a/n This happens the same day as chapter 3 but at lunch! Oh and the lunch table is circular k?

I See Dead People

Practically all characters are- 16

Kakuzu/Pain/Konan – 17

(Takes place at lunch in the cafeteria)

Chapter 4

Deidara's first three classes went by fast and totally humiliating. Sasori kept talking to him throughout all his classes, and Deidara being Deidara couldn't simply ignore the red head's blabbering. He ended up shouting at the red head embarrassing himself in the process simply because he's the only one who can see the scorpion.

The blond heavily sighed as he rested his head on the lunch table. Pain merely raised an eyebrow at his friend's unusual behavior.

"What's wrong with him? And where is Hidan?" He asked the raven sitting beside the blonde.

"Well, Hidan's, as usual, doing one of his rituals and Deidara…he embarrassed himself all morning." Itachi said matter-of-factly.

"It's not my fault un! Sasori keeps annoying the hell outta me yeah!" Deidara shouted earning a few snickers from his friends.

"Aww I know you love to hear my sexy voice Deidara." The red head said smirking.

"Shut up un." He muttered banging his head back at the table.

"Have you actually tried to think of a way to find out how Sasori-san died?" Kisame asked as he took a bite of his sandwich.

Deidara saw Sasori sadden at the topic. "We tried but Sasori doesn't have much information about the events before he died since he was sleeping so we couldn't figure out much yeah." He said. Kisame noticed his friend's features sadden as he spoke. He was obviously getting kind of attached to the apparition.

"Hey 'Tachi is good at solving mysteries and puzzles. Maybe he can help you guys, right 'Tachi?" Kisame said trying to cheer up the blond.

"Why not?" Itachi shrugged.

Deidara looked at the weasel contemplating if he should ask help from him. Can he really help them? Well Itachi is the student council vice President. And he has the highest IQ in all of Akatsuki High. His gaze switched from Itachi to Sasori. He looked at the red head straight in the eye as if asking permission if he can tell the raven bits of the red head's past. Sasori only shrugged leaving the decision for the blond to make.

"Well ok then un. You see Sasori said the last thing he remembers was getting to his mom's car and sleeping throughout the whole road trip –"

"Where were they actually going?" Itachi interrupted.

"He was going to his grandma's house here in Amegakure and before you ask no he does not know where his grandma's house is un." Itachi nodded his head thinking deeply.

"When he woke up where was he?" he asked again.

Deidara looked at Sasori for the answer. "I woke up in the middle of the street here in Amegakure."

The blond immediately told Itachi the new found information. "So he probably died at the street he appeared on. The only possible way he could have gotten killed in the street without him knowing must have been a car accident taken place when they were driving towards his grandmother's house." Itachi said in his usual monotone voice. "Or there was a criminal loose in the street who hijacked their car." Kakuzu added.

"It couldn't have been a bloody accident un. When I first met him he was so bloodless yeah. Wait now that I think about it, Sasori why were you wearing a hospital gown when I first saw you un? You did die on the street right so why –"

"I don't know ok brat!" he yelled making Deidara flinch. Itachi noticed it and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"What did he say?" he asked.

"H-he doesn't know yeah."

Sasori sighed as he saw the hurt expression on the blonde's face. He didn't exactly mean to shout but talking about his death just seemed weird and irritating. He wasn't actually that comfortable with it. "Sorry brat, I didn't exactly mean to shout…and about the bloodless thing you were talking about, truth is I did have blood and a huge injury on my head when I first appeared as a ghost, but then it disappeared after a few months before I saw you."

"It's ok I know you might be kind of uncomfortable talking 'bout your death yeah." He said smiling slightly. Sasori smiled back before Deidara turned towards Itachi again. "Ok so Sasori said he did have blood on him when he first woke up dead but it disappeared which I'm sure is unusual because every ghost I have ever seen never gotten their injuries healed after they died un."

"Is that so…well I guess that would be enough for now." The raven said as he crumpled his empty paper bag that had his lunch and threw it in the trashcan.

"Huh un?"

"Well you said that Akasuna-san has a grandmother who lived here right? If we're lucky she'd still be alive and living here. My dad is the chief in the police department so he has records of people who stay in this town. So I'll simply ask for her file."

"Can you actually ask for something that confidential 'Tachi?" Kisame asked.

He shrugged."If he doesn't give me then I'll simply steal it." He stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Anyways I need to know the name and description of Akasuna's grandmother."

"It's Chiyo Akasuna though I have no idea how she looks like. It would've been the first time I saw her." Sasori said looking at Itachi. He was impressed by the weasel; he was smart, calm and composed, and powerful.

Deidara echoed Sasori's words for the raven to hear. He nodded as he leaned at Kisame and waited for him to finish his lunch so they can go to their next class together.

"Hey Uchiha….thanks, for helping yeah." The blond said gratefully.

"You're a friend, so I don't have any problem helping you." For a split second Deidara thought he saw a small smile on Itachi's lips though it was hard to tell because it was quickly replaced with his emotionless façade. Hey it might have even been his imagination.

"Come back here you fucking heathen rat! You are going to be my fucking sacrifice to Jashin-sama!"

