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summary: six year old harry is badly hurt by the dursleys leaving him near dead. he is rescued by molly weasley and ginny. when recovering he and ginny bond. soul bond fic

The sun had risen on a clear day in Little Winging, Surrey and a little boy was lying still in his cupboard. His emerald green eyes were closed, one however was closed, not because he was not conscious, but because it was swollen closed by a brutal punch an hour earlier courtesy of his uncle. His jet black hair was matted with dried blood from many cuts on his scalp over his lightning bolt shaped scar and his left arm had one too many bends in it. If a person who was not familiar with the boys injuries where to describe him they may have been forgiven for believing that his skin colour was black with blue splotches. Unfortunately this tended to be accurate most of the time as his uncle saw to it that it remained that way.

This young boy of six years and ten months had been awakened some one and a half hours previously by his aunt ordering him to get up and make breakfast. Less than half an hour later his uncle who burnt his tongue on a gulp of hot coffee then proceeded to pound the child repeatedly for half an hour leaving him unconscious with a broken left arm and bruises to 80% of his body. He left the right arm unbroken so the boy could do his chores.

This boy's name was Harry Potter.

He had lived with his aunt and uncle for nearly six years having been left on their doorstep when he was barely more than a year old and this sort of treatment had started in a more mild form from day one. At that point the injuries healed within a day.

Several hours later harry woke and took stock of where he was and what shape he was in. The answers where: in his cupboard and bad. Never the less he got unsteadily to his feet and heard the clatter of his glasses falling from the bed onto the floor. Picking them up, he timidly put them on, left his cupboard and headed for the kitchen.

"About time you got your lazy backside moving boy!" shouted his uncle Vernon from his place in front of the telly. "It's nearly lunch time and you need to get the garden fixed and the car washed!"

Harry didn't bother to point out that it was thanks to his uncle knocking him out cold for several hours that he was not able to have finished his chores already. Such a comment would probably get him more of the same as well as no meals for another few days. Harry had by necessity become used to surviving on very little food and water, sometimes needing to survive on a piece of bread and a litre of water for three days. So instead of arguing he simply walked into the kitchen and set to making the three Dursleys, his aunt Petunia, uncle Vernon and cousin Dudley several toasted sandwiches each before heading out to the front yard cradling his broken arm to tend the garden. For hours he (quite literally) single handedly weeded, manured and watered the various bushes and flowering plants and mowed the lawn.

He was in the process of repairing the garden wall when trouble arrived in the gargantuan form of his cousin. At Dudley's recent seventh birthday he had been given a BMX bike to play with along with his three friends (or some might say cronies). Despite Dudley's hatred of exercise in any way shape or form with the exception of hitting people, the novelty of the bike had not worn off and so the gang of four spent many an hour riding around the neighbourhood terrorising children and hanging out in local parks. Fortunately for harry this time the Colossus was devoid of his gang and was heading home alone.

"All right Freak?" Dudley yelled as he rode past behind his uncle's Mercedes company car and swung around back to face Harry.

"Just ignore him" thought Harry, "it'll be worse if you say anything."

"You know what?" he continued with a sneer, "you don't need to be standing to repair that wall you can do it from the ground," and with that he accelerated towards Harry achieving an impressive speed for one with such bulk as him.

Harry was looking out the corner of his eye panicked when he say Dudley bearing down on him. Diving over the wall in desperation he heard a crack as his cousin sped past and felt a knife like pain in his arm upon landing on the other side of the wall. His cry of pain was joined by an equally loud shriek from Dudley as he found himself suddenly airborne and heading to the back of his uncles car, his bike collapsing onto its side in the space that Harry had previously been working.

Dudley met the car with his shoulder and neither was too pleased with the meeting. A bang and a crack followed by another shriek, this time in pain, before a final thud rang out. Dudley had slammed into the car breaking his collar bone and denting the panelling before collapsing in a heap on the ground and immediately began crying.

