.

"Is Carly home?" Sam asked as the door was opened for her. Her outfit was a little too revealing if all she was doing was hanging out with Carly. She was wearing a short skirt, when it wasn't like Sam to wear skirts at all. Had she ever worn one? Either way, she was also wearing a low cut shirt, and her erect nipples were visible through it. She was clearly bra-less. Even her hair was nicely combed and especially shining. And was that a purse she was holding?

"Yeah, she's upstairs." Spencer said, paying Sam's attire very little mind. He stepped aside to allow Sam entry into the apartment. God this conversation's boring.

Sam made one step into the apartment, but froze before making any more progress. "What up with the toilet?" Sam asked feeling bewildered.

Spencer quickly turned around at that remark. CURSES! He had forgotten to close his laptop, and there on screen was live video feed from the hidden webcam he set up in the bathroom to spy on Carly. Luckily, no one was inside, so he was able to pass it off as art inspiration or some such. Really, he was just happy she bought any excuse he could give, but she did. Hook line and sinker. Sam made her way up to Carly's room, paying the toilet on Spencer's laptop screen no mind.

"Dodged a bullet there," Spencer muttered after Sam was out of earshot.

After Sam climbed the stairs she quickly saw Carly in the webcast studio through the clear glass door looking out the window. The door came open, and Sam stepped inside, but Carly didn't seem to notice. "Hey, Carly," Sam called out to get her attention.

Carly's head jerked up, as she turned around and smiled. "Hey, Sam."

"Do I look good?" Sam playfully drew out the last word of that sentence, and struck a fashion model kind of pose.

"Yeah," they both laughed. "Are those new clothes?"

"Yep. I just got 'em today."

"Great." Carly would have kept the conversation going, but her mind was on other things. Sighing slightly, she stated "It felt weird not doing iCarly the other day."

"Tell me about it. Can you believe that there are still parents complaining about us on the news?"

"We pretty much showed porn to all their kids, Sam," Carly countered back in a playful, yet correcting tone.

"They were bound to see sex sometime. We just showed 'em a little early."

Carly just nodded and let Sam have the argument. For a minute or so, she fell silent, before speaking again. "Everyone saw us last week, didn't they?"

"Hm?" was all Sam could do to respond.

"I-I'm just so confused." Carly's voice started shaking.

"About what?" Sam asked sincerely.

Tearing up, and blushing, Carly almost screamed. "About you, Sam!" Carly's voice cracked and took a "you don't know?" kind of tone. "I can't stop thinking about you! I think I might-" Carly couldn't finish the sentence from embarrassment.

. . . Oh, my god! What am I doing? Am I . . . actually putting Carly through a personal crisis? Am I making her question her sexuality, her identity itself? No . . . No! I can't let this happen! I can't let my writing become serious. I can't write a genuine romance, here. I'm not cut out for it. I have to write a joke fic! Sorry, guys. I'm rewriting that part.

Amused, Carly just nodded and let Sam have the argument.

"But, speaking of sex, Carly," Sam let her mini skirt fall to the ground as she opened her purse and searched its contents. "I brought something you really gotta try!" Sam's voice rose in pitch from excitement. Smiling with anticipation, she pulled out a massive sex toy.

"Sam, what is that?" Carly remarked. The dildo Sam pulled from her purse looked the length of a baseball bat, and twice as thick, too. Well, maybe not that big, but it was still far too much for one person to use. "You want me to fit that inside me?" Carly questioned, putting emphasis on the word "that."

Sam chuckled a bit. "Not exactly, Carls," Sam explained fitting half of the sex toy in her own vagina. The other half stuck out of the blonde like a penis, and with only half the object showing, it looked a lot more manageable now.

At once, a light bulb went off in Carly's brain. "Oh, you mean we can share it?" Carly asked with excitement. Sam nodded, and Carly quickly made her way over to her friend, taking off all her clothes as she did so. Once she was nude, Carly gave her pussy a rub, to dampen it. Sam raised up her hips, and Carly squatted down onto the dildo. The rod like toy was thick and it pushed apart Carly's vaginal walls as it entered her, but soon enough, she took it in. Carly's and Sam's pussies were now touching each other as the two sat motionless for a second to adjust to the feeling of the dildo.

At this exact moment, none other than Spencer walked upstairs with his laptop under his arm. He was heading to his room, more to be alone than anything, but also to check his craigslist for any sculpture sales. On his way to his room, Spencer nonchalantly peered into Carly's webcast studio, and nearly jumped at the sight. Carly and Sam were sharing a dildo as thick as his arm, and they were just starting to thrust into each other. Spencer felt like he had won the lottery as he stared at his sister's passion-filled face. They hadn't noticed him, which gave Spencer the opportunity to quickly run to his room and back. When he returned, he did so without any pants on, and with a pair of Carly's panties in his hand. Taking a big whiff of them, Spencer let his dick harden up before starting to masturbate. The girls had all their attention on each other, which let Spencer easily go unnoticed as he watched the show.

Carly and Sam both pushed their waists inward and outward with a slow, but steady rhythm. "Oh, Sam! Oh, this . . . this is . . . it's so great!" Carly called out in a high pitched, passionate way, panting from jolts of pleasure.

Increasing pace slightly, Sam embraced Carly and pulled her in for a kiss. Passionately, they shared a deep tongue kiss before their speed increased too much to do so. When the kiss was over, Sam pulled off her shirt, and thrust deeper up into Carly's vagina.

