". . . sorry mom ~"

Okay, maybe I was a bit of a potty mouth . . . And maybe, I had a tiny little temper . . .

But honestly? I had a very good reason for it.

Don't believe me?

Then picture this:

It's one of the very first times you'll get to see your brother, in all his glory on television for crying out loud.

So in excitement, you've gathered up all of your family and friends to witness one of these rare, televised Pokemon Contests.

In Slateport City's Contest Hall, it's clear, even from a far away view that the competitors as well as the spectators are 100% pumped.

The spectators ready to burst into spontaneous rounds of applause or perhaps, boos of disproval at any given moment and the competitors each sporting expressions that ranged from cocky and self-assured to spineless and ready to toss their cookies.

Now after all the preliminaries and such have proceeded, picture the final round between a unknown, incredibly attractive blonde guy and one of those cocky self-assured type competitors: Your Brother.

The one who had the audacity in his phone call on the PokéNav to tell you, "You'll recognize me by the brand new contest ribbon in my hands ~"

But when it's all over, it's not your arrogant green haired little brother who's the victor of the spoils.

It's not him who's clutching a ribbon in his hands after all is said is done, on the contrary, he's the loser who despite all things . . . still manages to keep his nose in the air.

Yeah, that's Drew for you. What a pain the ass.

But if that well thought out explanation doesn't explain my actions, well maybe the fact that I invested in his words that he evidently disproved does.

"Pay up, Laney ~"

"Blaz, Blaz ~"

I stared up at my long time friend who had just spoken, and his intimidating Blaziken as it let out a hum of agreement.

If it wasn't an obvious concept, since I was like – 5 foot and three inches, without the hat, the both of them completely towered over me.

Of course, rather than looking angry, they simply looked rather lax with their hands outstretched, palm face-up, as they eagerly waited what I "owed them."

"Come on now, Rafe . . ." I began, batting my eyelashes at him in what I sure hoped was an alluring manner.

"You don't really expect me to pay for my little brother's mistakes, right? I mean, it's not my fault he choked in a Contest!" I finished, pouting childishly at him.

After years of over-exposure, Rafe and Blaziken were immune to my pouts as well as my seemingly innocent façade.

"I do when you bet me that he wouldn't." Rafe retorted, letting a rather Meowth-like grin overtake his features.

"B-B-But, I spent all money on this outfit and—" I protested, throwing my hands up in exasperation.

"DELANEY LUCINDA! Not only are you swearing under my roof, but you're also doing something as illegal as gambling? I thought we'd raised you to be better than that, honey. But lately you're just so un-ladylike. It's just a big downward slope with you, from moping around the house to engaging in such frivolous actions . . . my, oh my, something needs to be done with you . . ."

At my mom's ferocious ramblings, I shrunk back in my seat.

"I-It's not like that! It's just – you know how I get! Especially when it comes to Pokemon!" I protested feebly, trying to come up with an excuse.

When mom gets like this . . . there's no doubt she'll resort to something drastic, you know?

"Well, Delaney. You'd think that if you were that into IT, you'd be out there – participating in a Contest, continuing your journey, SOMETHING!"

Mom roared, tossing her hands up and letting out an exasperated sigh.

The room went deathly silent at this as my shoulders slumped.

"M-Mom . . . maybe this isn't the best time to be discussing this?" I offered, my gaze shifting to the onlookers scattered around our living room.

"It's the perfect time, actually. It's not like everyone doesn't already know about all of this! And you'd think that if you were so embarrassed about discussing this problem, you'd do something to fix the problem itself!" She replied, pacing around the room.

Immediately, the television that had been previously blaring on with commercials silenced much to my displeasure.

"Sid!" Rafe scowled, nudging my other, slightly more massive, childhood friend in the ribs.

"What? This kind of thing is better than cable!" He replied to which my mom and I shot him a simultaneous glare.

"Mom . . ." I began, disregarding Sid. Since I can always deal with him later . . .

"I'm just – I'm not ready to go out there on my own ~" I continued, my gaze falling to the floor. "Not after what happened before . . ."

"Poor Delaney!" I heard two, symmetrical voices exclaim in unpracticed unison.

Clearly it was Rafe's adorable little sisters.

And, at the sympathetic gazes I suddenly felt, burning into my somber form, I doubt they were the only ones who felt that way.

Unfortunately, my mother is a beast who has never once heard of such a thing as "sympathy" and emotions.

In fact, if she weren't so cheerful all the time I'd confuse her with a Tyranitar.

Especially after the monstrous statement she uttered next.

"That's why you'll meet up with Drew!"





For the second time today, need I say GODDAMN IT? -_-*****

And might I add that when I see Drew, I'm going to throttle him.