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I See Dead People

Deidara/Hidan- 16 years old


Deidara shuddered as he passed through an old alley way towards their school.

"Hey, you fucking ok blonde? You ain't looking too good." Hidan asked.

"If you see ghosts having sex in front of you in an old alley way would you be ok un?"

Hidan gave him a look of disgust as he shuddered at the thought. "Fuck that's disgusting. Man, I pity you for being able to fucking see the dead. Though it is kinda cool." He grinned.

Deidara just smiled and nodded at his best friend as they continued walking towards their destination.

You see after a car accident the blond teen has experienced when he was still a child he had no other choice but to get some of his body parts replaced, namely his arms and left eye. The operation was successful though there were a few minor setbacks…ok it wasn't exactly minor.

When they have finished the operation on the blond, they realized that the hands they've attached had mouths on its palms. They didn't actually bother the blond; in fact he found them useful for his art but the actual problem was his eye. Because of it he could see dead people a.k.a. ghosts. It was really frightening at first. He tried to cover his left eye hoping that if he couldn't see using it then he wouldn't be able to see ghosts but obviously it didn't work. It was probably because the nerves of his eyes were connected (ok I have no idea if that's true but it is in here!).

It took him long sad painful years before he got used to seeing them. In fact, he just ignored them nowadays.

Hidan and Deidara finally reached the school gates after a 15 minute walk from the minimart. It might have been strange to see students go to school at a Sunday but that was where the two teens were staying. For short they were staying at the school dorms.

Both teens walked side by side until they reached a building just a few feet away from where the classrooms where. They stepped inside and walked straight in an empty lighted hall. Both ignored the other pathways that could've led to different places and just walked straight. The albino soon stopped in his tracks and faced a black wooden door with a red cloud on the top and two names written just below it.

"Well here's my fucking stop blonde. See you tomorrow at classes then. Haha and don't be fucking killed by any ghost while you're alone!" Hidan waved as he entered his shared room.

Deidara sighed as he also waved his goodbye and continued walking towards his room. Five doors later he reached a room with the names Deidara and Shigeki. He opened the door with his key and stepped inside the dark room.

Shigeki must be sleeping…that's good un Deidara thought as he placed his recently bought food beside his bed as quietly as possible. The blond and his roommate weren't exactly the closest of friends. For some reason Shigeki didn't like Deidara much because he was gay. He was brought up as a Christian which means same sex relationship was kind of looked down upon.

Deidara tiptoed towards the bathroom and changed into boxers and a large shirt. He placed his casual clothes on a laundry basket and exited the bathroom silently and laid in bed. He set his alarm clock at 6:30 so he could get ready for school early. He closed his eyes dreaming of the first time he saw a bloodless ghost.