A.N: So, this is Juliet's thoughts and feelings as she gets ready for the Rose Ball in the first episode.

I just rewatched that episode and couldn't help myself from writing this. I mean, it's Juliet's first time ever getting to act like a girl, something she's wanted to indulge in her entire life. So, yeah, this scene just needed a little more to it.

-And it starts off right after Emelia rushes away in search of a hat to wear, when Juliet is left alone to herself, and then ends right before Emelia's patron comes and whisks Juliet away to the ball.


Why have I had to dress as a boy all this time? If only for tonight, let me be a girl, just for a little while, Juliet thought, smiling softly as she admired herself in the mirror. Her long reddish brown hair was free from its normal wig; free from the chains that had bound it away all these years. The dress she wore, although slightly difficult to put on at first, was one of the most stunning thing's she had ever seen.

Juliet was ecstatic to be attending the Rose Ball as none other than herself, not Oden or any other guise her family could come up with. Tonight was reserved for no one other than herself and she was going to indulge in all that being a girl had to offer.

She spun herself around the dressing room, arms spread out, as if she were waiting to receive a hug from someone. She loved the feel of the dress skirt lightly brushing against her legs; the rippling fabric was sure a sight to behold. Then, finding herself in front of the vanity, she inspected Emelia's jewelry box, amazed at the plethora of fine jewels she found encased within such a simple little box. Picking through it, she chose a simple purple gemmed ring with a gold band and placed it on her left hand. She held it up and smiled, admiring how it glinted in the candlelight. Next, she moved her way down to the different assorted masks that Emilia had laid out. She chose an elegant white mask with gold trim and after trying it on, she fancied its look and placed it back down to grab for later.

Glancing at her face in the mirror, Juliet wondered what she would look like with a little bit of make-up on. It had always been something she'd wanted to try. She quickly located Emelia's make-up stash and went straight for it. Gracing her lips with a light pink gloss, she pursed them, wondering what it would be like if a man was to kiss those soft lips of hers. She blushed at the thought, and then began to role play, acting out how she would accept a dance from a nobleman and then taking his imaginary hands in hers, waltzed around the dressing room with her fictional partner.

When done with her dancing, she grabbed up her mask and placed it over her eyes, stopping to look at herself once more in the mirror. She then remembered Emelia's parting words to her, "You look lovely."

Juliet smiled happily at the beautiful image of herself, If only for one night, let me be a girl.