Sam and Andy had found four other people there. Ava, Lily, Jake, and Anson. Anson was apparently Andy's twin brother and there was some animosity there.

"What's going on?" Ava asked.

"No idea," Sam answered.

"Did you have anything to do with this?" Andy asked Anson.

"No way, Bro," Anson answered. He thought that Ava girl was cute. "Ava, kiss me," he said, using his "special" voice that made others instantly obey him.

"No way," Ava answered. Who did this guy think he was? He was going to be her next victim.

Andy and Anson exchanged a glance of surprise. They knew their powers didn't work on each other, but hadn't found anyone else who was immune to it. None of the others noticed anything amiss.

"Lily, kiss me," Anson tried again.

Lily smiled. She knew what would happen if she did. There was something about this guy that made her want to kill him, though. "OK," she said and stepped forward to kiss him. She put her hand on his cheek and nothing happened. He should have been on the ground with no pulse. She stepped back, surprised.

"What's wrong?" Sam asked.

"Nothing," Lily replied. She couldn't very well tell them that she had just tried to kill this jerk.


The hunters gathered at the edge of the woods. The road was blocked so they had to walk in. "Now, we're here to kill a demon, but be careful of the civilians," Bobby ordered.


Ava summoned the demon and instructed it to go after Anson. The whole group was together but everyone but her had fallen asleep. She closed her eyes when the demon started her attack and she "woke up" screaming with everybody else. The rest of them ran out of the building where they were confronted by a bunch of people.

"Sam!" one of them yelled.

"Dean? What are you doing here? How did you find us?" Sam asked.

"Long story. Come on. Let's get out of here."

"I'm afraid I can't let my children leave here just yet." The yellow eyed demon materialized in front of them all. Dean lifted up the Colt and shot him before the demon could process what was going on. Dean watched as he glowed red several times and fell to the ground dead.

"What was that?" Sam asked after a moment.

"That was a demon," Bobby answered.

"A demon?" Ava questioned. Now that the contest was off, her best bet was to act innocent.

A group of hunters took charge of Andy, Avan, and Jake and led them out of the woods. They explained what had happened as best they could. All of the kids wisely kept their mouths shut about their powers.

Lily and Sam were the only two left with Bobby and Dean and Lily started to fall. Sam reached down to catch her and she yelled, "No." But once again nothing happened.

"Sorry, I'm late to the party," came a voice from the woods.

Dean looked up to see Gordon Walker. "We're all set, thanks," he said, knowing Gordon didn't know him and hoping he didn't know about the psychic kids.

"Sure you are, now. I killed three of the freaks on my way in," Gordon said.

Dean blanched. He knew.

"What are you talking about, Gordon?" Bobby asked.

"These kids are all psychics. They got their power from a demon and now they're supposed to lead a demon army," Gordon explained.

"Well, the demon is dead now, so it's over," Dean said.

"You knew about this?" Bobby asked Dean. Maybe he had misjudged him after all.

"We have to kill these last two," Gordon declared.

"Nobody's killing my brother," Dean growled.

Sam looked up at him surprised. He didn't understand why Dean was so protective of him lately, although right now he was grateful.

"I'll kill the girl first, if it makes you feel better," Gordon said and aimed his gun at Lily. Instinctively she rushed forward to knock him over, and when she touched him, he fell to the ground dead.

"What the hell?" Bobby asked.

"When I touch people, their hearts stop," Lily said. "I didn't mean to do it. I was just protecting myself."

"Nothing happened when you touched Sam," Dean noted.

"Or Anson earlier," Sam remembered. "You touched him on purpose."

"He was a jerk. I thought he might be dangerous to the rest of us. I found out from Andy earlier that he had killed people. So, I guess I was right."

"Whatever. I just want to get back to Jess."

"Sam, I'm sorry, but Jessica is dead," Dean said. "The demon killed her when he took you."

Sam just stared straight ahead. He didn't want to go on without Jessica. They had just finished their second year of law school. They had such plans.

"Lily, do you have anywhere to go?" Dean asked.

"No. I can't touch anyone, so I've been living like a hermit. I have my food delivered, so I don't actually touch anyone outside."

"What do you do for money?" Sam asked, in spite of himself.

"My dad was like a dot com billionaire. My mom died in a fire when I was a baby and my dad left everything to me when he died four years ago. I have enough to live on the rest of my life."

"Maybe we should stick together. You want to come home with me?" Sam asked.

Lily nodded her agreement. She thought Sam was the only person in the world she couldn't hurt and Sam just wanted to go back home and forget about law school, Jessica, everything. He couldn't bring himself to abandon this poor, lonely girl, though.


Two years later

"Sam, we're so glad you decided to move back here permanently after finishing law school and passing the bar," Mary said.

"Yes, and it's great that you and Dean have become so close and that you and Lily and he and Carmen are having a double wedding," John said. He frowned for a moment as he remembered hoping to Dean that this would occur, but with Jessica instead of Lily.

As if reading his mind, Sam said, "A part of me will always love Jessica and Lily knows that. But Jess would want me to be happy and Lily does make me happy. Plus, it's like we're the only people we can be with. Lily, because I'm the only one she won't kill by touching and me, because Lily was the only one who could reach me after Jess died."

Dean and Carmen came in and they all sat down to one of their many frequent family dinners. After Dean and the others had rescued Sam and Lily, Sam realized that Dean had changed. They had grown closer and were finally the brothers they had never been before. He knew there was some secret he had, but for the first time since they were little kids, he trusted him, so didn't press for an answer.

Dean and Mary never shared their secret of hunting with the others.

They had no explanation for Lily, but John didn't expect them to have one. He just thought she was some kind of psychic with a strange power she couldn't control. He didn't know a demon caused it.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

A/N I know that "they all lived happily ever after" is a little cheesy to say the least, but with the whole wish-granting genie thing and the fact that I kept them bound in the wish, I thought it was appropriate.