Different Times

Chapter 1

Three months later.

It had been a whole three months since the death of Shane Gray but no-one espically Jason could wrap there heads around it, Shane was fit and well then he had just died in child birth and Jason was left to take care of his and Shane's daughter Jasmine.

That morning now 16 year old Joe Jonas awoke to see his husband Kevin was already awake and when he went downstairs he saw that Kevin was making breakfast.

"Morning" Joe said kissing Kevin on the head before sitting down at the small table.

Kevin and Joe had met at school but at first, they didn't like each other cause of Jason, Shane and Nate's rivalry with him then Kevin seeming very mean but then he had gotten to know him and saw it was really just a mask and now he had been married to him for 9 months and he loved him more than anything in the world. Well not anything but he knew he wanted to be with him forever.

"So I heard that you had another dream about Shane and Jason last night" Kevin said placing a plate of pancakes and blueberries infront of Joe who nodded.

"It's just so hard cause Jason lost him and it's a shame for him" Joe said before Kevin leaned down to face him and kissed him working his hands through his hair before pulling away with a silent pop that was only heard between the two.

"I love you Kevin Jonas" Joe said and Kevin smiled going back to making his own breakfast.

Kevin's original name had been Smith but then he had changed it as Joe liked his own last name and Kevin liked it as well so that settled that one.

"Five minutes then you've got school and so do I" Kevin said laughing to himslef before he took a long gulp of tea and a bite of his sandwhich just as Joe finished his own breakfast.

A lot had changed since Shane's death as Joe, Kevin, Nick, Jason and Nate had all aged a bit and now Joe and Nick were in now in Sophmore Year whilst Kevin, Jason and Nate were Seniors and looked up to by the rest of the school.

"Nick" Nick Jonas heard someone say as he sat on the school steps and he looked round to see Nate who was now his friend since they had met then fallen out but were friends again.

"Hey" Nick said giving him a guy hug then he noticed something.

"Where's Jason?"

"Oh he's still talking to the nanny about Jasmine, I came by to give him a lift to school and he was talking to her and it looked like she was bored so he should be here soon enough."

"Cool" Nick said just as a mustang pulled up then Jason got out and Nate rolled his eyes.

"Looks like he's arrived."

Jason walked over to them before slumping down on the steps beside Nick.

"Hey Jase" Nate said and Jason gave him a small smile.

Jason had been a lot different ever since Shane had died, he'd gone into a bit of a shell and his marks were lowering which meant he might fail and have to resit the year again but he was also a lot quiter.

Just then Joe arrived with Kevin and the two locked hands as soon as they got out of the car and Nick smiled.

He was happy for his brother but sometimes it was hard on Jason and he knew Joe understood this.

"Hey fro-bro" Joe said reaching them and he ruffled Nick's hair.

"Hey Joseph" Nick said laughing at the name that Joe had come up for him. He really missed Joe sometimes but knew he was safe with Kevin and that's what mattered.

As Nick and Joe began to talk he saw Kevin go over and sit next to Jason then begin to talk to him as Kevin was the only one that could really get Jason to get come out of his shell.

As the time passed, soon enough the bell rang and Nick and Joe headed for their reigstartion class.