Chapter 7: A Great Rack, I mean, Start

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Half an hour later, the couple had explored the inside of the house entirely except for that closed door at the top of the stairs. Harry decided that ripping off the band-aid could not wait, walked up the stairs with purpose, and shoved the door open with his shoulder before Ginny could protest.

The sight that lay before them was actually not as bad as they thought it would be. It was the nursery, as they had suspected, but it seemed to be protected from the outside elements despite the entire right wall and half of the one opposite the door being completely gone. A light breeze blew steadily through the hole, rustling the sheets in the crib. It was this rustling that made Harry walk over to the crib that had once been his. It was fortunate that he had, otherwise he might have missed the sealed envelope that lay within its folds, one corner twitching dangerously in the breeze.

"Ginny," he called, picking the envelope up with a hand that trembled. Turning it over, his heart skipped a beat as he read his mother's name in handwriting eerily similar to his own.

"What? Are you okay?" she said, clomping up the stairs. She hadn't joined him at first, preferring to let him explore that room on his own.

"Ginny, I think I just earned a few grown up points. Maybe. I don't know. Look at this."

"Harry…open it."

"What if it's something bad? What if it's something personal? What if it's something sexy? Ugh, I do not think I could handle it if it was something sexy."

"Harry, can you please just open it? So what if it's weird? I really need to know what's inside because the suspense is killing me and I have to pee anyway and I can't go until you open it because I need to know what's inside!"

"But Ginny, it might be really private!"

"Harry Potter, if you do not open that letter right now I swear I will kill you and OPEN IT MYSELF!"

"Ugh, fine, it's not like this is a very precious moment or anything," Harry said, carefully sliding his finger under the seal until it popped open in a very satisfying way.

"Thank you, Merlin!" Ginny yelled as she ran to the bathroom.

My Dear Lily,

I know this seems odd, as you are in the next room as I write this letter, but for all that I trust the man you're talking to, I cannot speak this openly in front of him. Don't get me wrong, I trust him with my life, but I can't help thinking that what he's proposing might be a bad idea. What if no one ever finds us? Will we die alone, stuck in the same day forever, away from our friends with only Harry to keep us company? I adore Harry, but I don't think he'll be up for much conversation until he learns to talk. And what about Hogwarts? Will he go? How will he get out? How will we get out? You, of all people, should understand why he needs to go, Lily. And what about S and R and…your friends? I wish we could tell someone else. And why aren't the others that the prophecy mentions being protected like this. I need to go meet with you and him now, but I will try to distract him long enough for you to read this. Actually, I guess it's a little late to be telling you this in the letter you'd be getting away to read. Whatever, I'll just write a decoy letter on the back. I am the best planner.

Your husband, the best planner, who loves you to infinity and back,


Harry shoved his thoughts about what he'd just read away and turned the paper over.


I just wanted to let you know that your rack looks totally slamming in that sweater. Don't you have to go to the bathroom right now?

Love, James

(P.S. UrnTay HeTe EtterLe Overay)

Just as he finished reading, Ginny came back.

"I am so glad that toilet still works I – wait, did you read it without me? What the hell, man?"

"Don't worry, you can still read it. It's…it's interesting."

"Interesting?" She raised an eyebrow. "Interesting helpful, or interesting disgusting?"

He shrugged. "A bit of both, honestly."

Skimming it, Ginny said, "Well, it's good to know you come by your numbskull nature honestly."

"Right? It's kind of ridiculous. The thing that makes it interesting is that he's…well, he doubts Dumbledore. Not that I've never felt the same thing, but how could he doubt the plan but still go through with it?"

She looked up at him a small smirk, "Don't you do that all the time? Besides, Lily probably talked him out of it."

Harry ran a hand over the railing of the crib, "What if she didn't know?"

"Know what?"

"That he doubted it. The letter was sealed when we found it."

"Yeah, that's true. What do you think he means by 'your friends?' Seems pretty judgmental, like he doesn't like her friends or something."

"Well, he didn't, remember? She was friends with Snape."

"Not at this point. Didn't you tell me that they weren't even in contact at that point? From Snape's memories?"

Harry was silent. "Maybe he was covering up."

"Covering up his hatred of her friends? Not likely."

"No, no, maybe he was going to write about something else, and then covered up by finishing with that 'your friends' thing. That's a very suspicious ellipses."

"A what now?"

"An ellipses. That what a three period trail-off is called. I wasn't completely horrible at muggle schooling."

"Whatever, Hermione."

"Low blow, but thanks for reminding me."

"Aw," she butted in, "Poor Harry."

He sighed, suddenly weighed down with exhaustion. "Whatever, let's go home. I think we've explored all I can take today. And, what's more, we didn't even find anything super helpful. I think you might be onto something with that researching idea."

She smiled. "I knew you'd catch on eventually. Newsflash babe: I'm always right." And with that, she hooked her arm through his and lead him out. And they made it all the way to the top of the stairs before they had to split up because it was too narrow to walk side by side.