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Summary: For Cammie Morgan, life isn't as flash as it could be. Her father just died, she's technically been kicked out of her boarding school, and her mum has sent her to live with her over protective cousin in high hopes that she'll 'straighten out.'

Not to mention that said over protective cousin has made her and Zach promise to not get romantically involved with each other.

Everybody knows the best apples are those that are forbidden.

(Crap summary, I know. I will make it better once I have a better grab at the plot.)

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"Did you guys hear about the new girl?" Tina asked, walking her way over. Or maybe I should say she strutted her way over. Tina leaned against the concrete wall and stared up at the other member of the group who seemed interested.

I didn't answer but watched as more kids filled the entrance of the school, stepping out of the yellow, prison-like buses.

"We have a new chick?" Max asked, leaning forward, placing his elbows on his knees.

Tina smiled and in one long breath, she said, "Her name's Cameron Morgan – but people call her Cammie. She's our age and grade. She has dirty blond hair and blue eyes. She used to go to some all girls boarding school, but she's moved here. I don't know why, so don't bother asking. She speaks fourteen different languages, she's a drama triple thread (and that includes modelling, dancing, acting, and singing), and she's been doing God-knows-how-many Martial Arts from the age of four. She's done gymnastics and dance and she was a head cheerleader before she moved, and has played up to fifteen different sports; all of which she's excelled in. She choreographed three school musicals and stared in them as the main lead." Tina took a deep breath.

Mac blinked, his brown eyes widening. He shook his blond head of hair. "Jesus," he breathed. "What else is she? A freakin' spy?"

Tina smiled wider. "But that's not the best part."

I snorted. "Then what is?"

Tina smiled and looked over everybody, giving a big dramatic pause.

"She's Joe Solomon's Goddaughter," she whispered each word slowly.

The group was silent for a whole minute before they all gained their composure.

It didn't bother me. So, what, the girl was extremely talented and happened to be the unfortunate Goddaughter of the schools tightest, toughest teacher?

Sucks to be her.

"Well, damn," Max whispered. "There goes any guy's chance of getting close to her."

Jonas rolled his eyes but remained silent.

Tina frowned. "I'm forgetting something."

Maybe it's your clothes, I thought, amused. Don't get me wrong – seeing a girl in a cheerleading uniform – especially the small ones this school keeps – isn't a bad thing. But the lengths some girls went too to get a guys attention... Well, even I'll admit, there had to be some law about clothing length.

One that Tina Walters couldn't find a loop hole.

"Oh! That's right." Tina giggled. "She's Grant's cousin. Although, according to my sources, they're practically siblings."

"You're wrong, Tina," I said. "If Grant's cousin was coming up, one that's apparently as close as you say, then he would have said something to us." Or at least Jonas and I.

Tina shrugged and glanced over at the car park. "Funny. Because from the looks of things, he didn't."

I kept my poker face on as I glanced over at the car park. And honestly, that was a little harder than I thought it would be. Because stepping out of Grant's extremely sweet ride... Was a girl that was definitely not Bex Baxter, Grant's long-time crush.

The girl was everything Tina had described and more. She had dirty blond hair that went more on the brown side, her skin was tanned, and from the skin revealed – which wasn't much because she was still hidden by the car door – you could definitely tell that she was sporty.

What happened next was like a movie as Cameron Morgan stepped out of the car.

First, her long legs were revealed, though covered with her black skinny jeans and those shoes Macey calls 'Gladiators' (though I see no resemblance to the actual people). Second, her torso which she covered up with a white tank top and one of those gray shoulder shirts you see all the girls wear on dance movies (According to Grant (who made us watch the chick flicks in the first place), watching chick flicks will help us understand the female species. Which, one: it doesn't work. Two: Grant got teary in The Notebook. And three: I'm extremely sure that the only reason we watched them in the first place is because Grant secretly likes them.). Thirdly, her face.

I swear every guy in the school was practically drooling.

And then every guy seemed to realise that since she stepped out of Grant Newman's car, they better hide their drool.

Cammie whispered something to Grant who smirked before frowning as he thought over her words (something he did quite often) as Cammie walked up the school stairs and into the school building.

I pushed off from my position from leaning against the concrete wall and walked my way over to Grant. Jonas followed.

Grant saw us and his mouth hardened.

"That's your cousin?" I asked.

Grant sighed, and ran a hand through his hair, before he shrugged. "Yeah. That's my cousin. She's staying with my family. Why you ask?"

Jonas was the one who spoke: "You didn't tell us you were having your cousin stay, that's all."

"You didn't mention you had female cousin at all now that I think about it." I raised an eyebrow at Grant.

"Sure, I have," Grant said. "I've mention Cameron all the time."

"You didn't mention that Cameron is a girl."

"Technicalities," he said, shrugging.

It was natural that us three (who had known each other while we were in diapers) told each other everything. It wasn't a girly friendship – it was just how we worked.

Grant stared at me. "I didn't tell you because she's my cousin and she's my responsibility."

I raised an eyebrow. "Responsibility? If she's our age then I'm sure she can look after herself. Besides," I said, shrugging. "According to Tina she's been doing Martial Arts since she was four."

Just because I wasn't speaking doesn't mean I wasn't listening.

"Not that way. I mean she's my responsibility to keep the pervs away."

"And you didn't tell us because you think we're pervs? I don't do anything that the girl doesn't want me to. You know that."

"I'm no perv," Jonas said.