Harry got to his feet unsteadily, his ankle badly sprained and fear flooding through him. Inexplicable occurrences such as this always brought the worst punishments and with Dudley getting hurt as well as damaging the car would make this very bad for him. There was no point trying to tell his aunt and uncle that he hadn't done anything, they never believed him and blamed him for everything that went wrong in their lives. Even if Harry was in a different house, had never seen the object or even in some cases where blaming him was physically impossible, he would always bear the brunt of us uncles aggression as well as his cousin on most occasions.

His aunt and uncle came barrelling out of the front door to see what had caused their Dinky Duddydums to cry. First point of call for his aunt on seeing Dudley crying in pain next to a dent in the car was to rush forward and try to soothe him. First point of call for his uncle was Harry, limping towards the house.

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL DID YOU DO TO MY SON FREAK?" Vernon thundered as he advanced on Harry.

"N-n-nothing s-sir," said Harry looking terrified as his sumo sized uncle strode across the lawn toward him.

"God I'm in for it now," though Harry. "not only did I get Dudley hurt I did my freaky stuff and damaged the car."


"Oh hell!" Harry thought cowering.

Vernon's fist flashed out and Harry knew no more.

Harry woke with a familiar vibration at his back and muffled voices coming from somewhere on his left. He was face down on a carpet somewhere. It was dark, but his glasses where still on and he knew that this was definitely not his cupboard. He moaned, rolled over and started checking himself all over to try to see what other injuries he had received while unconscious. To his great surprise he found none, only the bruise on the side of his face where he had been knocked out. With this surprising news he began to try to figure out where he was. The vibrations where a definite clue and now he focussed he could hear the sound of an engine. He was in the boot of his uncle's car and they were travelling somewhere.

He wandered what would happen next, his uncle had never let him off with just one hit before.

"Maybe he would be getting dropped off at an orphanage" he thought hopefully. "That would be good, they might treat him better and he might get to eat a bit more."

So for several hours he amused himself with daydreams of being in an orphanage away from Dudley and all his friends and being allowed to not do as many chores and eating more. Eventually he was shaken from these daydreams by the sound of the car changing from driving on bitumen to dirt.

"Where on earth are we going?" he thought.

Then there was a sensation of slowing to a stop and the engine cut off. He heard his aunts muffled voice but he couldn't make out the words. Three doors opened and shut and there was the crunch of shoes on the rocks and gravel that made up the road. A click and bright sunlight poured in.

"out you get," he heard his uncles voice say.

Painfully Harry crawled out and gingerly placed some of his weight on his sprained ankle. It hurt but he could at least stand and maybe walk.

"Come on boy we don't have all day!" barked his uncle. Once he was out Petunia snapped "Get walking!" while pointing off over the hills he could see after the end of the road. As Harry limped around the car he looked around wandering where he was. He certainly wasn't in the city anymore. He saw his aunt carrying a rectangular leather holder that looked like some things he had seen that people carry barbeque implements in.

"Are we going camping? They never take me camping!" he thought surprised. Still looking around he felt a sort of internal nudge towards what looked like an orchard. About three quarters of a mile away. There was also a tingling and a sense that he needed to go that way. That something important was just over the hill the orchard was situated on. Walking toward the orchard his uncle grabbed him.

"Not that way you idiot!" he snapped, pulling Harry away at a right angle to where he was walking. Grudgingly he walked in the direction that Vernon indicated, with Vernon Petunia and Dudley following but the tingling feeling did not go away if anything it got stronger. After several minutes of walking they came across a fast flowing stream. It was several meters wide and almost a meter deep.

"Stop here," said uncle Vernon. Harry turned around to see what was going on but Petunia snapped at him so he turned to look at the stream. It was quite beautiful, with clear blue water running over the rocks.

The tingling feeling he had been having ever since he arrived peaked and he instinctively looked toward where the feeling was pulling him. At a distance he saw two people a plump woman in faded robes with bright red hair and a tiny girl in a pair of shorts and a t-shirt also with bright red hair, where walking towards them. Harry could see from the place that they were and where the Dursleys were last they could only be seen by Harry. He knew instantly that these where the people that the feeling was pulling him towards. He was about to raise his hand to wave when something glinted out of the corner of his eye.