What Peyton Sees

Peyton was back at the flat gathering her things. Although the flat wasn't a crime scene she didn't feel right staying there after recent events and had booked a hotel room for the duration of her stay. As she sorted things out in the living room she looked across to Macs apartment. She smiled, Mac looked like he was asleep in his chair, that was good here needed rest.

She had missed Mac but he was obviously happy now, and to b honest so was she.

A little while later she saw Mac move and from were she was standing it looked like he was talking to someone. She also noticed a shadow in the background. Could this be Macs mystery woman? Wait, she'd know that woman anywhere, it was that fuzzy hair that gave it away and it was most definitely Stella. To start with Peyton thought nothing of it. Mac and Stella had been friends and partners for many years. Stella moved closer to Mac and handed him what looked like some tablets and a glass of water. Poor Mac thought Peyton he really must be in pain if he's taking tablets, well if anyone can get make to take them its Stella. Peyton watched as Stella tried to move away from him Mac but was shocked when Mac grabbed her hand stopping her from moving. She also witness the smirk on Macs face, Stella smiled back before leaned down and gave Mac a quick kiss.

Peyton smiled to herself. Well well, so it finally happene" she thought.