Grant sighed. "Yeah, I do. Sorry, Jonas, but if I told you I would have had to tell him over there." He jerked his head my way. "And I couldn't do that." Grant stared at me in the eye. "Leave Cammie alone, Zach. I mean it. She's my cousin and I don't want her getting hurt over you. Because if I have to pick between the two of you... I'll always pick my family."

I frowned. "And what if she wants me?"

Grant smirked then. "Already beat you to it." He walked away and we quickly followed.

"What do you mean?" I said grudgingly.

I didn't like following people. They always followed me.

"I think it means that he's already told her about you. And probably none of the... Uhh... Good things, either," Jonas said.

I cut him a look. Smartass.

Jonas shrugged and smiled before he walked off towards where our lockers where. Each of us had managed to sweet talk our way into having our lockers side by side. It went Jonas, Grant and then me.

"No, seriously, what does that mean?" I asked, as I pulled up at my locker.

Grant hung his head forward. "It means exactly what I said it means. I've already informed her about you and your womanizing ways."

"My womanizing ways? If you make her think I'm a womanizer than I'm curious to wonder what she thinks when she learns of your ways."

A girl's highly amused voice spoke up: "Oh, I'm aware of Grant's ways. It's extremely appalling."

I looked over my shoulder to see the girl who spoke: Cammie.

Grant rolled his eyes. "Whatcha want, cous?"

Now Cammie sighed and lifted up her timetable. "You're the one who wanted me to give you my timetable when I got it." She smiled mischievously. "Just following your overprotective, extremely bossy, orders, you know."

Grant ignored that one and stared at her timetable. Cammie turned to me.

"From what I can tell you must be Zachary Goode." Her gaze was one of knowledge.

I held out my hand. "It's Zach. And you must be the charming Cameron Morgan."

She shook my hand hesitantly, her gaze hardening at the mention of her full name. "It's Cammie." She looked over Grant's shoulder. "You must be Jonas." She walked around Grant and started talking to Jonas.

Grant glanced up from her timetable and gave a hard shake of his head. I rolled my eyes behind his back as Grant turned to face Cammie.

"Here you go." Grant passed the timetable over.

"I take it that it meets your approval?"

Grant rolled his eyes. "It never needed approving."

Cammie smirked then. "Well nonetheless; since you approved something of mine, I just want you to know that I approve of Bex."

Grant seemed to turn immobile.

Oh, she's good. Just not Goode.

"You met Bex?" he asked, incredulous not only in his voice but in his facial expression.

Jonas had put his head his locker to smoother his laughs. But I could still hear them.

"Sure," Cammie said, shrugging. "Locker buddies."

"What way?" I asked.

Cammie looked up at me and said, "You should know, locker buddy."

I hid my smirk knowing Grant would not put up with it one bit. Not one bit at all.

"But that's not the point," she said, turning her attention back to Grant and his gobsmacked expression. "I'm sitting with Bex at lunch, too, since she invited me. So there's no need to babysit me and keep me tucked under your wing."

Bex invited her?

Grant smiled. "Well if you are sitting with Bex then I guess you will be under my wing."

Cammie groaned. "Just don't kill anybody who tries to talk to me."

"Only if I approve."

"Only if you want Bex to know what happened on your sixth birthday."

Grant's smile froze and Cammie's widened. The bell rang and the halls were suddenly filled with people.

Cammie caught each of our eyes as she said, "Nice talking to you all."

And with that she walked off toward her class with the confidence as if she had been here all her life.

I closed my locker and leaned against it, smirking my signature smirk up at Grant.

"So that's what your cousin's like. I'm surprised you've managed to keep her hidden all these years since she seems to be like a force to be reckoned with."

"Oh, she is," Grant said. Then he frowned and stared at me again. "I mean it, Goode, leave her alone."

I pulled my hands up in surrender.

But obviously my word doesn't ever seem to be enough.

"I'm serious. As serious as I was when I told you to lay off Bex –"

"As if I have ever tried anything with her!"

" – because this isn't a joke. She's my family and I will protect her. She's here to pick straighten herself up and your influence is hardly anything that will help her."

I sighed. There was no point in arguing. Grant was being stubborn.

"Straighten out?" Jonas said, walking around Grant to stand between us.

He sighed. "Just keep this between us, alright?" We nodded our heads. "But Cam's dad died not too long ago and ever since she's been acting out. Her and her dad were close and her mum thought that if she was somewhere where her dad wasn't a constant reminder then she'll snap out of it."

"She seems fine to me," said Jonas.

Grant nodded and glanced over his shoulder where Cam had disappeared. "I don't know. She's confusing." He cut me another look. What was with this? I haven't even smirked as much since I woke up as he has cutting me those damn annoying looks. "And she needs good influence. Not Goode influence."

"Mr Newman, Mr Goode, and Mr Jennings, you're late for class. I suggest you move along now." None other than Mr Solomon said as he walked by us.

"Hey, isn't he, like, your God Uncle or something?" I asked, smirking at Grant.

Grant shrugged with a 'who in the world knows' look. "I dunno. I've only ever met the guy a couple of times outside of school. And that was before high school. But even then..." he shook his head. "Come on, let's get to class."

Grant slapped my shoulder as I walked past him and whispered, "Remember what I said, Goode."

Oh, yeah. I remember. That's the sixth time you've said 'stay away' in one form or another.

Man, if he keeps this up it's going to be a long year.

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