A lot of curses and Jashin…now who did they know speak like that? All turned towards the direction of the voice and saw the one and only Jashinist chasing around a rat in the cafeteria while waving his three bladed scythe in the air.

Girls screamed as the rat and Hidan passed by. Deidara's group only sighed.

"Why the hell is he chasing a rat?" Sasori asked.

"He uses animals as a sacrifice to his god Jashin since he isn't allowed to actually kill people anymore un." He explained as he watched his friend run around and chase the rat. He knew it would cause trouble and it sure did. The rat ran towards the table beside them and crawled towards a brown haired teen the blond knew as his roommate.

Now what would happen when a Christian and a Jashinist meet?

"Give me the fucking rat you fucking shithead!" Hidan yelled as he held out his hand for the small innocent animal.

"And what do you intend to do with it my friend?" Shigeki asked calmly as he patted the rat on his shoulder.

"Isn't it obvious bitch? Hahaha Ima kill it and sacrifice it to Jashin-sama!" Hidan said maniacally.

The brown haired teen simply continued petting the rat as it calmed down on his shoulder "I am sorry but I will not allow you to kill this living creature. The purpose of life is to live and to taste experience in the utmost. This applies to all living creatures for all has life. Anyway what kind of god would want his people to kill?"

"Ha! Jashin-sama obviously! You know what never mind giving me the fucking rat I'll just fucking kill you along with the fucking rat then! Jashin-sama would be very pleased!"

Hidan raised his scythe and slashed it down towards the brown haired teen but instead of seeing blood splatter all around him he saw nothing but a broken seat. The albino looked up expecting to see the Christian. And he was right; hovering above him was a black and white winged brown haired teen. This obviously annoyed the shit out of the albino.

"Damit be a fucking man and fight me! Or is your 'God' fucken shitty enough to actually forbid you to stab someone in the gut!" he yelled.

"I'm sorry but fighting is not in my nature and it would be very much appreciated if you do not use profane words around me."

"Damit! I am so gonna fucking chop your damn wings off when I get the fucking chance!" Hidan yelled.

"Oh please Hidan you call that wings?" a blue haired girl beside Pain snorted standing up. "This is what you call wings." She said forming paper wings from her body.

"Damit Konan watch were you spread that thing." Kisame said though instantly shutting up once he saw her glare.

"Quite impressive Miss Konan though I do believe mine looks more realistic." Oh this guy was asking for a fight, everyone thought.

Konan flew upwards halting in front of the brown haired teen looking furious and releasing an 'I am so killing you' aura. "Heh, well at least I don't praise a god that probably doesn't exist at all. Pain is the one and only true god."

Shigeki glared at the blue haired teen. "I do believe that having a god complex doesn't make that person a god." He retorted.

Oh this guy was asking for it.

Pain grabbed Konan's leftovers – spaghetti with meatballs – and threw it in the air successfully hitting the winged male.

"Food fight!" Hidan yelled laughing crazily.

Deidara sighed in relief as he finally laid in bed. The food fight turned into a bloody fight after Hidan injured Shigeki's white wing. The teachers only gotten to the cafeteria after half of the students already fainted from fright, exhaustion or lack of blood. The blond though didn't care; he was actually disappointed the teachers came and stopped their fun. He was enjoying using his art to blow up some of the student's body parts.

The aftermath of the fracas wasn't that enjoyable either. Everyone inside the cafeteria was suspended for 3 days so that meant the test and activities that they were all suppose to take would be marked as a big fat 0.

"You know you have a sick twisted form of art brat." Sasori commented as he sat beside the lying blond.

"Heh, and turning people into puppets for the name of art when you're only 9 years old isn't sick yeah?"

Sasori smirked before lying down beside the blond. "Of course it isn't its art brat. Anyway take a bath, you smell like food and blood mixed together and believe me it does not smell that great."

"Fine fine, but if I see you inside the bathroom peeping at me I'll call some ghost extinguisher or something yeah."

"Ghost extinguisher…heh you serious brat?" Deidara put out his tongue and went inside the bathroom.

This made the red head feel kind of lonely. The blonde's roommate was currently in the school's infirmary getting his wings fixed from the damages Hidan, Konan and Pain has inflicted (it was a miracle he was still alive) so he really was left alone.

The red head couldn't help but think because in the silence. He wondered if he would have ever met the blond and in a way become close to him if he didn't die. He also wondered what would happen when he finally figures out how he died. Would he disappear? Would he rest in peace? No, the real question is can he rest in peace knowing that he won't ever be able to see the blond again.

Sasori heard the bathroom door open revealing a wet blond haired beauty. He couldn't stop staring as water droplets slid down his body slowly. It just made him so much sexier. He was disappointed that there wasn't a way he could ever touch the blonde's body.

"Stop it yeah." Deidara blushed.

"Stop what brat?"

"Staring un."

"I'm staring?"

"Whatever yeah." He said as he took out a pair of boxers and a baggy shirt from his closet.

"Move I wanna sleep yeah." He told the red head after finishing changing. "Can you close the light un?" he asked.

The red head only 'hned' before switching off the lights.

"Night yeah." Deidara said drifting off to sleep.

"Night brat." He sat beside the blond watching him sleep soundly and peacefully. Can I actually leave this pretty face and kind heart once I find out the truth about my death? He asked himself.