Chapter 19

"We still have two futures to change. I don't know what that means though. Two futures" Jason spoke to himself as Shane sat beside him his head on Jason's lap.

"Jase, it's talking about me apparently dying and Kevin's death as well" Shane whispered to Jason who nodded why didn't he remember that.

"How exactly do we do all that though?" Jason asked looking at Shane who shook his head trying to remember how it had happened that day.


"Kevin, no" Joe screamed lunging at his injured boyfriend for he wanted to help him. "Nurse please, please help him, I love this guy, I need him, please."

Tears began to fall down from Joe's eyes as the nurse put Kevin on the rolling bed and took him out of the room whilst the other three in the room watched, Joe didn't want to so he looked at the floor still crying before Shane came over and hugged him close telling him it was going to be okay but Shane wasn't really sure what was going on.

"Joe shush, Kevin will be fine, he's strong, stronger than you would ever imagine" Shane said whilst Joe continued to cry not moving from the spot that he had last seen Kevin.

"He died for me, Kevin sacrificed his life for me and now..." Joe started to cry even more grabbing onto Shane's shirt making the tears splash onto it but Shane wasn't caring, just as long as Kevin would be alright and they would see Joe's happy face once again.

"Joe come over here will you" Jason said sitting up making sure that the wires didn't come out.

Joe broke away from Shane heading towards Jason who held his arms out and Joe hugged him still crying.

"Kevin will be absolutely alright, I know him, Kevin isn't the type of guy to back down from a fight and he loves you so if you believe in him, it will keep him going. Joe believe come on believe."

"I believe Jason, I believe that Kevin will be alright" Joe finally said wiping his eyes just as the nurses came back and Joe felt his stomach drop as the nurse didn't look happy.

"I'm so sorry but we lost him, there was too much blood lost and it was just too late, I am so sorry for your loss."

Joe began to break down even more then as the nurse left and he started screaming too, his Kevin the Kevin he loved was dead and wasn't coming back. This was the end of Kevin Smith.

End Flashback

"Jason that's it, Nate was still under the spell when he stabbed Kevin so if Nate's not under the spell then Kevin should be alright" Shane sat bolt upright after saying this knowing what to do now.

"What if he's not. What if there's another reason. Kevin might still be in danger" Jason uttered back wondering if it would really be over after all this.

Some weeks later, Kevin's death was nearly upon them but the days and weeks after it passed by then Shane's death made it's way into their life's.

"Shane this is the day that you go into hospital" Jason said watching from the hospital window with Shane standing by him until Shane lay still and Jason threw something at him which caused Shane to awaken.

"Shane, Shane, SHANE oh my, no way. Doctor Shane's alive."

That minute a crystal appeared beside Shane who read.

It's over. Well Done the future will change.

With that, the two fell backwards landing with a thump in Nick's house.

"Shane, Jason, what are you doing here?" Nick jumped up scared by the sudden appearance of his two friends.

"Where is everyone else?" Jason asked right away getting right to the point.

They had been to the past and back again but now they didn't know if the future had changed.

"Nate's in his house watching TV and Joe and Kevin are at the recording studio."

It was all good. Nothing that had happened before the school was true.

It was all back to normal and normal was just how everyone like it.

The End.

Hope you enjoyed.