Carly let Sam take control, as she felt the rod-like toy pushing her apart. The thick hard object within her sent her sexual energy way past the boiling point, as she once again became overtaken by sex drive. With peaking horniness, Carly switched positions. She got on her hands and knees and pointed her ass in Sam's direction, and after a second or two, Sam took the cue. Sam, with the rod still inside her, got in a doggie style position as well, and quickly reached under herself and grabbed the double dildo. Carly was quick to grab the sex toy, as she bent it up, and put her half back into her vagina. Now, the two teens resumed pushing their asses in and out, every thrust bringing them both closer to climax.

"Oh, Sam, FUCK ME!" Carly moaned with peaking passion. As her ass came in contact with Sam's, she could feel herself getting closer and closer to a powerful climax. Sam thrust in and out faster and faster in response. Puddles of vaginal fluid dripped onto the ground, and sprayed onto the girls waists with each and every thrust.

"Carly, don't stop! Please don't stop!" Sam cried out, letting herself be taken buy sexual hunger as well. Swiftly, like a practiced maneuver, Carly and Sam spun around and sat on the ground, facing each other and locking their legs around each other's waists. Refitting the dildo, they fucked each other with abandon while in a tight embrace.

Spencer, still waiting outside the door, was jacking off like crazy as he watched his sister close, and licked inside her panties. It's really no surprise he hasn't been caught yet. He's had a lot of practice peeping in on Carly after all. He was a regular pro. Masturbating like he had done so many times before, he heard his sister let out another moan. Suddenly, his eyes widened, and he felt a familiar sensation. Moving the panties from his face to his dick, Spencer shot his load. Semen filled the thin fabric, and nearly dripped to the floor.

Carly and Sam weren't too far from climax themselves, as their sexual energy peaked, and their thrusts became less rhythmic and more random. In unison, the girls called each other's names in a high passionate tone, and came together.

Spencer saw that the two were done, and casually walked back to his room. He threw Carly's panties in the laundry basket when he got there, and being sexually tired, he lied down for a nap.

Carly and Sam gave each other another kiss, as Sam put the dildo back into her purse. For a few minutes, they both sat on the ground, and silently enjoyed each other's company. Minutes later, Sam was the first to get up. Still nude, she grabbed her clothes off the ground, and threw them over her shoulder. "Alright! I'm gonna get me a groovy smoothie. Later, Carly." And with that, Sam started out the door.

"Aren't you at least going to get dressed first?"

"Nah. I'm gonna use your toilet. I'll get dressed in there," Sam said as she walked out the doorway. "No point getting dressed when I'm just gonna take this skirt off again anyway."

Carly giggled and shook her head at Sam's logic, as she listened to Sam walk down the hall.


"Move it, Benson!"

There was a grunt and a scream following that exchange, and a blushing former technical producer stumbled into the studio, still looking out into the hall. "Was she . . . were you?" Freddie snapped his head toward Carly mid sentence.

Carly just smiled and gave an almost sensual nod. "Did you need something, Freddie?" Carly pulled herself to her feet and walked closer.

Freddie started doing a squat-ish pose, and he spoke in a flustered way. "Uh . . . I think I left a flash drive here during the last iCarly. Do you mind if I look for it?" Freddie tried to avert his eyes, but his hormones kept bringing his gaze back to Carly's exposed features.

Carly let him look, and kept a strangely close eye on the boy, feeling slightly turned on by him. As he searched, Freddie bent over some props that were lying around, and as he did, Carly could clearly see the bulge in his pants. Carly giggled as she felt a tickle run down her thigh. She was dripping with horniness, and it was only now that she remembered that she was naked. She had been more absorbed with Freddie's crotch than she thought.

Letting instinct take over, Carly took a bold step toward Freddie, and rested her hand on his bulging pants. "Carly?" Freddie managed. He was blushing with embarrassment, but he wasn't about to stop her. Carly gave a reassuring smile, and unzipped his jeans. Kneeling down, Carly was now at eye level with Freddie's rod-like organ. It pushed his boxers out a good 6 inches, as his jeans fell down to his ankles.

Carly pulled down his boxers and started giving the boy a hand job. "Oooooh, yeah," Freddie moaned, as Carly rhythmically jerked him off. Being a boy of very little sexual stamina, Freddie could feel his climax approaching already, and not wanting to cum in Carly's hand, he pulled her head in closer. Carly understood what he was doing, and inhaled the modestly sized organ with ease. Freddie started humping her face, pushing his penis as far into Carly's mouth as it could go. "Mmmm . . . Carly!" Freddie cried as he came, spilling out more semen than he ever had masturbating at home. Carly swallowed every drop with ease, and Freddie kept thrusting in, as if on instinct.

"Whew. Thanks, Carly. That was great," Freddie said, still slightly overcome with sexual pleasure.

Taking her mouth off the softening organ, Carly replied "Oh, it was my pleasure. And don't worry. I'll bring that flash drive thingy to school on Monday."

"Carly, you're the best!" Freddie gave Carly a hug before pulling up his pants and rushing out the door. As far as he was concerned, he was no longer a virgin. He could die happy if his time were to come any time soon. Like a child who just got a toy he wanted, Freddie nearly skipped downstairs. Carly had brought him farther sexually than he had ever gone before.

The End

Hmm. Well, how'd ya like it? I'm torn. I want to love this chapter, especially after all the effort I put into it, but I just don't know how funny it is. Sure, there are some lines that I downright love, but I was in the zone when I wrote chapter 1, and I just don't think I can top it. I think the real problem with this is I tried too hard. Tried too hard to be funny, and tried too hard to make a good lemon. The result is just a nymphomaniac Carly and a bunch of hit or miss jokes. Well, feel free to disagree with me. All there is left to say is please review, and I'll see you next fanfiction.