"So . . . what exactly does this place have to offer?"

The question had slipped past my lips before I'd even taken the time to consider how stupid it was of me to ask.

Almost instantly, the eyes of my companions fell upon me.

But - that wasn't what I was concerned, dare I say even apprehensive about.

Because -

Wait for it . . .

Waitttt for it - !


Damn, I'm good. ;D

"We've established that fact, Ash. And even if we hadn't, I think the huge building we're approaching definitely gave it away . . ." I murmured, scoffing at the hyperactive boy.

Disregarding my statement with ease, he and his little rat sprinted ahead of the group.



My eye couldn't help but twitch as I stared at the pair of them that were way too energetic for something so boring before I turned my head to glance at Brock.

"You know, I could have been lazily touring the town right now if it weren't for you guys . . ." I informed.

A polite smile, the only defining characteristic on Brock's face, was his reply.

"Yeah well, that's what happens when you forfeit Pokemon Battles . . ."

And I was surprised to see that this blatant remark came from the shortest of the group.

It didn't take much effort to raise my hand high above his head and say:

"You must be this tall to smack-talk, little man."

"Hmph." He muttered, turning away from me as May let out a snide laugh at his expense.

We're such a cool, fun-loving group, huh?

"HEY GUYS! HURRY UP SO YOU CAN SEE MY GYM BATTLE!" Ash roared, now standing at the entrance to the Mauville City gym.

. . . . Except Ash, he's definitely cramping my swagger, yo.


Gym Leaders are freakin' crazy.

You know how I know this?

Because I'm on a roller coaster, right now.

A roller coaster - inside a gym.

One that we happened to accidentally step on the moment Ash decided to burst in the Gym and knock the front door down with his almighty fourteen year old strength.

Whoa, just blew your mind, right? Thought so.

"What is this? This is like a r-roller coaster!"

Brock exclaimed as he and Ash made a grab for the rails on either side of our platform.

"CALLED IT!" I declared, stumbling a bit.

Meanwhile, our little platform prepared to take what I could only assume was a huge downward plunge.

"This is crazy!" May cried, clinging tightly to the rail as Max clung tightly to her leg.

"Actually . . ." I began, grabbing a hold of Ash's wrist.

"This is kinda -fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!"

And just as I predicted, we went down.

That is, until we hit the water.

"Fun . . .?" May asked, glancing at me like I was an idiot.

"Tch. Says the girl clutching my wrist . . ." Ash commented cheekily.

I expected that sort of witty to remark to come from Max, so when I found it to be Ash I was a little shocked.

"Y-Y-You know what . . .?" I stuttered, although I still didn't release my hold on him.

"Water inside a gym . . .?" Brock inquired, quirking a brow as we steadied ourselves.

"Reminds me of Misty . . ." He added, mumbling just a bit.

I was extremely thankful for his sudden topic change.

"Well . . ." May began, huffing slightly.

"This is no way for a Gym Leader to welcome people!" She cried indignantly.

"It is sort of a weird way to say hello . . ." Brock agreed as our little platform reached land once again.

"Actually - " I began, eager to disagree.

May only turned to give me a "Don't you start." expression.

"What?" I cried, slightly offended.

"All I was gonna say is that I think it's creative! But man his water bill must be outragous!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air.

You might find this lame, but I couldn't help but laugh at my own joke.

Or perhaps, I was chuckling at the fact that I had successfully let go of Ash without any awkward moments at all.

. 8D

"You're right, Delaney! It probably - " Ash began obliviously, agreeing with me for once.

A loud, ferocious roar saw fit to interrupt him.

"W-What was that?" Max squeaked.

"Don't be a pansy, Maxxy. It was probably just a -" I began, reaching out to place a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

However, my confidence was short-lived once we caught sight of a legendary Pokemon.

"A RAIKOU?" May screeched, filled with terror.

"That's random." I noted, for some odd reason I really wasn't phased.

And as it prepared to attack, I'm sure I was the only one who even bothered to wonder why it was in a Gym in the first place.

"Pikachu! Use Thunderbolt!" Ash declared, taking charge of the situation as he stepped in front of everyone.

Complying with his trainer, Pikachu sent a bolt of lightning Raikou's way.

The thunderbolt made contact, and before anything more could be done Ash kept his offense up.

"Now Pikachu! Use Iron Tail!"

When Pikachu's tail made contact with Raikou, a bright light emmited causing us all to gasp in surprise.

"Pikachu . . .?" Ash called worriedly as Pikachu fell to the floor, followed by the head of the fake Raikou.

"The little rat's fine . . ." I dismissed with a wave of my hand, focusing more on the fact that an electronic Pokemon attacked us.

"Ohohoho! Good job!" A cheerful voice exclaimed as a door to the right of us slid open.

"Who are you?" I questioned pointedly.

I'm not a very big fan of stranger danger, after all.

Ignoring my question for now, an old chubby man continued to laugh.

"I never thought I'd see the day when my Mechanical Raikou was blasted to bits!" He exclaimed in pleasant disbelief.

To the left of him, a mousy looking guy in glasses and a trench coat mushroom sighed.

"Wattson . . ." He began.

"Oh yes, I'm Wattson the Mauville City Gym Leader, and this is my assistant Watt."

The old guy introduced as my right eye twitched.

"Hiya!" Watt greeted as I grimaced.

What cheesy names . . . -_-U

"Lemme guess . . ." I muttered, turning to glance at Brock.

"This is an Electric gym . . .?" I guessed.

Before I could receive an answer, Ash interrupted me.

"Hi! I'm Ash from Pallet Town! I'm here for a Gym Battle!"

He explained hurriedly, like if he didn't hurry up and announce it, Wattson might disappear or something.

"Ohoh! That's the spirit!" Wattson proclaimed, chuckling again.

Resisting the urge to roll my eyes, I turned to Brock.

"I'm going to laugh when someone steals his identity with all that "I'm from Pallet Town!" crap. . ." I murmured.

"Delaney. . ." Brock started, giving me a stern glance.

"You're right Brock, it'd be even funnier if the identity thief was Wattson!"

Whilst my companions could only stare at me in horror at my suggestion, Ash stared Wattson down.

Either he was seriously considering the identity theft possibility, or he was ready for the electric showdown of the century.

And now, a word from our cast:

Brock: Kids, Identity Theft is no laughing matter.

May: That's right guys! It's serious business!

Ash: Therefore . . .


Ash: I said, "THEREFORE!"

Delaney: Oh yeah, right. Pretty, the author, and we, the cast of DON'T LOOK BACK! want to

assure you that my humour towards the subject in this chapter was purely humour, and in reality you should take things like Identity Theft seriously.

Brock: That's right, kids. And also, any accusations of Wattson stealing identities is purely fictional.

May: And . . .

Delaney: Even though Ash is an idiot, who would probably tell you everything from his credit card number - if he had one - to his favorite color . . .

Pikachu: PIKA !


Delaney: Sorry, Sorry. Anyway, please don't consider stealing his identity. Or shouting out important information like he does all of the time.

Ash: Do I really do it that often . . .?

May, Max, Brock, and Delaney: Yes.

Pretty: So basically everyone . . .

Max: I haven't gotten to talk, I wanna say it!

Pretty: . . . fine.

Max: YES! Okay - don't try that at home!